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  1. Majority of these have high quality washes and paint apps just for show purposes and toy/ comic conventions. But we all know these paint apps get minimized and disappear on the actual production figure. And yes a lot of these figures is based on the smaller, slimmer Silver Surfer Vision body. So I am hoping not all of them would have the tiny pin head syndrome from the two mentioned.
  2. That is Havok's current look and much better looking than the previous release. The facial sculpt is dead on and not nutty looking as the old one's facial expression.
  3. Of all the stunning women characters to be shown, Hasbro would still display that Valkyrie figure with those UGLY knees !! Why can't she have knees like Ms. Marvel or White Phoenix?? Warpath needs to get the TEXTURED vest erased (sanded) from that old Hulkling mold and have a RED and BLUE VARIANT. I will vote for Havok, Brother Voodoo (the newest Sorcerer Supreme) and Fantomex. Still clamoring for more cosmic characters like Blastaar, Terrax or more Asgardian characters from Thor Universe. BTW that Nuke figure could make a nice custom for an appropriately sized Cable this time.
  4. FA Thing and Scarlet Witch, Emma Frost and AoA Sabretooth (really a waste).
  5. Spiderman Series 10 (Sentinel Series). Classic Steve Ditko look. My personal favorite.
  6. This Iron Man figure really goes well with all the current new Hasbro 6" scale Legends i.e. the shrunken head Silver Surfer, Human Torch, Vision, Tarantula, Vindicator, etc.
  7. Warpath's boots seems off. It needs a resculpt to resemble the look in the comic books. It just don't look right to me. Maybe replace with Mr. Sinister's ?? Also prefer the hood/mask on Jamie Maddrox. Just a suggestion. Paying attention to the little details could make these figures more awesome . . . . .
  8. New Daredevil is shorter than my Series 4 Elektra. That is what I meant. I never got the recent 2 pack one because I liked the first Elektra better. Besides I found her having a smaller head and this newer Daredevil has an even smaller skull.
  9. Yikes! Daredevil is a shortie !! Besides that, he has a tinier noggin' than Frank Castle and Spidey !
  10. FO Sabretooth still the best version for me, especially when he is in a semi-crouching pose. They really sculpted it with the character in mind. This new one cannot be posed past a standing position, which is a pity cause the sculpt for the character that is ambidextrous should have those kind of features.
  11. Gotta fix them cross-eyes first, then she will be perfect. Sorry I call it the way I see it.
  12. Frank Castle uses Ult Nick Fury's sculpt? Looks like it. minus the bald head and trench coat of course.
  13. I look at this figure and I predict this is bigger than the Rulk BAF or Face Off Hulk. He looks too massive.
  14. I'm not feeling it for this wave either. And while DD looks great, again he is as small as Johnny Storm. Small headed twerp. He is shorter than Elektra for crying out loud! When is Hasbro gonna return to the correct scale, like they did the Fin Fang Foom series? Those were the last time the figures looked in scale with the older figures.
  15. He needs a dark wash. The colors on his costume are too bright. Too cartoony IMHO.
  16. Hasbro Namor price is up because the Ronan BAF right arm part is really hard to get and so with Invisible Woman for Ronan's torso. It took me awhile to complete Ronan.
  17. Close, it's the Cyclops ML from the Brood series. He appears to have the same goofy cufflinks around his wrists and they didn't bother to remove that seam line from his inner thigh that is painted yellow on the 6" cyclops figure. the seams look kinda slick imo. Except that Goliath's costume didn't have them. Although I am rather excited that we may get a fairly articulated, taller Goliath figure, he is my favorite incarnation of Hank Pym. It does add a wrinkle to the whole buying MU figures doesn't it? Ah those crafty marketers at Hasbro. yeah...but he's awfully cool. THat Goliath is too scrawny for my taste. As I recall in the old Avengers books, Goliath was chiseled and fairly broad shouldered and bulky and engaged Hercules in a lil brawl.
  18. It is a rebirth of Giant Man ! And it uses the ICONS base body of the Human Torch/Daredevil. Is Galactus close behind ? I think it would happen. They got the molds for that too.
  19. i could not say it better but if some has to get then marvel select. my opinion. I'd say McFarlane Toys can give Hasbro a run for their money. The Halo 2 figures has better design, articulation, sculpt and paint apps. And this at a smaller scale 5". I wonder what they could come up with at 6".
  20. What we need now is a return to the real 6" scale that goes well with other MLs like FO Cap or FO Punisher and not the pin headed crap that's been coming out lately. No more puny, petite figures like Silver Surfer/Savage, Vision, Movie Iron Men, HR Iron Man, or that new scrawny Daredevil.
  21. That does not LOOK like Hugh Jackman. He looks just like Rupert Everett and not at all close to Hugh.
  22. Guaranteed peg warmer. . . . Hasbro needs to get their heads out of their a$$e$ !! They are running the 6" line to the ground! It's obvious they are pushing 3 3/4 and letting us know this is their way of handling the 6" line, ML or Movie line or whatever.
  23. It looks like either the arms are too long or the gloves were painted too long. And what's with the extra long fingers ?? Is that the Toad in the Spidey costume?
  24. I am a true believer of the Juggernaut of ML Series 6. At first I was one of those who complained about his long arms and wide proportions and asked for a resculpt. But realizing this is a remotely improbable feat, I decided to get him through EBay. After I won him in auction, I said to myself, this sculpt will never ever be topped, not by Hasbro ever. And the likeness comes across as in his appearance in the videogame, "X-Men: Children of the Atom". I considered his exaggerated proportions could be attributed to the unimaginable magical properties of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak !! And he is truly a menacing, unrelentling force of nature and because of this transformation, able to match and go toe to toe with the Hulk. So I have no problem with the 2004 figure. The new one looks like it was pieced and sculpted together haphazardly with a ridiculous looking bullet helmet with weird eye openings. The fists were more awkward looking than the previous version.
  25. Marvel Legends - great sculpt, great articulation and great paint apps combined with great price ! And sadly that was more than 3 years ago/
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