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  1. The only time i can remember her legs being exposed was from the 90s ironman cartoon.
  2. Thankfully not alot of crazy stuff Im dying to get from this stream. Definitely interested in Knull and hoping hes a deluxe, if hes not hoping hes in an all venom/symbiote type wave where I would actually want most of the figures anyways akin to the previous venom waves. I really dig that 20th Cap but man I really dont like their background pieces and thats what we get instead of a baf part and add a few bucks more to the price. 😕 I dig what they are doing with the animated xmen set but I hate feeling like I just want to buy the box instead of the figures update of the figures. I may still pick up the wolverine but damn he comes with so little, same with jubilee.. and again no baf just paying extra for the box kind of sucks. Maybe im spoiled with what theyve given us in the past with the 19.99 pricetag but i feel like alot of what they give for much more is far less than we got before.
  3. This sandman is so weird for me. I go back and forth on keeping my preroder and cancelling it. Hasbros sandmans or sandmen have been all over the place with how i like him. Like the baf was cool looking but I just didnt like the face sculpt as much.. I liked the angry face but I just felt he was too big and having no alt regular arms hurt it for me. Also reallllly hated that buck.. mostly due to the ball hip joints. This one its like finally a normal size with options to go sandy or regular but his face sculpts again are a quandary. Expressions are reversed and those BEADY EFFING EYES... His coloring is much more bland and hes just average looking overall.. This is kind of how hasbro hits me sometimes with characters where its like 1 step forward 2 steps back.. or a "not quite" right look. This is also a rare instance where I find the toybiz iteration to be a bit more closer to what im looking for for the character which is why i hesitate on buying a new one thats not quite right.. But he also doesnt have the same artstyle/look to go with most of my collection.
  4. Did that black widow deluxe ever get reused for another figure or other widow? I know War Machines has not been reused. This Cap is a reuse of the 80th so they cut some costs on that as well with only some minor new sculpting.
  5. This thing looks fantastic! I wasnt as big a fan of the 80th cap as I really didnt like the head that much and the darker blue wasnt doing much for me. I like this shade alot more and that headsculpt is really damn nice. Not a fan of the holes in the shield and the price hike but it looks like THE definitive cap from now on. Maybe its the marvel legends display stand logo dealy.. but also it doesnt come with a baf part either. Remember they are charging more for less with their retro lines too. I hate the price increase as well when you dont really see any real results from having to pay more but i assumed this was going to be at the 30$ due to having more than 2 accessories and no baf XD.
  6. I think they put alittle too much cheeto powder on her for my taste. She looks like a pretty decent figure overall i suppose altho it seems both versions offer better things than the other. Toenails are painted on the old one but not the new one?!!? more tiger stripes on the old one!? more tone/definition on the old one?! New one has a better aesthetic imo aside from the cheeto. Just some weird omissions comparatively. That growling face I cant help but see it more as smelling something nasty than angry for whatever reason.
  7. Yeah cool looking but as a figure and probably its price being astronomical for what it is, its going to be a big and easy no thank you from me. I love the transparency and the glow but its just a red venom that has less POA than a toy from 1990.
  8. Hes definitely the most interesting looking character/figure of this series/movie. I too got GL 2011 vibes from this guy. He has alot of reminiscent features that those characters/figures shared.
  9. I dig that they are doing skrulls and they look pretty good, altho those heads being way too big kind of fits how skrulls tend to look, like gremlins.. depending on the price tag, i may grab some. Armadillo looks awesome but most of that wave is a no for me dawg. Not a big MCU fan and that is not the shriek look I was hoping for, I do not like that hair sculpt at all. Im really surprised they went with like a matte silver look for silver surfer, youd think theyd want to go extra hard since its a stretch goal and make it mega chromed out. I totally thought they were going to be doing another 3 pack when they showed Captain Britain yesterday. It seems like whenever they do an 'influencer' to show a new figure, its one in a multi pack and not in a wave. Unless Im not remembering one that wasnt but im pretty sure they havent. yet. (aside from the cartoon venom by toyshiz i suppose) Oh yeah and I wont be getting but damn that Kitty head sculpt is fire! She looks so dang good! Those round spots are her oblique muscles and they are in the kate bishop body mold torso as well. Hell this mold could be reusing that part also.
  10. I hate not multi quoting and bombarding with multiple seperate responses, but i cant edit my original post to incorporate them... but I wanted to respond to this with this is pretty much the world we live in in general today on the internet sadly.
  11. Not just the Liefeld chest, the shoulders are incorrect, the calves on that mold are just way too big, etc etc. Proportions in general were just weird as all hell.
  12. Def looks like the Odinson buck. And its not much taller than the Hyperion buck. Nice that the first CB was using it so you can see the height difference.
  13. Now that its officially funded, you can bet there will be a surge of people that didnt want to 'bet' on it getting funded. This next few days will be interesting to see where this all goes. Nova def seems like its going to be happening now. This crowdfund ride has certainly been interesting to watch.
  14. Im more interested in whos going to be in this all comic avengers wave..... hmmmmmm. Let the speculation/anticipation commence!
  15. They are currently $11.99. I found out a few weeks ago and snagged some. It kind of blows my mind they charged $40 for these. They are cool but they are much more in line with marvel legends so $15-20 seems much more fitting. They are also just a bit smaller than Id hoped. Still super cool and for anyone who needs some ninja army building for cheap, they have about 4-5 colors at that price.
  16. I enjoyed this show, I wasnt big on it when it first came out but I followed it. I also didnt like most of those figures at the time but some actually look good. They had a weird looking artstyle almost akin to the old aeon flux cartoon from the 90s. That comic con year when giganto was shown was a pretty stellar year for cancelled legends. I screengrabbed alot back then for memories of what could have been.
  17. Oh wow, after you mention it, I had to compare, crazy i didnt realize they changed around the torso and isnt an ab crunch. They reuse this mold so damn much, I assumed it was unaltered. That is a good idea for a new blue 2099.
  18. I cant think of a single time this has ever happened. For one Prototypes dont tend to be shown in promo material and are usually unpainted and have something conveying that its an early proto. Its the final product. That would cost them much more to change and would technically be false advertising. What could potentially happen is they will re-release a better headsculpt down the line as a part of another wave or on a rare occasion, a pack in with another figure. But shes already got 2 other versions out, so chances are super slim at least for a while.
  19. I mean that body is technically 2099s.. just the white version. That alone gives you a good idea at how well it would go with the original blue look.
  20. This fig wouldve been better if they would have actually halved the 80th hulk head with the red hulk head instead of just repainting it or even a new sculpt in general to represent that. Like the only thing they did was repaint parts of a red hulk figure and decided not to color in his nails. I suppose this is the kind of exclusive i prefer at least.
  21. One thing I wonder is how do the approvers approve this kind of thing? Like clearly it looks bad and they know its bad but they are just like op! no time to fix it now! Like that hood figure, I think they knew it was not great but they went along with it anyways. They have some far superior looking figures theyve brought out and when they have things like Sue and Hood pop up, its really questionable why these things slip so easily through the cracks.
  22. I 100% agree. The blue in the first one was so damn eye catching. Like why not just a different more vibrant blue?! so dumb. Hasbro is always 2 steps forward, 3 steps back.
  23. Im a huge venom/symbiote fan. When the first venom movie came out, i wanted to be excited but just felt meh.. After watching the first one, I enjoyed it for the most part but it was not ground breaking. This trailer to the sequel is giving me less hype vibes than even the first movies trailer. I will definitely watch it but Im more excited about the anticipation of getting a movie carnage figure after that amazing movie venom fig came out. I try to turn my brain off when I watch garbage like that which does help me enjoy it alittle bit more. I will still see it at some point tho.
  24. So I vaguely remember that asymmetrical helmet design for Domino but every picture I look up online is all symmetrical (which was what i was hoping wed get). Its weird to me and I dont like it even if its possibly accurate in some form. Im pretty sure most of my old xforce comics has it but it just looks weird in figure form.
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