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  1. 1)yes, this info has been around since oct. it was posted because the toy dept. manager said that theyre on his planner. he usually isnt wrong, so i posted this as a reminder that theyre shipping soon. 2) dont start whining in every thread because tarot locked yours. 3) we love having you, but if you perfer the fwoosh, then by all means... It's "WE" now? Since when did JayC start sharing the profits from all the ADs with you? LOL, Because that is all this forum is for. The more hits the better. Just citing an example man, that's all. Besides, I'm a Marvelous News'er, though will say people at fwoosh are generally much more polite. Sad, but true. But I will say this site is much nicer than it was 10-12 months ago. Back to topic, everyday I check that thread at fwoosh. You wanna talk about annoying, this loading zone made me actually think they'de be out for x-mas, and all it was was a big waste of time. I hope your "guys" right, cause if there were any momentum for the line after Rulk and Ares, it's been killed now, and we need to see something pronto.
  2. Uh these have been posted on the fwoosh for almost 2 months nothing new here. Maybe you should lock the thread, cause this is old news.
  3. No wonder this site is a ghost town, My topic got locked out immeadiatly. So much for trying to talk. Thank's mod god tarot. This sites attitude and stuffiness has caused it to implode.
  4. I just wanted to say that it is very sad to see a once bristling site reduced to a smidgen of its once grandiose self. In a time when many other toy lines are doing quite well, there should be plenty of excitement for Marvel action figures. Alas, all is quite on the Marvel front, and we're getting our collective butts kicked by superior product produced by the "Distinguished Competition". I am aware that this is generally a slow period of the year; however the general lack of any form of inspiring news from Hasbro has made this winter colder than normal. I know there are many items supposedly around the corner, and Toy fare will surely heat things up, but there should be something exciting or news worthy in the Marvel Pipeline. I guess what I'm trying to say, without ripping on Hasbro, it right now DC has us beat and it "seems" like Hasbro doesn't really care. I know they do, and maybe their silence builds anticipation, but I enjoy reading threads on this site, which are much quieter than normal. Considering how much traffic used to come through here it's just sad. Here's to a drastic turn-around and a pleasing Toy fare.
  5. I think they have a contract with Toyfair Magazine to break new ML news within it's pages. So maybe they have to wait for that to go to press first?
  6. Don't forget the champions and the Avengers. Beast was active on a team pretty much since he left the X-men.
  7. Happy Holidays everyone! Here's a new code for HTS: holiday25 For 25% off purchases. Enjoy!
  8. But you yourself didn't read it. This was a great read, through and through. What you mistake as lack of action is called characterization. And Namor looks homeless, CAUSE HE IS! Atlantis was destroyed at the end of Civil War, and he had to turn to Doom for help. Excitment can come in words to you know. We just finished a whole series that was non-stop combat. I think the Dark Reign prospect itself IS exciting. It's a shame that people have to see fights to think something is worthwhile.
  9. I really like your lists. Well thought out and current. I wish Hasbro would "steal" your list for a planning meeting.
  10. Looks like they took the but it now off of the sale. Just a normal bid now.
  11. Not only is there a listing on ebay, someone on The Fwoosh found one in St Louis. Here's the Ebay link http://cgi.ebay.com/MARVEL-LEGENDS-Skrull-...A1%7C240%3A1318
  12. I would actually buy many of these if they were in the 6" format. These are the type of figure re-makes that make alot of sense, and keep major retailers happy by keeping A-listers available. Put 2 re-made a-listers with 4 new ML's and I think that everyone could be happy. Just as long as they keep scuba spidey and Baseball Logan out of the line.
  13. You know, I bet there is an exclusive deal with some kind of website or magazine that they get the rights to break the new news about upcoming ML's. Think about it, usually Toyfair Magazine gets images first or as a tease. The last few lines have showed up there before any web source got them, unless it was directly from a convention. My personal bet is that we will see new legends next year, and they may be previewed as early as Dec or Jan's toyfair Magazine, then online sites will get news. I'm sure we won't see a whole lot, but we will get something. New 2-packs and maybe an exclusive wave is my thinking.
  14. Wow that turned into one hell of a mess..... I'll try to fix it. AHHHH...mUCH Better.
  15. How come Marvelous news doesn't submit questions anymore? Has this treads negativity been banned? Anyway here's a couple more... Hasbro Marvel November Q&A Once again Hasbro answers our questions regarding the future of their multiple lines of Marvel action figures and collectibles... When can fans expect to see additional play sets and vehicles in the Superhero Squad line and what play sets are planned for future release? You'll see the new Squad Cruiser vehicles in just a few months. Head on over to Hasbro.com for details & images… 2. Years ago, there was talk of a Darkhawk figure from Toybiz. With the recent reassurgance of Darkhawk in the Marvel U, when can fans expect to finally see a Darkhawk figure? Ahhh, Darkhawk. Where have you been? You didn't call, you didn't write…sniff, sniff. Let's just say this - with respect to our old cosmic friend, it's not a matter of "if" but "when"… 3. It seems no matter which characters are made as a part of the Marvel Mighty Muggs lines, they sell well. When can fans expect to see female Marvel Mighty Muggs characters like Phoenix, Storm, Mary Jane and/or Black Cat? How about this coming Spring? At least one of the characters you mentioned will be in Wave 2 of 2009! 4. Mattel has released a number of secondary characters in their DC Universe Classics line. When can Marvel fans expect to see more secondary characters in the Marvel Legends or Marvel Universe line and which characters can fans expect to see? Speedball/Penance would be a cool addition... How about right now? Crossbones, Spiral and Adam Warlock definitely fall into that realm and those are currently on store shelves...while they last. You'll see some curveballs coming at you in the Universe line as well…classic Ms. Marvel is a perfect example of the type of surprises you can expect to see in 2009. 5. When can fans expect to see new Spider-man figures on store shelves instead of the re-released figures which have made up the most recent waves? A bunch of cool new sculpts are on tap for Spring 2009 - Tarantula and Juggernaut for starters… BONUS ANSWER You didn't ask, but we thought we'd drop you a hint about the upcoming Punisher figure in Wave 1 of Universe. If you see one on shelf, you might want to consider adding it to your collection…that's all we'll say… ActionFigs: Any plans for the characters from 'Agents of Atlas' to get some love in one of the figure lines anytime soon? The original mini-series featuring the so-called '50's Era Avengers' was a huge hit, even getting nominated for an Eisner. And now the team is getting their own ongoing that is launching out of Secret Invasion. Seems perfect for Marvel Universe. Hasbro: While we don't see these 50's flashback players making it into the 2009 lineup (it's jam-packed with others right now), we do plan to weave in a few era specific characters /costumes starting with a classic Ms. Marvel. That doesn't mean that M-11 or Marvel Boy couldn't make it into the 2010 lineup, but Dark Hawk and Luke Cage are ready to fight them for a spot! [/size] ActionFigs: Marvel Apes seems to have turned out to be a pretty major surprise hit for Marvel Comics. Already managing to expand with 4 more One-Shots and Crossover plans for 2009. Any plans for even a couple figures based on the storyline showing up in any of the figure lines? Even if it's just the major players like The Gibbon, Captain America, Speedball, and Ape-X. Hasbro: Marvel Apes is well within the realm of possibilities, but it's not something that we have current plans for in 09. ActionFigs: Back in September we asked about the upcoming Mail-Away for the Nick Fury figure in the 3 3/4" Marvel Universe line. At the time we were told that you'd be revealing information about the mail-away shortly. However since then we haven't heard anything. Anything more to share in regard to Nick Fury? Or is he still deep undercover? Hasbro: You'll be seeing and hearing a lot more about Fury (and his top secret files) in December! All we can say right now is that the mail away figure will be really cool. More details will be made public soon. ActionFigs: We saw early concept art of Superhero Squad Wave 12 at SDCC during the slideshow presentation. The wave consisting of AXM Beast & Avalanche, Captain America & Black Widow, Spider-Armor Spider-Man & Rhino, and Spider-Man & Tombstone. Recently this wave came up for Pre-Order in the latest issue of Diamond Comics Previews. However we still haven't seen any actual pictures of it as of yet. Any chance that we can get get a look at the 4 Packs that comprise this Wave? Hasbro: Absolutely, check out new images of these figures (and a couple of other new Squad items) in the "new news" section of Hasbro.com/marvel on November 25th. ActionFigs: A while back we were told that the Marvel team had finalized Wave 4 of the 3 3/4" Marvel Universe line. And were hard at work on Wave 5. Since it's a long time until the debut of the line, is there any chance we could get an update on who's coming in Wave 4? Something to wet our appetite and give us something new to talk about until the line debutes in March. Hasbro: If it were up to me I'd spill it all, but I crack easily under pressure. I'll give you one brand new 2009 character hint, but that's it. "We now know that he wasn't what he appeared to be back in the day". Discuss amongst yourselves. *Bonus Answer! You didn't ask, but we thought we'd drop you a hint about the upcoming Punisher figure in Wave 1 of Universe. If you see one on shelf, you might want to consider adding it to your collection.that's all we'll say." Hasbro Marvel November Q&A New Fan's Choice figure, Build-A-Figure info and more... Once again Hasbro answers our questions regarding the future of their multiple lines of Marvel action figures and collectibles... 1. Please explain the increased emphasis on store exclusives for the Marvel Legends line and what does the future hold for the Marvel Legends line in terms of distribution? There is one mainline Build-A-Figure series on shelves this Fall (Fing Fang Foom) and two exclusives (Red Hulk and Ares). Quite simply, the exclusive opportunities allow for a greater diversity of product at one time. Without the exclusives, there wouldn't be 3 complete waves out there for the fall. Going forward, we'll continue to use multiple strategies that enable us to offer fans and collectors the widest band of product. 2. With the Marvel Legends 2-Packs seemingly the future of the Marvel Legends line, when can we expect to see Build-A-Figure pieces included with these 2-Packs? We're not planning to include BAF's with the two packs. 3. With the Hulk or Fantastic Four-themed Marvel Legends lines being recent fan-favorites, what other "themed" Marvel Legends waves can fans expect to see in the future? We don't have any new 6" news that we can announce at the moment, so we thought we might throw this out there with respect to the Hulk Legends wave instead. We've seen a lot of fan discussion on the topic of the Green Hulk variant recently. Collectors have been looking for a second variant in a darker shade of Green. While the green may have varied slightly in production, there is really only one variant. 4. With the introduction of the Marvel Universe 3 3/4" line, fans are wondering about larger-sized characters. When can fans expect to see a Living Tribunal, Galactus, Sentinel, Fing Fang Foom, or Giant Man figure in scale with the 3 3/4" line? One of the great things about 3.75" is that many of the Build-A-Figures that have already been done still work perfectly in terms of scale. Galactus, Sentinel, Giant Man and Foom all look awesome when they're side by side with the Universe figures. As for the future, we're definitely keeping those larger characters in mind and we have some fun stuff cooking.... 5. When can fans expect to once again vote in a "Fan's Choice" Poll? Age of Apocalypse Sunfire makes a great addition to the line and the fans enjoy being involved in the decision-making process... We're with you, in fact we're finalizing details on the next Fan's Choice Poll as we speak!
  16. Maybe not. The rumor I heard was deluxe was basically a two pack. I hope not though.
  17. Hasbro's Marvel Comics Q&A: The Answers! Posted by Curto on November 25, 2008 at 07:00 PM CST: We've passed on 5 of your burning Marvel Comics questions! So check out the latest scoop we've got for you this all-new, all-different monthly Q&A session with Hasbro. Cool Toy Review: Is it still too early to talk about the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie toy line yet? We saw a great banner at SDCC, but there hasn't been a lot of info since then...what scale will this line be in? Hasbro: This has been a popular question over the past couple of months and the wait is almost over. There will be an announcement on December 17th (make sure to check out the news section of Hasbro.com/Marvel) that will provide many of the answers here. Cool Toy Review: Will there be any new version of everyone's favorite Cajun thief X-Man, Gambit? Hasbro: I think a lot of X fans would arm wrestle you over the "everyone's favorite" part. A new version of Gambit as a Horseman of Apocalypse could be pretty cool. What costume or era would you want to see? Cool Toy Review: When you are selecting the characters for the line (Marvel Universe, Marvel Legends, Super Hero Squad), do you have a set number of characters that you NEED to include (and if so, who are they?) and how far obscure can you go with your choices before they are deemed "too obscure" (like Razorback!) Hasbro: Now, we can tell by your question that you're a fan of Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man and vintage 1970's Marvel lore. That means we like you already! What would you think of a Razorback and Lightmaster 2 pack? Wait...we already know the answer to that question. Seriously though, let's use Super Hero Squad as the example. We don't have to include specific characters in the lineup, but there are certain characters (like Spider-Man) that continually outsell others because of the kid focused nature of this line. For this reason, we do tend to utilize these perennial heavy hitters a lot and we pair them with guys like Shang Chi and the Sentry. Lots of people want these guys, but they need a little super star power mixed in with them. Cool Toy Review: We love Alpha Flight! Can we please get more characters from this much-missed team? (We're talking the John Byrne-era lineup here, nothing else) Hasbro: Now we're talking, and we couldn't agree more! The Universe line will get its Puck (and others) at some point. We'll get at least one classic Alpha in year one if it's the last thing we do! Cool Toy Review: We've recently flashed back to the classic Secret Wars toy line, which for many fans was the introduction to the Marvel Universe. However, the toy line did not last long and the majority of characters never got made. Would this be a storyline that you would consider re-visiting? I'd love to see all of the characters from the first issue's cover recreated in action figure form! (and with the characters we've seen so far, you're on the way already!) Hasbro: Would we ever consider re-visiting the crossover series that launched em' all? Heck yeah. There are a bunch of key characters from this arc that simply need to get made, starting with Klaw. We've said many times before that almost everything is on the table for Universe, it all depends on how far collectors and fans want us to take it. If you want to go one step further, who wouldn't want the Beyonder in his 80's style leisure suit from Secret Wars II? Who's with me? BONUS ANSWER! You didn't ask, but we thought we'd drop you a hint about the upcoming Punisher figure in Wave 1 of Universe. If you see one on shelf, you might want to consider adding it to your collection.that's all we'll say. Have a great holiday!
  18. Finally some packaged pics of the nemisis wave! http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb247/king_of_figures/ Some cool figs, some duds. But I still can't wait till thier in my hands. What do you all think?
  19. Here's a template for you all, so you don't have to copy/paste the sections, just the whole thing. ml questionaire. -what got you started out with marvel legends? -do you collect anything else? -the box, in or out? -do you play with your figures? -where do you get your figures from? -favorite accessory/base to come with a figure? -what figure (already made) is missing from your collection that you're dying to get? -how about not made? -what marvel vehicles would you be into? -playsets? -bafs or accessories/bases? -favorite ml group (x-men, iron man armory, marvel knights, etc.)? -what recent event do you think deserves a line of figures (civil war, secret invasion, etc.)? -what character was made that you didn't think needed to be? -biggest marvel legends frustration?
  20. Don't count them out just yet. Walmart has them in thier loading zone, so they at least think they will be coming soon. They've also announced that there will probably be a revision case pack containing all the army builders. I also doubt that the ML Nemisis wave will miss X-mas, it just doesn't make any sense from a retailer perspective. Fwoosh just had a small Q&A posted that answer ALL ML questions, not much new but it shows they at least still consider this a viable line. Have faith.
  21. For a wishlist I combine: Unproduced character + team completion+ realistic chance of production due to popularity+ = wishlist Generally I try not to make it a personal favorites thing, cause then it would be all the Thunderbolts, Gen X'ers, Old X-Force and stuff like that. Things that realistically I don't think will get made in any scale. My personal favorite thing to have is a complete comic book team. Remakes are OK with me so long as thet are logical based on something that has appeared in media, preferablly the comics. Classic or current doesn't matter to me, just be consistent. If I get a 70's Storm, that's great! But then I want a Thunderbird and Classic Sunfire also. If I get a modern Cap then I want a Modern Thor and Extremis Iron Man to round out the BIG THREE. Come to think of it DC Direct does a great job of keeping up with the times while maintaining classic appearances while also maintaining full team rosters. But don't waste production on yet another Black costume Spidey unless it's been a long time since one was made. But I'm a completist and will buy lesser characters to add to a display.
  22. oh you mean even though we have been asking for a 4 inch line since hasbro took over. People before you make a comment like this THINK!!!!! I would love to see a pole of Marvelous forum boarders who are anticipating the 3 3/4 line vs ML continuing. Cause other than a few VERY vocal supporters of the 4 inchers, this board seems to be pretty negative towards the little guys. This is just an observation, so don't get all uppity over the comment, but I would like to get a more "real time" response to what people here would actually prefer. I never said anything bout MU vs ML. I think they should both come out. Not sayin' your sayin'. I'm just sayin, you asked people to be thoughtful, and I wondered where the majority of people stand. I visit a couple of boards and depending where you are there is a shift in what people want to see in the future. Generally I see the Marvelous News boards as pro ML, while even as close as the TNI marvel board, it seems to skew more the other way. Personally, to me, IMHO, if ML goes away so does my desire to collect marvel figures. YET, if ML is still around, and I'm still a marvel collector who's happy, I'm more likely to purchase the smaller figures. I've stuck through the toy switch once before and don't want to do it again.
  23. oh you mean even though we have been asking for a 4 inch line since hasbro took over. People before you make a comment like this THINK!!!!! I would love to see a pole of Marvelous forum boarders who are anticipating the 3 3/4 line vs ML continuing. Cause other than a few VERY vocal supporters of the 4 inchers, this board seems to be pretty negative towards the little guys. This is just an observation, so don't get all uppity over the comment, but I would like to get a more "real time" response to what people here would actually prefer.
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