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  1. i have the toybiz version. i prefer it to the hasbro one but hasbro did a fine job with it i must say. i am off the wagon to buy multiples of versions of one character so i am not really interested in this one. so i can save a buck or two once in a while. as for the articulations, hasbro is known that they always mess them up somehow so it shouldn't come as a real surprise to anyone. the figure looks amazing do. if you can find it, get it. maybe if i would see it in hands i could be convinced to get some but hasbro doesnt support the international market so, pass i guess.
  2. in a way i understand you jayc but on the other hand you have to understand our situation also. hasbro got our input and our support for how manny years now? still they talk like heaven is about to open the doors and yet we get bad scale, bad paintings and so on, you know the storys. toybiz wasnt perfect to me but they did a great selection of characters over the years. the new hasbro line looks good but then again, the silver surfer body is way out of scale. everybody knows it. everybody and yet they come up with this body again and again. i am ok with reused bodys and all and i understand why they do it. they could easly take the quicksilver sculpt for klaw, no one would even talk about it. they got a lot of input from us what to do and if i remember corectly the same team is on board as the ones from toybiz, so they allready know what to do. i will support this line one more time because i love marvel legends. i love marvel. i want to see where they go with this but running change?? at least a variant figure is more easy to find. its things like this that makes fans tick like a timebomb. i may be wrong but we will see how everything turns out. once again nothing personal and i understand your point of view but i can also understand the point of view of certain collectors
  3. it was a nice little weekend. dissapointed with a lot of things do. dcuc is mostly done, motuc gets a line of new characters, could have done better for the 30th anniversary but what the heck they look cool. hasbro has some amazing universe figures and the legends are so and so. lets start with the hatred, its more fun lol. i hate hasbro for a lot of reasons and mostly because they dont bring any new spidey villains for years now. hasbro did a lot of dammage to a line who was the best on the market with bad paintings, bad scale(pecialy bad scale), bad articulations, bad distribution and making everything exclusive, not delivering worldwide (and that now a days with so much possibilities) stricked and simple they suck big time. the new waves look ok but not having two waves finished for something they announced a year ago is a joke. not even wave one was finished. then running change??? how manny waves do they believe they will sell in one store to get another one with the running change?? if someone believes, that this is a good idea then you must be living on the moon for the last few years. i never saw a running change in any of my usual shops that is and a lot dont see running changes on the marvel universe pages either. so good luck with that. oh but it is nice from hasbro to think about the scalpers do. they have a heart for everyone lol. then they lie constantly. sorry but no toybiz molds? that would be the right direction for a reboot. show what they can really do and yet they give us the silver surfer body for klaw. even if you would live on the moon you would know that that body is out of scale but i guess it must be the guy with the fish glasses from hot shots who did this if they havent noticed that then what will they notice??? all in all i am pleased with what they did right now but it is a long way to go until they can say "yes we did it" i am happy to see the line going. cant wait to get big time spidey but i bet he will have the ben reilly body so i pass. i can do that better myself then. so i wait and see what it will bring. i hope to see some in europe for a change. also a new spidey villains please. its about time to make up for that mess tarantula was and dont come with movie lizard lol.
  4. please oh please let there be a new spidey villain today in 6 insh. thats all i want to see. i have waited for years for something new in the spideyverse. did hasbro ever do a really new character? all i can think of is demogoblin and that was allready a repaint. oh yeah how could i forget the tarantula massacre lol. geee i hope to see something today. its been so long.
  5. i go nuts, i had a little time to check the pics up close and did they really use the silver surfer body on klaw and the quicksilver body on constrictor?? we start from scratch and wont use toybiz molds, this is hasbro doing marvel legends. indeed it is. rereuse, rerelease and the cheap way out. totally hasbro doing marvel legends. lol
  6. sooo, hasbro once again couldnt finish the figures in time. what a surprise. the figures look ok but with some looking tiny i am allready turned off. i wait until some reviews will pop up on these before i judge but i wasnt expecting much and by my surpride ghost rider is the only one i realy want for now. bet that he wont have a bike again. i hope that wave 2 has some spiderman in it and no goblins or symbiotes please.
  7. whoa!!! the new Legends are going to be $25!?!?! When did they decide to pump the price up that much? I was hoping they'd be more like the previous (Toybiz) lines. Those were awesome figures for their price range. But at $25, I don't know if I'd be getting any new ML's. Someone please tell me they'll be well under 20. I mean even with a BAF piece inside, they should be several dollars under 20. no price has been announced yet. everything you hear are just speculations. the sdcc thor is 25usd because its an exclusive and has a nice package for himself going. i doubt that hasbro will do these figs as high as everyone thinks. i say around 16usd but i can be wrong.
  8. get the marvel select one. thats a sweet huge machine there lol lol. wait until sdcc is passed. maybe you will see some new figures coming out of the hulk.
  9. yeah this i can understand but they do movie figures for thor and cap. why did they put comic loki and thor in this line instead of marvel legends? ghost rider could have been great with this assortment. i dont know, its a weird mix like always lol.
  10. well well well. sounds really good for now. not sold on thor but we will see. why do they put movie figs in it? i hate that.
  11. not so awesome to me. sculpt seems ok but no double joint elbow? yeah they have learned. whats with the silver paint going right into his cape?? yeah well. cant please everyone. i wait for better pics but ms won on this one.
  12. it was said that it is the modern costume. the one he is wearing now in the comics.
  13. yeah well happy to see some news for those who love movie lines. loki looks awesome by the way but so does the toybiz version. i actually prefer toybiz here because the costume is way better. this one seems to miss something on the torso but maybe he is designed from a special part in the books. i dont know. why does loki always come out that big??? to me he is more thin and not so big with muscles. seems to be a great line do. yeah well if i cant find loki around here (who am i kidding? as if hasbro will release them worldwide lol) to look at him then i pass on all of them. i am out of movie figures but i am tempted by that loki. hey hasbro, still waiting on titanium man and dynamo but i guess i can skip those to.
  14. hasbro will blame it on us anyway. sales weren't good enough for retailers blabla so we wont do any others lol. on everyones mind the purple version is the most demanded and yet he is the exclusive. if that isnt funny then what is??? i stick to the ml version. he looks just awesome. hasbros version is taller and bulkier but it looks like a toy not realy something outstanding. i believe he was that way back in the day but i prefer the more detailed sculpt. marvel select should have a chance to tackle on a sentinel. i believe that hasbro and toybiz versions would look like realy dumb next to a marvel select version of the sentinel lol.
  15. thats so fantastic. i always wanted to do a big diorama but i have space issue to. after years of collecting like you, you learn fast how to get some space. now i have my star wars and lord of the rings figs in boxes. one day when i buy a place, i will consider this but right now since i know that i will move once again in a few years from now i dont look into it. awesome diorama do. black lanterns are my favorites in your collection. also great that you use buffy characters as regular people. great idea.
  16. hasbro is doing great with female figures indeed. -black cat -mary jane -gwen stacy -aunt may (lol) and every female toybiz ever did should be replaced. except rogue and kitty. these are top for me. i painted x-treme rogue in her classic colors.
  17. i saw hammerhead pop up more then once on wishlists. i cant wait to get him. i rather have him then a wrecking crew member. thats because i am more into spidey villains then others. terrax is a great villain but to me he is mehhh. i prefer hammerhead but all hasbro seems to know about spiderman is symbiotes and goblins. we will see where this new marvel legends line will go with just resculpted characters everyone allready has of some sort lol. alyster smith, prowler, hammerhead, puma, jameson, rocket racer, classic beetle, stegron will never be in this line because hasbro just knows iron man, wolverine, hulk, captain america, spiderman and now deadpool. look at dcuc. geee they do figures from the 60's and fans love them. samurai for example. green, orange costumed samurai is so weird to me but if i read the dc boards, he seems to be a big demanded character. thats what i hope the marvel legends line will be one day once again and not what it has become. i hope to get a character from every corner everytime a new wave comes out. i hope for everyone to get what he wants. i am not here to say what character is better. if you love a character and someone hopes to get a figure out of him then i hope someone gets it. i love shocker even do he is a z-lister lol. i dont care lol. i am the one who actualy think a paperbag spidey is way better then yet another classic spiderman in figure form. peace lol.
  18. lol no wonder with all the top villains still missing lol.
  19. oh yeah hasbro and the marvel legends. what a long story. i remain skeptical because sdcc isn't that far away anymore and i haven't seen that famous thor figure yet. if you hide something that is suppose to be on sale in a month just means one thing to me. it looks like crap and lets hide it until the end. no one who saw that picture of thor is talking about it. no one knows a thing about it. not even how the articulations are. now magneto, deadpool again??? ultimate hawkeye??? ultimate realy??? bucky cap or commander rogers are great. why not start with a big bang??? with realy demanded characters who have been asked for years? jim lee jean grey, firestar, hammerhead and so manny more. that should be wave one. they can go slower in wave 2 or 3. ps i know i complain a lot lol lol
  20. yeah it all started with the spiderman classics. i wasnt on board at first with the marvel legends because toybiz was at a point where they changed scale everytime and nothing matched anymore. then with serie 3 i was hooked. ghost rider was so awesome and he had his bike (hear that hasbro? ghost rider with a bike, you might think about that) then thor was realy impressive at the time too. so i buyed them all and haven't stoped since. oh yes when hasbro took over with all the exclusives here and there, i skipped a lot.
  21. yeah well the hunt is pretty dead to me. mattel and hasbro dont deliver in europe so the hunt is realy dead. i get my neca figs at work and the rest is all from the net. i really stopped runing around and get dissapointed once more. back in my hunting days i even drove 100 miles to the next toysrus to hope that they have something special like an exclusive but no it stays all in the us when they mean toysrus exclusives. so thanks for the net because otherwise i would be done collecting. here and then i get surprised when i find a new spidey villain in decades but it is not that i go around like crazy and look for it. when i am around a toyshop or mall i go in to check but thats about it.
  22. wait wait wait. thats all i am reading. wait wait wait. we are not getting any younger hasbro. now move and give us that marvel legend thor picture allready. lol.
  23. i am for 4 waves. every 3 months or so. or course some little extras down the road like a sub line of spidey or x-men or ff. boxsets are welcome too. spiderman and his amazing friends in ml scale would be so awesome to me.
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