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  1. Yep. I quit a few months ago and began putting it all very slowly on E-Bay. It's taking forever and I bounce back and forth from keeping just the ones I like to selling them all. Right now it's hard to tell. I wanted almost all of the figs from Nemesis wave, and I love many of the figs from DCUC, but it seems that it's better to focus my hobbies down to the things that matter most. My collection is not as massive as aaozz9 but you should have some nice selections on e-bay between us.
  2. that's not cool about getting the hill and carter head together. that means we have to buy the same 2-pack twice just to get both complete figures. if that's the case there will be a lot of loose hill and carter heads and ironmans floating around on ebay. i hope they come as originally show with classic IM and hill and stealth IM and carter. it least that way we get 2 different IMs. as if there's not enough already! Hmmm. If you are buying both packs for the different IronMan figs, then having the extra heads would be cool.
  3. Actually it's really easy. Most of the Spidey classics end up on the small side. I hadn't really noticed till I broke my out of storage and set them up. I noticed Tarantula fit right in. Oh, and it's not the alt Forge head on him. Not even close. I thought that at first, too, but put them side by side. BTW: Here I go again. Damn I hate action features. Ruins so many good figures. I was disgusted by the ManWolf when I set him up. Put him back in the storage box. No decent way to show him. His head looks like there's no bottom half. OK, I'm done. For now.
  4. Did they say something about manufacturing cost at this show? I missed that. Anyway, Mattel is a bad comparison, because they really aren't doing it any better. Yes, I love the line and think in many ways it's one of the best, but... Quality? I've been lucky and maybe you have, too, but I see lots of reports about broken joints. Not to mention shoddy paint on many of them. Better distribution? By their own admission they blew it with the last Wally Wave. It only showed up at like 1/8th of the Walmarts. Never even shipped the Red Tornado variant. Cheaper pricing? Not sure about that either. Walmart has DCUC for $11.49ish, and ML figs (Not clearance) for $10.24. Yes, they are keeping both 6" and micro-figs going, that's cool. I guess. It's all business it would seem. Hasbro wants to focus on the new line. Mattel is cool with trying both. Who knows which is the right business decision. Time will tell.
  5. I think its because the new Nemesis stuff showing up in Canada seems to be shipping three figs from Nemesis and 3 from Ares for some reason.
  6. Nemesis figs are hitting in Canada, so it's not long. Doubt they will have any better answer at the show. Firestar is ever so sadly, 3.75
  7. I'll take a 6 inch Goliath for my ML set. I can still ignore the tiny ones very easily.
  8. The just implemented new plan at my Walmart had a space for them and the show some on order so who knows. GEEK
  9. 1)yes, this info has been around since oct. it was posted because the toy dept. manager said that theyre on his planner. he usually isnt wrong, so i posted this as a reminder that theyre shipping soon. 2) dont start whining in every thread because tarot locked yours. 3) we love having you, but if you perfer the fwoosh, then by all means... Not saying you are wrong, pooda, but you may want to double check and see if it is these particular figures that he has coming. They're on everyones planner or modular or whatever you want to call it. However they are also cross refferenced with wave 1. there is no way to distinguish the difference in the system. If you type in the upc and it says you're getting 20 of them, it could be referring to wave 1 or 2. if it says you're getting none then obviously you'll be getting neither. The Walmart system is really interesting. They have separate SKUs for the products cause each one rings up with the actual character name, but they lump the shipments in as one big product. Seen that on several thing. Target just goes generic all the way which is both annoying and (hee) profitable. Same info from my friend at Walmart local. No way to tell for sure tell they get the individual SKUs scanned from the shipment. GEEK
  10. Never said I was 100% positive, but I can say that Walmart can place the order with or without Hasbro offering it. They have a contract in place (Which is likely the reason Hasbro said they were shipping. They probably agreed on a ship date). I may be nuts (Likely I am) but I seem to remember you were the one that said Walmart had not ordered. It wasn't in the system. My actual and sincere apologies to you. Sorry I lashed out, but check the record. I responded with a simple decent to your argument (One that was already harsh. Calling people Liars without the full details is a bit edgy, right?) and you proceeded to tell me I had no idea what I was talking about. I didn't realize it was such a sensitive issue to you, but I do apologize if I hit the wrong button. Not intended. Hell, with the economy going the way it goes, I may be asking you for a referral to Walmart before long. Like many here, I'm opinionated, but please don't take it as insult, and I'll chill on the lash backs. (Although I can't fight this urge to sign) GEEK
  11. All I did was respond to your post with a different view point. I returned fire after you attempted to explain how stupid I was for my view. Go reread. It's all there. Still don't understand how Walmart not ordering is Hasbro's fault, but if that's the way you see it, then fine. Blame Hasbro. In the end it's all the same result. We don't have this wave and it kind of sucks, but there's plenty of figs out so it's not a huge deal to me. I'll even leave my sig off just for you.
  12. I'm the other way and gotta go with Pooda on this. Boost up the articulation. If I wanted statues, I'd buy them, but I want action in my action figures. That said, the newer MS figs are way better in the articulation dept than the early ones. I got both Hulks and freakin love them(Except my RULK's right hand is stuck bad). I'll 2nd Blaastar, Zzax, and Strong Guy, as well as the earlier mentioned Juggy, LockJaw, and toss in a Civil War Goliath. Hell, for that matter I'll take an MS Thing so I can get closer to scale than midget Thing. GEEK (oops I signed again)
  13. I made red hulk twice. My target is still 10 bucks each. Still $10 bucks here, too. I could use the Spiral Variant. GEEK
  14. i dont have upcs for either, but if you get them to me i can check and see. Hmmmm. If Walmart didn't order them, does that make Hasbro liars or does that mean Hasbro anticipated the order and Walmart didn't make it? Walmart is the bad guy here sounds like to me. Expected though since the last Wally Exclusive is still stacked on the shelves. Either way, I'm glad. I'm broke. (And I still haven't found the Metallo DCUC figs) GEEK seems like geek doesnt know how it works, actually. I can check any walmarts inventory control system from my wal mart. and regardless, hasbro said they were being shipped. why would they ship them to someone who has not ordered them? omg i think i will cut up a roll of paper towels, charge a dollar for each one, and send them out to everyone i know! they'll pay me back ofcourse. Sorry for thinking you could read. I'll break it down for the slow. Hasbro say they are shipped because they have a deal with Walmart for an exclusive line and Walmart is supposed to order and take the shipment. They didn't ship them of course because Walmart didn't order. Oh forget it. I was just trying to point out if Walmart didn't order them, then it's their freakin fault they aren't on the shelves. But obviously I'm dealing with a hyper-intelligent Walmart stock boy so I guess there is no reason to expound. You're right Hasbro lied to you. Go cry. GEEK
  15. Hmmmm. If Walmart didn't order them, does that make Hasbro liars or does that mean Hasbro anticipated the order and Walmart didn't make it? Walmart is the bad guy here sounds like to me. Expected though since the last Wally Exclusive is still stacked on the shelves. Either way, I'm glad. I'm broke. (And I still haven't found the Metallo DCUC figs) GEEK So because one Wal-Mart doesn't have them on order then none of them have them on order. Brilliant deduction. Read a little more carefully and perhaps you can be brilliant, too. GEEK
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