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  1. i dont know but i believe that hasbro will still mess up the whole reboot. i hope not but they were never good with scale or paint and then they change the articulations all the time. well sdcc isnt far away. just 8 months i guess.
  2. i think it depends on what you like. i always liked big figures like ms has to offer and i preffer ben smaller too but i love the size of the ms thing and he looks great next to hulk. the only thing i dont like about ben is the coloring of his pants and boots. i would have loved him in blue and white.
  3. i am thankfull for marvel select but as most i collect the big ones like hulk and abomination, sabretooth and the great anti-venom are just awesome. i cant wait for juggernaut to hit. a little sad that they go with movie figs now. it takes the spot for a great comic figure if you ask me. still iron man,warmachine,thor and loki are realy well done.
  4. all i can say is that there are more variants then regulars on ebay.
  5. and how could i ever forget -the chameleon the only real classic rogue member that never seems to get a figure. he is so long overdue. a simple head sculpt on a professor x figure and done. hundreds of fans would be in heaven but nooooooooooooooooo. we get another green goblin or venom. lol lol.
  6. all i want is to add some more villains and friends to my spidey collection: -stegron -scarecrow -jackal -vermin -shriek -doppelganger -alyster smith -hammerhead -mister negative -silvermane -puma -menace -spot -scarlet spider -mary jane and gwen (come on, it cant be so hard) -iron patriot -tron spiderman (whats that? well since marvel does tron comics, spidey seems to get a tron suit in the upcoming ramos amazing spiderman and it changes colors, nice) -jameson as a spider slayer (wich reminds me that a modern spiderslayer is also welcome) -paperbag spidey (a must for every fan) -more symbiotes (but not venom) there are so manny i wanna see made, i dont even remember them all. then the once hasbro could refresh a little or redoo: -classic beetle -classic hydroman -mysterio ( if i cant get another then i am fine with the one i got but he can be a lot better) -black cat (oh please a new black cat) -modern vulture -madame web -carnage (with the 3 3/4 headsculpt) -morbius (more slim and without face action) then the once hasbro should stop to make for a while: -venom -green goblin ( i have more then enough of them and venom is my favorite villain) so knowing hasbro all i can look forward to is the unwanted green goblin and venom on my list, lol lol.
  7. Second pic was pretty much a custom made to show off for the fan poll, first pic is the final release figure. i would have prefered the holster's on the second pic. looks way better and more serious.
  8. thats where i was confusing. in a q&a hasbro mentioned that they will reveal something at new york toyfare. i thought it was comic con. so i dont think that we will see something either this time around.
  9. It started today. Heres hoping we get pics or something for upcoming Legends. The Marvel universe stuff on display today are awsome ( but the size suks, wish legends will be too. I do not buy MU so I get the Big figs, frost giant, goliath.... thats the second time this happens to me. i wonder when it starts and the day after the pics are allready on the net. lol lol. thanks for the headsup.
  10. yeah well i wait and see. since hasbro took over nothing realy great came out for me. just repaints of repaints and allready existing charaters. some say that marvel universe figs are great but i dont like them. not enough details and the paint jobs are horrible. (thats my opinion.) i hope for the relaunch that hasbro has learned something because i am tired of waiting. in a way i dont wanna jump on the new 2 packs because i have a feeling that hasbro will do something a lot different then the ones that came out now. i wait. now for the relaunch i hope that they go the dcuc way. they kick ass with this line. i also hope that they dont go poor with articulations. dcuc articulations are fine by me. sure double knee and elbow joints are always welcome. i am in no need of finger articulations do. it could be cool to have an extra pair of hands with some characters like wolverine and hulk. other then this i hope "ONCE AGAIN" that hasbro is up to the task and please ohhhh please "painted faces". dont come with plastic colored skin tone. yark ugly. it makes the figures look cheep. i heard that hasbro will have some news at new york toyfare??? when is that? it was always around february and now people are talking of this month? is that the same toyfare or are their any variations??
  11. the worst for me was at toyglobe. they have everything on stock but as soon when you order things then you get an email that they dont have it. of course you get the message after you paid for everything. i ordered smc hobgoblin and hydroman and the set of fantastic four where dragon man and kang were in it. they had some sort of assortment. so they sended me an email that some figs arent in stock but they will arrive in a few days. 2 weeks later still nothing but the figs were in stock on the net. sure i emailed them and asked why is this possible? no response. after a few angry mails, i get a mail if i would trade a figure because one was missing. so i took painted invisible woman. 3 weeks later the package arrived. hobgoblin was broken, invisible woman was clear, hydroman wasnt in the box and kang either. nice i was so happy with them. i mailed a few times and they said to place a new order to correct the error and i said the hell i will. send me the missing figs and done. i got another package weeks later , got my hydroman but kang was still missing. i found him later on so i let it be. they lost me as costumer for sure and i am not talking good about them anywhere. never had any problem with ebay do.
  12. nice figs but i am wondering? before i jump on them like crazy, will they even match with the new relaunch of the marvel legends line or will hasbro change scale like always, so that the new ones are a head shorter? anyway glad to see that they finaly begin to hit.
  13. soooo, legends in 2012? never heard that before. i am still sceptic about it. all these years i learned one thing from hasbro and thats not to trust what they say. still hope that it is true. the direction seems to have a good start. skipping the toybiz sculpts and do something of their own is great to me. when i look at winter soldier, i cant wait to see what they have in store. one thing for sure is that i will rebuy all the marvel woman because toybiz did a lot of crap with them. i think tha only ones i realy liked were, x-treme rogue, pride and x-23. 2012 is a long road. i hope that they release another set of 2-packs in 2011 do. so i hope that they know by now that it is a collectors line and they have to go like the universe line. they do great characters with them. cant wait for titanium man. i hope he isnt as small as tarantula.
  14. what?? the new lizard in the shed story line looks more like a frog to me. lolol. the story was ok but i was not thrilled that connors eat's his son. i love the new story line better with all the kravinof gang and this hunter theme. cant wait to read more. the fig of lizard reminds me a bit when stegron was back in town. d'ont know how the story arc was called. it wasnt that long ago.
  15. lizard looks more like a dragon to me. he doesnt seem to have much articulations. i wont find him around here anyway so i guess i pass on this one. juggernaut, venom, green goblin they all seem to be U.S. exclusives because the spiderman's always arrive in europe but never the villains.
  16. Oh my God dude you read my mind, that's exactly the way I feel about weddon and Norton. Norton was the best banner (not counting bill bixpe) I say give norton what he wants lol. What I hate the most about weddon is he really doesn't get the "tough guy asskicker thing", Ironman and Hulk are very Alpha male type characters and Ultimate cap. His guy characters are kind of girly and his tough characters are villains. His type of hero is "Scott Pilgrim" and mine are "Rambo" lol, plus I'm going to hate seeing all his friends make cameos, it's distracting from the story, it's hard to immerse yourself into a movie or show when it's the same weddon cast your seen sine 1998 lol comparing rambo and pilgrimm, legendary.lol. i feel the same. well in a way i hope that sarah michelle gellar comes and makes a cameo... since buffy i am still in love with her lol.
  17. ok maybe dcuc doesnt sell as good as we think. well everyone has another opinion on the subject i guess because if dcuc wouldnt sell then why continue? because mattel respects the fans and can live with what they get. who says by the way that marvel legends dont sell? they can do good, what do we know? i dont even believe that moviefigs are such big sellers. movies are mostly pg-14 and most kids of that age arent playing with figs anymore. i worked at a toystore and i can tell that most are into nintendo ds and playstation. i had a lot of collectors buying marvel legends. kids buyed a lot of spideys and f4 figs at my store but the secondary characters not so much. jayc you have a lot of great arguments on everything and i am always on board with what you say but not this time around. i am still on the side like most on the ml boards that if hasbro would deliver then ml would have a bright future. so much time has past that i doubt that hasbro can turn the wheel and give us what we want. they dont realy seem to care. thats the impression a lot of people getfrom what they do.
  18. come on dude, a long time has passed and no news. who even says that they are trying anymore. yeah times have changed but hasbro did not, thats the problem. if mattel or marvel select can come up with figs that cost 15 to 20 usd and they still sell out?? what does that mean?? fans are willing to pay the price for a great figure. a realy great figure. a figure they look upon every knight. ms knows it, mattel knows it(motuc,dark knight,ghostbusters) but if the only thing you get are repaints and by all means repainted faces then you reached the low point to me. no one blames hasbro for trying. everyone is happy that they try but lets be honest, with the words of a little green friend of mine: you do, or you do not. there is no try. lol. ok some peolple over react with words sometimes. thats the way it is. the f... and s... words are in everyone culture right now. it is like saying hello to someone. doesnt bother me to be honest. lol. hasbro has to deliver and people will buy, no matter what. complaints will always be but we buy them anyway... sitting around and saying nothing doesnt do anything. we scream at mattel and the listen and try to do it better. most site's dont even care to put up some marvel q&a's because they know that it is pointless. toynewsi included.
  19. i dont know about the avengers movie. i love weddons ideas and so on but i dont think he is the right guy for that kind of movies. reminds me of goyer. great writer but horrible director. we will see. even if norton is hard to work with as long as it comes together and that the end result is perfect then who cares if it was hard. norton is a great actor. so is downey and the two would have been great next to each other. bet that general ross will be recast to. would not surprise me.
  20. It's ok shocker let it out let it out i feel your pain. Hasblow sucks why cant they just release figs i know i would buy them up if they well to release them is all im saying but NOOOOOOOOOOO. makes me want to kick them in the balls i know i know it is hard for everone
  21. well who is to blame??? thats a good one. maybe hasbro or walmart doesnt make a buck because these figs go on clearence a month after they come out. everyone knows that. they dont even wait a year or two before they clearence them out. sorry but as a costumer or a human beeing i want the lowest price i can get. thats nature. hasbro doesnt deliver worldwide and thats why i pick my figs carefully. when i found them everywhere around here i buyed the 10 spidermans or the ten ironmans but now with shipping and every thing, forget it. every figure is exclusive from hasbro, every figure. on ebay it is considered a rare item all the time. i just need the ones who havent come out yet. i cannot afford all the ironmans or spiderman. sorry but if people have to wait 2 damn years to get any news on a line then the interest is very fast gone for some fans. hardcore fans stay forever but you loose the interest of the simple dude. then there is this toying around from hasbro, yes we work on it, we work on it, we work on it. when marvel legends gets relaunched it must be the best there was in the history of the world i tell ya. 2-3 years working on a project. then all i see from hasbro are repaints of figures. repaints repaints repaints. no new weapons or something no. just repaints. if the figures would even look better as the first release no, they look worse. nothing special just like simple plastic figs. toybiz did a good paintjob on the figs and that counted a lot. believe me. toybiz came up with b-list characters and hasbro barely knows what that is. (but for universe it seems to work) i dont believe that the universe line has something to do with anything. fans are more pissed at the universe line because hasbro promised a lot and nothing came along. a lot of long demanded fan favorites were in the universe line allready and yet we have nothing. we saw great figs but yet nothing. everyone was so happy to see what they had on sdcc for the voting. a lot of people wanted them all. including me. crimson dynamo? titanium man? i want them. where are they?? where is that puma they talked about? no, we get black spidermans and green goblins all over and repainted spidey villains who look terrible except demogoblin(who has nothing new on him). wow great job there. i am waiting for the new 2packs because they look great. i have most of them. for me a figure has to look better then the previous one or i am not on board. i dont mind buying black widow again because she looks amazing. all in all they are self to blame for the mess. the fans are not to blame. it works for dc and mattel and those are repainting the heck of the line but the figs always look as new. some complain about them but minor complaints. not as big as what marvel and hasbro does. the hasbro q&a's even seem that they are mocking the fans all around. sorry thats how i feel about it.
  22. they do amazing figs. a lot of articulations and great sculpts. sadly independent comics characters dont go very well and they mostly stop after one or two waves.
  23. what a low point for every collector. we even have to put our hopes into disney for crying out loud. the guys that work at hasbro marvel devision realy must wear pinocchio nose's at sdcc. with all the lying and fake promisings they do about marvel legends stuff. it is amazing. i made fun a year ago that we wont see any legends before end 2011 and look where we stand??? still nothing on the horizon. please donald duck help us. where is the mickey mouse club when you need them. isnt there a brave prince who would fight for the 6insh people of desperate haven? fight the jesse dragon please.
  24. i gladly pass on them. if hasbro doesnt wake up and smells that there is a market around the world then they can forget my money. still they look good. that deep dive iron man has the tyniest knees ever for a machine. in a way i stopped with movie figs because they always change actors. it is not that with hasbro we get any figures based on actors anyway. then all this exclusive crap. no i pass. there was a time, i was all wwwooowww new marvel figures but now? i am growing up i guess. i want better figures for my money. hasbro makes them look blaa. not special. i did not have one in hand. maybe i would change my mind then but since i will never see one in hand because of exclusivenes. money earned for me. the 3 3/4 line isnt good either. i got comic warmachine and he is a cool figure. every other figure looks weird. specialy the paintings. wow i saw some mess around here.
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