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  1. Kind of underwhelmed with the reveals, I was hoping for some info or confirmation for the Iron Man retro wave. I was excited about the Bring on the Bad Guys wave but a few of these leave a lot to be desired. The Red Skull is cool but the headsculpts look cartoony. Also would have preferred a Red Skull in full Nazi officer uniform I know why they won't go for it but I would love one nonetheless. I have wanted a The Hood figure for years but this one feels phoned in. Lady Deathstrike looks nice but I'm happy with my Toybiz may want to see more of this one before decide to replace it. I don't care about Secret Wars Doom as I found the story overrated but now that it's gotten made we can scratch it off the list and move on to something else. The Dormammu is a good addition and so is Arcade. Nova looks cool but I prefer the Annihilation look so I can live without this one. Quasar looks really good might be my favorite reveal from today, too bad it's Walgreens exclusive as I have lousy luck with those.
  2. Hope this turns out to be true because as a DD fan this is looking great. I'm happy we are getting Frog Man(hopefully he comes with springs that can be attached to his feet to do jumps) and maybe down the line we'll get Masked Matador. Hand Ninjas are always welcome and at this point the only Army Builder I care about. Into the Spider Verse figures is not something that I was clamoring for but I love the movie so I can make space for them, especially if it gets me Stilt-Man. Firestar is long overdue and an Official JJ figure is ok, I guess.
  3. Story goes that Marvel gave the order to cancel it because Fox had the rights to the Watcher and Marvel Entertainment didnt want to promote anything they didn't have the rights to. Pearlmuter I believe was the mastermind behind all of that. As for the Hulk it looks good but I'm happy with my 80th Anniversary Hulk and I already have a plethora of Hulk figures. Now, the Cosmic Hulk alternate head makes it very tempting but I'm sure if I'm patient Hasbro will release a Cosmic Hulk down the line maybe for the Eternals movie line, no way they don't milk that mold for all its worth.
  4. This past couple of weeks have been a pain for collectors and preorders. I'm glad most of the stuff shown today was stuff that I wasn't dying to get because, man, what a fiasco. I want a Nimrod but not I'm gonna pay that much for a set that has 2 figures that I don't want or need. The Storm/Thunderbird set looks nice but a bit overpriced in my opinion maybe if I find it in store, I might change my mind. Hellfire club looks great but I would have included Wyngarde and Harry Leland instead of the ladies who I feel could have done well in a wave. Anyway, after today I feel that I shouldn't even bother trying for the Hellfire set.
  5. This is not for me, for a very number of reasons but I'm glad it got made. I'm happy that collectors are supporting and it has gotten a good response. The Master Mold head is a nice touch and it made this more tempting. If they do a Galactus, I would be very, very tempted. As for Tier Unlocks they could do some version of his planet eating machine, some cosmic energy effects and heralds: Nova, Red Shift, Firelord, Fallen One, Stardust and Morg. Backers can get any or all of those characters in figure form and Hasbro can release them later on to fill up a FF wave for those who didn't back the project. I know wishful thinking and all of that.
  6. That sucks, this would have been a good thing for the economy, oh well. The Earthquakes were pretty rough, there were a lot of them hitting close to each other, my hometown got hit pretty bad. Hopefully, things get better and doesn't deter Marvel or other studios from filming there.
  7. While it's really cool that we are getting a whole wave dedicated to the Fantastic Four, I'm kind of meh on this wave so far. I'm not big on the uniforms they don't look bad but I would have preferred the Byrne era Blue and white or even the Future Foundation uniforms. There's something about Dr. Doom maybe it's the long tunic or the sculpted details on the armor that doesn't quite look right to me but still it looks to be the gem of this wave. I'm actually quite happy with my Blob wave She-Hulk and this new one doesn't appeal to me. I'm curious to see what the BAF will be, fingers crossed for a classic armored Ronan. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and we get some more FF waves with Frankie Raye Nova, Red Ghost, Diablo, etc. I'm actually surprised that Hasbro didn't sneak in a Victorious in this wave.
  8. Not really interested in the modern outfits of the FF but since I missed out on Walgreens Thing I guess I'll have to get this one and maybe repaint it to match the Fantastic 3 I currently own.
  9. I'm not big Punisher, either, I feel like Walgreens Punisher is the only one I need but my wife got me the camo version this weekend and who am I to turn down a free Marvel legends.
  10. Cool, even if they don't reach a more lasting agreement, it's good they are doing at least one more movie where they could wrap up the story.
  11. So far I'm happy with my custom but I'll be super excited they make an official Marvel Legend of Hector Ayala. I agree that a Spider-Man wave would be the ideal place for him unless they put him in a 2-pack with Jack of Hearts.
  12. That's a shame, I really liked Gabriel Luna's portrayal in the Agents of SHIELD. I wasn't crazy about the plot and premise of the series but I was still looking forward to it. Hopefully, things get worked out and they can move forward with the series.
  13. It doesn't look bad but it doesn't look great, if I get it it'll probably be for the accessories and use the figure as a base for Ox.
  14. I would buy that in a heart beat! Especially if they include a Golden Age Vision.
  15. I have never being wowed by Johanson's performance as Black Widow add to it that I feel we have gotten enough exposure to her in the MCU. The only thing that interests me in this movie is probably Yelena Bolova and Red Guardian but as it is I have no desire to go see Black Widow do the same scissor takedown move she does in every movie. As for Eternals, I'll admit to not knowing a whole lot about them but the cast is good and the inclusion of Black Knight makes it interesting plus it's new material for the MCU that's always a plus for me. I'm hoping that the Eternals is a gateway to something bigger like using them to expand the cosmic side of Marvel. Between the two projects I'm more excited about Eternals than I am Black Widow, but Dr. Strange 2 is what I'm most excited about on the movie side.
  16. I'm not really looking forward to this movie, might be the first MCU movie I skip on the theaters but if it gets us some good comic figures I'm all for it. Is there a Russian comic/collectible/convention/expo where they might unveil this wave? Assuming we do get a wave of figures from this movie.
  17. I know I'm in the minority in this but I'm pretty happy these are the characters we are getting since the Alpha Flight I'm most familiar with is their first appearance on Uncanny X-men 120 and the 1992 cartoon. Granted those incarnations didn't include Heather Hudson in costume but I'll take it as a bonus. That's not to say if they make a Box or a Marina I won't get them but as it is I'm happy with what we are getting.
  18. Pass for me, I guess we are gonna get some repaints now to offset the cost of the 80 years Iron Man, Thor and Hulk.
  19. Very cool, glad we are getting new characters and completing a team in one fell swoop. Guess I'll better start accumulating those Amazon Reward points.
  20. I can already see the Disney store exclusive damaged deco, unmasked variant being announced.
  21. Everyone is raving about the effects and I'm here admiring that 59th street subway station background/diorama lol but seriously great work on those photos.
  22. On the bright side if this really means the end of the partnership then Sony can concentrate on their Spider Verse, maybe a crossover with 30 Seconds to Morbius or Venom, maybe we'll get that Silver Sable movie or the Black Cat movie or a Spider Woman movie or a Miles Morales movie or a Silk movie(fist superhero movie with an Asian female lead does have a nice ring to it) and then they all get together in a Maximum Carnage crossover. Then without Spider Man projects, Kevin Feige and Disney/Marvel Studios can concentrate on making the X-men and Fantastic Four movies sooner, win win.
  23. My order for Walmart.com arrived and the package has some scuffs and the figure itself has ugly paint blushes on the star. Fortunately, my wife found one on Walmart a few days earlier and that's one in better condition so now I have one to open and one to keep moc, win win.
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