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  1. Got these today, found them on a local online classified. 20$ each for SS and IM and 5$ for beast. There's good deals to be made on these online classifieds!
  2. Behold GALACTUS !!!!! This thing is absolutely amazing. I wasn't expecting too much from the pics we saw but man when I saw it in living color there was no question it was mine. Anybody who's on the fence about this one, trust me when you see it you won't leave without him !!
  3. A Amazing haul man, congrats! Im still looking for that avalanche but man is he expensive.
  4. This is my latest haul, the stealth IM and dum dum dugan packs I got during my recent vacation in the US and nick fury and wolverine I got today.
  5. L You must be in Quebec. Quick English lesson: if referring to direction or location, the word is "to", not "too or two". I have never loosed anything, except maybe a dog off a leash. The word is "lose", and it's something you should be used to by now, as it's often used in reference to people like you who are too slow to understand reasoning, but then the word is "loser". And finally, there are three different words that are homonyms: They're, Their, and There. They are not interchangeable. Something sadly the world outside the US(you) can't seem to master. It's a problem I see "a lot"- two separate words. There is a reasonable explanation and it is YOUR lame ass country's fault. YOUR postal service doesn't provide tracking for packages originating in the United States unless it's sent via a registered service for which the cost starts at $50. PayPal doesn't provide seller protection unless there is valid tracking information showing the package being delivered to the buyer. And since so many of your countrymen are liars, thieves and idiots who have extorted money from myself and too many other American sellers, we have no choice but to refuse to sell to you. The sense of self-entitlement that must be issued by a Mountie to every Canuck at birth is disgusting. Because your country's retail market sucks doesn't mean every American owes you to ship our stuff to your backwater country. Other countries who have similar postal systems to yours: Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Argentina and most all other South American countries. Third world countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, parts of China and even North Korea offer postal systems with reliable tracking services. But not you up there, all cozy as America's fur hat. So, next time you want to DEMAND that someone risk their collectible, their time, their money and their eBay reputation because you feel it's owed to you, go sit at your local post office(maybe it'll be "manned" by a Grizzly bear, that would be funny!) and wait for an intelligent enough person to come by and ask them why they refuse to offer tracking services. :hulk: lol, with a response like that you have shown you have no class. Thankfully not all Americans are like you. First off I didn't demand anything I asked a question, you should learn to read so you can tell the difference between the 2. I'll give you that our postal service is expensive, can't argue that. As far as tracking goes, who pays for tracking for action figures?? Your not sending a 200$ cristal vase for cripe's sake, its action figures. I know alot of people who were screwed by some of YOUR countrymen who are thieves ,liars and idiots , there are dishonest people everywere, but then again an educated person would know that. The retail system here is just fine thank you, we got the IM 2 figs before the us did, same thing with the Ares wave,what does that tell you?? Every collector has missed some stuff and that is why people are today buying your crap. I will keep my comments about your country to myself, as most here are from the us and I see no need to insult others while responding to your childish and immature comments. Your response here says more than my comments ever could. You are childish, immature, classless and rude. You are the type of person that makes other americans look bad. To bad you can't buy class at the store, you need 4 truck loads. Explains why you can't hold down a job. Loser!
  6. Why won't you ship too Canada? I would have grabbed a few things but you loose. There is absolutely no reasonable explanation for that. Seems alot of US sellers have the same disease, they won't ship further than there back yard!! There is a world outside the US you know!!
  7. Norton is a great actor, bottom line. He was great as Banner, and the fact that he is a perfectionist and wants the movie to be the best it can be, doesn't mean he is hard to work with, that's called dedication. Marvel is constantly screwing things up with there castings(Cap, Hulk, the whole spiderman fiasco) and as a result there is absolutely no continuity in there movies. You better wake up marvel because if you keep this bull**** up everyone is going to loose interest. On a positive note, congrats marvel on making a deal with Nic Cage for Ghost rider 2,had my fingers crossed for that one!!
  8. I have what I consider to be the complete Spider-Man villians. Here's what I got (I'll try to post a pic later). Spiderman - McFarlane Version-originally released in some two-packs in the SMC line Dr. Octopus - ML Series 8 Carnage - ML Fearsome Foes box set or SMC Venom - Recent SMC line with jaw thrashing action, also the one w/ the scorpion tail is good Lizard - Sinister 6 Box Set Sandman - SMC line, or the SM3 BAF is pretty cool Electro - Sinister 6 Box Set (looks like the SMC version but has better articulation) Green Goblin - ML Onslaught Series Mysterio - SMC line Kraven - Sinister 6 Box Set Chameleon - I dont know of one.... Black Cat - Sinister 6 box set Shocker SMC line You'll also want to look for the following if you really want to be a completist: Vulture - Fearsome Foes Box Set Hydro Man- SMC Man-wolf - SMC Morbius - SMC Hobgoblin - SMC Jack O'Lantern (Mad Jack) - SMC Buzzing Beatle - SMC Kingpin - ML Face off I think that's everything. Check the database here and also at comicfigs.net. They're not as good, but the layout is nice. Happy Hunting! I agree with all those except the following:venom,the best venom is from the amazing spiderman line Electro:the best electro is from the amazing spiderman line(I know alot of people don't like shoothing lightning bolt feature ,but that aside he is the best looking electro) Hydroman:the smc hydro man looks terrible, i use the spiderman animated hydro man, he is a bit smaller but looks a 1000 times better.
  9. Picked this up today. As opposed to the mark v1 and war machine the paint job on the mark v is somewhat sloppy. Be sure to check it carefully when you pick it up.
  10. Am I correct in assuming the two Iron Man 6" are "open" without a bubble protecting them? If so it's going to be hard finding ones that haven't been ripped halfway out of the package or that have pieces missing. On a completely unrelated note I went into Target today and found several figures from DC Universe Classics Wave 10 (which was a Walmart exclusive). I scanned them to check the price and they came up. I picked up: Black suit Batman and Forager. They also had Power Girl from Wave 10 and a Red Superman from Wave 2! Happy Hunting! The 2 that have no bubble are 8 " figs not 6". The 3 pack in the picture are 6" figs.
  11. Came across these today, totally out of the blue. I was doing an errand at a local shopping center were the winners store happens to be and when I went past it I figure " what the heck " lets have a look see. I wasn't expecting to find anything because its been a lonnnnng time since they have had figures of any kind , my jaw just about dropped when I spotted these on the shelf since these were not released here. Nice find for 12$ a piece.
  12. Found these today, 2 more crossed off the list. Now if I can only find the heavy artillery armor !!!
  13. You know what you deserve a high five lol HIGH FIVE lol so far 220 choice ML over mu keep voting guys if you have not voted yet lets keep it up HIGH FIVE fro lol.
  14. I The IM stuff is the better stuff in 3 3/4, far superior to the MU but still not up to par with the 6" scale. I think its such a waste that they make them so small. Just think of all the amazing stuff that could have been in 6" , but at least we are getting some 6", gotta be thankful for that!!!
  15. Well, I think the poll speaks for itself, marvel legends is and always will be King!!!!!!!!!
  16. s Well I own one 3 3/4 IM, the one that came with the goliath figure and the look is not bad but its just too small. The 3 3/4 stuff a few look decent but most is just plain bad. On the other hand if they had released all the stuff they released in 3 3/4 in 6 " I would be so broke, lol, still I hope we get a few waves of 6 ". You think I'm not a IM fan check this out. still think I'm not a fan???
  17. Stupid Wal Mart, when I called Wal Mart Canada to find out if we were getting these here in Canada and specificaly in Quebec they told me Canada but not Quebec so I drove to Ontario last night and picked them up, today I find out they are in stores here in Quebec. How in the world can Wal Mart not know were there shipping there own stuff?????????????????? It boggles the mind !!!!!!!
  18. These WOW why im I not surprised these are not true 6" figures. Not even as tall as the already skinny Iron Man 1 Figures. This is disgusting, they are about the size of the spider-man line. These are just as tall as the IM from the first movie. Not true 6"??? What is that supposed to mean?? 6" is 6" period. Anyway who cares, at least we got em, and these are way better than that 3 3/4 junk!!!
  19. Got these last night. Had to drive 1 hour to Cornwall Ontario because after speaking to wal mart Canada I was told that despite the fact that the packaging has french on it they will not ship these to Quebec for some reason which the lady wasn't able to give me. In the picture , the sticker on the left corner appears black but its not, its metallic grey and it says exclusive in 3 languages. The reverse packaging is different here in Canada
  20. Definitely sell them individualy. At this point most people are filling in the holes in there collections so your gonna have a real hard time selling it in a lot.
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