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  1. From what I've seen on the various threads here over time, especially the last few years since Hasbro took over the line, is that collectors who talk about how they are 'getting out' or selling their MLs, no longer are looking forward to 'new' MLs coming down the pike for their own various reasons. And built into our society, from cradle to grave, is to look to the future and look to consume- 'more stuff', 'new stuff.' Some here may take exception to that, but it's true. Americans don't like to admit they are conditioned so completely to consume and spend - it makes them feel and appear less in control of their impulses and more easily manipulated by marketers - but we are, it's a fact of our culture. It's so ingrained that some will post back to me that I'm full of cr@p and 'they're' not one of those people. But consciously or unconsciously, it plays a roll in many people getting out of collecting them. Once the anticipation of a new wave, or the thrill of having the latest figure in their hands is gone, the desire to keep them starts to fade... the chase is better than the catch.


    I myself have been a Marvel reader and fan for decades and only collect ML figs. I've waited many, many years for someone to make decent three dimensional figures of the characters I love, to bring them to life - and no, 1970's Mego figs didn't cut it for me. So I don't plan to sell them and I am looking forward to seeing what Hasbro has in store.


    And BTW, I am not discounting anyone who says some people are just plain old hurting for cash, that's very true too.



    Truth. I too am a Marvel fan first. I've always loved Marvel Comic and still read the bulk of them today, so my ML's are my drop dead favorite line. I collect alot of other lines and have since childhood. GI Joe, Transformers, Star Wars, and they would all go first were I to have to sell any of my collection off.


    I totally agree with the thrill of the hunt for most people. Using GI Joe as an example, in many of it's recent decade long incarnations I've noticed my interest come and go. Recently when everything shifted to Sigma Six, I just didn't care as mush about my Joes. But with this line I always knew there would be more of the 3 3/4 figs around the corner, but if it were in haitus for an extended period of time my interest would definately fade. Actually with these new movie figures replacing the 25th line, I'm already losing interest. I'm sure the same goes for ML with alot of people.


    As far as needing cash, I totally understand. I sold alot of my vintage Star Wars and prized baseball cards for college back in the 90's. I hated it but it had to happen.


    Here's hoping that Hasbro gets back on the ML wagon here at SDCC, and we see something that interests us all to draw us back to the line.

  2. The guy who found them in oregon is the same dude who used to run the Marvellegends.net site. I'm sure he's pretty connected seeing as he is one of the ML guru's out there.


    I got mine from the silver snail as well. So glad I did, cause otherwise I'd be going crazy right now. I hate waiting for toys, it's childish I know, but some childish things stick around when you're young at heart.

  3. So I just was visiting the Fwoosh, and someone who was at Philly-con posted a rumor that Jesse Falcon would reveal new legends Saturday Afternoon at a Toy Panel. Sure enough, the man delivered. Pics were shown of X-Force WARPATH, Current MULTIPLE MAN, and LADY BULLSEYE!


    These are 6" legends and supposedly there is more news to come either at this con or at SDCC!!



  4. I don't believe hasbro or any company for that matter produces stuff based on retailer demands.


    Then your retarded. Say you were going to sell a game to your friend, but he would pay more for a different one. Would you still sell him the first one? It's simple business practice.


    will someonw tell me what 6 inch figures are coming next ??? thats all i want to knwo not interested in the 3 inch figures.


    Your retarded too. Read the news, then discuss.


    Are you serious?? If wal mart and target don't want them that's there problem,there are plenty of other retailers.


    People IN THE U.S were buying the exclusives, no were else because they were not available.


    Shelf space?????? Get real,that has nothing to do with it,if the product sells it will be on the shelf no matter the package size, but that's the problem,with the exclusives crap there is nothing on shelves so that means no sales .


    Wal*Mart and Target are two of the three biggest stores that sell toys. If your line isn't carried by either of them, then you're in a bad place. And yes, shelf space does matter. The more figures you can fit on a shelf, the more figures you can sell before re-ordering. Again, it's simple business sense.


    The fact is Marvel hasn't had a good 3 3/4" line, and there is a strong market for the figures in that scale. The 6" line, on the other hand, is running out of characters to make. That's why Toybiz switched from a 5" scale to a 6" scale ten years (or so) ago. They can re-sell the more popular characters that don't fit in with other scales. That way the parents will recignize the characters, and the collectors don't feel bad about buying another Spider-Man.


    And switching over to an online only line would kill it even faster. There would be lower runs on the figures, which would drive the prices way up. Steel Molds aren't cheap. You have to sell a certain number of figures to get the money back, and make a profit to buy more molds. MOTUC can survive because it has a strong fanbase of collectors growing up watching the show, and if it were in stores, it wouldn't last.


    The Nemesis and Two-Packs were delayed to give something to 6" fans while they were building up the MU line. It's near impossible to have multiple lines of the same property sell at the same time, especially when they are in two different scales.


    Uhh, Mods should not be attacking posters. Calling people retarded just isn't cool, and you're supposed to be better than that!!!!

    Look, alot of us are pissed, and even with our "sense of entitlement issues", we'e allowed. But the mods have no right to be attacking people you're suppossed to be better than that.


    And your points aren't very valid either. Given the support & customer respect that Mattel employs Hasbro's ML could survive online. But that would require them to answer the questions in the Q&A's, Respect thier fandom, endorse thier lines and actually have confidence in thier product. Many ML collectors would support online sales, but Hasbro fears that because of the GI Joe online debackle a few years back. Yes in would mean higher prices but face it, that would happen regardless.


    Yes molds aren't cheap buy there are plenty to kit bash from if done right, and plenty of A listers that have changed in the comics since thier last incarnation. (i.e. Cap, Thor, Goblin, Extremis Iron Man) heck, following the DCUC format that's enough anchors for 4 lines. These done well could still sell through Diamond or HTS.


    Multiple lines seems to be working just fine for DCUC & DCIH. Why not Marvel?


    Marvel has multiple films coming that could support multiple lines.


    That said, respect your fellow fans and stop cutting them down.

  5. I just REALLY hate that "pick 5 for the Marvel Universe" poster.


    It's like they took all the ML's we always wanted and slapped them on there. It really pisses me off that they take all the ML fans dream figures and tease them for the smaller line. It's disgusting and insulting to a long time fan base.


    Yes, some of those figures in the MU look good but they leave a bad taste in my ML mouth.


    Can you all understand that anger?

  6. In the MU scale. :sad:


    This just feels like a slap in the face to people who have wanted a Firestar figure in ML for years. To see it in 3 3/4 angers me. :hulk:


    There are also some pics up around the collector community of new SHS 4 packs, (one with the BLOB), new MU figs, and the Wolverine and the X-men toys. Not alot new yet, but there is more to come, I hope.


    I know Jesse said there would be new ML news here originally, then reposted that he meant SDCC, but I still hold out hope that we ML collectors will get more than a "wait and see" approach.


    Anyone else have news?

  7. Well, Jesse chimed back at The Fwoosh.


    Apparently he made a mistake with his announcement about the 6" line at NYCC. I guess he meant to say SDCC is the venue where we'll get our ML news.


    But don't worry, the MU line will be being shown at NYCC. <sarcasm>


    Good Grief! Just when we had something to look forward to....





    third post down

  8. Thanks for the heads up clonekiller72. Im glad you are excited for the MU figs like me. :tongue:


    I wouldn't say excited per se'. I'm a Marvel fan and love giving them my money, but I'll only fully commit to the MU if ML is continued.


    They should be able to co-exist, and help promote each other.


    But I do like the Cap, I just wish it had the wings. They've never bothered me like they do some people. Heck put a variant out there. Mixing 616 and Ult. ain't right.

  9. That being said, I hope they do "pull an Ares" on us. And a Polaris, Firestar, Wrecking Crew, Alpha Flight and Thunderbolts while they're at it. :wink:


    Hey now, I said a tiny bit of faith. We can all hope for the best, but I don't think anyone should be expecting a full-on resurgence of the 6" line. I'll be happy with another wave or two or three of 2-packs and maybe some other sort of retailer exclusive wave or waves (which they seemed to be hinting around in their last Q&A). Just some solid signs that Marvel Legends aren't completely going away.


    Yeah, realistically that's all we can hope for. Just as long as we get something beyond nemesis and the 2nd wave of 2-packs. Cause if they show Nemesis again it'll be a giant slap to the face while getting kicked in the nards.


    But I totally agree, some sign that Hasbro still is planning ML's. Supposedly they have thier secret plan, I hope it's a good one.


    All we need now are some bothans, maybe The SpyMaster, or Soundwave to sneak us some info. Not to spoil, but to give that glimmer of hope.

  10. :rolleyes:

    If Hasbro gives out info, it's a "release" not a "leak."


    If guys on the "teams" are giving out info they're not supposed to and it makes it to the public, then they could get fired because they probably have signed non-disclosure agreements. I would imagine in the present economy, they're being more tight-lipped than ever, which may account for the seeming lack of news on a variety of lines.


    As for Marvel in specific: I seem to recall that last year the Ares wave was a very pleasant surprise when they unveiled it at SDCC (and it ended up on store shelves just a couple or three months later). Maybe folks need to have a tiny bit of faith that Hasbro might have some more surprises in store for the 6" fans.


    Whooh. Wait a minute. Faith in Hasbro's Marvel department. Now that's a stretch. :rolleyes:


    That being said, I hope they do "pull an Ares" on us. And a Polaris, Firestar, Wrecking Crew, Alpha Flight and Thunderbolts while they're at it. :wink:


    (actually, marvel has been kinda nice regarding the Thunderbolts characters considering that most of the are Dark Avengers now, using costumes that already exist (or minor customizations) for the most part.)


    And the fear of loosing thier jobs is a very valid reason, as I said before it was MUCH easier in the Toy Biz days for me personally to get information. I always knew what was coming, just didn't have a forum to leak it to at the time cause I didn't do the board thing back then. That being said there's always the chats that occur between friends in the industry. Just now there's respect for the other person and thier livelyhood.

  11. Sure hasbro leaks info. You just have to know the right people. I have a buddy who works it the industry, he knows alot of people on the Star Wars and Transformers production teams and depending on what toys he's selling them, he gets good news. Some, he's sworn to secrecy on, others he leaks.


    Back scratching can go a long way.


    It's a shame he doesn't have any interest in Marvel product or he'd try to worm his way into that team as well.


    Point is leaks do happen when you know the right people. Unfortunatly since the TB switch I have no idea who the right people are.

  12. In the weeks before Toy Fare and NYCC it is very common to have some form of rumors/spoilers for new product. Already GI Joe rumors have spilled regarding a new "PITT" playset for $100, and Star Wars product list have been formulated including a $100 TurboTank, so why not Marvel stuff?


    Are we as a collecting community not intrenched enough with Hasbro's Marvel peopel to get rumor leaks?


    Are Hasbro's Marvel guys better at keeping a secret than the other departments?


    Not to :spidey_deadtopic: , but is there nothing in store? I hope not.


    It just seems that usually by this time there's someone out there who leaks some rumors of what to expect, and that info teases/carries us until Toyfare.


    Now maybe the Wolverine Origins stuff could count as rumor, but that was already spilled quite some time ago, and there's gotta be something juicier than this on the horizon.


    Obviously there's all the Nemisis & 2-pack B.S. and delays that we still haven't heard about, so you'd think there'd be someone who knows someone who knows something out there somewhere. But maybe not.


    That being said, Hasbro's European Toyfare pamplet didn't even mention anything marvel related, while other brands featured news and new product. They didn't even promote 3 3/4 on it, which I found odd.


    What to you think? Where are our spies?


    According to Hasbro, They have this "Plan". Surely someone out there has the goods right?


    Cause damn, this news seems locked up tighter than the fifth cylon in Battlestar.


    UPDATE: even Star Trek is doing the upcomming product reveal thing, check it out.



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