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  1. i wanted lilandra she looked good also northstar aurora magneto storm silver samurai i didnt like the gambit i wanted storm to win she was in first place all the way through then sunfire got more votes just towards the end, but a few months befour the poll started i saw the figures pictures together and sunfire wassnt their and somehow he won ?????? fix, anyways i have sunfire on my shelf he looks cool but would look better with that storm, i want another poll with storm jubilee sauron dazzler polaris shadowking.
  2. i said that ages ago storm and either toad black panther or callisto two pack omg i hope hasbro is reading.
  3. !! DEAL !!............ now whens it out :spidey_deadtopic:
  4. i think i agree the black and white looks cool i think it should be done like the first custom pic ^ i like that cape but i do think a yellow trim with the white as a variant.
  5. http://www.figurerealm.com/viewcustomfigure.php?FID=10046
  6. not sure wich i like the most ??????????? i do like the movie and ultimate costume aswell.... as these.......... they could do a fa storm with yellow edge cape and a varient with white edges maybee a short hair varient aswell ?
  7. ^^^^^^^^^ what year was that cartoon from it was a little older than the one i remember i like wolverines voice :P i like how even though the cartoon was rubbish and badly drawn storms bit rocked yet again she always gets a good bit . i would like storms cape to have been material and not bother is its attatched to her wrists, or i would like a plastic bendable cape that looks as though it has a bit of movement in it a bit like dr stranges cape all the folds and such, i hope they make this one. plus of they can now get away with the savage she hulk and shanna lack of clothes surely they could pull off the storm in the fa costume the sort of swim suit with poncho cape ?????
  8. well i see it as x men year next year as for wolverine movie and wolverine and the x men cartoon. FAN POLL lilandra magneto storm north star auroro professor x hover chair jubilee sauron garok shadow king dazzler deadpool deathstrike callisto fire star polaris archlight multiple man toad modern thor marvel legends scale suger man aoa everyone
  9. -what got you started out with marvel legends? marvel legends storm -do you collect anything else? i collect x men spiderman marvel select fantastic 4 and spiderman but they have top be 6 inch scale figures, lord of the rings, harry potter. -the box, in or out? out of the box, all the way. do you play with your figures? totally. where do you get your figures from? i used to get them from stores but since hasbro have taken over i have to pay stupid amounts from loose figures from the iternet favorite accessory/base to come with a figure? storms twister base, marvel select phoenix base. what figure (already made) is missing from your collection that you're dying to get? forge, spiral, fin fang foom, havok, black cat . how about not made? jubilee, sauron, lilandra, storm (first apperance, modern, ultimate, movie) what marvel vehicles would you be into? new x jet fits 5 figures in. playsets? danger room, x mansion, bugal rooftop. bafs or accessories/bases? shadow king, sugarman, abyss, and i would like to see bases back too, and power attatch ments like rachael grey had i would like to see like cosmic hand pieces or lightning pieces to attatch to pose figures with. favorite ml group (x-men, iron man armory, marvel knights, etc.)? x-men. what recent event do you think deserves a line of figures (civil war, secret invasion, etc.)? ????? AOA, ultimate, secret invasion two pack with interchangable parts. what character was made that you didn't think needed to be? ^ i like series 8 storm its the best figure ever but i want a new storm but i think rachael grey (marvel girl) she looks like manga figure or something from pokemon biggest marvel legends frustration? honestly? i've spent so much money on my collection that i just want it to be done, but they keep coming out with toys i want. i agree i cant buy these figures in stores like the american collectors can so i have to pay around £50 wich is about $100 on loose figures and thats jsut around 4-5 figures loose. ... and thats all folks.
  10. just wonderine when the nemesis wave is out does anyone have any idea is it befour christmas ? also the second wave of two packs any word ?
  11. Heh, I thought the same thing when I read his first post. lol :P sorry i have work to do so its just a quick type job every time lol good one guys let me try my american (MY BAD) :P i saw that on a pragram once ;)
  12. x men wave with baf 14 inch shadow king magneto fan poll-includes upper torso storm-includes arm sauron-includes lower torse jubilee-includes arm sebastion shaw-includes leg proffesor x & hover chair-includes head multiple man-includes leg toad-includes tail & spikes for shouders
  13. yes carp c-rap a-nd r-ather p-ointless i like movie figure for detail however articulation always suffers i want to see x men 3 storm and callisto and multiple man, also xmen origins wolverine gambit and deadpool.
  14. What the?! Good to know tho when shopping ebay. ^^^^^^ theri the ones yeh but some contain strange bits too but tsee what i mean about the includes not part ??????? wiered and the comics that come with them are jsut the coveres with no comic in them that probibly why they are only 99p, if anyone want a bishop with a cerebro helmet :P you know were to shop ;)
  15. i dont know how to add photos i onyl bough the storm and this one lately their is a bishop with one gun and a set of cards from gambit pack ???? its just looks like toybiz have put together parts of things and just sent them off i jus6t dont believe some of the combinations i dont buy them if i have them theyr are jsut not right but i needed iron fist but the 4 page comic is just the best lol its just the front cover with the comic ripped out of it all figures are sealed and its a good well knows shop in england its a bit like a supermarket ? can anyone tell me how to add photos ?
  16. i was in local shop in england called home bargains and it sells marvel legends the toybizz of course but they havent had any in for ages so i was in looking for the new harry potter figures i picked a few up and notices the apocalypse wave ???? i already have the black apocalypse baf but not all the figures their was bishop x 23 and iron fist i only got iron fist as i dont have him and i noticed something strange ?????? the figure itself is fine but it doesnt come with a baf piece and the sticker on the front reads '' this figure includes NOT the build a figure piece'' ??? and also '' includes a 4 page comic'' ?? odd the comic has a front and back but its just that it has no actuall comic it has the front the lord of the rings toys on page two marvel transformers on page 3 and the back showing the other figures on page 4 ????? i dotn get it this shop sells strange things i got a storm with a wasp hair on it i jsut re painted it so it looks like x3 storm? also a jean with rogue hair, captain america with ironman mask and base, proffesor x with invisible stand and fire slashes (fron iron fist ???) has anyone else noticed these strange package errors ? i jsut wish i could add photos im being 100% honest their is lord of the rings ones too with gandalf staffs with habbits and stuff like that ? o and a eowen with a toybizz marvel legends invisible woman head ?
  17. 1. ml storm varient 2. ml storm 3. xmen classics storm 4. phoenix 5. danger 6. marvel girl 7. emma frost 8. rogue 9. mystique 10. black cat
  18. im from the uk do i need to vote if so were and who shall i go for ?
  19. sorry but i have and i never thought i would ever say this but i have lost interest i simply cannot afford to pay the prices of these figures i dont mind them when they are in shops but thats another thing the only in america and then they are exclusives and only in 1 or 2 shops as exclusives why do they bother really i have lost interest i really like these figures i really would like the forge and wolverine and cap and fury two pack but i simply cannot afford to pay the price and the shipping cost, and thats not even mentioning the exclusives figures i would like the spiral but at that price is a weeks worth of shopping and sorry i would rather live lol :P. i loved the start when i would pop to a local shop to pick up the latest figure but now its just a joke i cant believe you guys are still following this i have tryed and tryed and tryed but i cannot afford it its to hard to get hold of these figures in england i think hasbro should hand over to a more worldwide company or start and send some marvel figures over as marvel is a popular company i want to see the figures in shops everywhere to match it only makes sence. not in england only in america only in two shop in america exclusives , ....................... sorry not interested. thanks hasbro but no thanks love the figures love the characters, BUT hate the lack of thought that goes into retailing these products. so sorry guys unless i see them in shops in the uk im out .
  20. who thinks of these questions and who asks them because ive been asking a question for like a year now will we see a 6 inch storm figure from the fan poll ??????? thats what i want to know thren i will shut up.
  21. i want a 6 inch storm either x men movie or fa or ultimate and i will be happy. also a jubilee sauron lilandra would be nice. the only way i would buy these 3 3/4 inch figures is if they were really cheap and if they dotn get shipped worlwide i wont be getting them anyway considering i dont even get the 6 inch marvel legends as england doesnt seem to be on hasbro shipp agenda ?????
  22. i like the shadowking professor x idea. i too would like a danger room or a x mansion or daily bugal playset but i cant see them making a playset for 6 inch figure i think the 3 3/4 figures wich i hate the idea of by the way will get playsets and boxset not 6 inch :( shame. jubillee and dazzler sauron and garok proffessor x and either shadowking lilandra or moira magneto and mystique apocalypse and sinister loki and odin storm and callisto/black panther
  23. omg i came up with a good idea for once hehe, but their is alot of black marvel heroes that need figure or seroius ree doo's like bishop and blade??? also a femaled themed boxset femmefetal ?? or however you spell it.
  24. i agree i think the wind sweapt hair idea is good, i also want to see jubillee and firestar, a new mandarine. storm, black panther, luke cage, war machine, blade, in a black marvel superheroes box set. would be awsum.
  25. i hated the ronan series invisible woman last time i saw the invisible woman she was like really nice looking and had BLONDE hair and both her eyes pointed in the same direction??? you have to admit this new invisible woman is far better than that toybiz invisible woman we got she didnt even look human???? the movie one is the best. plus i think this is just an early prototype and it will be alot better in the actual figure. i dont gte why bring out an invisible woman and human torch two pack then bring out a human torch in the wave also ??????? why waste a space again??? were are the wolverine movie figures ??
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