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  1. I can't see the differences between HoX Siryn and her earlier iterations. I wonder if it would be close enough to fit with 90's X-Force. I'd get the Brotherhood version of Havok. Mutant X would be cool, too. I'm probably one of the few who would be interested. I'm also probably among the few who would get the bandana Wolverine. Someone mentioned the prisoner version of Sabertooth from the Phalanx Covenant era. That could be cool. I'd prefer each of them in Team X to go with Maverick. Then I'd need to find a good stand-in for John Wraith. I really hope Maggot is in his first appearance style.
  2. This looks like a fun wave. I will at least buy Siryn and Maggott, particularly if they are 90's versions. I don't follow the other characters, but I think it is a good sign that they are doing Darwin and Vulcan. It will be interesting to see what versions of Wolverine and Sabertooth we get. Is there any precedent for them both being their Team X versions? Two obscure versions that complement each other in the same wave?
  3. This is a tough one for me as I have the TB red and blue versions, and they are the most obvious choices. It would be nice to get another chance at the O5. X-Factor red would go with Iceman and Cyclops, and would hopefully encourage Hasbro to complete the team with Jean and Beast. It's funny so many of his costumes featured yellow. I don't think it works. Maybe it's because it is paired with red or black. It's hard to want them in any way other than as a sarcastic completionist. I voted for the original X-men costume.
  4. I like all of those options. Good mix of good and bad guys. Nearly completes Amazing X-Men. X-Calibre and X-Ternals have yet to be represented yet.
  5. How different is the X-Force version from the original? My preference is to the original. I would think that if they do make Nightcrawler, they could later release the X-Force version in a vintage wave or something.
  6. Ugh. That Apocalypse. I have all the black pieces with one blue leg. Oh well.
  7. Wow. There have been a lot of BAFs. I have completed: Toybiz Galactus Toybiz Sentinel Toybiz Apocalypse Series Toybiz Giant Man Series Toybiz Onslaught Series Toybiz Mojo Series Toybiz MODOK Series Blob Series Ronan the Accuser Fin Fang Foom Red Hulk Caliban Series AOA Sugar Man I still plan to complete: Warlock Strong Guy
  8. Ugh. Lame. Do not like. Blah. I was really interested in that Cyber.
  9. I see. I hadn't noticed about the cape. I will have to look at mine. I thought the recent BAF was too detailed. I liked the Toy-Biz BAF (though he is too big) because his costume is so simple. Diff'rent strokes....
  10. Since these seem to all be easy repaints, is there a figure that lends itself to the armored Psylocke character? Watch them come "so close but so very far" and throw the Hood's cloak on the generic female body and make it the pre-armored pajama party Psylocke.... 😆
  11. I kind of agree with that. It would depend on how quirky the style was. I don't think they all would translate well. I was thinking of the Rachel Grey Marvel Girl that Hasbro did. I think it was mostly based on Bachalo's design, but I think I remember seeing an Alan Davis drawing of her and it was so not good. I would have preferred the Joe Mad hairstyle for AoA Rogue instead of the Ian Churchill poof. I think cartoony Joe Madureira figures would be very divisive and would not fit well with the more realistic ones. It's a really hard line to walk. I loved his manga influence but they might look too cartoony. I think Toy-Biz tried to incorporate his style in the 90's toys and it worked because they were a little less the works of art that they are now. The Marvel's Most Wanted Blink looked comic accurate. The X-man from that line looked very Steve Skroce inspired. Anyway. I like the idea, but think it would be hard to do successfully.
  12. My X-Men heavy list in order of priority: 1. Sauron. I'm not interested in any of the individual figures in this wave and would really like this villain. 2. Holocaust. I really like the AoA story. Maybe they will update him with better joints. 3. Onslaught. This seems like it would be a difficult figure to complete since it is spread over multiple waves. 4. Shadow King: Ditto. 5. Warlock: I have a few pieces and might try to finish it in the secondary market. 6. Terrax: I have a few of these as well. I only like him because I had the old 90's FF figure and he looks cool. If I only got the first two I would be satisfied.
  13. Ehh, I said that because I know that a lot of businesses are struggling after last year. I'm happy with these reissues. I will probably get Cyber and Callisto. How much longer will we be getting daily releases like this?
  14. Awesome! I hope these aren't too hard to find. I've been wanting this guy for a while. It's cool that we are getting some more villains, too! Also, another easy repaint. I hope this works out. This definitely seems like a move to make some easy money. I hope the franchise isn't in danger.
  15. I think these are good ideas. At least there doesn't yet seem to be a BAF for these. They are probably cheap to make. They could argue that Omega Red is X:TAS colors or something. Maybe they borrowed the idea from the Transformers division that is always making anime versions of the MP figures. Prices are high enough. It might seem unfashionable, but Hasbro needs to just make some easy money after last year. A lot of these might turn into peg warmers, that just means they need to work on their production forecast. If they produce the right amount, they could make some money. I'm sure they need it going forward. I like Calisto and maybe Mastermind. What if they found a way to squeeze in a Toad figure? That would be pretty awesome. I hope with all these repaints they get to Sauron.
  16. I like it. Great reuse of the Storm mold. I don’t normally like the Morlocks, but I would get this. Would it possibly make sense for this to be in the Excalibur box set? I ask because Callisto spent time there as security, I believe.
  17. That's a great idea! It's nice when you can do a quick and easy custom figure.
  18. The AoA models look great. If they turn out that well, then awesome! I really like the Shadowcat, which I wasn't expecting. I like the claw marks on Cyclops' armor. Colossus looks cool. They all do. Still, I would have preferred Gambit, Nightcrawler, or Havok to Legion, but oh well. Super excited!
  19. Well, they have been focusing their ideas in a certain direction. It could be enjoyable. Sometimes it is nice to see an old story from a new angle. Maybe they have plumbed the depths of the original and found something to build on.
  20. I hope we get either Colossus or Holocaust as the deluxe alternative to being this wave's BAF.
  21. See, that picture is why I don't understand Legion being in this wave. Or a figure at all for that matter. He's in a hospital gown the whole series. I really hope we get a Joe Mad inspired Rogue rather than one with the weird mullet poof. I hope we get Colossus to go with Shadowcat. Those two will be the first original figures to have been made for AoA. All the other figures they've done were released in the 90's from Toy-Biz, save Sunfire which Hasbro made a while back. If there was ever a third wave I would like it to have Havok, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Sinister (not Essex), Quicksilver, Storm, with maybe a new Holocaust, or as many have mentioned Abyss as the BAF. I thought the title breakdown was interesting. Magneto Apocalypse Generation Next: Colossus*, Shadowcat, Sugarman Weapon X, Jean Factor X: Cyclops, Beast Astonishing X-Men: Rogue, Sabertooth, Sunfire, Wild Child, Morph, Blink, Holocaust X-Man Amazing X-Men: Iceman Gambit and the X-Ternals: None X-Calibre: None
  22. Southeast Michigan, eh? You must be happy to see all the lower peninsulas being used to vote for preserving the BAFs!
  23. Good point. I wonder how significant an issue it really is. For example, do they really have more peg-warmers in the retro lines that don't have BAFs compared to the others?
  24. I like the BAF concept. There is a bit of a thrill when one finally acquires the final piece to complete the desired figure. It allows for larger figures to be released. I pick and choose which I complete though. I think I completed all the Toy-Biz BAFs, but I don't have the same interest or budget as I did in those days. If the BAF is uninteresting then the wave needs not be completed. I would be happy if they released some more deluxe figures.
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