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  1. A little bit to be honest. I realize you and all the other Feigebots have your narratives but the truth is the Spider-Man franchise is/was not some miserable failure for Sony. The first thing all you clowns bring up with these films is box office and Venom and Spider-Verse had that. By the way, it'd be great if you stopped pretending you have your finger on the pulse of this industry. Marvelous News, TNI, etc. are great sites, I'll give you that, but you sitting here pretending you knew this would happen all along is complete bulls***, and the people that have been here for years (
  2. Folks, when Mako, who once claimed DC Universe Classics was a billion dollar license, said WB needed to keep Christopher Nolan in check because Bane was wearing the "wrong" mask, and blamed s***** looking DC Collectibles figures on Mattel, is the voice of reason and intelligence here, y'all got a problem.
  3. I love how you guys are just desperate to take any and all potshots at Sony. Here's a few things you seem to have forgotten: Venom didn't bomb. Into the Spider-Verse didn't bomb. If a movie doesn't clear $1 billion it does not automatically make it a bomb. And if Venom 2 and Morbius bomb (as you clearly hope they do) Sony will double down and try again. And again. And again.
  4. This comment is genuinely sad, and it proves exactly what I'm talking about. Newsflash clown: Sony isn't going bankrupt anytime soon. This is one part of an extremely large company with multiple ventures. You clearly have no idea what's going on and are probably just, pardon the phrase, "butthurt", because Sony told your buddy Disney to go f*** themselves. There's no reason for you to be this ignorant, all the information's out there. You don't even have to take off your Iron Man pajamas to look at it. Good luck with your boycott. Don't forget to sell your PlayStation 4, along with your c
  5. Funny thing about that: Sony's not desperate. You MCU fans really need to stop pretending this is some indy company teetering on bankruptcy.
  6. Or they can get the rights back and make more movies which generate-what that phrase? Oh yeah, the real money maker: merchandise sales. "Be done with it." Please. I would think a guy who runs a bunch of Web Sites revolving around action figures would recognize this but you weren't the sharpest knife in the drawer 10 years ago, I guess things haven't changed.
  7. You know, given the name of the site, I expect an above average level of "fanboy" comments over this subject, but damn we got some doozies here. Ignoring the blatantly obvious lack of knowledge on the subject and inability to do math, the whole "F*** YOU SONY YOU'RE NOT MY FRIEND ANYMORE" attitude is really pathetic. Neither company deserves a pat on the back here, but pretending Disney should be given a pass because you can't bear the thought of Iron Man Jr. Spider-Man films being made by another company is a clear sign that you need to get a clue and grow up.
  8. First, to the point, an impressive collection. Secondly, a note for all you people bitching about a company reusing the same bodies over and over again: How thick are you? Stop pretending Mattel is "cheap" for using the same bodies over and over again. Toy Biz practically invented the reuse of bodies in the 1990's and continued to do so with ML, albeit at a lighter pace. But you won't hear that from ML apologists like Johnny Rebel whom I'm sure never noticed that the majority of the first female ML all used the same Elektra body. Those Spider-Man and Vision bodies were never re-used
  9. A few other things: -This topic was started by a guy who clearly wanted to bash Marvel Universe but masked it as a debate between MU and Marvel Legends. Nice try. What's the word you keep using? "Retarded?" Something like that. -Marvel Legends produced, off the top of my head, 25 waves of figures, multiple two-packs, multi-packs, exclusive figures and variants without the help of a television show or a movie tie-in. You should be happier than a pig in s*** that the line lasted this long and that Hasbro is even discussing the continuation of this line. -I've been collecting toys
  10. ML Pros: -Decent character selection -BAF was a revolution in toy making -Found a good balance between quality sculpts and quality articulation ML Cons: -Some figures were of the poorest quality (Scarlet Witch, Ultron, etc.) and the line became incredibly inconsistent after Wave 12 -When the BAF came out, both Hasbro and Toy Biz started filling the slots with waste of space figures like 1st appearance Thing and Spider-Man -The line was collected by bunch of crybaby brats who bitched to no end about all the problems this line had but never, EVER, stopped buyin
  11. First, to all you fans accusing Hasbro of rigging the vote, do you have any evidence of this or are you just pissed that Nuke didn't make it into the top three? A travesty for the ages. Secondly, no one was knocking Valkyrie when the Hulk Classics line came out. In fact, it was all "How could Hasbro leave her out?" How quickly we forget. BTW pretty much every one of these figures is a straight up repaint or reused parts, so that whole "well they've already made the prototype and they just want to save money" argument can go out the window. Finally, I can see why fans chose Deadpool.
  12. Oh glorious day! Now I'm really thrilled that I don't collect this stuff anymore. This is a slap in the face to all you guys who waited breathlessly for the return of your favorite toy line. Luke Cage NO Winter Soldier NO Cloak NO Dagger NO Bill Foster Goliath NO New Captain America NO Shang Chi NO Secret Invasion Skrulls NO Medusa NO Gorgon NO Crystal NO Lockjaw NO Echo NO Batroc NO The Wrecking Crew NO Jessica Jones NO Stature NO I can go on and on. Instead you're treated to... Amazing Bag Man? If you vote for him you get what you deserve. I hope t
  13. They're making us change! They're cheap and they're trying to save money! I'm a Legends Loyalist! Stop attacking me! Funny stuff. On that note: 1. No one is making you change. If 3 3/4" is not your deal then spend your money elsewhere. 2. If Marvel Legends were truly Hasbro's breadwinner they would put more money and resources into them. They're not and if you think they are you're as delusional as the people over on the DC board who think DCUC will save Mattel. 3. Legends Loyalty? Good for you. For a toy line with no movie and no tv show tie-ins ML has done very well. But all g
  14. Technically, that's only two changes. One change from 5 to 6 and another from 6 to 3.75. Just sayin. told ya this thread as funny! And actually, I think Hasbro is only making you change once. From 6 to 3.75. Who's making? Hasbro is not making you do anything! Do they break into your house, hold a gun to your head and say "You will buy 3 3/4" and you will like it!"? You know it's highly unlikely Hasbro pays attention to these boards but if they did the first thing they would have noticed was all the fans saying how ugly he figures looked and how the articu
  15. Hey I play with my toys every single day. I can see what'cha mean about big hands and having em that small. There alright with me though. There fun to play with too. well you guys get why i play with them since im a kid but these figures are cool to me not good as mls but still awesome!! you guys should give them chance Already did; they are junk. Maybe I will get some when they are $1 at Wal-Mart. They have tons of wolverine movie ones; just like they did with Indiana Jones. why buy crap at $1 its still crap. im not even excepting crap for free! the MUs are nice figs,
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