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  1. Wow, didn't realize that, thanks for the info. Yeah I pre-ordered Madame Masque & Thunderball when they were $21.99. I thought I would be waiting for them until may but I just got the email yesterday saying they had shipped!
  2. Madrox Star-Lord Nova (Modern) Wolfsbane (Current X-Factor) Havok (Modern) Ant-Man (Irredeemable Ant-Man: Eric O'Grady) Mainframe Darkdevil American Dream Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) Scarlet Spider (Classic) Scarlet Spider (Modern) Kitty Pryde (Updated) Angel (First Appearance) Nightcrawler (Uncanny X-Force) Pete Wisdom Venom (Modern/Flash Thompson) Spider Woman (Ultimate) Siryn Doctor Voodoo Stegron Taskmaster (Updated) Deadpool (X-Force) Sandman Anti-Venom White Tiger (Classic) Jessica Jones Mr. Sinister (AoA) Hercules (Most recent costume) Dark Beast Dr. Strange (Midnight Sons) BAF: Stature Rockslide Guido/Strong Guy A-Bomb Iron Monger Juggernaut
  3. Picked up Titanium Man and Guardsman at Walmart today for $5 each. Was surprised to see comic figures and not just the ton of movie repaints.
  4. I went to TRU today looking for the new Ghostbusters minimates. In the same aile was the MU stuff. There wasn't much, a couple pegs of single figures, some SW wave two, and a tone of 3-packs, but I decided to look through the singles. Among a couple Red Hulks, Spider-Men, a Green Goblin, and Guardian there was.....BULLSEYE . I'm so glad I found him!
  5. I haven't really been hardcore hunting for this line, but I really wanted the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends set. Thanks to a tip from lionfireshg (thanks again by the way), I decided to call my TRU and they had two sets of them and held one for me. I went to pick it up and decided to look around, and they had all of the Secret Wars wave 1 set too. I wish I could have picked up one of each, but couldn't afford it, so I went with Cap and Klaw. The paint apps on these two figures are amazing! All of the sets that were there looked great, way better than the Spidey/Thunderball sets I saw at Target once. I am extremly happy with my purchase.
  6. I think Moonstone's hair is still longer than the figure's. IMO the hair length is more comprable to the Ms. Marvel on this cover, which is Carol: Not that its all that important, but I just don't think anyone can definitely say its Moonstone, but its all in the eye of the beholder.
  7. I don't think there is a way that you can be sure that it is meant to be the Moonstone Ms. Marvel or the Carol Danverse one. Unless there was some bio posted by the figure that specifically stated it was Moonstone? I don't remember seeing one. Both characters have worn that costume. If I am missing something that is a dead giveaway that this is the Moonstone one please let me know, but I also see it as another version of the same character.
  8. First Choices: 1.) Multiple Man (only if its the current X-Factor version) 2.) Constrictor 3.) Starlord 4.) Spot 5.) Mary Jane Second: 1.) Luke Cage 2.) The Hood 3.) Phantom Rider 4.) Amazing Bag Man 5.) Winter Soldier I wish the poll were to be done in sets of five. It could be both a good or bad thing depending on which characters were grouped together.
  9. For anyone who is interested, I was in Target today and took these with my phone. It's the same as the one in the marevel news section Doesn't look too bad in the picture, but in person, the head is way too big and he has no neck (because the head was so big). Are they different colors (one red & dark blue or red & black) or is it just the same figure in a different pose?
  10. 1. Scarlet Spider 2. Madrox 3. Thor (Modern) 4. Starlord 5. Chameleon 6. Constrictor 7. Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady) 8. Warpath (X-Force) 9. Luke Cage (Modern) 10. Storm (X-treme X-men) 11. Machine Man 12. Stature 13. Captain America (Bucky) 14. Anti-Venom 15. Darkhawk
  11. I'd like a Clone Saga set: -Scarlet Spider -Jackal -Kaine -Spidercide -Spider-Man (pretty much like the one released in the old 5in. Toybiz days minus Sandman, Ben Reilly, & Peter Parker) or a set of random Spider-Man Villains -Chameleon -The Spot -Tombstone -Stegron -Molten Man
  12. Pretty awesome ideas Terminator! I would love a Spot and Chameleon figure as a spidey geek myself. My ideas are -Tombstone (Luke Cage body, close up the shirt, new head and calves) -Scarlet Spider (Ares Series Scarlet Spider body, Red Hulk black-suit Spidey head, resculpt for hoodie torso, or add a cloth one, & add belt and ankle compartments) -Madrox (Ultimate Nick Fury: new head, hands, & lower legs, remove hareness) -Starlord (Ultimate Captain America from two-pack, new head, helmet, & guns; saw one on ebay once, looked amazing)
  13. I don't really mind either way, I'm just now getting the Ares Wave. Plus, because a Wal-Mart near by had so many of the Ares Wave figures, I was able to get both Kang and Guardian for $7.44 each! If only they had Crossbones & Vision and I'd be done.
  14. I really like your lists. Well thought out and current. I wish Hasbro would "steal" your list for a planning meeting. Thanks, I wish they would "steal" it too.
  15. So I take it there will not be the blue-tint Blackbolt variant. To me that one looked way better than the all black one, but maybe it will show up a little while after the wave hits similar to the Spiral variant or Classic Hulk Variant. I wish Nova would have the skin-tone finger tips like the one at SDCC, becuase I think that is how this costume actually looked in comics, oh well at least we get a Nova.
  16. Wave 1 1.) Madrox & Siryn (Variant: Madrox & Monet) 2.) Scarlet Spider (Hoodie costume not Ben Reilly Spider-Man) & Jackal 3.) Stingray & Machine Man 4.) New Captain America & Black Widow (new sculpt) Wave 2 1.) Blink & Morph 2.) Dust & Anole 3.) Prowler & Tombstone 4.) New Thor & Balder wave 3 1.) Extremis Iron Man & Dreadknight 2.) Spitfire & Pete Wisdom 3.) Warpath (X-Force) & Bastion 4.) Nighthawk & Valkyrie Wave 4 1.) Starlord & Blastaar (Annihilation Conquest) 2.) U.S. Agent & Talisman 3.) Justice & Firestar 4.) Spider-Girl & Mainframe Wave 5 1.) Songbird & Swordsman 2.) Moonstone & Radioactive Man 3.) Deadpool & Agent X 4.) Puma & Stegron Wave 6 1.) Modern War Machine & Crimson Dynamo 2.) Agent Brand & Skrull Scientist 3.) Hawkeye (House of M) & Mockingbird 4.) Jean Grey (Jim Lee) & Cyclops (Jim Lee) Wave 7 1.) Modern Luke Cage & The Hood 2.) Ultimate Magneto & Ultimate Mystique 3.) Jubilee & Gambit (Jim Lee) 4.) Aurora & Northstar
  17. what got you started out with marvel legends? I don't really know. I always liked Series 8 Iceman and I found one on Ebay one summer for like $16 so I got him. Then around the time X3 came out I started getting some X-Men Classics and I bought the Giantman Kitty Pryde. After that I didn't really get any for awhile. Then around Christmas I found a Moon Knight variant and started playing Ultimate Alliance and then I just started collecting. do you collect anything else? I collect Marvel comics, some Star Wars figures, a few Indiana Jones (only the few I like), and I used to collect Transformers, but I have not bought any of them in a long time. the box, in or out? Out, except for the face-off variant War Machine & Mandarin do you play with your figures? If the mood strikes. where do you get your figures from? Stores and ebay. favorite accessory/base to come with a figure? Iceman's base what figure (already made) is missing from your collection that you're dying to get? Guardian, Crossbones, Ares, Ant-Man, Deadpool, Taskmaster how about not made? Scarlet Spider (the real Scarlet Spider costume), any character from Avengers: The Initiative, Mainframe, Chameleon, Starlord, anyone from the current X-Factor team, Warpath. what marvel vehicles would you be into? Ghost Rider's current motorcycle, X-Jet that fits more than 1 figure. playsets? Daily Bugle (Jamesons office, rooftop, the entire office). bafs or accessories/bases? Stature, Groot. favorite ml group (x-men, iron man armory, marvel knights, etc.)? Spider-Man, Marvel Knights, Avengers. what recent event do you think deserves a line of figures (civil war, secret invasion, etc.)? I think Annihilation needs some figures, along with the Initiative (New Warriors, Omega Flight, Avengers: The Initiative), Brand New Day/ New Ways to Die (Jackpot, Menace, Anti-Venom). what character was made that you didn't think needed to be? Ultimate War Machine, if they were gonna make him, they could atleast made him the right color as in the comics, redone the helmet as it was in Ult. Iron Man II, and made it removeable with James Rhodes head underneath. biggest marvel legends frustration? Other than crappy distribution and the now exclusive waves, I'd say that they released the Ben Reilly Spider-Man labeled as Scarlet Spider and they didn't even give us the real Scarlet Spider costume as a variant.
  18. 1.) Scarlet Spider (the real Scarlet Spider costume not Ben Reilly Spider-Man) or a new Spider-Man with his very own, correctly sized, brand new sculpt. 2.) Modern Thor 3.) Madrox 4.) Constrictor 5.) Echo 6.) Chameleon 7.) U.S. Agent 8.) Mainframe BAF: Stature
  19. If you want a more current looking Moon Knight get the variant. That is the one I have and he is one of my favorite ML's. The only place I've seen the regular one in comics is the Team-Up issue that came with the figure. When she came out red Wasp was pretty rare, but now I have seen her on ebay from any where from $12 to $20.
  20. I found this on ebay, thought it was kinda cool, so I figured I'd share it. Starlord It looks like they used the Ultimate Captain America from the two-pack as the base.
  21. Probablly because Hasbro is to cheap to do a real Scarlet Spider without jacking up the cost to $14.99. It would cost to much for them to add the cloth hoodie, belt, and ankle pouches. Look at the Ares wave; few of the figures have accesories, only Crossbones I believe. They were about $11. Now look at the Hulk wave; most of these figures had accessories (Union Jack w/ belt, knife, & pistol; Spiral w/ helmet, 2 swords, & sheath; Silver Savage w/ mace, sword, & surf board; Adam w/ staff), each at $15. So instead of giving us the genuine article, the gave us Ben Reilly Spider-Man and labeled him as Scarlet Spider to save a buck but still say they put out a new character even though it is really Spider-Man (reguardless of who is behind the mask).
  22. You really think that Hasbro would sell it as a single figure when they could make six times that per Hulk by selling it as a build-a-figure? Sure it would cost more to produce the six figures to build him but it would most likely gross a larger profit depending on character selection.
  23. Hasbro should market a wave with the Mcguiness Hulk as the build-a-figure. The catch is that it would be a Hasbrotoyshop.com exclusive, similar to how Target got Rulk (Target/red, Hasbro/green). It could be a six figure wave like the Rulk one but it could include figures that we know hasbro could make but have never released as seen by prototypes (Bibeast, Valkyrie, Magneto (Toyfare poll), etc.).
  24. Three variants? What is the third? I know there is the Torch variant and the Spider-Man packaging variant, but what is the third?
  25. I think it would be better to see a set of "Avengers Next": Mainframe, Spider-Girl, American Dream, J2.
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