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  1. No need to paint, just make creative use of yellow cellophane plastic wrap and make your imagination work its wonders. I used this to simulate the glowing emanating effect on Dr. Strange hands or Beta Ray Bill's Stormbreaker.


    Thanks for the tip I got some yellow sandwich bags and some double sided tape and it did the trick it looks pretty good. I took off the flipping helmet and the shoulder pads then I stuffed the space around the skeleton part to look like electrical flames then I applied the plastic around his entire body to give the electrical effect. The yellow body really helps the effect. The red orange skull makes it look pretty cool. It's not the traditional ZZaax look but it looks pretty good. Thanks again. :)

  2. Went to 6 different walmarts today found nothing at the first five. But the last one I checked which was actually the closest to me was stocked full of about 3 complete sets of nemesis wave and almost the complete ares wave. I didnt look there first because i just checked there yesterday and for the past month now there has been absolutely no legends there then today it just popped.



    That BAF is pretty cool isn't it.


    Yeh actually I was suprised with how much I liked it I thought it looked interesting from pictures but it was actually alot cooler than I thought it would be. Gonna go good with my apoc setup so I was happy with it.


    Good stuff man, I'm not much of a customizer so I'm using it as a stand in for Zaax. It's got pretty good size I think the base of the figure is Hulkbuster Iron Man which was a good figure as well.

  3. Went to 6 different walmarts today found nothing at the first five. But the last one I checked which was actually the closest to me was stocked full of about 3 complete sets of nemesis wave and almost the complete ares wave. I didnt look there first because i just checked there yesterday and for the past month now there has been absolutely no legends there then today it just popped.



    That BAF is pretty cool isn't it.

  4. So what's the story on Blackbolt since some of you guys have the wave now? Is his costume black or blue? I thought originally there was going to be two, with one being the variant figure.


    And regarding the UPCS codes for the figs posted here, I'm sorry, does that help locate them online at the walmart web site at all? Or is that just to give a clerk over the phone or in person when they look them up in their computer for you? Thanks.


    The one I have his costume is Black.

  5. Well I just completed my Nemesis/Holocaust BAF today. It's my Zaaax stand in. It's funny that my Walmart had some Ares and Nemesis waves they never carry legends at all. My Punisher, DD, Nova, and Tigra I really don't want. PM me if you want to trade. It's sad it took a whole year and a half to get the wave across most of the country.

  6. Yeah that is very true. I would never trust myself painting and figures either!


    Well I think I'll go for it because this BAF is a character in the AOA universe not the earth 616 that Hulk dispaly is in so I can very well just say it's Zaaax. And worse case if we do get a Human Dynamo/ Zaaax down the road I can either sell or trade the BAF and get something else. It's a win win to me.

  7. MU is pissing me off! there getting everyone that legends collectors want....and hasbro makes legends and tells us to vote only 3 and there not even that good...



    well the line is called "Marvel Legends" every thing has to be aproved by marvel. by their

    Standerds all the other characters that people want are NOT LEGENDS hasbro pretty much tapped out all the legends. Thats because they were pushing it at the end at least with the build a figures. they had to sell the figures. hasbro made the MU so they could start over and the LEGENDS word does not hold them back, and they could use every thing in the current comics. They should make a 6" Line called something else that way they could make whatever.


    Are you saying that every ML character is a true legend? lol


    Anyway, Hasbro needs the same approvals for MUs as they did for MLs.


    Nah... Universe means alll of the marvel universe


    I'm sorry but tHasbro focusing on 6 inch has little to nothing to do with that. It was more so a business move to milk the Marvel license for cartoon and movie figures that target kids consumers. Plus 3.75 is thier bread and butter 6 inch is out of their comfort zone and meeting collectors needs like toybiz did is even more out of what they normally do. They are doing what will make the most money the easiest possible way at it's rawest that is what the Hasbro acquiring the Marvel toy license it about. Collectors take less prominence when kids will have their parents buy the figures regardless of articulation and paint apps. Easy money with less effort.

  8. Daken only has claws made from the metal of the Murmarasa blade which was forged from Wolverine's blood, and a healing factor. He takes alot after his father. The thing about the the Murmarasa blade is it can cut through any metal and can counter act the healing factor. That was the very sword that cut off Sabertooth's head. The movie drifted far from that. Because of a poorly done plot they just gave Deadpool a large amount of powers and swords that came out of his wrist. The movie Deadpool was crap and the product of a poorly done story that should have never made it to the big screen.

  9. well they said they give weapon11 a chance but they didnt..... sriously you can go buy a deadpool from toy biz on ebay fo 30-50 $i have one...


    Not to be mean, but the true Weapon 11 is Daken according to the Wolverine Origins comics. Secondly the Wolverine movie Deadpool was garbage and didn't deserve screen time let alone a spot on a Marvel Legends wave. From a comic fan/collector standpoint that figure would not sell. Also paying 50 dollars for a figure is a push especially in these hard times I would be nice to go to the store and pick one up for 10 dollars.

  10. What I'm sad about is we are only going to get to choose three of all of these characters. Really only two characters because Deadpool is going to be chosen for a spot for sure by the masses. Most likely Wolverine or Warpath for the second spot. So really there is only one spot that is going to be a wild card. I would love to see a Hulk Bi-Beast two pack but that is most likely not going to happen. I would love to see the Hood, most likely not going to happen. But these are my predictions. We all know Deadpool will be voted for as the number one pick with Warpath taking a close second. I hope in the future they release all of these in 2010 in 2011 but we will see. :smile:

  11. HAHA, you people should of bought the wave in Feb when the online stores got them in. Now americans know what it's like to be a Canadian collector.


    Amen too that !!!!!


    Electro 16 you don't count in that, lol. You get way more hauls than the rest of us I've seen it in the hauls thread and you get amazing deals on them. :wink:

  12. I have also bought many figures for a $1-$5 shipped, less as you buy a lot for total average prices. Sounds like you need to shop better IMYOURMASTER, cuz the only thing it sounds like you are master of is over paying. Is that a Canadian thing, like paying more for over rated beer or Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Tickets, lol. :laugh:





    Ouch burn

  13. What do I think? I LOVE IT!!!!


    Girlfriend's mom got me Marvel Select Hulk and Thor last Christmas and those suckers were freaking amazing. The Marvel Select Hulk is so tall and bulky, hell I use it as my premo Hulk now. Regular ML come to the bottom of his stomach just like in the new Hulk movie. So if this Abomination is anything like the Hulk and Thor in Quality and size...then hell yes.



    Here is a question for you guys. How would you like Marvel Select to quit beating around the bush and release a Juggernaut that puts the ML Juggernaut to shame?? I mean they gave us the best Hulk released and it looks like this will be the best Abomination. Where is our 10 inch Juggernaut Diamond Select?


    We will most likely see one in the future. MS spoke about releasing alot of larger characters. They could make alot of money doing it since Hasbro has gotten rid of the BAF. There is alot of money to be made if they do go the route of larger figures. Collectors will eat it up. As the showing of the Abomination figure has shown us. As a hardcore Hulk fan that Abomination is a definant must buy.

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