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  1. Usual Hasbro, I've been through awhile with them. I wasn't starting over with the 3.75. If they don't want to put em' out they should just say that. These delays are ridiculous and personally I'm fed up. There is seriously no legitimate reason behind it. With as many waves of Marvel Universe had come out there is no reason we couldn't have at least gotten two to three ligitimate waves this year. Most Legends collectors made the jump over to 3.75. Sorry Hasbro is starting to care less. At least Marvel Select is filling the void with some larger characters. It still doesn't make any sense why Hasbro just completely ignored another potential source of more profit. They keep giving us hope then saying oh sorry you'll have to wait and extra 6 months. Just be real and kill the line, you reluctantly keep stringing us along. Two years? That makes no sense at all. It doesn't take that long to replan a line.
  2. One can only hope for more six inch to compete with DC universe which is doing great. Disney might be looking at that as well.
  3. Well after the recent Q&A all we know is we will know the future of Legends at a later date.... Sweet
  4. Hello everyone I'm finally off Hiatus lol. I'm just glad we got news of some new 6 inch stuff. Between the two packs and the IM 6 inch line, I have hopes that ML will make a comeback once these two packs get going. I'm an avid Hulk fan so getting Valk and Hulk were right up my alley. I can add Valk to my Defenders display. I'm really excited about the new Deadpool as well. I'm just glad we're getting something it's been so long since we were able to get new stuff. Hopefully we'll get character we've been dying for around 2011 we'll have to see though.
  5. As a hardcore Hulk fan I could love to see a big Hulk pack with Korg, Elloe, Meik, Ciara, a better version of Planet Hulk, and a Red King. Most likely a big pack like that wouldn't happen but I would love to see it anyhow.
  6. If I could compare the current DCUC to ML, it would be the Green Scar fighting Wolverine in WWH X-men. If youre familiar with the few panels this happens Wolverine became brain dead from a handful of hits. DCUC is the Green Scar, ML is Wolverine. Unless Hasbro gets on Sentry status with thier effort into ML, DCUC is going to continue to murder them with better product that pleases DC fans. Since I don't have interest in DC I don't buy the figures, but I can admire good work when I see it. But looking at it from Mattels perspective thier 3.75 line isn't that great and MU is way out front. Maybe Hasbro doesn't want to compete but rather fill a market where there is little to no competition compared to MU. When you think about it Hasbro has the 3.75 inch market on lock down when you look in the action figure isle of any toy store. 6 inch isn't thier thing. What they are most likely thinking is "Lets make money, the easiest way possible" It looks good for them, but in the end 6 inch ML collectors, the older people get shafted. This is one of the cruel fates of business. But on the other hand MU isn't selling as well as DCUC, there are alot of peg warmers. Just like the Afgan war, Hasbro needs a change of strategy.
  7. I got Incredible Hulk #340 in Marvel Legends form, I got ML 6 Wolverine, and Foom Wave Savage Grey Hulk.
  8. I'm not sure if anyone is as much of a fan as the "Old Man Logan" story as I was, but what about a five pack for that? Old Man Logan, Old Man Hawkeye, Spider-Girl, President Red Skull, and Old Man Hulk. Old Man Hulk? No we don't talk about old man Hulk. Dang it Mark Millar, why did you have to turn Banner into some kind of in breeder? You are an evil, evil man. One of the smartest men in the world an inbreeder? He thinks so little of Hulk to use him like that. Did you know he originally slated Hulk at the end of civil war to come back from space and mass produce? Hulk's the Strongest there is, not the horniest. Sorry, old man Hulk hits a sore spot for this devoted Hulk fan. Yes that would be a solid box set, more for collectors than kids. Marvel Select would most likely do it more justice, but a Marvel Select box set would not happen.
  9. If we are lucky we'll see the other three MLs we'll be getting with Deadpool, Valk, and Widow. Oh...and MU...lots and lots of MU... Hasbro stated that the their three picks for the ML two-packs will be announced at the Toy Fair in NYC (February 14-17, 2010). Damn, why so long? Does it take that long to decide a simple wave of figures? They already got the prototypes just match them up according to relationships they have with the characters. I'm almost sure that Hulk will be with Valk she doesn't go with anyone else.
  10. Yeah man DCUC is doing them, there is five figures in them it runs for 50 bucks I wouldn't mind dropping that type of cash on it. But Hasbro is just doing the two packs I hope wheels really get turning with them and they could give us the teams we want, through multiple two packs like with the F4 and the sheild agents.
  11. thanks for the pic man. this helps. i totaly forgot how huge that hulk realy was. it seems that the ml hulks head is to small for a switch. thanks again. Both heads are pretty small the MS Rulk head looked smaller to me though I bought it and was not pleased the small just threw me off. With Savage Hulk it wasn't so bad. I consider that the closest thing to the 08' movie Hulk we are going to get close to six inch scale.
  12. You'll save a lot by trying to buy lots instead of 1 fig at a time. I only want specific figures for my collection. My collection is all Hulk based. Lets say with the Brown Wolverine I bought him to go with the Savage Grey Hulk. I bought those two figures together from the same seller and got reduced shipping. I find that with most lots they will have the specific figure I want, but the rest that I really don't want at all. I do single figures for the most part because I'm not a broad collector there is only a few figures that I want and lots usually carry other figures I'm really not interested in.
  13. The series 6 Brown Wolverine from what I have seen runs for about 20 to 30 dollars for a regular buy. Am I right about this estimate is it a little off? Also how much does the series 7 apocalpyse usually run? I've seen it a few times for 20 but I know it can run for far higher prices if a scalper get hold of one.
  14. Ok here's the story. I go on ebay and I was just doing a bunch of searches to see where prices were on some figures I wanted to buy in the future when money gets better. Well I pass by a War Hulk MOC that was for $7.50 and there was 3 minutes left on the auction. I shrug my shoulders and say, "Why not?" I put in my bid at a maximum of $18. Then my max bid countered the other guy's max bid and it ended at $16. Now normally I see War Hulk MOC at $30 and up before shipping. So I paid $26 for the War Hulk MOC after shipping. Did I get a good deal here or did I just pay the usual price? War Hulk is one of the Hulk classics figures that are usually fairly expensive it's no Absorbing Man or Mecha Hulk, but it gets up there sometimes.
  15. don't worry about riddick, he's from tennessee and is just still bitter about the north winning the civil war. besides he's used to enjoying lower quality items like tennessee barbacue. I agree with you on most of your points except for buying more of these. way overpriced and way undersculpted. LMAO! You didn't have to say the first two setences, LOL.
  16. The price has not sold me. I went to Walmart and got the whole nemesis wave for 10 bucks a figure. MU figures go for 8 to 9 bucks a piece. In my opinion that is not a very good deal when you get much less of a figure. I'm leaning towards Marvel Selects right now they are 20 bucks a piece but at least you get high quality with them. ML and MU have been really disappointing to me.
  17. Well they came out for awhile then stores went back to series one, two, and three. Thats all thats been in my area since the spring but they did have wave four for a time. You might have to go to ebay to get what you want if any of the figures in that wave.
  18. I can tell you what it smells like but that would be immature and vulgar.
  19. No results yet, I'm throwing in the towel. I'm saving up for rare toybiz figures for my display. I'd rather drop 100 bucks plus shipping on a figure, than deal with this anymore. I'm going to start customizing too at least I can get the stuff I want.
  20. You are wrong on that. What Toy Biz did with a 6 inch figure is as high as they will ever be able to go. Until they are able to put micro chips that will make the figures walk and talk exactly as if they were alive, then Toy Biz ML will never be outdone. Whats new and "advanced" from ML today is that second rate DCUC trash that isn't even better than Hasbro's ML attempts. That is the future and it SUCKS. you are dilusional if you think that toy biz is as good as it gets i have every one and the sculpts are not that great marvel select makes a better sculpt. and keep this in mind the future is not here and i have yet to see the figure line that couldnt be improved Just watch. The fact that you worked at K-mart twice makes you nothing of an expert, lol. Nothing Mattle or Hasbro will EVER put out will top what Toy Biz did. Companies like Mcfarlane make the best statues with the best sculpts. No toy line will ever combine Sculpt, Articulation and Paint Apps at as high a level as Toy Biz did. It's just too expensive to do. Toy Compaines are cheap as @#$%. The fact that anybody including belmont13 works anywhere means nothing. It just means we have experience in dealing eith companies which again means nothing. Im a marvel guy but honestly mattel makes better looking figures than toybiz. Toybiz figures are sooooo over articulated that it makes them look deformed. Either the torso looks too short or too long. Now you might say your happy with it and thats fine but not every one likes it. mattel has just enough art. that they look good. And by the way i collect both lines because i like dc also.look at warbird long torso, green goblin hips the ball joint have to go they suck. toy biz cant sculpt a womans face to save thier life. Thank god they lost the license. oh by the way this is nothing personal and i really am a nice guy! Im just sick of Panzies Oh, and by the way, your personality comes out in the words you speak and how you speak them. If your a nice guy, people naturally tend to be able to discern it for themselves. If you have to go through the trouble to point out that you're a nice guy, chances are pretty damn good that's not the truth. Calling people panzies is a surefire giveaway of a persons negative tendencies. This ain't a dating service so you can cut the BS. LMAO! House is the man! I know we are all upset we have every right to be. I think it is because be have dealt with things like the Nemesis wave almost two years late then ML just disappearing for a year, we are just fed up. We see what Hasbro is doing with their go to lines and just pushing ML to the side. We don't like it because we are still willing to buy and we see the potential it can have, but Hasbro is not putting in the time and effort because that cost money. Now we know Hasbro is in this halfway, so we shouldn't get our hopes up about it anymore.
  21. Jeez you put my custom Zzzax to shame. Very well done. I used the Nemesis BAF and Yellow saran wrap to create the electrical effect around him. I took off the shoulder pads and helment, with the skull it looks like ghost rider meets Zzzax. If I had a camera I'd post pics but once again you did an amazing job I really like your work. I wouldn't mind buying from you.
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