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  1. i just thought i would change the list slightley as i dont even know half of the characters on the first list plus their wasnt a storm figure in their, but im not sure we will ever see another boxset though.....? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  2. 2009 Marvel Legends Wave 7 (nimrod BAF): jubilee, mandarine, fire star, doombot, hellfire goon. Marvel Legends Wave 8 (Dragon Man BAF): Silver Sable, Winter Soldier (Variant: Cpt America), Enchantress, polaris, fa storm. Marvel Legends Wave 9 (abyss BAF): Warpath, Bastion, silver samurai, deathstrike, jim lee jean grey, dr strange. Marvel Legends Wave 10 (odin BAF): Tony Stark (Variant: SHIELD Uniform),Tiger Shark, invisible woman, ultimate thor, ultimate nightcrawler. Marvel Legends Wave 11 (shadow king BAF): Dazzler, Grey Gargoyle, Dark Beast, ultimate storm, scarlet witch. Marvel Legends Wolverine Series12master mold (trask) BAF): Wolverine, striker, Maverick, Ultimate Deadpool, Sauron, Wolfsbane, sabretooth, modern deathstrike,captain america (ww) Marvel Legends Two-Packs (Wave 3): A.I.M. Henchman & Hellfire Club Soldier Aunt May & Mary Jane (Variant: Aunt May & Gwen Stacy) Aurora & Northstar storm and black panther marvel legends wave 4 Multiple Man & Shi'ar Soldier Lilandra & Deathbird Marvel Legends Box Sets: Wrecking Crew: Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer marvel ultimate alliance: thor captain america spiderman wolverine ironman 2010 el Legends Wave 13 (sentinel baf) Tarantula, Whirlwind, Gladiator, Tombstone, Sebastian Shaw, black tom, magneto, death bird. marvel legends wave 14 (suger man baf) apocalypse (8inch), sunfire, mystique, rogue, professor x. marvel legends wave 15 (frost giant baf) luke cage, goliath (two parts in box like mr fantastic), callisto, zeladain, kingpin, hydro man. marvel legends two packs- professor x and moira storm and callisto firestar and spiderman thor and loki marvel legends wave 16 (danger room build a set) fa beast, fa angel, fa cyclopse, fa jean, fa iceman. marvel legends (bugal rooftop bas) jj, aunt may, mysterio, man spider, black cat. marvel legends (x men mantion bas) storm, wolverine, emma frost, kitty pryde, beast. marvel legends boxset aoa x men aoa villains
  3. lol :) thats all im after really that storm but she needs her cape to be material lol :) im been honest i will stop moning if i get her lol :)
  4. lol :) i feel the same way but i listened to leona lewis and cheered up lol :) i need a storm fix then i will shut up and leve you all be for three years then will need another lol :)
  5. I have a few figures were the joints are stuck and dont want to move but most of the time they ...well after a good twist actuallywork and are fine but some times im not to lucky..... i bought a x men classics storm and her right arm joits wouldnt move they just snapped off all of them so she now has a super glue arm :(, ithink their was alot of problems with that wave but heres another example.... i bought a lord thor of e bay loose and i got it it looks really cool but again on his right arm his elbow doesnt move is their any way of moving these joints..... i got juggernaught x men 3 boxed and one of the blob hands the fingers move but the wrist part is stuck also? ? ?? anyone know how to get stuck joint to move ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  6. when is sandiago comic con, isnt their a few more two packs to be revealed, i hope their is storm one with one of the x men or black panther or callisto. i hope its callisto will their be a whole load new marvel legends their or will they reveal next years line ups i supose onlu time will tell, i just hope they arnt still considering the 3 3/4 inch figures.
  7. actually i do think they plan that far ahead but you can only plan that far with ideas, (example the nemesis wave they were to buisy with all those ideas that they almost wrecked that beast figure), but in another light its good they are digging deeper in to the universe wich has ofered its licance if i was given the licance and owned a toy company i would have dug deep along time ago, im sure you all would, but if this isnt real and it a wish list or hoaks, i think hasbro would do well to jot a few i deas down, (coughs, storm, jubilee, silver samurai, lilandra, no more exclusives!!!!) lol :)
  8. weather the post is genuine or not the question remains....... would you be happy is those were the releases and the prices for 2009?
  9. AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! STORM, tell me this is true im almost having kittens lol :) jubilee lilandra sauron AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! IF this is a joke i will castrate the person who started it, joke but these sound goood, the lockjaw wave i only know storm and bastion. thes are so cool i hope to GOD these are true bring on the storm and jubilee, silver samurai, lilandra, sauron, bastion, black tom....... yeeeeeey cant wait :) still wanna see callisto!
  10. I tryed last time i mentioned this but i cant seem to do it but they do work, but if hasbro actually made the attatchment bit with the fiures in the first place we wouldnt have to resort to glue lol :) but honestly they do work has anyone tryed it???
  11. i mentioned this before just wondered if anyone tryed it, i made power attatchments from pva glue??? i got bored ok but they worked and they look cool. i made on for magneto and two for storm, i think figures should come with them anyway rachael grey did but i think peopl like invisible woman should come with attatchments. 1.i get a plastic bag and lay it out flat 2. get pva glue with funnel end 3.squirt out glue as thick as you think nessecary and in the shape you wish(i made smll lightning attachments for storms hands, make sure you leave hand holes in the middle of the shape) 4.wait a few minuites and then add colour to the shape using paint brush(try not to smudge the shape) 5. leave to dry for a day or two anf the glue dryes clear and the paint addedadds and cool translucent colour. 6.when dry it will be easy to peal off the bag, and also will be hard enough to stand up on its own. good idea, try it, i made a clear one to go around magneto's hands aswell i also made i massive one for the invisible woman with a tinge of blue paint.
  12. i thought the ironmonger figure was pritty big but cool idea, :), i would like to see a warmachine available to everyone.
  13. i still want to see storm from the poll (with material cape) with either gambit or magneto from the poll.
  14. im not keen on the ironman movie figure mark 3 the shoulder pad pop off and fly into the air when ever i move his arms, and he is skinny. but still of for hasbro lol :)
  15. ok then i vote giant size x men, lol, i like the evolutionary boxset idea, fa storm all the way up to modernstorm, i would like to see a deardevil one, and other characters who have had alot of costumes.
  16. ive said it before i will say it again, hasbro let us down too much, and it doesnt matter what they bring out im still waiting to see hml series one in shops still no sighn, ship to england thats what people should say to hasbro at this convention when they get the chance.
  17. IF they made fa x men box set would storm be included, and that indian man i dont know his name???????
  18. i think hasbro should release their version of urban legends so their elektra their daredevil their punisher and a spiderman. spiderman villains, kingpin, hobgoblin, mysterio, carnage, greengoblin (select sculpt) x men, storm, wolverine, professor x, jim lee jean, jim lee cyclopse AOA x men boxset with new apocalypse
  19. i still think a four pack ultimate x men ultimate magneto ultimate storm (short hair) ultimate wolverine (new head) ultimate rogue
  20. ive removed psylocks hair and painted it white and want to put it on series 8 storm head so how would i do that????
  21. quite nice but im t sure she was as dark as that, but nice anyway, i think everyone has a different picture of a perfect storm and i really want to see the ultimate storm with a short hair varient, that would be cool. :)
  22. hello, i dont mean to be annoying, if you find me annoying tough, lol :)

  23. i found this one on ebay looks cool just wondering if anyone has made a storm before if so lets see.
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