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  1. I'm not sure who I'd choose, but I'd like to see U.S. Agent, Echo, Machine Man, Stingray, Modern Luke Cage, Black Widow (updated), Captain America (Bucky), Thor (modern), War Machine (as in Avengers the Initiative with removeable face plate showing a part cyborg Rhodey), Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady), Constrictor (Avengers the Initiative). I would be happy to see any one of these.
  2. What is the UPC for this wave? I saw what looked like UPC's in the other topic, but it seemed like each figure had their own. Is this this same thing or is there one that covers them all? If it is one please post it.
  3. If you get another Gaurdian, can you let me know?
  4. I'm trying to look at this from a practicle standpoint. I don't think hasbro would release a wave unless they had certain staple type characters that they would be sure would sell to collectors as well as an average kid or parents & relatives looking for a gift, characters like Wolverine, Spidey, Iron Man, Captain America. Just about everyone knows who these guys are now a days. But if I were to pick a "dream" wave to be the last it would be: 1.) Scarlet Spider (NOT Ben Reilly Spider-Man) or the Spider-Man I mentioned before 2.) Pete Wisdom (with hot knives hand) 3.) Constrictor 4.) New Thor 5.) Crystal (Avengers variant) 6.) Starlord (Annihilation Conquest w/ Rocket Racoon) 7.) Madrox (w/ trench coat, variant with M tatoo, no coat) 8.) Jackpot BAF: I would stick with Stature. I know there is no way in hell this wave would ever be made, but I like to think my first one would have a shot.
  5. I don't know if I'd like a whole wave, but I have wanted AoA Sinister & Morph. Is Dark Beast really big enough to be a BAF? He's not bigger than regular Beast is he?
  6. I've just been thinking, with all the talk and speculation about legends coming to an end or being phased out for the 3 3/4" figures, what would other collectors want in one final wave of legends? 8 figures, 6figures, build-a-figure, etc. Personally, I'd like a wave of 8 figures: - Warpath (X-Force with classic variant) - Phoenix (Icons style with Dark Phoenix variant) - New Captain America - New Thor - Spider-Man (Brand new sculpt, Head & hands in scale, Blue & Red not Black & Red) - Modern Luke Cage - Deadpool (rerelease) - Chameleon BAF: I'm not sure either a large scale figure like Stature (proportional in size to the Giant-Man figure), or Guiodo/Strong Guy, Dragonman.
  7. Scarlet Spider?!? WTF? This is not Scarlet Spider. This is Ben Reilly Spider-Man. Jeeze Hasbro, instead of giving us a pose variant why not give us a real Scarlet Spider figure? The least they could do is label the figure correctly. :mad:
  8. My Red Hulk is complete!!! Saturday I called around and had no luck with the first three targets I called, so I decided to call the one where I got my Silver Savage and Wolverine variant just two days earlier. I was in luck, they had the last three I needed and held them for me. This is the first build-a-figure I've completed and I'm pretty happy it was. He is an amazing figure. The whole wave is great. Silver Savage is actually one of my favorites, and much better than I expected. My only complaint is that Spidey's head and hands are on the small side compared to the rest of his body, but he's still pretty amazing.
  9. I was talking about the Ultimate style Rhino (I personally liked this version) that was just rereleased in the current Spider-Man line, and the Electro that shot lightning-shaped missles out of his arms from toybiz's last Spider-Man wave.
  10. I finally had some luck! I was able to get Silver Savage and the Wolverine variant from a target south of my hometown. Those were the only two on the peg. I broke down and got Spidey off of ebay like a week and a half ago. Only three more! Hopefully the other target to the north of my town will get the last three tomorrow.
  11. I agree, the downfall of what would have been some great figures in the Spider-Man lines has been the action features (i.e. Shocker, Electro, Hydroman, Rhino)
  12. Thanks! Here's a few more I have thought of: 1.) Starlord/Gamora (Annihilation Conquest with a Guardians of the Galaxy variant (simle repaint)) 2.) Puma/Black Cat 3.) Winter Soldier/Red Skull 4.) Songbird/Radioactive Man 5.) War Machine (current comic look)/Dreadknight 6.) Ms. Marvel (New sculpt)/Sentry (at least a new head sculpt for how he looks in Mighty Avengers) (Variant: Classic Ms.Marvel/Sentry (as seen in Age of the Sentry)) 7.) Corsair/Gladiator 8.) Dust/Wolfcub 9.) Firestar/Justice 10.) Rogue (New Exiles)/Morph (New Exiles)
  13. 1.) Scarlet Spider/Jackal 2.) Captain America (Bucky)/Black Widow (updated) 3.) U.S. Agent/Arachne 4.) Madrox (trenchcoat)/Siryn Variant:(Madrox (M tatoo & no trenchcoat)/Layla Miller) 5.) New Thor/Destroyer 6.) Deadpool/Agent X 7.) Nighthawk/Hellcat 8.) Pete Wisdom/Captain Britain (New from Captain Britain & MI 13) 9.) Spider-Man (Mcfarlane with dark blue paint instead of black or a new version entirely) /Chameleon (business suit w/ Jameson, Peter Parker, Spider-Man heads) 10.) Jackpot/Menace 11.) Anti-Venom/Venom (Mac Gargan with colored eyes & no scorpion tail) 12.) Warpath (X-Force)/Wolerine (X-force) 13.) Luke Cage (Modern)/Iron Fist (Modern) 14.) Namor/Valkyrie 15.) Spider-Girl/Black Tarantula I picked some of these under the idea that hasbro would not produce one character unless they could package it with a retool/reissue/repaint of an already produced character (Warpath/Wolverine, Deadpool/Agent X). On a side note, I think it would be easy to produce a Madrox figure in a trenchcoat by sipmly using the Ultimate Nick Fury torso, coat, & arm sculpt (repainted of course) and then changing the legs hands & head.
  14. I'm happy to finally see people giving some love to the Scarlet Spider. He is my favorite character, mainly because his was the first marvel comic I got when I was a kid. I really hope that they make him a variant to the Ben Reilly Spider-Man. The one thing that I don't want is to see him get passed over in the legends line and then end up in the Spider-Man Classics line with some sort of action feature. I would almost rather they not make one at all. Almost.
  15. Just spreading the word, hasbrotoyshop.com has the new wave of spideys instock, including the variants of Venom and the clear Iron Spider-Man. I got both Iron Spider-Mans. The variant is listed as Iron Spiderman and the regular as Iron Spider-Man. They don't have the Mcfarlane Spider-Man, but the rest (Carnage, Green Goblin, etc) are there.
  16. I would still have to say Scarlet Spider, NOT the Ben Reilly Spider-Man. I hope by some luck there is a variant in the Ares wave. That would be awesome.
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