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  1. All of the following can be put in futures Avengers Waves: BAF Mr.Hyde, Moonstone(bucket head), Classic Baron Zemo, Blackout(Marcus Daniels), Titania, Molecule Man, Graviton, Volcana, Nefaria, BAF Super Adaptoid, Classic Perez inspired Ultron, High Evolutionary, Morgan Lefay, BAF Griffin and for the love of Odin can we get a regular size non powered Absorbing Man? There I go again, I can talk about characters that I want made all of day but that's not the topic. About this wave, I really like the look of the body sculpt of the Hulk BAF but is anyone else finding the headsculpts odd? I mean they have a pretty good likeness but I feel the size of the forehead is too large it looks like a Hulked out Leader more than Banner. Union Jack is an instant purchase I'm glad I didn't get the previous one now. Shuri looks better than in the initial images but I'm still on the fence about getting her despite my love for the character, Rescue looks good too but I can't help but feel we may get a better version down the road. War Machine also looks cool but I have all of the previous versions so I'll most probably pass on this one. Rock Python looks plain but it's another Society member and that makes it a must for me. Loki could have been done so much better, I'll still get him because it's classic Loki. All and All not a bad wave, I feel there's something for everybody here.
  2. Yup, I remember reading a couple of those issues, he was also part of the Masters of Evil a team I'm hoping Hasbro completes at one point mainly the incarnation from the Avengers Under Siege storyline.
  3. Yes! MR. Hyde should be a BAF so he can get the proper treatment and they can sculpt the Victorian Era clothes, in fact, he should be a BAF in a future Avengers wave.
  4. I learned a long time ago, no matter what Hasbro does not everyone is gonna be happy. Someone is gonna complain about either or a combination of these: -Use of a certain body mold. -Reuse of certain body mold. -Character Choice. -Paint apps. -Lack of a certain point of articulation. - The choice of costume/look/era for a character. I have witnessed and participated in too many Classic vs. Modern, MCU vs. Comic debates that it's really not worth it anymore. Personally I prefer comic looks over movies but I don't dismiss MCU figures they tend to be some Hasbro's best work with some nice detailing and sculpting, also the Marvel movies is one of the reasons a lot of stores still carry Marvel Legends. That said, I feel Hasbro is doing a terrific job with the Marvel Legends, they are not perfect but they are providing a nice balance of comic, mcu, classic and modern. We may not always get the character we want but we have to understand that not everyone is the same and we all have different tastes. I'm sure Hasbro is listening and we may get there yet but seriously Hasbro where's my DD love I need Owl, Gladiator, Matador, Mr. fear, Echo, Lady Bullseye, Stilt-Man in my life, also my street/urban characters are kind of lacking so Shang Chi(upcoming movie), White Tiger(Hector Ayala), Gideon Mace, Enforcers, Razor Fist, Bushwacker maybe even a Señor Muerte but I digress and I went too obscure, carry on, back to the Endgame wave, these look good. lol
  5. I can understand that and I agree that it could have been better. Myself I would have preferred Loki being a brand new body sculpt that was more slender and slightly taller. Heck they could have given us a Count Nefaria, easy reuse of the Walgreens/Vintage Punisher or a classic Graviton which also wouldn't wouldn't require much new tooling and save Loki for the 80th anniversary line and get the same treatment as Thor and Iron Man. I'm guessing that Shuri, War Machine, Rescue and the BAF ate up the budget. That said, I'm still happy we are getting a Classic Loki, long overdure, however phoned it ended up.
  6. It's funny because for years I saw classic Loki in people's wishlists and now that we are getting one people are complaining about the figure getting made.
  7. When I saw the packaged images and the lack of Pepper Potts unmasked head I said out loud: "well that's disappointing", my wife ask what I meant and I told her, her response was: "Oh honey, you just know Hasbro is gonna re release it down the line in a 2 pack with Iron Man and they are both gonna have unmasked heads and the accessories that were missing the first time around." I hate that she may be right.
  8. Yes, give me all of the Serpent Society, I'll buy them all.
  9. I was hoping the merger would kill this atrocity, but here we are. If you wanted to adapt one of the most iconic X-men storylines you could have slowly built up to it in the span of more movies. Once again someone decided it was a good idea to rush an adaptation of a popular storyline while ignoring the aspects that made the story good in the first place. Mystique is still playing hero for some reason but at least it looks like she dies in this one so I would be spared of Lawrence's awful line delivery and her bad makeup which seems to get progressively worse. We still have Quicksilver shoehorned in with the X-men because people love his slo-mo/time freeze sequences. Looks like Magneto may be an antagonist yet again because they haven't overused him enough. Sophie Turner still acts like a robot and in these movies she doesn't have Game of Thrones writing to make her tolerable. Am I the only one who is getting X-men the Last Stand vibes from these trailers?
  10. Thanks for the info, about the Beta Ray Bill, I'll give the book a read when I get the chance, I'm currently on Secret Wars, I'll get there eventually. I'm thinking final battle Thor, Iron Man and Cap are coming in wave 3, I'm definitely in for Cap in his new suit since he finally got the "chainmail" aspect of the suit. I, too would have liked War Machine to have the look from the final battle, I don't know why but I got a Detroit Steel vibe from that suit.
  11. Union Jack and Rock Python are a must for me, I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm happy with my Toybiz Beta Ray Bill and I don't recognize that look for him so he's a pass. Loki looks cool but the scale nazi/ocd in me is gonna have trouble with a Loki being in that body mold; Hasbro needs to look into sculpting a new mold for characters that are 6'4. 6'5 in height but not really buff that can be used for characters like Cyclops, Loki and Silver Surfer but I digress. Rescue and War Machine look amazing so far but I'll wait and see them in person before I decide to pull the trigger. The Hulk BAF looks nice but I would much rather have a figure of him in his body suit from the movie, if I'm gonna get another ripped pants Hulk I prefer the upcoming 80th anniversary one.
  12. It depends for me, I'm mostly a comic collector but Hasbro's MCU figures are some of their best in terms of new sculpts, details, etc. I'm cool with waiting in order to get the most accurate representation of the movie character and not something based on a concept art that didn't make the final cut of the film. I also don't like them to wait too much because sometimes the hype dies down and I lose interest in figures based on the movie.
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