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  1. Im actually pretty happy for the most part. The three new figures look solid for hasbro. Anyone know if were gonna see more in the next few days even just some more pics of announced figs.
  2. Im actually pretty happy for the most part. The three new figures look solid for hasbro. Anyone know if were gonna see more in the next few days even just some more pics of announced figs.
  3. Good luck man wish I could go. Went to Baltimore con was my first one and loved it. Post pics then man
  4. Just got em in mail today really ultimately pretty damn happy with them few little details arent 100 percent but not gonna complain too much they look great. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Got tired of looking all over for series 3 at all the walmarts and targets around me there are two local collectible toy store owners who both told me they go up as soon as series come out and buy all the shipment to scalp them. Which requires me to either get there before them usually but seeing how I work 60 hr work weeks and the rest of my time is devoted to family time and these guys seem to have absolutely nothing else to do so usually im boned. So ive decided to go they ebay route liking the new bill me later thing now as important as legends are mortgage comes first and paying couple bucks here and there is better than 100 bucks at once. But anyway just snagged series 3 doom,deadpool,and ironman for 60 bucks shipped not too shabby. Still gonna look out for the others but wanted to make sure i got these 3 especialy.
  6. Yeah I feel you, I Like MrDizzels he took the time in threw in the Sellers. I know its Pain full to hear Iron man, Wolverine, Hulk Cap, and spider-man but hey at least we are getting them. Dont get me wrong I totally agree with you there and even though I have plenty of those figures ill pick up the ones I like but im not a completist anymore I just buy the ones I want to save money (unless i want the BAF). I was mostly just listing what I want to see different I still enjoy seeing different versions of the greats but sometimes I just think thats one more spot that could of went to some needs or desperately needed updates(iceman ect.). But as a collector as long as we went without legends it is good to see any at all.
  7. Yeh I get what your saying and although im happy with the majority of figures weve been getting I still can't bring myself to take the time to think of 5 waves and have to include another iron man,cap,or hulk I just started thinking bout it and get carried away thinking of all the figures i want.
  8. I was very aware of this fact when making my picks, I didnt actually make them realistic I was more stating waves that I wanted to see dont think many of the figures will happen but I can dream. I actually didnt mind the lack of BAF this wave because of the fact that I dont have to buy all the figures to make the BAF. Im not a completest I have bought figures I didnt really want just to complete a team but I dont need to get every Iron man,Caps,or Hulks when I already have great ones already. Having said that I completely understand why they do it to satisfy casual fans and kids along with collectors and sell more product doesnt mean im gonna drop 16 bucks for a figure I dont want though(unless to build a figure though).
  9. Nice thread ill try my best 1. Carnage(Flash venom running change) 2. Pixie(Jubilee running change) 3. Multiple man 4. Penance(speedball variant) 5. Dr. Nemesis 6. Longshot(shatterstar variant) 7. Kid Omega(Kid Gladiator running change) BAF- Strong Guy Wave 2 (Xmen wave) 1. Emma Frost(Majik running change) 2.Cable updated(xman running change) 3. Cypher(douglock variant) 4. Iceman updated spikey look(classic variant) 5. Mageneto 6. Cyclops phoenix force 7. Colossus juggernaut power BAF- Stryfe Wave 3(Avengers wave) 1. Hawkeye(ultimate variant) 2. Luke cage 3. Ms Marvel(Scarlet witch running change) 3. Wonderman(purple variant) 4. Black panther 5. Marvel now Iron man(Capt america running change) 6. Marvel now Thor 7.Nova BAF-Ultron Wave 4 (weapon x) 1. Maverick(agent zero variant) 2. Sabertooth updated(classic 90s variant) 3. Weapon x wolverine 4. X23(Lady deathstrike running change) 5. Deadpool agent of weapon x 6. Kane 7. Chamber BAF- Romulus Wave 5 1. Hulkling(wicken running change) 2. Silver samurai 3. Cannonball(exploading torso variant) 4. Starlord 5. rogue(Kitty pryde running change) 6 Gambit current( long haired 90s variant) 7. Winter soldier BAF- Thanos
  10. Overall im content I suppose. I like the looks and most of the character selection for the next few lines. But im definetly not feeling the whole mini bafs ill still get most of the figures just cause im a big ML collectors and with my family im always spending money on the kids or wife legends and comic books are really all I spend on myself. Plus like I said I like the character models but I could really careless bout making hit monkey i mean come on making mini build a figures and still charging 15.00 for each? I can accept that next line doesnt have one because of rushing to get us a line but this was planned out? We all know they didnt wanna piss collectors of by jacking up the price to 15.00 and get rid of BAFs so they found a way to keep it and still be cheap. And what do they tell us normal sized BAFs will be back next 2014 first of all thats along time for figures and second to me that kinda says they knew it wouldnt go over to well like heres mini BAFs but regular ones are coming back. I look at BAFs as an awesome little bonus with my figures and Ive even gotten used to the jump from toybiz to hasbros versions so I can accept the normal sized character BAFs but going from sentinels and giant men in toybiz era to a 3 inch hit monkeys abit much. Plus im alittle bitter over no sign of Stryfe I mean if what they said is true than great I can wait if they are improving the sculpt but was just looking foward to seein more pics. But like I said I can deal with the shortcomings (no pun intened) as long as we are still are currently and looks for awhile regularly getting any Legends.
  11. Still nothing in my area ive been all over just need a piledriver yet.
  12. Like I said I agree with points to what your saying trust me I get plenty annoyed seeing the same figures over and over and I too want Mls we havent seen yet. Having said that I also see the logic in the fact that they prolly couldnt keep the lines going if they just catered to the select constant collectors and with the recent lack of any legends over the years id like to keep seeing them released regularly. I also sympithize with people like few of my friends who have been big marvel fans for years but didnt really know about legends till I showed them my collection,now they are really interested in getting them but as we all know its very hard and expensive to catch up this late in the game. And with the deadpool thing I may be abit bias because since he came out in the 90s hes been one of my favorite characters and I dont really collect too many figures out of the 6inch legends due to lack of money with the comics,legends,and my wife and kids. And I have the toybiz which im ok with just having that since its a great figure but the modern deadpool in the two pack I never saw in person and saw on the internet for a ridiculous price. So I personally would love an xforce deadpool. But like I said I totally understand what your saying just misunderstood and thought you where bashing the guy for asking peoples thoughts on new characters.
  13. I think castle just started the thread to get peoples opions on something different like new characters if he wanted to know what overall legends figures people wanted he could have just searched for the many other threads stating that subject already done. Although I partially agree with what your saying I myself have collected since toybiz and on so I also dont wanna buy the same figures I already have so I dont buy them. But to say people who dont wanna pay 100.00 to get a deadpool figure dont shouldnt be collecting is just ridiculous. Like I said I get irritated seeing redone Caps and Ironman figures I already have but if having one or two figures I dont want but sell like crazy cause they're popular then so be it more money they make longer they keep MLs going. I think there can be a happy medium to satisfy consistent collectors like most of us but not to discourage new collectors away. And lastly how many deadpools do you have? I mean I got the one toybiz made never seen the two pack one in person and thats all im counting. Id personally love an xforce deadpool for my collection I agree with your point but dont think deadpools one of the overdone characters. Now Captain America,Iron Man,Hulk,Wolverine,and Thor thats a different story.
  14. Modern Iceman(not a new character but one of my all time favorites and his ML figure needs an updated) Agent venom- Maybe a Carnage from Carnange USA series as a variant Hood- The teased figure from the SDCC ML Vote awhile back looked awesome Scarlett spiderman Xman(Nate Grey)- Cool character glad they brought him back and he would fit in good with my cable set up Majik- pretty decent part in the AvsX story so seems fitting Protector Maverick or Agent zero-Not a new character either i just really want a legend of him haha On a side note for the most part im actually happy with most of the Legends selections this time around Sure we get one or two of the same main figures redone in every line(cap,iron man,Thor ect), but im happy with the new characters too Fantomex,Daken,wrecking crew,New blade,Stryfe soon hopefully.
  15. Been checking my local walmart for weeks now for ML series 2 (just need piledriver) and the avengers wave mostly just wanted Hawkeye. So been goin bout once a week and had my wife and retatives looking out for me when they stop in and for weeks the shelves were empty so I new they would come out soon. So I go in yesterday and before I make it to the isle I see the towns local scalper and owner of collectibles store walking out the door. I turned to my wife and said #$## i bet he just got em all and neverless there sits on Avengers movie iron man and a Thunderball sitting in an other wise empty rack. I was so pissed I really wanted to chase the #$### down and chew his fucking head off but my wife reminded me that my kids were right there and my son imitates everything I do. The worst part is I know all the figures are gonna be in that store right now for atleast 25 to 30 bucks a piece and I refuse to give that #$### my money.
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