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  1. Here's my haul from toycon today,small but significant. MJ was 10$ and Giant Man was 125$. The guy wanted 135$ but i dealed him down to 125$.
  2. This is last weeks haul. The 2 pack was 24$, daredevil was 15$ and spawn was 5$.
  3. That colossus is a 1000 times better than the ML one. This one has an acurate paint job unlike the ML one that looks faded.
  4. Nice! Where did you find it? At one of my usual stores. Someone came in and sold a bunch off stuff and the guy knew i was looking for this so he put it aside for me.
  5. This guy smokes some good stuff !!! 162$ for a sentinel ????????? LOL. Can you say scalper. What a crumb. BAF
  6. I have the regular one,take a look in the haul section there is a pic.
  7. Here's last weeks finds, Sabertooth was 19$ and Mary Jane was 20$.
  8. Found this today, fantastic four classic super skrull, 30$. Pretty cool find, he doesn't come along too often.
  9. Asside from deadpool this sucks big time. Who even cares about valkyre anyway?? And black widow????? Sure its a nice fig but WE ALREADY HAVE ONE !!!!!!!! Way to waste votes.
  10. your banned from this forum!!!! Only messing. I kinda want him too but I want new characters more. by the way things are looking DP will be one of them at least. LOL !! No problem, I have wanted a bagman for a long time so hopefully he will be one of the lucky few. well for me it not that I would vote for him right away. but it is just so funny that they would even consider it. plus it is just a fun figure and if you can't have fun collecting then you shouldn;t collect Very well said !
  11. Where did I ever say anything to indicate ML should never have obscure characters?? I think obscure characters are great to throw in, and I count Man-Thing as one of my favourite ML's ever. I also think that if we were talking about a well-thriving Legends and this being simply a "next wave", they'd be fine character selections. However, things have been rather grim for Legends this last year and Hasbro has lost a lot of customers in response, and that's a fact. This was their chance to get some of those customers back and also please the existing ML fan base with some much-asked-for character choices. However, instead of getting a couple of the figures we've asked for many times in ML, they put almost all of them in MU instead and gave us insanely obscure figures for ML. So, not only did Hasbro pick some C and D listers to "relaunch" the line as Jesse was talking about so many months ago, they actually went and put all the other figures we've asked for in the sister line instead. That's the slap in the face. I think its as simple as this, hasbro didn't want to reveal 2 different lines with the exact same characters at the same time. I once read something to the effect that, 6" figures are actually sculpted in 12" scale because its easier and then they are scanned and a mold is produced in the 6" scale. So using that logic the same must be true for MU,so if they have a larger model they can easily make a 6" mold down the line. So who knows, if all goes well we might see some of the MU releases in 6" down the line(I know,i know, some will say its wishful thinking). It wouldn't be a big leap , the hardest part is the sculpt and they already have that. The best example of this is bagman, you guys remember the MU poll , bagman was one of the choices and now he pops up in 6". Coincidence,I think not!
  12. Not to be mean, but it's nice that for once Canada got served first and that the US is stuck waiting. At least now you guys will know what we go through almost every time. But hey, on the positive side, your patience is about to be rewarded. Happy hunting !!!
  13. Who cares if they reuse the same body??? Its not the same character. As long as they bring on new characters they can reuse all they want !!!! Wait the reason you complain is because your loyal to Marvel Legends? You treat this like it's a girlfriend. Marvel Legends won't break up with you if you look at Marvel Universe lol. Seriously though you don't buy these figures yet you complain about them in threads, wow. As I said before I have collected ML since they came out and have almost every single figure lining up in my shelves in my house but I can enjoy MU too. P.S. Don't like them don't buy them haha Its quite simple, most of us don't have the time, money or patience to start over with marvel U. Its because of people like you that decided to buy the puniverse that we are now stuck with this crap ! If everybody had stayed away from it , it would have boomed and it would be over with.(Then again with hasbro you never know, those crappy transformers crossovers are clogging the pegs,they can't even give them away, and there still releasing more???? Go figure). Just think of it this way, it will be more money in our pockets to use for something else.
  14. Finally was able to vote after trying and getting that error message since yesterday. -Deadpool -Multiple man -Bagman
  15. I can't believe you voted for havok !!!! We already have one. How short a memory we have.
  16. I'm trying to vote and its telling me i already did and didn't. ???????????????
  17. Drove up too Ottawa today and did the rounds of the lCS and TRU. Here's my haul. Black Widow was 16$, Cyclops was 29$ and IM was 8$(I jumped on it considering the last time i could have got it it had a 25$ price tag).Pretty cool haul,i got some longtime wants (BW and Cyclops).
  18. Turn around so I can kick you in the *** Are you kidding me? "Uh oh, better not let Hasbro know they are doing something wrong or they might refuse us their products!" Give me a break. Sure, be happy that ML isn't dead, that's great news, but that doesn't mean people can't criticize. I think all the figures look great, but their figure selection is a kick to the face in some cases. Even if you don't want them, figures like Ultron, Enchantress, Gladiator, Jim Lee Jean, Bucky/Winter Soldier, etc. have been clamored for since ML was in metaphorical diapers. I haven't heard a single person ever once mention Terror Inc or Nuke or Lady Bullseye. And the fact that Marvel Universe got pretty much every single character that we've been begging for and we basically got not a single one (other than Deadpool) is obviously not going to sit well with many people. Unless they have an ace in the hole, I think some of their character selections for the "return" of ML were just plain poor. When people have to wikipedia who a character is, that's an indicator that it was a bad choice. The people who are complaining now are the same people who were complaining that "legends is dead". Now hasbro is announcing some new figs and the same people are complaining again that the selection is no good. You need to keep in mind that no matter which figs they choose someone will always be unhappy. Just be glad were still getting some and if you don't like them,then stick with your puniverse and stop raining on our parade !!!!!!!! LONG LIVE BAGMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Your right , i won't. That hulk is hideous btw. Oh ok. So you wouldn't buy or don't own FO Cap? FO Punisher? GM Thor? Ares TS Wolverine? FO Hulk? You actually wouldn't buy any version of a character that was made better simply because that character has already been made? If so, then kudos to you I guess...enjoy your ML1 Hulk. I have the series 4 punisher so I don't need the FO one. I have series 1 cap so no need for the FO one. I have the GM Thor,that's the only one I have. Who cares about ares ??? I have the FO hulk,no need for another. Any other questions ??????????????????????
  20. Who`s clamoring for ultron ???????? We have one that's perfect. Move on. Please tell me you're not serious. I am. What`s wrong with ultron ?? I don't have a problem with rereleases of hard to find figures but rereleasing a fig because a few people don't like it doesn't make sense,it only takes up the spot of a character that has yet to get a figure. There are too many characters we are still waiting for to start rereleasing already made ones for no reason !! Have you ever seen a pic of what Ultron is supposed to look like? ML11 Ultron is widely thought to be an abomination. He begs for a re-do and he's actually a character people care about. By your logic, I guess you won't be buying Black Widow, Wolverine, Havok, Hulk, or Phoenix? Your right , i won't. That hulk is hideous btw.
  21. Who`s clamoring for ultron ???????? We have one that's perfect. Move on. Please tell me you're not serious. I am. What`s wrong with ultron ?? I don't have a problem with rereleases of hard to find figures but rereleasing a fig because a few people don't like it doesn't make sense,it only takes up the spot of a character that has yet to get a figure. There are too many characters we are still waiting for to start rereleasing already made ones for no reason !!
  22. Who`s clamoring for ultron ???????? We have one that's perfect. Move on.
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