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  1. Tank-Girl

    We ALL Have To Eat, So Why Not Eat Good For Cheap!!!

    I've always cooked meals for the family, most of which are from scratch, and basically because Sith doesn't know how to cook!!!! I always make Spag Bol or a lasagne (if i have time) on Thursdays and my whole family loves it. Heres how i make the bolognese sauce..... 500g Minced beef 2 TBS Worcestershire sauce 2 TBS Tomato puree (or plain tomato sauce will do) 2 beef stock cubes 2 cloves of garlic (i like to put 4 in mine) chopped or crushed 1 large chopped onion 2 cans peeled plum tomatoes You could just basically throw everything into one big sauce pan and cook for approx 45 mins or i like to dry fry the minced beef first and then the onion, and then throw everything else into it. Saves cooking time and somehow seems nicer. After frying let the sauce cook for about 30 mins or until the onion has cooked. Thicken the sauce if need be. I sometimes throw a couple of chopped up carrots in it or mushrooms. This will usually make more than enough for 4 adults, but we're piggies and have big portions! lol For Lasagne cook the bolognese sauce as above but then use pasta sheets and cheese sauce to do the layers. I usually make about 1 1/4 pints of milk for the sauce (i make the cheese sauce myself) leaving enough to cover the top sheet, then sprinkle cheese on the top. Cook for 45 mins until the pasta sheets have gone soft. Mmmmmmmmmmm!
  2. Tank-Girl

    It's cold in here and we need Tom-1

    Hey! Noone told me about a reunion!!! Hi everyone btw!
  3. Tank-Girl

    Welcome my little one!

    Hi all! I went in to hospital be induced on Tueday morning. At 9:58pm on 11th December Caed Brennon was born weighing 9lb 9oz, big and healthy, with an amazingly long umbilical cord (almost 2 meters long! :o) and with a true knot in it! I think i did quite well, I was in labour for 4 hours 4 minutes, i had gas and air, pethadine and because it got so painful near the end i agreed to have an epidural which i would usually be totally against but after speaking to the anaesthetist i really wanted one. Ive hardly slept at all since he was born, think ive had about 12 hours sleep in all since monday night but Caed is breast feeding on demand and hes doing really well. I was able to come home in the afternoon the next day. Speak to you soon Deb @)-,'---
  4. Tank-Girl

    Wish me luck peeps!

    Thanks everyone but.... I got back from the hospital today. On saturday afternoon i got admitted into hospital with really swollen feet, high blood pressure and pains in my leg. Cut a long story short they seemed to think ive had a small blood clot. Ive had blood thinning injections to break the clot up. Today i went for a scan and it was all clear so they stopped the injections, and because im back in hospital tomorrow to be induced!! I was allowed home this morning. Pointless it seems for one night but still, least i'll get a good night sleep tonight and get a clean shower!!! By this time tomorrow hopefully i will be holding my little guy, Caed Brennon, in my arms!
  5. Tank-Girl

    Wish me luck peeps!

    Thanks Bespin. :) Next Tuesday im going into hospital to be induced because of the size of the baby. Should be around 10lb when he arrives. Im still feeling sh1tty with headaches and i no longer have ankles from them swelling up so much. Roll on Tuesday, i cant wait for it to be over.
  6. Tank-Girl

    Wish me luck peeps!

    Damn Jack thats an aweful thing to go through, especially since she couldn't care for her newborn after he was born. :( Heres an update on my situation.... I had waited in all day for the midwife to come do a home visit (been having home visits due to suffering really bad with my pelvis - SPD)and i had been suffering with a real bad headache since the weekend and just not feeling well at all. Anyway, she finally came at 4pm. She took my blood pressure and it was dangerously high. She tested my urine and its still showing high levels of glucose. She felt my bump and was very certain that he is still lying breech. So, she called the hospital to have me admitted. Luckily my dad was able to drive me there, picking Sith up on the way. Got to the hospital and BP was still high so i had to stop in over night and have regular bp and blood tests done throughout the night. I was hooked up to a monitor 3 times to see what the baby was doing and hes fine. Thankfully my BP came down during the night, although i still had a cracking headache. Blood tests were ok. I had the scan to see if he is lying breech and he isnt! I had all the midwives convinced that he was breech, one even said she would of put money on it lol! What they did find out on the scan was how heavy he was (from all the measurements they took from the scan they are able to work out his estimated weight) and he weighs approx 9LB already!!!!!!! :o Still feeling ill or not quite right, i saw the doctor and he has just put it down to just generally not feeling well and so i was able to come home yesterday afternoon. He said that i probably do have gestational diabetes back due to how big he is and the amount of glucose in my urine but its not worth me having the glucose test done so near my due date. Today im still not right, i keep going off balance and feeling dizzy but the headache has gone. Im not looking forward to giving birth at all now i know how big he is. My lad weighed 9LB 7oz when he was born and that was bad enough. I remember going for a scan when i had 2 weeks left with him and he weighed 8LB 6oz, so in 2 weeks he put nearly a pound on! Ive got 3 more weeks left until my due date for him to pile weight on so who knows what weight he'll be when hes born!!!
  7. Tank-Girl

    Wish me luck peeps!

    Thanks everyone :) No, breech isn't the worst thing that could happen but it isn't going to help. Knowing the crappy NHS here they will try to manually turn him, then maybe induce me to see if that turns him (which i dont like the idea of after having a previous 3rd degree tear after giving birth to a 9LB 7oz baby)that could become serious if my BP is high already if he doesnt decide to turn and then they maybe decide i need a c-section after all. Anything to save them money!! My 1st was breech for a little while but turned in the last couple of weeks before but this one isnt budging. Hes been like it for weeks now. What the midwife thought was his knees sticking out was actually his head, and she thought that he was lying with his back to mine because she couldnt get a clear heat beat on the doppler....she was trying to find it in the wrong place. So picture his head and feet under my ribs, his back down my left side and his bottom in my pelvis, that is how he is lying. Kinda like the picture below. The pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure is the most worrying at the minute, the baby should be fine but im the one that is in danger. Guess i just have to wait and see what the hospital says on Wednesday. Oh and if ive got gestational diabetes again it means im now almost certain to get diabetes later on in life which im not looking forward to.
  8. Tank-Girl

    Wish me luck peeps!

    Yesterday (23rd November) my pregnancy took a turn for the worse. To cut a long story short the midwife came to see me and found that the baby is breech, ive got high bood pressure and oedema, and ive also got glucose(which means ive probably got gestational diabetes back again) On Wednesday ive got to go for an emergency scan to see how he is lying. If he is still breech i may have to go in for a c-section. Things are looking like i may also have pre-eclampsia with having high bp, headaches and swelling(oedema) which could be fatal if not taken care of. So, wish me luck everyone cause i think i need it!! Will try keep you posted whatever happens. Deb @)-,'---
  9. Tank-Girl

    So who doesnt really post anymore.

    Im still here!! I think im ok Erica.... ive had a couple of problems but nothing major touch wood. I know ive not really posted much been kinda busy at home. Sith's been working 14 hour shifts and working most weekends, he changed jobs last year so hardly gets chance to get on the internet anymore. Sandman changed his job recently to, dunno why he dont post anymore. I miss Fade-out :(
  10. Tank-Girl

    Thanksgiving,Black Friday A week too soon

    Whenever it is...Happy thanksgiving you guys! Least you get a holiday this time of year!!
  11. Tank-Girl

    So I need a new wallet

    I need a new wallet. I need one with loads of money and credit cards in it :D I got a new one not so long ago because my Cat in the Hat wallet from universal studios2 broke :( so I got a black leather one with studs on it :P
  12. Tank-Girl

    The girls of TNI

    Smirnoffgirl - Skarapz's woman There was a girl that posted in GP forum for a bit, who was that? kinda annoying girl who said BERRY too much!! Angelcake was it? There were a couple of others that came and went.....
  13. Tank-Girl

    It's Coming

    LOL! awww Chazz. Whatever happened to Wayward rogue??
  14. Tank-Girl

    Most ridiculous British laws

    LMFAO! Damn, that would be real funny if they were true!!! lol
  15. Tank-Girl

    Post Your Picture

    AAAAAAAAAAW! Hes so cute :) Here my lil pumpkin! Cant wait until hes here now im getting fed up lol! This is all i see when i look down!

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