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  1. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. They don't release figures, they're killing the line. They release the figures, they're killing the line. They show off more figures, they're killing the line. THEY LET US VOTE FOR WHICH FIGURES WE WOULD LIKE, BUT SOMEHOW THEY'RE STILL KILLING THE LINE.
  2. Originally it was Maria Hill with Red/Gold IM and Sharon Carter with Stealth. But, they delayed the Stealth pack so they included Carter as an interchangeable head.
  3. It was a variant in the sense that it was shortpacked. Not a variant of any figures, but it was packed in the case like one.
  4. Toybiz was just as big as Hasbro is. The whole deal was Marvel sold the license and Hasbro got it. It sickens me how people with no knowledge of how a business works can come on a board and act like they know it all. I beg to differ. Toybiz was only ever a fraction of the size of Hasbro with a fraction of the upper management. That is a documented fact, and it's public record available for anyone to check out. Toybiz concentrated on employing the right amount and quality of ground level worker to make a superior product and keep costs low(er). Hasbro's pockets were large enough to convince Marvel to sell them the license out from under a company they owned essentially ending Toybiz / Marvel Toys. A lot of people that use this forum don't know how business works and are prone to say stupid things but this is not one of them. It's dead on accurate. In Toybiz's hayday they were setting a new standard and forcing other companies to improve product, prices and quality to compete. That's why all the old dogs ganged up on them and sued them. If they would have been allowed to continue to operate in the way they set out to they may very well have put Hasbro or Mattel out of business. That may not have been a bad thing. Any new companies that tried to compete from that point would have been forced to put out a better product and we wouldn't have to settle for the increasingly cheap yet high priced garbage Hasbro puts out now. You act like you're the only one who knows anything about business and anyone elses opinions are worthless. Well I do know business and I know that 90 percent of good business is built on the opinion of the consumer. In part he's just expressing his opinion, but it's centered in fact. Though no one is exactly sure what their motives are behind the new 2-Pack format of ML, it is pretty clear that all of Hasbro's actions with ML and MU to this point have been perceived as selfish or greedy. From Hasbro's standpoint it may be just good business, but for the consumer it's just crap. Okay, I was going merely on sales to figure the size. I will admit you were right there. However, that isn't how property licenses get sold. No company can just go to Marvel and say, "Hey, you know Toybiz is doing pretty good, don't you think? Bet we could do better. If you'd just sign right here..." It's a bidding process. Any company who would want the property would bid a certain amount of money, and whoever was willing to pay the most would get it. It's pretty much like Marvel sold it on eBay. The bid came down to Hasbro and someone else (Playmates I think), and Hasbro won (and let me say, THANK GOD, because things would hella worse if Playmates had the license). And I apologize for acting like a know-it-all. I just get frustrated when people focus on things that happened three years ago and is said and done. The entire board is full of people who know a great deal about business. They just don't act like it. I can understand how people could look at it as being selfish for them to discontinue the BAFs. But honestly, there aren't too many "big" characters that need done. And any that do are going to be released in the MU packs. Hoesntly, I'd rather just pay the $40 or so up front then pay $100 for an entire wave and have characters I really don't want laying around. I understand how people think it's selfish for them to switch to 3/334" scale for the MU. But right now, many toy companies are pushing towards that scale. McFarlane has Halo 3. Mezco has Hellboy. Mattel has DC Infinite Heroes. Hasbro has Marvel Universe. I'll admit I disliked the scale at first. But I figured at $9 bucks, why not, and bought my first figure. And I liked it. So I bought more. And here we are....
  5. That was a character poll for something. I talked to a Hasbro guy a few days back. He said they were having some technical issues and that the results may be delayed a few days. Not the end of the world.
  6. Toybiz was just as big as Hasbro is. The whole deal was Marvel sold the license and Hasbro got it. It sickens me how people with no knowledge of how a business works can come on a board and act like they know it all.
  7. Kool, I'm gonna head to TRU today and see what I can dig up.
  8. Kool, I'm gonna head to TRU today and see what I can dig up.
  9. I was going to get the DD, but after seeing the pics, I'm not too sure. That Punisher's a win though. May have to get an extra Ultimate Fury to make a trenchcoat version, though.
  10. Well said. No company can jump into any property swinging, unless they had some sort of experience with that type of property before. MU is a good example of that. 3 3/4" is Hasbro's best thing, and the fact that they are continuing ML, and not only making characters we get to choose ( as well as some previously shown figures we've asked for) is pretty damn amazing. Anyway, my Pros: ML: Pretty much launched 6" scale figures, and brought super-articulation to toys in the states. Over 25 different series of figures have given us damn near every character from Marvel Comics (many times over in some cases). If this voting thing continues, it will do nothing more but fill in the gaps. MU: Many companies are launching 3 3/4" lines now for cost reasons,a dn MU is easily one of the best. This is just the thing Hasbro is good at. Hell, look at GI Joe and Star Wars for further proof. As shown at SDCC, separate lines are starting to branch out which is good, that way we can get some good villains and supporting characters without completely flooding the main line. Also seen at SDCC, the smaller scales mean we can get larger characters without breaking either our's or Hasbro's bank. My Cons: ML: Some of the earlier figures need re-done. Badly. Now, while most of them have, others (notably Magneto, Toad, Ketch Ghost Rider, Gambit & Red Skull) haven't had figures in over 6 years. The industry has changed, molds are sharper, sculpts better, and paint more accurate. Hopefully with the two-packs some of these can be done. Also, is anyone else getting sick of the Bullseye body? They need to use a different mold. MU: As demonstrated on this board, not everyone is into a smaller scale. We've already spent the money on all these characters for a 6" scale, why do it for another size? Also, how many effing Spider-Men are they going to release? I can understand getting one with red/blue and one with red/black, as well as the Symbiote suit. But more than that? Overkill, plain and simple.
  11. How is he a midget when he's 4" taller than the previous version?
  12. Why, they wouldn't be getting money for it, the scalper would?
  13. All right, i don't know how many times I've said this but hell why not one more: EVERYTHING SHOWN AT THE CON WILL BE RELEASED. WE ARE VOTING FOR WHICH ONES WE WOULD LIKE FIRST, THEN THE REST GET RETOOLED AND RELEASED LATER. It should not take 50 posts to say the same thing.
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