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  1. well i figured that out by myself a while ago. they will show them at sdcc and the release will be after it. bet that 3+4 wont be that far away from each other. well blade is the only one i really want right now. us agent maybe. i hope jean makes the cut.
  2. so they dont sell it because there is a date on the box? thats so lame. like hasbro would check who sells the figures first, lol.
  3. ebay. its the only way i can get them. well i live in europe and they are listed as 25euro the figure and 20euro delivery most of the time. thats around 55usd for me. thats to much for one figure.
  4. you know guys maybe a lot of figures go for a certain price but if they sell, thats another question. i sill want these but my hopes are low. i am even on the lookout for madame hydra and piledriver but these go for 50bucks allready. so i pass. thanks hasbro for making things hard to get once again :-(
  5. finally finally. wow what a nice surprise when i woke up this morning and i saw that awesome masterpiece. its about time spidey villains get some love. specialy the big ones. now bring me stegron and i was thinking hydroman would make an awesome huge villain with nice water effects. i am so happy to get this figure. even though i have a nice rhino but this one tops him without a doubt. sure knees suck a little but what the heck. cant freaking wait. its been 3 years i havent got anything descent for my spidey collection. thats a long time. thanks to hasbro and green goblins and venoms. marvel select really delivers.
  6. wow he is huge. amazing. a little to tall to put them next to my other movie legends. if i cant get the marvel legends one then this is my second option.
  7. i want one to. i wont pay ebay prices for it. i wait a couple of days and if nothing comes up then i get an ff version and repaint it. it will even look better because hasbro put some green spray all over that figure and it looks weird.
  8. i blame hasbro. now that the movie is well received, everyone will want them. who doesnt want the first bigscreen avengers team in their collection? exclusives are ok for one figure but not an entire set. thats my opinion. these will be very hard to find because scalpers will camp at walmart just to resell these. if bbts asks 200 bucks then guess what prices ebay will have..... forget it. i am out and i stay with the 3 3/4 figures. i am ok with them. hasbro fucks it up one more time and will blame it on us the little niche costumers again.
  9. hasbro should kick themself for making these exclusives. its the movie of the year and the 3 3/4 figure are sold out at most places where i live. the movie is awesome and so are these figs. they lost a lot with this exclusive to a shop crap.
  10. my favorite is the one from marvel select. he is huge and freaking awesome. i got the red hulk to from marvel select.
  11. i read the first tp yesterday. so the new spidey is the prowlers nephew??? lol, kind of happy i stoped getting into ultimate comics. hasbro here is the time to mess things up and do a tarantula screw up. that way he would be in scale at least. belmont you are so right. how long does spidey fans have to wait until we get something out of hasbro that is actually not a venom, green goblin or a spiderman variant? its his 50th birthday this year but it doesnt seem to get any attention from hasbro.
  12. sometimes shops are self to blame to. when i heard some guys talking about captain america and thor toys being clearenced, i was like why?? avengers is coming next year and i bet that they still would sell a year later. it made no sense to me but i guess thats the ignorence of these huge supermarkets.
  13. i guess i will buy another ff spidey and repaint him into big time spidey. he is just to expensive to get.
  14. no its just that most of the time people call shops ripoffs and such just because the price is a little higher in one then in the other. i just think that isnt really fair. ok some comic shop who ask double or triple for marvel legends variants are idiots. i have a comic shop but i dont ask more for a variant as the regular price. its lame to do something like that. shops have a lot of costs. its not as simple as most think it is. walmart can go out of buisness to. where i live, 3 great and well known shops in germany closed and went bankrupt because the economy went downhill. a lot of people order online now and the shops are missing these people to. its getting hard to survive out there. i can understand that like everyone (me included) wants the best price but sometimes it doesn't hurt to pay a buck more if the shop deserves it. i mean if service and everything is ok, why not :-)
  15. ouch.. I just got one for $38 shipped but it was variant pack. I paid retail plus tax plus shipping. i got the black version of black widow. it is hard to find. no one has it. most of the time i see the grey version at a good price but the black version is nowhere to be seen.
  16. wow and i thought i was crazy with 80usd for the black widow/winter soldier 2 pack, lol
  17. wow, do you even know when a shop doesnt makes enough money then it closes? jobs are on the line and i doubt that you can find a job on the next corner right now. any shop buys things from mattel, hasbro, jakks and so on to sell them at a regular price. if they sell them for half of, do you think that they earn much with it?? lets say you have to pay a paycheck of 1000usd. you earn 5 bucks when you sell a figure. you have to sell 200 figures just to cover one paycheck. i doubt that will happen. once i thought like you but since i have my own shop, it isnt that easy at all. dont know how walmart works but they also have to make money or they are out of buisness. as for reasonable prices, mattel is far worse. dcuc was around 15 usd at shops. now that mattel sells them on their own, one would think that it gets cheaper since there is no middle man like walmart but they ask 20usd on mattycollector for one figure. shipping not included. shops arent that bad if you ask me. no heat, just discussing it.
  18. Dont forget Kane, befor he was the new spider-man, and the new one. ohh yeah kaine is a must have but his classic look. the scarlet spider kaine is ok but i want him like the classic version. there are so manny classic characters that are in the books right now that it is amazing we dont get more out of it. i would even be happy with that red vulture right now. how about the new hobgoblin?? we have big time spiderman....
  19. wow lizard is huge. spidey went to the gym it seems, lol. cant wait for ultron.
  20. i want that black cat. when i think of the garbage i have at home. even a hasbro black cat would be awesome right now. i hate what toybiz did to her.
  21. i cant get any coupons so i am ok with the figures. i can even deal with scale as long as they arent to small like tarantula was. i just want great character selection and they did a good job with the 2 waves right now. i just hope to get some spiderman related figures in the line like -chameleon -tombstone -hammerhead -menace -stegron -scarecrow -vermin -jackal -scarlet spider i have enough of venom and green goblins.
  22. where does right starts and wrong ends? i must say i loved this thread. it was like we were all part of the csi, lol. i dont believe there was much heat around here just how most see things. clam is right that me included, i would have done the same but i would have told even if it would be my best friend that he has to stop when i am around. he can do it on his own. i wouldnt have called someone on him. at leats you called the store i wouldnt even have done that. i wasnt a nice guy either in my youth but i learned very quick thats not the way to go and i changed fast in my life. i hope your friend will see it one time to before it is to late :-)
  23. my zemo is always depressed. cant get him to look up. i believe its because he looses all the time, lol. longshot is sitting in the back. dont really care for him but he is there. i believe these two must be the worst ml ever when it comes to loose articulations. i would love to see hasbro tackle a modern zemo.
  24. why should the cashier get the blame? something was stolen. thats a crime that shouldnt have taken place. so it starts there. a lot of products are discounted to and not everyone knows the difference about marvel or dc or neca. i havent been to any walmart or target in my life but i doubt that they just sell 5 items. i know that i always check my screen but sometimes you dont pay attention when someones talking to you or you get distracted somehow.
  25. seems like walmart has some conection with digital river if i read what clam wrote, lol. as a shop owner its really sad to read something like this. yeah well i hope he gets what he deserves and actually learns from it instead of blaming everyone else for the crap he did.
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