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  1. 1st Appearance Storm & Thunderbird (storm-removable material cape, interchangable head with wind swept hair,thunderbird- and a few part swaps to make a Warpath figure for X-Force)
  2. hasbro marvel legends wave 1 i was just wondering what scale is this wave??? i notices bashee is tiny along side phoenix and rogue he is verry small, and if you compare emma frost to x 23 black version x23 is huge compared to her she also has a big head emma has a verry verry small head. also the x3 beast isnt thayt big either is this wave a different scale ?
  3. storm i know you know i want one but im not sure who with??? storm and either......... thunderbird jubilee callisto toad black panther beast professor x kitty and colossus lilandra and professor x odin and ultimate thor polaris and scarlet witch magneto from the fan poll and mystique firestar and iceman
  4. Sounds like Toy Biz/Marvel Toys Quality Control was up to its' usual standards with the LCBH line. Thankfully, My Pitt seems to be fine, though I bought it early in the line's run. Dunno if that has anything to do with it, though. each figure from the legendary line was £1.99, form a homebargains, i get a alot of figures from their i got my white storm from their the classics version and her arms just dont bend they just snap its almost asif this shop just gets defaults, i remember a modern ironman with a gandalf staff in it ? also a wasp with phoenix hair apocalypse wave with no apocalypse part or with no tubes for arms ? its sells like last minuite knockouts, i just wish they made a storm with a different hairstyle :D, but the pegs on the pitts legs are way too short to stay in and the torse is just one massive hole their isnt even any holes for anything to be attatched, i would upload photos but i cant do it on this website but i think the only option is to glue them.
  5. im fine with the blob its just pitt, the pegs are all wrong and simply dont stay it i think i might super glue them in ?? That would be beyond stupid.Do you still have the instructions? Try to use sheer force. no they all go in fine they just fall back out and the chest pice hasnt even got anything to attatch it with its just a hole ?????
  6. im fine with the blob its just pitt, the pegs are all wrong and simply dont stay it i think i might super glue them in ??
  7. i like alot of people cant wait to get the baf's but does anyone else's fall aprt ???? the blob- it holds together but very easily falls apart? the same with annihilus??? some people have mentioned their giantman not even fitting together? but i bought all of the legendary comic book heroes pitt series and i now have all the figures and all the baf parts but the pegs on the baf pieces arnt big enough to hole the arms in or the legs and the top half fall off it judt doest attatch itself to the other bits, is it just my figure or have they just not thought it through. i cant put it together but you only have to look at it and it falls arapt again should i glue it all together ??? also has anyopnes actual figure just fallen apart? my shocker did.
  8. i agree i just love marvel but if i had to pick modern or classic costumes i go with modern. i love the x men ultimate costumes.
  9. well the uk has lots of toys r us's and yet we didnt get the emma frost of the blsck queen exclusives ?
  10. i dont mind another vision but the one we have already is fine, but that human torch looks cool, so does the warmachine although it is a totla repaint, i think that that spiderman is a waste of a space in a legends baf line he should have been in the spidermsn line and the juggernaught should have been in the legends line, but what you gunna do. i just wished we saw a xmen legends line or a wolverine movie line i know we will get the movie line but a word would have done. i vote for the figures from the fan poll and a polaris, morph, sauron, garok, shadowking. also an odin.
  11. well i have an idea, my brothers friend is going to america for a holiday and im giving him $50 to buy he the forge two pack and the nick fury and cap america two pack but were is the best shops for them and what sort of marvel figures would say wallmart have i have no idea someone please give me some help???????? is $50 enough for the two packs, is the cable two pack still in shops ????
  12. i think this unleashed line if it happens is the reason why their wont be a baf wave for a while, becaus ethey can get anway with what they were producing as baf scale in this line?? shadowking lockjaw sugerman apocalypse odin livin monalith nimrod
  13. thanks guys but i only want ultimate nick fury and forge i dont want that odd looking wolverine but wouldnt mind that cap, but i will wait till they are loose on ebay, thanks again :D
  14. right i dont want to cause any arguments here but can anyone tell me the best way to buy the new marvel legends ie... forge ultimate nick fury fin fang foom baf anyone got any idea or is ebay the only option if so that cool but has anyone got any of the above they will sell me ? im 100% serious so please dont give me fake addresses and false info :(, i am after these figure just like you guys but i have a disadvantage
  15. i just looked on hasbro toyshop and saw the two packs but do they ship to the uk.
  16. rememberer storm wit a material cApe! yehhh either fa or ultimate im not fussy :D
  17. i like what you did their lol..... that was the first ever x men cartoon i ever watched and its what has got me hooked on storm x men and marvel so i thank it really and yes i have watched it before lol, but a mjnari figure hmmm not yet i dony think hehe, but i odnt see why not a garok sauron and shodowking? im waiting on an x men origins storm movie then she will get her own wave OMG!!!! lol im only joking. i too want a better movie venom figure the other looked nothing like him his mouth was too open. and tarot if you wanna kill me kill me lol :P im joking. london comic con is in july 2009 whats the chances hasbro will be their ???
  18. I just watched this x men episode and its the best one i ever watched and it makes me want a sauron figure more and more. WATCH THIS......BEST EPISODE EVER http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=zeHq3MUFUqc Real Name Karl Lykos Aliases None Identity Secret Occupation Terrorist, former psychiatrist Citizenship U.S.A. (presumed) Place of Birth Unrevealed Known Relatives Unidentified father (deceased) Group Affiliation Formerly Weapon X, Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, Savage Land Mutates (leader) Education Unrevealed Height (As Lykos) 5'9"; (as Sauron) 7' sauron is 7 foot is that worths of a baf title ??? Weight (As Lykos) 170 lbs.; (as Sauron) 200 lbs. Eyes (As Lykos) Brown; (as Sauron) Red Hair (As Lykos) Brown; (as Sauron) None Powers Sauron has a toothed beak, 12-foot wingspan, and razor-sharp claws. In this form, he possesses superhuman strength and a hypnotizing stare. Genetic enhancement by the Weapon X Program granted Sauron the ability to expel the energy he absorbs as blasts of concussive energy from his hands. Recently, Sauron’s powers mutated further, allowing him to absorb and utilize mutant powers as well as breathe fire.
  19. i thought emma frost was in the wolverine movie if so i would like to see a movie emma frost.
  20. striker and trask morph and logan apocalypse horsemen 4 pack when is the next time we will hear about marvel legends hasbro?
  21. i got the whole pitt wave but its doesnt quite fit together right the pegs on the legs are a bit small wich means the legs fall off all the time plus his head and chest doest attatch to the stomach they just fall apart??? but anyway i might glue them does anyone else have this problem ? it says when you put it together it will not come apart ? well its more like balance a figure than build a figure? anyways back to the topic, why give the marvel licance to a company that only sells their figures to two store exclusives ????????????????? and what about the company who makes wrestling figures????? what are they called ???
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