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  1. boiled water then ice water is the best way to go. i did that a lot and it worked perfectly until i came with the idea to replace these claws with metal ones. i looks way better but what a pain in the ass that was to put these in place,lol.
  2. spiderman noir would be awesome. i didnt liked the comics but i loved the design of spidey.
  3. woah nice catch on chameleon and mister negative. that would be so meant to be. as for scarlet spider he could be the running change of himself so to speak. the old version and the new. morbius do needs to be redone.
  4. i dont know if he is so beloved around here but since he is my hero numero uno, i say lets put together a spidey wave like all the other great heroes :-) spiderman wave 1 -chameleon -alyster smythe -machine doc ock -silver sable -lizard spiderman -paperbag spiderman baf spider slayer spiderman wave 2 -black cat -chamaeleon -tombstone -hammerhead -cyborg spiderman -menace baf venom symbiote spiderman wave 3 -classic beetle -jackal -kaine -stunner -scarlet spider (old and new) -gwen stacy baf stegron spiderman wave 4 -mary jane -shriek -doppelganger -carrion -vermin -6 arms spiderman baf classic hydroman so these are some of my most wanted right now
  5. there isnt that much i want in the wolverine section. 1)silver samurai 2)maverick 3)romulus i would love to see a new classic omega red done by marvel select. lady deathstrike could get a new version to. i like the old toybiz figure but the head sculpt looks weird. still i can live with it.
  6. i would rather have that then an iron man legends wave. i made a little room at home and i seperated my marvel legends into different sections. when i came to thor, i was like "is that all?" i just have thor, loki, horsethor (sorry forgot his name:-D) and thats it. never had the chance to get valkyrie. i will get an 8inch destroyer sometimes but to be honest i am still counting on marvel select to do one. so we really need a thor line.
  7. see how its done. so awesome. i guess i will buy 4 of them. its the best venom ever. look at this classic iconic heads. something people asked hasbro and toybiz for years and they listen so much to the fans that they never did it. marvel select are the ones who pull it off. way to go. now if only carnage would get such a treatment then i would be in heaven because as is, there isnt one good carnage out there.
  8. -mandarin -whiplash -hydro armor iron man -suit up tony stark -iron patriot -grey gargoyle -extrmis iron man is what i want. and a lot of iron man movie repaints is what we will get, lol.
  9. these ultimate spidermans arent worth it. they remind me of these 5" wolverine and the x-men figures. easy pass and i doubt that we get manny villains with this line. a lot of different spidermans and thats it. i even doubt they will have more then 3 waves. i dont know why we dont get avengers 6" black widow. its so hasbro. instead of putting her right with wave one and add nick fury to it so the box is complete. no we wait and see and forget about it. lets wait 4 years now when part 2 arrives and hope that they remind themself that something is missing from a few years back.
  10. I hear ya. Hopefully we will get the Iron Patriot and some more of his villains. I'm cool with the War Machine we got last time. But a Whiplash would be great even if it is late. Or even a Rescue. whiplash baby. i totally forgot about this one, lol. yeah that wave could have potential afterall. how about grey gargoyle? i would love him.
  11. ohh and iron man legends???? why??? doesnt he have enough series going for him??? its all i see. how manny iron mans did we got since the first movie hit? well great to see iron monger but then again, how manny repaints of iron mans will we have to buy to get this one again? yeah well lets hope we get a good hydrosuit out of it and a new mandarin wouldnt hurt either. i bet that iron patriot will be in it to. if they do it right maybe a legends wave of iron man couldnt be that bad. lets hope for it.
  12. well still dissapointed after the panel. glad they finish the wrecking crew. i was so hoping for something related to spidey but once again nothing at all and that for the 50th anniversary of the character. i will pick up some legends but not a lot. mini bafs arent a seller either to me. since they love to repaint a lot and i doubt it takes that much time to paint something then they could easly do 4 waves a year. i mean the regular versions of that x-force pack could allready be in one wave. even spidey could be easly repainted like they do in the 3 3/4 section. that would make 4 allready and since repainted heads are back again on the tabel then they could work a lot faster. glad the line isnt over but its far away from its best days. it took a great start but the lack of effort from hasbro is present and we get the waiting game once more. i guess i will costumize my figures from now on because hasbro doesnt moves fast enough. if every 4 years i get one figure from the spidey universe then i am better on my own. here is what i want: -jean grey -wrecking crew -blade -dr. doom (maybe) -archangel -red she hulk (i will customize her because i want that heavy metal look) -sentry (also with a maybe) i guess thats it for now.
  13. i love that figure and i had to repaint it because i thought the blue was to clear. since it is the only jim lee version it is the best one can get and it will look awesome next to jean who is coming somday.
  14. i prefer bigger ones but if there is more then one in a wave then it wouldnt bother me personally. still i see those more as little bonus figures. granted I can see everyone anger that this. but for me it's a brilliant idea. just imagine all the smaller characters we could get. not only human or aliens but animals as well. Imagine a MS Lion or a articulated Red wing. beside I don't collect ML for the BAF. I collect it for the figures you buy to get the BAF. I mean the next 2 waves have 8 new characters (Blade, Moonstar, Us Agent, Protector, Red She-Hulk, Lyra, Hyperion and Hit Monkey!) then we have 7 new customes ( NEO Iron Man, FF Dr.Doom, Punisher, Mystique, Archangel, Iron Fist, Deadpool) and a redone figure (Sentry). Throw in the rerelease (Deadpool and Dr. Doom) and you got plenty of new stuff. maybe its more because i dont get much i was looking forward to. red she hulk would have been awesome but then she got this swim suit and i just saw that she has that in the comics right now. i loved her heavy metal outfit and it showed that she is different then she-hulk. i dont know why they even changed that in the comic. yeah well. hit monkey is awesome. i actually want that one.
  15. i prefer bigger ones but if there is more then one in a wave then it wouldnt bother me personally. still i see those more as little bonus figures.
  16. i hope. specialy when i read about a silver sable/black cat variant then i will be so happy :-D
  17. just a little example how its done right: marvel select venom has 4 different heads. say what?? 4 heads?? hell yes and one more iconic then the other and that figure is the best they ever did in the history of venoms and select offerings. i dont know if these heads will be in the package or sold separatly to stores but wow. oh and its not enough we also get a base and that for 20usd. check bbts for preorder its allready up there. marvel select rocks :-D
  18. yeah well i wait for the panel and then i can #$#@# about whats wrong lol.
  19. quick question is the hasbro panel soon? i am overseas and its getting late here :-)
  20. yeah the green lantern pack was the way to go or a 3-pack with those little guys would be great. now i have to get what? 4 figures i have in another form, 2 rereleases and 2 new figures to get a monkey in a suit??? no thanks lol. the new generation seems to be ok with this but lets not forget in 10 years, its your turn to be dissapointed because hasbro wont change. these are good characters but not worth it to buy entire waves to assemble them. now i dont want to jump all high but if these are split in half then i am actually ok with it but if that monkey is split in 6 then forget it.
  21. now wait a minute, hit monkey will be the baf and big bafs just come back in 2014???
  22. check the front page guys hit monkey is coming. now that is freaking awesome. the variant for red she hulk is also revealed.
  23. never thought of it that it could be a fresh start for hasbro and for us. i guess i just dont want to go threw all these toybiz years from the start just to get the same figures again lol.
  24. thanks for posting that. great info there. cant wait for the panel either and black bolt needs to be redone and i still miss a nice namor in his green short pants.
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