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  1. i just hope that they release phoenix because once i saw her i thought great this looks way better then the toybiz version and i took the other one for costume. now i am without a phoenix figure. damn.
  2. yeah for once hasbro had the right figures where a lot of people were happy with and we did not get them. there were even figures i wnated and i had no clue who in the hell they were lol. like that skeleton dude. then the guy with the flag tatoo on his face and lets not forget the all so beloved paper bag spiderman. he is a must have in my collection.
  3. dude i love what you did with venom and sandman. you have fantastic ideas.
  4. i reconize the jurassic park pieces in a sec. i had a lot of them as a kid. realy well done. great man.
  5. they shrink them to 5 insh now thats why they are so quiet lol.
  6. you guys got me all wrong. lol. i wasn't in denial at all. i was just looking at it at a different point of view. now i know that they are from hasbro and i was proven wrong. indeed those are looking great. they look almost like the marvel select figures and they do great sculpts. marvel select can do a steve rogers variant with a different head. marvel select is known for different head variants. cyclops, deadpool, marvel girl, magneto so seeing cap with a civil head wasn't enough for me to say that they are from hasbro. so great figures from hasbro is a way to look up to the new marvel legends figures. still the face sculpt on tony stark was horrible once it hit the shelf. my opinion so dont take it personal please. it doesn't look like the actor at all. a good comic tony head and thats about it. once there was a time i ate up everything a toycompany threw at me and along came hasbro and neca with the see what we can do and guess what you dont get theory and i became skeptical with them to a point that i dont believe in what they show and wait until i see them on ebay because europe isn't a market they seem to be interested in. sad do because i love collecting superheros from every corner. marvel, dc, image i dont care. i am not part of league that i have to be trustfull to one or the other. lol. happy that they try but i remain skeptical until they hit. nice to see them do. ps: they said that they are in fact hasbro 6 insh figures but they didn't announce if they will hit retail or not. i dont read anything like this in the announcement. uhhhh i am a devil, i know, sorry for that. blame it on me. lol lol
  7. with everything i have seen i doubt that hasbro is capable of such a great sculpt. i go that these are the finished and updated marvel select figures. just my opinion. marvel select offered them these figures and they took them at the hasbro booth with them.
  8. i asked myself the same question. lol. i dont know i believe that hasbro would cry it out loud to the fans who want 6 insh figures. it looks once again like something "look at what we can do and guess what you dont get" kind of thing. it would be cool do. it could be presents for the stars. they knew that the actors were coming and did a little something special for them.
  9. They don't exist. They aren't doing 6" figures for those lines. wanna bet? i dont know but they look a lot like the marvel select figures to me.
  10. well well well at least we get some news about it. lets hope that they make it out to retail. we all know that hasbro loves to show pics and not bring out the products. maybe this time they try something else. they dont show the pics and bring the product to retail.lol. not so happy with the ultimate hawkeye because ultimate is dead in my head but his design was great and i wont be dissapointed with him if i have to get him for terrax. finaly terrax. now thats awesome news. i doubt that thor will look better then the ms one to be honest but we will see. bucky as cap??? a no brainer. thats also great news to get him. i hope a member of the spiderman family is making it to wave one. all in all i am ok for now. could be better with a pic at least of one of them but i wasn't expecting something at all from hasbro, sooo i am ok for now. i dont know who saw pictures but they are not willing to announce more then the figure looks great???? what with the articulations??? paint??? come on there must be more to say about it. if i understand this correctly thor was shown finished and painted, not as a unpainted prototype.
  11. funny isn't it. marvel select juggernaut = giant massive piece of art and well painted for 20usd and hasbro marvel legends = small figures with an extra head and badly painted for 17usd. something is not right with that if you ask me. lol.
  12. if you ask me, they should have progressed from the day they took the license and not 3 to 4 years after. lol.
  13. i guess that a lot of people will sell him after this amazing piece once they have him.lol
  14. this figure is great i buyed him as soon as i got him in. wonderfull figure. marvel select is realy doing great. he is little tall but i prefer taller then shorter like tarantula.
  15. we just got him in. he is so great. realy perfect. the toybiz one is mehh compared to this piece of glory. i dont know how to post pics so who got him? i hope that marvel select does colossus. the toybiz one is great but i bet that marvel select will be the perfect edition of it.
  16. to be honest, one way or another hasbro will introduce hulk, iron man, spiderman in every wave anyway so it realy makes no difference what way they are going. hasbro wants to forget toybiz and they will reboot like the crappy costume of spiderman in the new movie. they do ok with universe line and have good character selection so i hope that they do the same for the legends line. they seem to deliver with the 2 packs and i hope that the paint departement has learned a lot because most of the hasbro figs are painted like #$@#. i hope we see a climpse of the new line at toyfare, just to get people excited for more.
  17. i wanted to buy that blue figure but when i saw them at 20euro i passed. i took an old iron monger and repainted it in a nice metalic blue. i knew that hasbro will not make a classic one so i am happy with the one i have now.
  18. toybiz realy nailed the face with that wolverine figure. it has great structure in the skin. it isnt just the regular plastic skin every figure has. the beard is also sculpted in not just painted over. i love this head sculpt.
  19. i collect both. or lets say if star wars and others were in 6 insh, then the 3 3/4 insh would be history for me. sorry but 3 3/4 figure are most of the time weirdly sculpted. hands,feeds and such to big or the neck id to long and all. when i look at some 6 insh figure like ml, dcuc, motuc, neca, i can just watch at my 3 3/4 figures and make fun of them. sorry but try to compare the great mcfarlane spiderman with any 3 3/4 figure made of spiderman. i never found a superior sculpt with the 3 3/4 figures.
  20. ok so lets hope for the better and talk about this. compared to the figures hasbro did, what should they improve and whats the way to go? i go with painting. hasbro has to improve a lot on this side, if you ask me. i just hate plastic colored faces. thats what makes a lot of wow to me. if they are done great like toybiz did or dcuc does then i forgive a lot. double knee and elbow is a must for me to. ball jointed shoulder to. no need for hand articulation and firing objects coming from whatever places of the figure. keep that for guns or other gadgets if you want to atract the kiddy section. keep in mind that collectors buy those and not mom and dad. so let us decide. i make it simple go the mattel way and interact with the crowd. dont make fun of them or begin something you are not intend to finish. i am ok with every character that comes when they are done good.
  21. which one did Hasbro put out? I can't remember wasnt the repainted iron moger called hulk buster or was that a custom i saw once. i dont remember.
  22. as always i hope that hasbro can turn the wheel but i know that i will get dissapointed once again. they promise a lot but at the end.....??? still waiting on puma and new spiderman villains, they promised a while ago and god knows how manny times did they started something and stoped right after it. the q&a's or what was that show called when they said that they would announce a marvel legend figure every time they do a show? hasbro has good ideas but they dont like to keep them going. mattel does it right in my book. i have to order figures on the net as always because international fans dont seem to love superheroes i guess but they do figures and they listen to fans and they try to answer questions every 2 weeks. i say bravo to that. i hope that hasbro does the same but for the last 3 years it was just downfall for me. i wanted black widow and winter soldier but these things are going for 60-90 with shipping. thats to much for 2 little figures. for me it always seemed like hasbro were using what was left of toybiz and now they are done and thats why we dont get any new marvel legends. lets hope for the better... toyfare isnt far away and maybe we get a climpse of whats to come. i mean i would be happy with just one new marvel legend figure shown at toyfare. just one figure to make me smile again for a few months even if it is a spiderman or iron man or captain america.
  23. sorry man but i can not thank hasbro for much. 2012 is way ahead and knowing hasbro, they will delay the new legends line once again. like they always do with every wave that came out so far. the movie line didn't had any actor likeness at all. the armors were well done but international buyers were not considered once again. paintings on the 3 3/4 line was realy crappy. i had to look on at least 15 iron man figures to find one that is actually well painted. wave 2 never made it around here. wave 2 with warmachine never came to france,germany or belgium. 3 huge countrys and nothing. the 2 pack werent that great for me because yet some other hulk, wolverine, black widow, fantastic four member, electra, deadpool to go along with a figure you actualy want. for a guy who just started yuuhuu but for the one who has allready these characters it is kind of mehhh. ok thanks for the better sculpts of the girls. but toybiz did better with x-treme rogue, so they knew what to do once it was to late. sorry i find nothing great with what hasbro had to offer the last few years, rehashes and repaints was everything. tarantula was a dwarf and demogoblin was a repaint nothing more included. juggernaut looked like a canonball and the articulations on a spidey line wasnt needed at all either. why should spidey or venom have new articulations??? lol. i wanted to get some 3 3/4 figures but these most have some of the worst face sculpts ever. machines and monsters look good but actualy human heads are not looking good with the 3 3/4 line. hasbro is a dissapointment and a lot of people knew that as soon as they took over. just some idiots like me are always coming back here and hope for the better, instead of letting go and move on and be happy with what we got with toybiz. all this is how i see it so please dont take it personal and believe that i am attacking someone with intention.
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