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  1. How many different variations do you think there currently are for characters like: Wolverine, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc. There's already a ton of all of them, in a of variety in costumes, styles, size. You name it, it's already happening. They're just not calling em by the specific artist's name. But they should.
  2. My vote is leave it how it is. BAF & Deluxe figures of former BAF, as well as new Deluxe figures. As many people say, there's too many "Unwanted" figures. -The real solution here is to just stop making so many unwanted figures. But if people weren't buying full waves of figures, I could see all sorts of different problems down the road. The end of the toy line for one. Not enough sales, no need to keep the brand around. Another possibility would be increased prices to make up for lost sales. If people are so against buying a full wave of figures with characters that they don't want, in order to complete their BAF, then why not just buy the ones you do want. Then pick up the remaining BAF parts through trades, or ebay, or Facebook sales, etc. It'd save you money. It doesn't shake up the current system. And you'd still get everything you want. I just don't see the problem with having a BAF. And then potentially a few years later having it as a re-deco Deluxe release, or straight re-release as a Deluxe figure. If people want to roll the dice and not buy full waves in the hopes that the BAF will get re-released, then let em. There'd be no guarantee. I think that most people would still want figure initially rather than waiting. So they'd buy the BAF wave anyways.
  3. Great list JayC. I'd buy nearly everything you mentioned. Personally I don't feel the need for a new Kang, but I'm sure hasbro could do a much better job than the ToyBiz sculpt. Same goes for Jigsaw. I'm totally happy with both versions, but again, I believe hasbro could make a worth while redo. Atumma, High Evolutionary and a 12" scale Super Adaptoid have been near the top of my list for quite some time now. All way overdue. Others like Graviton, a proper comic Mandarin, Wizard, and Mr. Hyde are all way more important characters than the likes of White Rabbit, Mach IV, Protector, Spymaster, most of the Serpent Society, or Puma. So if all that garbage can get made by now, then everything on your list needs to be made in a hurry.
  4. I don't know that I can limit myself to just 10 Top Picks. After all these years I feel like Marvel Legends & Hasbro still have quite a lot left to do. So here are my "Lists." New 1. Goblin Queen 2. High Evolutionary 3. Deathbird 4. White Queen 5. Phoenix - Rachel Summers (Red Outfit with Spikes) 6. Attuma 7. Cyber 8. Firestar 9. Baron Mordo (Comic) 10. Firelord Honorable Mention Executioner (Skurge) Sebastion Shaw Arcade Speedball Morph (Cartoon) Maverick Gladiator (Melvin Potter) X-Cutioner Mastermind Quake Daimon Hellstrom Atlas Corsair Gideon Black Tom Karnak Gorgon Crystal Rictor Chamber Cypher/Doug/Douglock Russian Triton Legion Owl Jocasta Redo 1. Toad 2. Joe Fixit 3. Lady Deathstrike 4. Avalanche 5. Mandarin (Comic) 6. Falcon 7. Adam Warlock (Classic) 8. Doc Samson 9. Emma Frost (White Outfit...AGAIN!!!) 10. Black Queen Honorable Mention Cannonball (Already) Banshee (both Green & Yellow AND Blue & Yellow) Longshot BAF 1. Super Adaptoid 2. Shadow King (Astral Projection) 3. Eternity 4. Ultimo 5. Mephisto 6. Living Tribunal 7. Mimic 8. Dragon Man 9. Holocaust/Nemesis (Redo) 10. Nimrod Honorable Mention Sentinels (Always More Sentinels) Uatu The Watcher Lockjaw HASLAB 1. Mastermold 2. Spider Slayer 3. Blackbird 4. Quinjet 5. Danger Room Honorable Mention Avengers Tower X-Mansion Baxter Building Asteroid M
  5. 10) Iron Man Silver Centurion - Definitely not at the top of my list, but I get it. There hasn't been a good version of this costume since the original Toy Biz ML figure, and that one could certainly use an update. 09) Modern Gold Arm Thor - I think stuff like this is destined to get made, no matter how badly I personally don't want it. But I get it, it's current, it's relevant, it's an "A" lister. It'll happen eventually. 08) Steve Rogers Captain America - Similar response to Gold Arm Thor. I think it's gonna happen eventually. Kind of surprised it hasn't been made already. 07) X-Force Feral - Bring it on! Please. Attention to X-Force & X-Factor is long overdue. They seem to be tackling these teams now-a-days. So, hopefully sooner rather than later. 06) X-Factor Wolfsbane - See Ferral's response. 05) War Machine - Another one where I understand the desire for an update from the original Toy Biz figure., but it's not something high up on my list. 04) Firestar - Long overdue. This is such a classic Iconic character always standing out in my mind from Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. Kind of surprised that this hasn't been done already. 03) Mach-V - Sure, why not. It's not something that I'm clamoring for, but if they're gonna do characters like Puma, Rock Python, White Rabbit, and Spy Master, then why not this? 02) Modern Falcon - I'd prefer them to redo Classic Falcon. That figure desperately needs an update. 01) Modern USAgent - This is one where I feel like, IF you've got the original release then the Modern version doesn't bring enough unique to to the table. They just shouldn't have made the original one so rare. Maybe I'll take the time to make my own Top 10 list sometime soon. I haven't done that in a while. Usually I put WAAAYYY too much time into them. And typically it's not terribly fair to everyone else, because usually modern characters/looks are nowhere on my list.
  6. The different shades of green on this figure kill it for me. Also the dark shading around the eyes & painting the veins to stand out feel like bad decisions to me. Personally I like some other brands' Hulk figures better for my display. Overall I think the new Legends 2 pack version would be the way to go, if you're looking for a purely Marvel Legends display. I'd still like to have this Hulk for an unopened Vintage Collection display. But if they don't ever rerelase it, I won't feel too badly about missing out on it at comic con this year.
  7. He thought the last time this costume was made was in December 2002. It was the very opening line of the video. So he either forgot, or doesn't know about the one from the Giant Man wave in 2006. Little chance a seeing a comparison at that point.
  8. I had to fight tooth & nail to get mine. I placed my order with Free 2 Day Shipping on April 1st. Kept checking the status on it. By the 4th it still had not been shipped. I hit up their customer service. They said it would ship on either the 4th or the 5th. The end of the day on the 5th rolled around, and still no word. So I hit up their customer service again, and gave em hell. They apologized. Told me they were going to ship it out on the 6th. I said that's not good enough. Originally it was supposed to be 2 day shipping. Then I got told 2 different dates that it would definitely be shipped by, ,and that didn't happen. Now I'm being told that it will be the following day. So they said it would definitely be going out on the 6th. They also refunded me $8 +tax on my order. The refund came though. And the package definitely did process or ship on the 6th. I received my Corvus Glaive yesterday. Pretty rad figure. Fight the man! Your dreams can come true. There is hope. Just don't let them bullshit you. Show em that you're mad. Be nice, but let them know that it's not ok.
  9. I'm also skeptical of what happened because there was only this single 2 pack on the shelf. I'm sure that they didn't just place 1 of them on the shelf and leave the rest in the box. And I'm also sure that they didn't only just receive a single 2 pack in a case. My guess is that someone (or multiple customers) managed to purchase the rest of the 2 packs, plus an entire wave of the single figures. If I had any suspicion that I wasn't going to get to purchase this, I would have taken all kinds of pictures before I got up front. I even scanned it at a price checker just to double check the price & make sure there was no error message. Oh well. 6 more days. Then I get to go back and purchase it anyways, I've got it on hold sense they wouldn't let me purchase it at the time. What a bunch of nonsense.
  10. I think its ridiculous that the store doesn't just sell the product to the customer at that point. The store has already messed up by allowing the product to make it to the floor. So they already haven't done their job correctly. They should just suffer the consequences and keep their customers happy. There may be a penalty to the store for selling the item, but that's all the more reason for the store to do a better job in the future and not let the product make it to the floor early in the first place. The procedure should be more like this: #1 Do not let the product on the floor early. #2 Any product that makes it to the floor and into the customers hands, is allowed to be purchased. Rather than: #1 Do not let the product on the floor early. #2 Opps we messed up, so if the customer tries to purchase something that we shouldn't have had on the floor yet, we've got a back up plan to prevent selling the item too early.
  11. I had this 2 pack in my hands today. I went to the register at self checkout, and after scanning it, there was a message prompt saying that the item could not be sold to me. The lady working the self checkout area came over and took the item out of my hands, and said she couldn't let me purchase it. And she took it over to customer service. The lady actually was a little rude about how she did all this. It was like I was the one who did something wrong, and she just grabbed it out of my hands, mumbling that I wasn't allowed to buy this until the 31st, as she was walking away to leave the package at customer service. So close.
  12. Just ordered mine. Looking forward to it. Mafex needs to ease up on their prices though. $65-$80 bucks these days, for a 6" figure from them is getting crazy. I dig realy this Venom, but I do wish he were a bit taller & stockier. I'd love to see Mafex's take on the bigger beefier version of Venom. I intend to use a new Omega Red base in an attempt to make the more perfect, larger Marvel Legends Venom.
  13. Definitely want this set. DOFP Wolverine is something I wouldn't mind adding to my collection. And I always welcome the opportunity for additional Sentinels. But $100 is steep for this. $20 for a normal 6" figure, that means they're looking for $80 for the Sentinel? That's a bit much. Might have to pass this time around.
  14. Avengers wave - Cull Obsidian looks awesome. Would love to get him. I really dig the Wasp figure, and the new Black Knight. I already have Malekith from the SDCC set. So when I'm only getting 2 figures out of a new wave, it looks like the BAF becomes out of the question. Here's to hoping that all the rest become clearance priced peg warmers one day. If I were to win this set, I'd keep the Cull Obsidian and promise to give away every single individual figure for free. X-Men wave - Lots of positives here. But starting with what I don't want, Gladiator - Got him in the SDCC set. Awesome figure, and it needed to be re-released for the rest of the world. Next from the bottom, is Magneto. A bit less desired for me because of the costume choice. I think more people would have preferred another attempt at the classic look. But if you're going with something a bit more updated, I think most people would have preferred the white & black look. Still, it's a really cool looking figure & I dig it. Now on to the really good stuff. I dig everything else this wave has to offer. Wolvie - is rad, just needs some adjustment to his fins on his head. Psylocke is a must have, massive improvement to the previous versions. Hope I can find the purple haired version. Mohawk Storm - wont make my display spot, but it's still a figure that I'm really excited to get. Sabretooth - is one I've been wanting to get a redo for a long time now. So I am excited for it, it's definitely an improvement, but he still missed the mark a bit for me. I really wanted a taller figure, and a much larger upper body for him. He needed a thicker thigh sculpt and a taller mane of hair for his shoulders. Sabretooth has always been one of my favorites, so I've got much higher hopes & desires for his figure. Multiple Man - To me, I feel like he steals the spotlight for this wave. Multiple Man... ok cool. 90's Multiple Man... A dream come true. 3 different heads culpts? Check please! I'll get 5 of this figure at least. Can we have the rest of 90's X-Factor now please?... Strong Guy BAF is a must! Apocalypse BAF - Not much needed to say here. Just awesome.
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