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  1. i think they're just bases from ML painted, because the Hand is definately from Gambit Yup, those are just the original bases re-painted in a comic-accurate purple. The originals were in those weird red-and-gold colors, as if the X-Men had just defeated Iron Man. The re-paint is very nice, especially on the head, but the customizer should probably specify what exactly they did so people aren't misled.
  2. Hey, who put the Honky-Tonk Man's head on Wolverine's body? "I'm cool, I'm cocky, I'm the best at what I do.."
  3. So you're saying the store that's 101 miles from you has a whole stockroom full, right?
  5. It's definitely not as enormous as the ML6 Juggernaut, but considering the ML version will run you $30 or more, the new SMC at $11 is definitely worth it. It's a nice figure with a good sculpt even if it is a little undersized. He's still much bigger than Spider-Man, though. In fact, there's a thread with side-by-side photos of all the latest SMC figures here somewhere. It seems counterproductive to refuse to buy this one because it's not the ML version. Then you end up with neither. Even if you do someday acquire ML Juggernaut, there's nothing wrong with having two different versions of the same character. I'm sure most of us here have multiple Hulks, Captain Americas, Wolverines, Fantastic Four members, etc.
  6. These are terrific! Great work. Although Marvel Legends apparently has met its end, I hope we'll at least see these guys in the MU scale someday--particularly the Reaper.
  7. Nice custom. The only small suggestion I have is to change the feet a little because Rhino's costume never had human feet. As I recall, he's usually drawn with one solid toe (like a boot) or 2-3 "Rhino toes."
  8. Well, it's out of Hasbro's hands now. Walmart owns the product. I'm not sure if they've got them all in a warehouse somewhere or what, but they're the ones who've shown absolutely no concern for releasing this wave in the States. I realize it's a store exclusive and all, but you'd think Hasbro would at least point out to Walmart that this is making Hasbro look bad, and it's dicking over their longtime fans.
  9. So there's still no updates on a U.S. release date? Do our members who work at Wal-Mart know anything, or can they check a computer or something? I'm really trying not to pay a fortune to the scalpers, but I have a bad feeling that these will never see the light of day in the U.S.
  10. I'm assuming you paid online via credit card. Open a dispute with your credit-card company. You'll get a temporary credit back while they investigate. If indeed ToyGlobe hasn't done squat, the sale will get canceled and the credit will become permanent. Same thing if you paid with PayPal. Just make sure that you're still within your time limit to dispuate a charge. I think PayPal is only like 30 or 60 days.
  11. little works of art, man. i'd love to see more
  12. You're not jaded at all. In fact, this brings back bad memories. A couple years ago I won a First Appearance Iron Man, and the auction photo showed it with the mask on. Turns out it was because the face was missing some paint. I opened a dispute, and the seller agreed to take it back. So I send it back to him, and he pretends not to have gotten it until I catch him by e-mailing a scan of the delivery confirmation. Then he simply stops responding to e-mails and never refunds me. And of course, while I was trying to be all nice and reasonable, the time for the dispute ran out. So I just ended up getting screwed. Now I waste no time opening disputes. Too many sellers are complete frauds. But I'm glad your situation is on its way to getting all worked out.
  13. Unfortunately, you don't have the luxury of being civil for too long. eBay doesn't give you much time to open a dispute or leave feedback--only 60 days. If he hasn't e-mailed you back in the next few days, open an "Item Not as Described" dispute through eBay, and open a dispute through PayPal if you can. (It's been a while, but PayPal still does its own disputes, right?) Negative feedback is nice and all, but it won't get you your money back. Make sure when you open the dispute that you properly describe this as FRAUD, because that's what it is. Also, I'm sure you already know this, but just in case, you can check out Stealth Iron Man in this site's Database to compare it to yours.
  14. Just so you guys know, this thread was originally posted almost two years ago. pedrozd commented on several long-dormant custom threads (this, Chamber, etc.), bringing them back up to the main page.
  15. Well, it's a little higher than one would hope, but you'll always pay a premium to get an entire set and not have to worry about it any further. There's a price to be paid for peace of mind, as oposed to constantly driving around to your local Wal-Marts hoping to find all of them. And after experiencing the enormous cock-up that was the Ares wave, we now know there's no guarantee you'll see all of these figures on pegs. You wouldn't want to kick yourself later when you're paying $25 plus shipping for a Nova or whatever.
  16. Sigh. Without getting back into all the craziness on the NYCC thread, I really think that if you like a character, you should get him regardless of scale. Why deprive yourself? Hasbro won't miss your $8, but you'll sure miss having a Maverick on your desk or shelf.
  17. Actually, everyone's up now--Gambit, Deadpool, Maverick, Weapon X Wolverine, etc. I got all of 'em except Sabertooth. And soon MU series 2 will be out, and then there's the new Spider-Man classics, and the Nemesis wave...ugh, this is going to get expensive. I sure miss the days when HTS had coupons for free shipping or 20% off.
  18. Guys, you can check out some photos on this person's website: http://hulkcollection.wordpress.com/2008/1...boxed-set-2008/ The Hulkbusters in that set are awesome, much better than the regular Hulkbuster set. They could pass for Cobra soldiers, SHIELD agents or whatever you want. Unfortunately, the set comes with a lousy movie Hulk figure and costs $25. My local Toys R Us still has a bunch of them, so I'm checking periodically to see if they're on clearance.
  19. Very cool...you should post links to your videos if they're online. I'd love to see them. I've always wanted to try stop-motion because I sculpt for a hobby, but I don't have the foggiest what kind of camera or software to use.
  20. Heh...In the ToyBiz days, I used to scoff at Star Wars collectors who were paying $6-7 (at the time) for a little 3-3/4" figure when we ML collectors could get a big 6" figure AND a BAF piece AND a comic for only two dollars more. Now that seems like forever ago. Not to mention Star Wars. It's both smart and sensible. If you're Hasbro, why not get all your major action-figure properties into the same scale? Little kids don't really differentiate between a "G.I. Joe universe" or a "Marvel Universe." They have everyone fight everyone. And for the adult collector, it creates some pretty interesting display/dioarama possibilities (Storm Shadow vs. Daredevil? Darth Vader vs. Silver Surfer?) maybe, but all the delays would seem to have the opposite effect. I'm really looking forward to Marvel Universe. I don't see a problem with "starting over"...many of us collected ToyBiz 5" figures, then started over with MLs, then started over again with Icons, Heroclix, Mighty Muggs, etc. If someone makes cool figures of my favorite characters in a different scale, I'll keep buying them. I care less about a particular line or scale than I do about whether it's a well-made figure of a character I like.
  21. Thanks for putting the list together, Tarot. I couldn't tell who some of those characters were. I wish Hasbro weren't mixing A-list characters in. Storm, Wonder-Man and several others on this list are going to be made sooner or late (and likely sooner), whereas most of the rest of 'em will never see plastic. Fan's Choice poills should really be limited to obscure or cult characters who probably wouldn't be made otherwise. Having said that, I'd much rather have bad guys, so my top choices would be: 1. Tiger Shark 2. Amazing Bag Man (how could I resist?) 3. Dormammu 4. Drax the Destroyer (only if it's the classic version) 5. Grim Reaper 6. Constricter 7. Baron Strucker 8. Batroc 9. Hellfire Club Soldier 10. Firelord Honorable mention: Archangel, Mystique, Winter Soldier, Spot, Blizzard I will continue to hold out hope that High Evolutionary, MODOK and Arnim Zola will eventually take their rightful place among the rest of the Marvel Universe figures.
  22. I didn't even see that photo the first time around...that Hydra soldier is pretty bad-ass. Wonder if it's a repainted Firefly or something? Also, if you look in the background, you can see a red Hand ninja! Since it appears to be the same figure as the white ninja up front, I'm guessing the white one is a Hand ninja, too (though I don't recall them ever wearing white).
  23. I'm not sure if I can say this, but I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Nick Fury is about to insert a dildo into his mouth. http://i.marvelousnews.com/g/index.php?mod...00&start=20
  24. Just in case you didn't already know, the Thing and Mr. Fantastic are straight re-packs of the Ronan series figures, as will be the upcoming Johnny/Sue Storm two-pack. If you already have those, you don't need the two-packs. Mr. Fantastic is a whole different figure and the thing's shorts are colored different as well. Sorry, it's obviously not the "super-stretch" Ronan version of Mr. Fantastic. I had meant to write that it's a re-pack of the boxed-set version. Of course, I double-checked and now see that a re-paint, not a straight re-pack (from blue/white costume to blue/black), so my bad on that. The previous blue/black version (from ML5) had kind of a goofy head, so I guess it makes sense to buy this one if you're looking for a better version to fill out the team. I would get that 2-pack myself, but I'm not a big fan of the Thing's sculpt regardless of what shorts he's wearing.
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