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  1. For future BAFs, I'd like to see the following: a) Dragon Man b) Odin c) Titanium Man (Classic) d) A-Bomb e) Nimrod f) Sauron g) Destroyer (spiked) h) Ultimate Ben Grimm (Thing) i) Post (X-villain from Onslaught arc)
  2. For future BAFs, I'd like to see the following: a) Dragon Man b) Odin c) Titanium Man (Classic) d) A-Bomb e) Nimrod f) Sauron g) Destroyer (spiked) h) Ultimate Ben Grimm (Thing) i) Post (X-villain from Onslaught arc)
  3. I can't wait to see a preview of this BAF Terrax. And I hope we get another Silver Surfer too, but now in proper size and scale. The previous one is so scrawny and pin headed.
  4. I'd like a Terrax BAF for sure, but I don't want to have to buy 8 figures to complete the thing at upwards of $18 (+ tax ) a pop. That would be spending like over $150 total. That would be ridiculous. For a figure that should be about the size of Hulkling at the most, . . . . this totally reminds me of the Ronan Wave. That was an 8 figure wave. Why couldn't Hasbro revert back to a 5 or 6 figure wave? Plus we know they're probably gonna include another Logan or another reissue into that set.
  5. This looks like Terrax being Hulk sized??? They might use the Planet Hulk base once more or The End Hulk from the FFF series. Or it could be another use for the Hulkling/Warpath body . . . boy I really hate the way those ball hips turned out.
  6. I think Marvel Select has taken advantage of the vacuum that the Legends line has made and I admit they are priced more effectively just because of the amount of attention they put into the sculpt and paint apps is well worth the $20 spent. Plus they have a regular releases throughout the year and have the figures announced well ahead of time. I have all but given up on the Legends line because of the way the fans are treated and always keep us hanging.
  7. I bet he really looks well with the brown Wolverine or the Tiger Stripe Wolverine from Hasbro. Can someone post pics of these Wolvies with the MS Juggernaut?
  8. :profx: I'm imagining they are doing a wait and see attitude right now. Basically, Hasbro is looking at how much we are willing to pay currently for the Marvel Universe and we might see these prices slowly rise this year. Then Bam! 2012 hits and we'll see Marvel Legends singles pack for around $25 a pop because of the BAF part that comes with it.
  9. Can you name me the source where I can find this bit of information? The only thing I could find for Juggy's height is 6' 10". I cannot display him with other Legends since the only ML Hulks I have would look puny next to him. MS Hulk doesn't work for me at all cause he has an ugly sculpt besides his bulbous legs and hips just don't look good at all.
  10. If Terrax is the BAF, then they better include other cosmic characters like Firelord, an updated Kl'rt, a more taller Norin Radd, or Vulcan (that would knock my socks off !!). Please no more Wolverines, Spider-Men or Iron Men!! I can take a new Emma Frost using Sharon Carter face sculpt in White Queen costume. And please, no more reuse of that dreaded Bullseye buck !! That thing's been used, reused, abused, raped, and pillaged!!
  11. Well, some people like his size at 10 inches. For me, that is too big unless he is Wendigo or Sasquatch or Dragon Man. At some point, I would question his scale. I beg to differ but if I did buy him, I'd rather not set him next to my other figures since even my Hulk figure would look diminutive. Now If Hasbro made a comparable Juggernaut based on the MU sculpt at 8" then I would get that figure. To each his own man. I just happen to be a scale Nazi.
  12. I think he is great, but I cannot start collecting a new line. I already collect ML and MU and CMFC. I don't have room to start another collection.
  13. I am Legends collector as well as some 3 3/4 (when the sculpt is really that good like Juggy and Iron Man Mk 6). But I look forward to some Marvel Select figures in the future like something along the lines of say Classic Titanium Man, Dragon Man, Odin, Terrax, Super Adaptoid or Sasquatch. I think only Marvel Select can do justice to these characters because they don't scrimp on the plastic and details. Also size does matter for these characters.
  14. I like the MS Moon Knight too, as well as the MS Mephisto. If they make a Classic MS Thor, I'd be all over that one as well as a Classic MS Captain AMerica.
  15. I do have the same qualms about MS Juggernaut, he's got bigger monkey arms, a short abdomen and wonky proportions !! And he's cross-eyed !!
  16. If both Deadpools are a deadheat, I would base my choice on one thing and one thing only. Which action figure can be posed better in a myriad action poses? Like any Spider-Man figure, a Deadpool figure isn't gonna look good standing in a vanilla pose. Action poses are what action figures are all about. So post some pics and show which Deadpool got it!
  17. ML 6 Juggernaut definitely rocks. Until we actually have the MS Juggy sold in retail, this is the definitive Cain Marko. Marvel Select is usually oversized and I expect this Select figure to be as huge as MS Hulk and therefore not going to be in scale with the Marvel Legends at all. Unless Hasbro comes up with a better Juggernaut using the MU sculpt, this is still the best Juggernaut out there. Hands down. Just check out how much he's going for in EBay.
  18. Hasbro, has done good for keeping the line going . . barely. And making some decent figures lately. But I still am waiting for that thing, . . . . that "WOW" factor that I first got when I purchased my first Marvel Legend. That was the day I got FO Hulk from a dept store shelf and admired the sculpt, the character's facial expression down to a T and I said to myself "Wow" this is the Hulk! Then got ML Colossus the following week etc. With the recent improvement on female bodies they generated, I hope the relaunch will see a new improved cast of female characters . . . Starting with shall I say Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey, Rogue even revisit Emma Frost or Sif. On the other hand, I want to see a premium figure like say, Odin, Terrax, a taller better Norin Radd, a Masterworks Dragon Man (12"), or a better Hawkeye with a full complement of special ops arrows. I think Ben Grimm could be rescaled to be thicker to around a half inch taller. Juggernaut can be remade using some of Planet Hulk's body parts. Gambit can be updated just as Daredevil was by Hasbro.
  20. TM is too short, he should've been as tall as the Thorbuster armour or at least 7". Plus his upper torso needs added bulk. He looks thin underneath those shoulder guards. Pose him next to other Legends to show the scale issue I'm referring too.
  21. Hasbro needs to release another Classic Hulk, this time with better sculpt than the previous one. And also a Caiera to display with King Hulk.
  22. They have good large figures for brutes like the Hulk, Juggernaut, etc. But characters like Ben Grimm shouldn't be that huge. Regular figures are an inch taller than they should be compared to Marvel Legends.
  23. I think it is high time that Hasbro follow the trends in the Marvel movies and TV shows. For example, the Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes show is hitting its stride. Why don't they focus on figures like the show's characters like Ant Man, Wasp or Thor. I'd like a full rotocast of Giant Man, since not too many people have this character in that red costume in like 18" inch form (not the ICONS sculpt again please, that one is to slender for a Giant Man) or the Mandroids. The Executioner has never been done ever in Legends form. How about a new Black Panther, Man Ape or Enchantress. Also a new Hawkeye figure to go with the Black Widow ? And please rerelease the FO HULK and retool him with fists this time. That is a real perfect sculpt. Do Cap with a Bad Ass motorcycle or that Avengers' Sky Cycle as a pack-in.
  24. I was playing with my digital camera and took this pic of my favorite Marvel movie figures.
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