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  1. emma frost grew on me , shes one of my faves now, and her diamond form figure.
  2. im still on the fence about that version of beast as a character but the figure does look cool, best version of daredevil and punisher so far in my opinion, nemesis looks cool.
  3. when will we hear and see new 6 inch marvel legends ? will we see a 6 inch sauron, jubilee, jim lee jean grey, shadowking ? when will england see 6 inch marvel legends ? will we see the 6 inch marvel legends storm figure from the fan poll or another storm sculpt ? are their any ideas of releasing the rest of the figures from the 6 inch marvel legends fan poll in a wave or two packs ? will you be releasing the marvel universe firestar figure in 6 inch scale ?
  4. Then your retarded. Say you were going to sell a game to your friend, but he would pay more for a different one. Would you still sell him the first one? It's simple business practice. Your retarded too. Read the news, then discuss. Wal*Mart and Target are two of the three biggest stores that sell toys. If your line isn't carried by either of them, then you're in a bad place. And yes, shelf space does matter. The more figures you can fit on a shelf, the more figures you can sell before re-ordering. Again, it's simple business sense. The fact is Marvel hasn't had a good 3 3/4" line, and there is a strong market for the figures in that scale. The 6" line, on the other hand, is running out of characters to make. That's why Toybiz switched from a 5" scale to a 6" scale ten years (or so) ago. They can re-sell the more popular characters that don't fit in with other scales. That way the parents will recignize the characters, and the collectors don't feel bad about buying another Spider-Man. And switching over to an online only line would kill it even faster. There would be lower runs on the figures, which would drive the prices way up. Steel Molds aren't cheap. You have to sell a certain number of figures to get the money back, and make a profit to buy more molds. MOTUC can survive because it has a strong fanbase of collectors growing up watching the show, and if it were in stores, it wouldn't last. The Nemesis and Two-Packs were delayed to give something to 6" fans while they were building up the MU line. It's near impossible to have multiple lines of the same property sell at the same time, especially when they are in two different scales. im not a retard im just slow and i have to medical report to prove it !!!
  5. hmmm no figures ??? was their any news for anys more this year ??? they said we had a suprise in for us 6 inch fans ?????? sorry had to slip this in weres my storm ????????
  6. will someonw tell me what 6 inch figures are coming next ??? thats all i want to knwo not interested in the 3 inch figures.
  7. hi guys jsut finnished work been a long day jsut scanning the photos weres the 6 inch figures ???? so what doy ou guys think so far ?
  8. i say yes because i want to see a movie storm, multiple man, callisto, pyro, shadowcat the x men movie figures are good for sculpt and detail but for articulation like x men 1 are verry verry poor storm can only move her arms up and down ????? i would like to see a x3 version of the figures listed above we need a multiple man and i would like an ororo coz her hair and costume were awsum :D
  9. ^^^^ lol same im learning how to drive and i reversed around a roundabout and nearly caused a major accident lol :(
  10. i never thought the 6 inch line was dead i can wait to see what they bring out next im only hoping for a storm figures any costume i just need another storm fix lol. i think some of the hell fire club, sauron, winter soldier, storm, jubilee. only 9 days to go :D i cant wait
  11. yeh i know its wolverine origins but then again the beast kind of spoils that but i love that beast figure its ace, i would like to see..... a fully articulated mystique pyro multipleman shadowcat storm deadpool gambit emmafrost maverick sabretooth i will buy that wolverine if his face isnt stupid and he has good articulation.
  12. not a clear picture but wolverines face doesnt look too flash, but gooo hasbro i love that beast figures great re release but i already have it lol :P i wonder if we will see x3 storm, multipleman ?????????????? im glad they are duing 6 inch ones and i too would like to see a deadpool too but x3 storm would be ace ( cmon hasbro )
  13. Best Marvel Legends, Male: ultimate nick fury Great figure, cool looking great detail cool figure Best Marvel Legends, Female: spiral its the arms and the sculpt a difficlut figure to pull of but they did it, close second to elektra though two pack elektra is great. Best Marvel Legends, Villain: wendigo he is soo cool cool articulation great size good choice and a well needed figure. Hardest ML to Find: all of them england sucks for finding hasbro marvel legends Easiest ML to find: none of them ^^^^^^^ smae reason Best 2-Pack: wolverine and forge two pack i hate the wolverine figure but love the forge figure apart form the fact he is small, he was a must have for my x men collection, i would have liked to see someone other than another wolverine ie a gambit or something but cool two pack. Best BAF: Fin Fang Foom HANDS DOWN EVERY TIME All Around Favorites of the Year: ......... wendigo, spiral, nick fury, forge, kazar zabu, aoa sunfire. Best Non-Legends Figure: Marvel Select Modern Thor i dont have this figure but he does look cool, i want to see what select figures come next i hope a juggernaught sauron and gladiator. Best Iron-Man Movie Figure: war machine finally i found one in england yeh he is cool but i wassnt a fan of the ironman movie figure from the start, too small skinny and the shoulder pads are a bit annoying. Best Marvel film of 2008: Iron-Man not a hulk fan, bring on x men origins. Best ML Online exclsuive: tie aoa and savage land both x men bothe cool but if i had to choose i choose savage land but a good buy, i would have prefered the first apperance storm to have won though. Worst ML of 2008: tie ares wave spidey or red hulk wave wolverine for the simple fact we dont need more spideys or wolverines clogging the legends lines in my opinion Best Competition to ML: marvel select jsut coz i only am realy drawn to marvel, and from what i have read about the larger characters for 2009 im quite excited. just my opinion dont beat me :D ( to peace xxx)
  14. i think force fields for her would be a good idea. or an invisible head give him some fire balls and her some bubbles lol.
  15. just a question you know the invivible woman and human torch two pack, what interchangable parts is their???? if any ??? i hope jonny comes with a flame consumed head and she comes with invisible fading changable arms.
  16. some of you guys dont hope for much do you lol, i think we will be suprised this year like last year i was like wooow, plus in the question answer they said the legends 6 inch line isnt dead and the 6 inch legends fans will be suprised with whats instore or somthing along those lines. i want to see the invisible woman and human torch two pack up close it looks cool wtf nemesis wave again are you for real it was ment to come out ages ago i remember reading about it not last year the year before and jan 2009 and still no nemesis wave, i was hoping to get the varient punisher for christmas but that didnt happen lol but i think this wave ios worth the wait ie punisher beast ....
  17. so new york comic con is on its way along with the rest of the years chances for hasbro to show us whats next so i want predictions . what do you think we will see ???? i think the rest of the x men fan poll in two packs, and the first hasbro marvel legends box set. i hope and pray we see the 6 inch first apperance storm also jubilee dazzler jean grey deadpool sauron. and we will see if they are bringing the wolverine and the x men line out ? just my prediction lets see if it comes true.
  18. i will keep this short and sweet so here goes.......... QUESTION, am i interested ANSWER, no im not. i dont collect anything other than 6 inch, whats with the illegal figures topic are they really bad for you or somthing ? why are they illegal surely if they were that bad they wouldnt make them dont make me burn my collection.
  19. i would probibly have an x women box set... jubilee storm lilandra mystique/emma frost rogue/jim lee jean grey dazzler
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