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  1. even toybiz didnt have a baf for every wave so lets see a wave or tw of stands instead of baf parts.
  2. hmmmm we have hered about this for some time this is the 5th website i have seen this line up of figures on this could be true, i hope the lockjaw wave is i really want the bastion and storm. but i know it probibly isnt but cool anyways when will we see another storm????
  3. both have good and bad points i prefer hasbro for the figures but prefer toybiz for packaging and shipping. hasbro good i like hasbro style they produce their figures all the characters look more modern and are alot more cool looking. hasbros choice of characters have gone deeper into the marvel univers but at a price, due to less people knowing about these characters uk's stores have pulled out of stocking them hasbro bad i dont like the fact that hasbro dont ship worldwide, and again they now went form just america to exclusives that are only available in on or two shops. i also dont like hasbro packaging no stand or comic. toybiz good i like the toybiz packaging i loved the baf's, stands, comics. i also liked the choice of characters and paintwork and articulation. i also like the fact that if a new wave came out i could nip down to a local shop and pick them up because the ship worldwide but now hasbros are nearly impossible to find. toybiz bad i didnt like the way toybiz gave characters to much articlulation, plus some characters like daredevil and iceman had huge ball shoulder wich looks unrealistic.
  4. if they want to make money i think marvel heroes figures are the way to go if they are sold worldwide instead of exclusives. by the way i went to a local store and they had the pitt wave of legendary comic book heroes it was my brother who found them could some one tell me how much they are worth and were i can find out a bit about them i dont know who they are????? he only got three as he didnt have enough money on him at the time if it was me i wouldnt have got them becaise i dont know who they are, but they are £2.50 each wich is bout $5 each. should i get the pitt baf but can someone tell me who they are??? are they all heroes even the baf? can someone tell me the powers or background of the characters?
  5. i think they should make x men movie figures we didnt see for other films aswell like the x2 deathstrike, x3 multipleman, x3 storm, x3 pyro, i would like to see a william striker figure to go with my deathstrike or hydra soldiers?
  6. i love that saying '' mountain out of a mole hill '' love it.... have you seen the american guy in big brother uk version on now, he is an albino black guy??? by the way does anyone want a trim i got my certificates today im a qualified hairdresser!! yehhh :)
  7. :spidey_deadtopic: :spidey_deadtopic: :spidey_deadtopic: :spidey_deadtopic: :spidey_deadtopic: we will never see these two packs, who am i kidding :(
  8. hmmm getting alot of questions??? lol i just bought lately ...... brood queen baf apocalypse baf galactus baf 2 sentinel baf onslaught baf blob baf mojo baf modok baf annihulus baf ???? i cant spell it vengance punisher two hydra soldiers kingpin + bullseye nearly all the x men and a few other figures i like the looks of but i havent dont bad to say they dont sell them here anymore i had to get another job to get these lol but its worth it. i want.... havok, wallmart cable, phoenix, forge, nick fury, another storm. i need a bigger shelf lol :) my collection isnt as big as other peoples but i dotn think i have done bad considering the hurdles i have to jump to get them.
  9. thank god someone else who has the same problem it cost me like £50 wich is like $100 for a few loose normal marvel secondhand. not even boxed and their not even rare. :(
  10. yes and what you on bout storm goddess of thunder ?
  11. america is no more ignorant than anywhere else. i feel that any country's people can be ignorant. like i said before....i'd hate to see what you guys think of african americans.(people on this forum) Why? If you dont see what you like will you "Bust a cap on my ass". XD And yes xmenstorm1,I am. omg grog why are we fighting we could be talking about marvel legends, were do you get your marvel legends from? have you got any of the two pack that are out already?, no one is putting them on ebay for the uk :( thats just selfish. i was just wondering why everyone is calling me xmenstorm1 but thats my account name lol :P, call me kit.
  12. i know i wanted storm and black panther or storm and callisto but o NO. i really think they should do x men origins two packs but not wolverine in the title just x men origins and wave 1 from wolverine movie and wave 2 from the x men universe. but i would have thought with them making a fully painted prototype of fa storm i would have thought they would have made it, but i have to say it needed a bigger cape than the prototype and either soft plastic or material. but i realy wanted that lilandra figure aswell.
  13. DOTN FIGHT GUYS !!!! lol im only messing. can we go back to the two packs ? GROG are you from the uk ?
  14. what about x men origins two packs. wich could include x men outside of the movie or x men from the other movies like a movie multipleman, pyro, x3 storm, callisto. does anyone here like harry potter? what was that about fat americans and ugly english people ??? very random. i know america is a more interesting place and the uk is more historical, but i know one thing at least we dotn have the jerry springer show, because omg. (i married my horse wtf i hated that episode)
  15. im from england and everyone really cool, the only thing bad bout england is the bad weather, omg and harry potter the half blood prince is coming out soon and the trailer is out it looks awsum.
  16. i think we should get all those figure from the fan poll they were awsum.
  17. She doesnt need to make this thread when she asks the question in nearly every post he/she/it has.About 60% of her posts are asking other members which x-men 2 packs they want. he/she/it what is that ment to mean ??????? :hulk:
  18. thank you GROG for yet another enlightening and uplifting post NOT from now on :spidey_read_thread: then post something constructive or :wolverine2: i will post what i like and my opinion is my opinion if you like it or not, i have a good right to give you the title or retarded member but i wont because im a half decent person, after everything i post i get your pointless abusive replys, and i think this is a good thread and a good talking point but i cant wait to see what you have to talk about ie beating kids and laughing at old people you heartless pointless stupid waist of time. !!!!! :hulk: and noob god you think im childish god your sad. and you make me so mad.
  19. i too wanted to see the poll figures i realy like them an di think they would sell well magneto storm lilandra aurora northstar silver samurai wasnt to crazy about the gambit but a jubilee would be nice and a sauron
  20. i would have put them as an option but whats the point they would win easy but i really like the sauron and garok idea but i just looked all over the marvel universe of characters and i cant see garok but he was on the x men cartoon and in x men legends 2 and in some comics so does he even exist? i really want professor x and lilandra and storm and thunderbird or storm and callisto.
  21. that sucks if i payed all that money to have one shipped to england to find it had missing pieces i would be very venemous. i think its time hasbro was replaced my a better and more reliable company, who is with me ???????
  22. you know what i liked hasbro then i hated hasbro then i liked them again and now....... im getting annoyed with hasbro... why isnt hasbro duing an x men wave are they stupid, marvel is a much loved universe of great characters wich well deserve a toy line, and they have been given to a company who ''can only make exclusives'' well i think its about time marvel kicked hasbro off their list and give their amazing toyline to someone more willing to sell these figures and produce a good line up of rare unseen and resculpted characters, im sick to death of hasbro's exclusives and wallmart only you know what at this point in time they could be available nowhere stickers on those things because i cant get them anyway. i cant think of any toy company that would take these on but i couldnt care at this minuite any would do. i sorry but next year is x men year and i think an x men movie line and an x men themed legends line like the hulk got is a great idea. but if they are stopping the baf waves for a bit then the two packs are a good idea some one with a brain please go for a managers job at hasbro please. ps........... :spidey_deadtopic:
  23. what x men two packs do you want to see x men themed two packs - lilandra and professor x (hover chair) jubilee and dazzler fa storm and thunderbird sauron and garok deathbird and gladiator striker and deathstrike callisto and ultimate storm wolverine and silver samurai jim lee jean and jim lee cyclopse modern rogue and gambit magneto and mystique apocalypse and sinister aurora and northstar iceman and firestar juggernaught and collosus multipleman and nightcrawler
  24. marvel is awazing and is liked my thousands of people and the figure are collected by those thousands of fans so why at hasbro call do we all give up if i owned a toy company i would be quickk to take on the marvel legends line, if not hasbro marvel legends then someone else will take over either toybiz again or another company? but i cant see the marvel figures going away that easy, i hate 3 3/4 scal idea and have said this many times 6 inch or no sale. what other toy company would you think would take it on next ? wich company would you let the 6 inch marvel legends line future lie with ? plus marvel has its own toy company i just wikipedia it lol.
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