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  1. omg great ideas guys and gals im soooooo excited i cant wait to see whats coming next :D i would like to see......... juggernaught gladiator phoenix force storm with cloud, tornadoes and lightning base lock jaw shadow king odin living monalith sauron garok sugerman apocalypse sandman invisible woman in a big bubble abyss mastermold
  2. ive just been to tesco and picked up the hasbro marvel legends limeted edition incredible hulk, its a cool figure, so if you live in the uk and want him hes at tesco, plus when hasbro's wave 1 came out ie banshee x3 beast..... they were in tesco so i do think thats the place to look if hasbro's plans for retailing marvel legends in the uk goes through. ive seen in the uk so far........ marvel legends emma frost ironman movie figures hulk movie figures spiderman movie figures spiderman classics stealth oporations ironman fantastic 4 2 movie figures marvel legends target/tesco hulk. target/tesco if tesco got the target exclusive hulk could they be entitled to the target exclusive waves??? plus asda is part of wallmart fo asda should get the wallmart exclusive wave too ???? and uk toys r us? ive got high hopes for hasbro bringing these across the water. :spidey_deadtopic: lol before someone else says it.
  3. merry christmas everyone xxx what marvel legends are you getting for christmas do tell ? i wasnt too happy about this christmass untill i found out im getting ...... spiral forge wolvering two pack ms marvel havok fin fang foom baf diamond emma frost nick fury captain america two pack savage land box set aoa sunfire wendigo.......... im quite impressed to say england gets none of these and the currency is crap at the min, so what is everyone else getting ??? i feel more posative about next year now after these Q&A i cant wait to see what 6 inch figures come out next im hoping for the rest of the fan poll in two packs :D
  4. maybee making this line into a wave or two packs is the suprise we will all be excited about that they mentioned in the Q&A??? i hope so i want all of these. add jubilee and sauron too would be cool. i agree tarot front page but i have to take half the credit it was my idea :D.
  5. im sure im not alone these are the best answers we have ever got. i cant wait to see the big 6 inch suprise it sound kind of dirty for hasbro ? i think they talk to a dirty hasbro rep lol the uk did get the spiderman classica wave 1, marvel legends wave 1 (i didnt see them), ironman movie figures and incredible hulk movie figures. i have to admit im nto a big fan of the 3 3/4 idea but marvel is big so i supose it deserves every scale going. i hope we see that fa storm and more kewl two packs of box sets
  6. its in febuary will their be hasbro their if so what do you think we will see ?
  7. well im an x men fan through and through. 1.storm 2.sauron 3.jubilee 4.lilandra 5.jean grey (phoenix) 6.gladiator 7.shadowking 8.callisto 9.garok 10.silver samurai
  8. Dormamu is Dr Stranges greatest who (over Baron Mordo). he is seemilar to Ghost Rider in that he has a flame him but he dress like Dr Strange lol :P thanks tarot so im looking for ghost rider in dr strange clothes ??? thanks lol i would like to see a dr strange and this dormamu two pack i wasnt a fan of dr stranges cape ? its obv that winter soldier and us agent will go together but what about the others ??? well if it is true then it might be more like Us Agent and Winter Soldier Enchantress and Dormamu (since they are both god like being and villians) Jubliee and Jean grey storm seems to be the odd one out. altought they might just make her a variant of Jean Grey? unlikely i know but still. i think the three missing were dazzler and either garok and sauron or gladiator and lilandra. so you would have us agent and winter soldier storm and jean jubilee and dazzler enchantress and dormammu and ????? and ???????
  9. Dormamu is Dr Stranges greatest who (over Baron Mordo). he is seemilar to Ghost Rider in that he has a flame him but he dress like Dr Strange lol :P thanks tarot so im looking for ghost rider in dr strange clothes ??? thanks lol i would like to see a dr strange and this dormamu two pack i wasnt a fan of dr stranges cape ? its obv that winter soldier and us agent will go together but what about the others ???
  10. i though it was *BULL* when i first read it but i do remeber us reading about a fin fang foom and two packs and i was like ye never happen and yet it was an i though i would let you guys know becaue if they came out i would be a bit peaved if i read about them months befour ? would be cool im not sure who dormamu is, need to research? i just wish i knew what the other three figures were ?
  11. my friend uses another toy forum i didnt ask which but he said their was a q&a and it got removed due to violation due to information being exchanged regarding 2009 summer-winter two packs wondering if its true? figures mentioned were (one articulated winter soldier, one articulated jubilee, one articulated dormammu, one articulated storm, one articulated enchantress, one articulated us agent, one articulated jean grey) the topic only lasted less than 24 hours then was removed, he copy and pasted the list but the other 3 figures named only came up as numbers or codes ? any one got any idea ?
  12. i dont have all of the baf's but heres them in order of wich i like most.. i have the fin fang foom baf on the way he looks cool im hoping he is worth the money most fin fang foom (when it comes) sentinel blob apocalypse galactus brood queen onslaught annihulus? mojo pitt ?:P modok least sentinel & fin fang foom
  13. im meaning minor changes to your marvel legends ie slight custom or a change of sorts ? emma frost- painted her lips a deep red to make her look like she has more colour to her face and i always put her cloak on under her arms not over them this gives her lots more atriclualtion and she is less restricted plus still looks quite cool. mohawk storm- i removed the cape it made her head look too small so i replaced it with a little black jaket from a barbie or a doll figure and put it on her as a punk jacket she looks awsum. mr sinister- his cape looks goofy in the comic the back is raised not flat so i took the top two tassel cape parts and turned them around litting them up then reattatched them this lifts his cape up and allows the tassel like cape to raise up then drop down looking more like the comic book. i know its not explained well but if you get me its a good change to make. x3 jean varient - i havent got this figures but if i did have it i would colour her eyes black like the film the vains look cool but you really need the black eyes to make it looks better. soo when any of you guys get a figure do you make slight changes to them to make them look better ??? if so lets hear them
  14. from the first look at this picture its obvious its not marvel legends scale its either the same as the hulk movie scale figures 4 inch ? or 3 3/4 inch poor choice hasbro if im right i would have loved a 6 inch deadpool movie and movie 6 inch gambit
  15. two packs fan poll........ fa storm and thunderbird (varient modern storm and warpath) magneto and gambit northstar and aurora lilandra and proffesor x hover chair garok and sauron silver samurai and deathstrike jubilee and dazzler
  16. two packs i call two packs to the stands!!! i votes storm on every computer in college lol and she still didnt win lol but i love it it stands out so much wich tell me its god dam good its classic and yet modern and i think it would sell really well and would hands down replace the series 8 sculpt with it ???? 1st. storm we just need this figure with with the classic yellow trim or with a varient white trim ie modern version and possibly a material cape? 2nd. lilandra agree ^^^^ shiar empire coool, love the look of this figure not sure on the yet again ree use of emma's cape but she gets my second vote. 3rd. i would like to say silver samurai or magneto im neck and neck in third place with these two both look cool but i know we have loads of magnetos but i do like the look of this one but also would love to see another xmen villain so i vote silver samurai. but two packs could solve all our problem i would even be happy with exclusives lol
  17. still i wouldnt mind having any of them they all look sooo cool. actually if magneto had a better expression he would be an ace figure hmm possible two pack changeable head?
  18. this is why i think is was funny sun fire won why isnt he on this picture that cam out first ?
  19. the only way i will buy 3 3/4 inch figures is if they are in england stores and are a £1 a figure or else im not interested im nnot paying top dollar on the internet for little tiny scratty pieces of tat like that i woud buy a playset even for the 6 inch figures lol :D anyways.... storm & thunder bird/callisto/black panther two pack sauron & garok jubilee & dazzler
  20. NOOOO !!! yyyyy i hate 3 3/4 inch figures they are rubbish detail and articulation i hate they and they dont sell to good eg harry potter, narnia???? star wars yes but if they were 6-7 inch i would snap them up even quicker
  21. i agree but i do want to see silver samurai, storm, lilandra, aurora + northstar back with some other from the marvel universe. or give us some two pack to choose from ? so we dont get one figure if they win we get a two pack instead ?
  22. who do you want to see in the new choice fan poll ? i think it will be really tough this time with very wanted characters i think we will see.... jubilee sauron im hoping for another storm but i doubt it :( but who do you guys think we will see ??????
  23. agreed ^^^^^ i would love to see marvel legends on the shelfs again even if only in toys r us :D but i dont think it will ever happen. so if you live in england and need the stealth ironman (warmachine) in you collection go down to toys r us ............... www.toysrus.co.uk
  24. i went to my local toys r us in york england and their on the shelf was a stealth operations ironman movie figure im so impressed i just had to tell someone, i though the warmachine was only a wallmart exclusive ??? well if this is an exclusive then why cant the uk get the marvel legends ? but the figure is awsum i never even thought i would get this figure :D
  25. could you only vote once ?????? i votes loads of times for different people i liked them all except gambit, you would of though with all the votes hasbrop would see dollar sighns ???? point made hasbro are in the dark and the fact they are simply ruling out any marvel legends fans outside on the uk is stupid i know our shop dont wantthem but if hasbro try and sell them like they do with movie figures because my gos do them try and get shops to get stock on movie figures they send rep's poster offers and all sorts why not with marvel legends?
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