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  1. Wasn't that you who wanted an ML Firestar? You should at least take comfort in knowing that they've unviled a 3-3/4" Firestar! At long last, she's in plastic form, other than that crappy exclusive from the '90s. So what if she's MU-scale instead of ML...you could always take a few steps back, squint and pretend she's just far off in the distance. ;)
  2. Just in case you didn't already know, the Thing and Mr. Fantastic are straight re-packs of the Ronan series figures, as will be the upcoming Johnny/Sue Storm two-pack. If you already have those, you don't need the two-packs.
  3. Well, putting aside some of the obvious ones like an ML1 Stealth Iron Man or variant Psylocke and Luke Cage, the one I'm desperate to get at the moment is Crossbones. I've seen every other Ares series figure in the wild except that one....so naturally, it's one of the coolest MLs Hasbro's ever done. (Pssst...if anyone has one and wants to trade, PM me.) Does anyone out there NOT hate store-exclusive series?
  4. Not only are they done shipping to stores, but they're already moving the leftovers to the clearance aisle, at least in the two stores I regularly visit. The MLs aren't actually ON clearance--their price is still the same--but Wal-Mart obviously wanted them banished from their toy shelves and stuck somewhere else in the store.
  5. Looks great. Gotta love NextWave. Or did he look like that before? I remember a long time ago, he was all purple with a helmet. Anyhow, great job, Wings.
  6. I wouldn't even have known that you built up the legs yourself. Very nice work on the musculature.
  7. I wouldn't even have known that you built up the legs yourself. Very nice work on the musculature.
  8. I don't know how Mr. Beefy looked before you worked on him, but he's sure the spitting image of Lockjaw now. (I'm amazed someone actually made Little Nicky toys.) Very nice work on all of them. The yarn hair on Medusa does look pretty neat from a distance, though naturally, there are issues up-close. Maybe you could get a bunch of x3 Jean Greys, cut all their hair off and patch 'em all together. ;D Next you gotta do the Inhuman guys. Curious to see how you'd do Gorgon's horse legs. I know there are Narnia minotaurs one could use, but they're probably too short for an ML.
  9. On a side note, did anyone notice how the claws emerge from between Wolverine's knuckles rather than from the backs of his hands? I think it looks pretty cool.
  10. Happy to help. If you actually try the drill idea, let me know if it works out. I'm curious myself, but I'm too afraid of klutzing-up one of my own figures, considering I've never customized anything before. Dremel makes some pretty tiny drill bits, thin enough that it hopefully wouldn't look like a big hole in her mouth. And congrats on selling Boomer! I look forward to seeing more of your customs.
  11. There is magnetic paint...do a Google Shopping search for it and you'll find plenty of places selling it. You could try making a very small hole between her lips, and making a "bubble" with a wire sticking out of it. Then you thread the wire into the hole in her mouth and the bubble would ideally stay in place in front of her mouth; voila, removable bubble. It's just a thought, so I hope it's not too silly. (If you try it, you might want to test it on a spare head just in case it doesn't work or somehow screws up the figure.) The only other idea I had would be to hollow out her head and put a magnet inside, but that's probably a little too radical. (And nice work as always!)
  12. Great work, as always. I really don't like the character at all (looking back, I realize that Liefeld's X-Force was pure crap), but your custom looks just like him. Love the "battle face"--it's a nice contrast to the rather "Ken Doll" faces most MLs have these days. And yes, I see how it would be difficult to cleanly paint a Black Panther/Wonderman body, what with all those little nubbies. Maybe they could be sanded off?
  13. These are great! Love the choice of classic villains like Grim Reaper and Blacklash.
  14. Excellent work. I don't envy you at all having to make those delicate ring patterns on Enchantress's legs. Sauron is my favorite of the bunch.
  15. Without quoting the entire post, I agree with everything Rollo said at the end of page 1. (And it always ticked me off that comics got dropped, because they were a great way to familiarize kids with characters they might not have seen before.) The BAFs are stopping because there are no BAF pieces in two-packs and single-carded exclusives (like Black Queen or Target Hulk). So putting 2 and 2 together, it's clear that this is what the future of ML will be. They left open the possibility that heavy-hitters like TRU, Wal-Mart and Target might get exclusive waves if they're interested enough, a la Red Hulk, Ares and Nemesis. That's hardly a ringing endorsement.
  16. I could've sworn I read a Hasbro Q&A answer regarding Astonishing Beast in which they mention that completing a team factors into their series lineups...but having searched for some of the older Q&As, I haven't found that particular answer, nor do I really want to spend all night looking. I dunno, if it's not out there, maybe I imagined it or something.
  17. I'm actually glad they DIDN'T show that Magneto, because it still means there's a chance the scrawny, under-articulated, diaper-clad monstrosity won't see production. On the other hand, seeing as Hasbro has stressed two-packs as being a large part of ML's future, I'm sure Northstar/Aurora will be released at some point--especially considering that Guardian is part of the Ares wave, and we know Hasbro is big on completing teams.
  18. I know $12 is nothing to sneeze at, but how much is the shipping? Everytime I've used the 10% code before, it just cancels out all or most of the shipping cost. Thus, you end up with the retail price plus tax (if your state has sales tax) just as you would in a regular store.
  19. There's always a coupon for 10% off. I'm talking about one of those 25% off or free shipping deals they had last summer and winter. And I'm getting the feeling they've retired those. Getting the Foom set may be fun in a "first kid on my block with the hot new toy" way, but again, there's no price difference from buying them separately. There were also people paying major bucks to complete their Blobs, Annihiluses and Ronans when they came out because they couldn't bear to wait a little while. Yet fast forward a few months, and those ML series were still sitting on pegs or getting clearanced. In other words, don't fret too much. You'll be able to get Foom later if HTS doesn't re-stock the exclusive.
  20. I got the Savage Land set and the Star Wars Disturbance in the Force set. I wouldn't kick yourself if you miss out on the Foom set...there's no savings whatsoever, which is kind of annoying. You'd think that for buying 8 figures at once, they'd at least let you save a few bucks. Unless some terrific new coupon code comes along, it's probably more sensible for me to buy the figures separately a few at a time, given that it'll cost the same. (Unless you're buying it for the box art and the cachet of owning an exclusive, which is another matter altogether.) Just remember, last year's SDCC Stan Lee and She-Hulk were still available weeks (months?) after they were put online. You can still buy them on eBay for close to their original selling price. Similarly, I don't think Ka-Zar will be considered a "gotta have" by most collectors.
  21. Jin is insanely good. They're not even action figures, they're art pieces. Did you see his G.I. Joe contest entry? It put the other entrants to shame. Okay, enough worship...
  22. Yeah, that kind of stopped me in my tracks, too. They won't be available for another few months, so hopefully a better discount code pops up before then. Does anyone know if the variants will also be available at HST, or when the rest of the two-packs are coming?
  23. So what JayC is saying is that the Marvelous News forums have officially seceded and become their own independent republic. ¬°Viva la revolucion!
  24. Holy cow, those are six kinds of awesome. They all look great, but my personal favorite is Orphan Maker. That's a real blast from the past. If you feel like selling it, let me know!
  25. You should really add "Marvel Legends" to the auction title so yours comes up when people search those terms. (You could also include "Hulk Classics.")
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