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  1. I wonder where the Marvelous News questions are? There has to be more than three sites submitting questions. NOTE: While none of these answers confirm ML's continuing, none of them discredit the concept, while subtly encouraging it's continuance.
  2. Here's the only three sites I could find Q&A's for October. Hopefully we still this sites Q&A to look forward to. I think there is actually a future to legends based off of these answers, but there is far to much puniverse for my liking. Just the same there appears to be some hope for fans of Marvel Legends afterall. FIGURES.COM: The first wave of Marvel Universe 3 ¾" figures have been dubbed the Fury Files. Please tell us more about the reasoning behind this theme and what fans can expect. HASBRO: Nick Fury and the Fury Files are a huge part of the Marvel Universe toyline. This theme actually spans the entire first year and you can get a sneak peek now on the Fury Files website - FuryFiles.com. Collectors will get an original document from Nick's top secret files in every package as well a code that can be used on FuryFiles.com to unlock additional memos and information. All of this original content has been created in partnership with Marvel publishing so that it ties in tightly with what's going on in the Marvel U at this very moment. Fans can expect to get exclusive access to all sorts of SHIELD memos and secrets with every purchase. FIGURES.COM: Can fans expect future Marvel Universe waves to be characterized by a uniting theme such as the "Fury Files" and what themes or types of themes can we expect to see in future waves? HASBRO: The Fury Files is actually the theme for all of 2009 so we'll be focusing on that for the first 5 waves of figures. You will see some other sub-themes come into play, but Fury and SHIELD is the dominating storyline. Make sure to check out the Fury Files website in two weeks when we launch "Bullets from Fury," a new feature that will be updated daily and penned by Nick Fury himself! FIGURES.COM: Hasbro has taken Marvel into the successful, morphing world of Transformers. Aside from the revealed Hulk and Iron Man Transformers, what are a few new Marvel Transformers fans can expect to see soon? HASBRO: There's a new Human Torch Jet and a Wolverine 4x4 truck hitting shelves right about now along with a new black costume Spider-Man (motorcycle) and a Savage Grey version of the Hulk (tank). Fans can also look forward to their favorite shield-slinging Avenger along with a couple of other new characters in the subsequent wave. FIGURES.COM:</B itxtvisited="1"> Hasbro recently took on the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon with a line of figures. With a wealth of Marvel animated titles on the way -- including Hulk: Gamma Corps, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and others -- does Hasbro have plans to turn any of these animated shows into toy lines and, if so, which ones and when? HASBRO: We can't reveal too many specifics here but we can tell you that we've seen some sneak peaks of the upcoming 2009 animation and we're all fired up. You can rest assured that kids and fans alike will see some cool toys resulting from all of this awesome animation. FIGURES.COM: Are there currently any plans to release a toy line based on the upcoming live-action Wolverine film and, if so, when can we expect to see the figures, what scale will they be, and which characters can fans expect to get? HASBRO: The short answer is yes. If you were at SDCC you probably saw the teaser banner in the Hasbro booth that displayed the Wolverine logo with a "Coming in Spring 2009". Can't give you much more than that but if you're a fan of the rebel with claws... you're going to be happy. SUPERHEROTIMES (SHT): Articulation and poseability are clearly major concerns on the upcoming Marvel Universe 3 ¾" figures. For display purposes, will all figures include standard holes in the bottom of their feet and are there any plans to release bases with the figures and/or separately? HASBRO: There will be peg holes on the feet for all figures in the line. We're not planning to include stands with the single carded figures in 2009 but you might see them in another 3.75" offering . SHT: Since the initial Marvel Universe information began circulating online, there has been a great deal of talk regarding the lack of female figures. Which female figures can we expect to join the heroes in the new line and when can we expect this to happen? HASBRO: The goal with this line is to cover the broadest spectrum of characters in the Universe; with that being said, there will be most definitely be more female figures in line, you just have to be patient. We've only announced the first three waves! If we have our way you'll get some characters that you've never seen before. Nothing is off the table! Except maybe Agatha Harkness... FAN QUESTION: Could fans possibly see Marvel Legends from super groups not currently in the limelight? Groups like the Thunderbolts, Hellfire Club, The Runaways, The Exiles, New Warriors, Young Avengers, Hellions, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and former Xavier students are just a some of the potential in the Marvel universe... HASBRO: You left out Heroes for Hire, X-Factor and the whole cast of Annihilation! How about Guardians of the Galaxy and Sebastian Shaw's Club? As long as these lines are successful we'll continue to dive deeper into the character portfolio. Believe me... we're with you!</B itxtvisited="1"> FAN QUESTION: With the recent appearances of Spider-Man and his amazing friends in some of the spin-off comics, are there any plans to release a 6" Firestar in the Marvel Legends line? HASBRO: Anjelica Jones definitely needs her own Marvel Legend! There are no current plans for Firestar, but she's got a strong advocate right here! FAN QUESTION: Recent Marvel Legends releases have seen in an increase in price (Fing Fang Foom/Red Hulk wave). Will the $15 SRP remain the going rate or can fans expect to see some economic toy relief in the near future? HASBRO: Pricing is ultimately a retailer decision, but the price on the Fin Fang Foom Wave was most certainly driven by the size of the BAF - that thing was huge! In general, you can expect to see the prices of upcoming waves vary slightly from one retailer to another. Cool Toy Review: Since he picked up the mantle of Captain America, Bucky has become one of the most high profile characters in Marvel for 2008. I'm certainly glad that we got classic Bucky last year, but when can we expect to see Bucky as Cap in either the Marvel Legends or 3 3/4" scale line? (For that matter, can we look forward to a Winter Soldier figure?) Hasbro: You have no idea what a big Cap (& Winter) fan you're talking to. The Brubaker / Epting run on Cap Am has been amazing and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. All I can say is…you've got a friend in me. Cool Toy Review: Will the 3 3/4 line include movie variants or is it strictly comics? Hasbro: Marvel Universe is all Comic inspired. With almost 70 years of material and 5,000 characters we need to focus! Cool Toy Review: Thank you Hasbro for re-releasing the Marvel Legends Kang figure! Any chance you will follow it up with his casemate, Dragon Man?? please? Hasbro: No plans in the immediate future for a Dragon Man re-release. However, we do realize that this ask is echoed by lots of collectors. It's on the list of future possibilities. Cool Toy Review: Does the "35 single carded figures in 2009" for the Marvel Universe line include the variants, meaning we've seen all but one of the figures at Comic-con, or are the variants not counted as figures, meaning there's still around 10 figures yet to reveal for next year? Hasbro: Nick Fury says there are still at least 10 figures for 2009 that fans and collectors haven't seen yet. At least…... Cool Toy Review: With the focus on the Marvel Universe line in 2009, are there any plans for BAF-style characters, and if so, would they be in the typical Marvel Legends size, or something even bigger, like the ICONS scale? I think it would be great to see these lines continue on with the larger characters and bringing them under the Marvel Universe banner. Hasbro: Very cool idea. There are a lot of larger scale characters that have NEVER been done. We want to get to those too.
  3. From the start this item was listed as non-replenishable. In most cases that means stores will only recieve one shipment, two if they sell quickly. Basically the distribution centers (DC's) only recieve one shipment, and however long that lasts on a per store basis is how long the item is available. Most exclusives are listed this way through walmart, and this is not uncommon, however it does ensure that exclusives sell through, and don't clog shelves.
  4. Sorry, I was exhauted last night, and I guess my brain fried. I looked at this today and gave myself a mental :profx: . Sorry. Glad you figured it out though.
  5. With the current sizing of the 2-packs, we may never see a big figure again! I prefer both. Whaaa. Put a BAF piece in the 2-pack to collect over 1 or two waves. Otherwise the day of big figures is pretty much over.
  6. Nice collection! I love your displays. Where did you get all the buildings. I thought I saw some ghostbusters buildings in there, am I right? The skyline looks awesome. My only complaint. Too much love for the bad guys!
  7. I don't know. In the past there have been some pretty snarky remarks and people who have been pretty insulting. It does seem to have calmed down for the most part, but I do wish there were a little more positive to mix with all the negative. I'm 33 in the Chicago Suburbs. But my mental age is somewhere in the low twenties. It's true, my wife tells me so all the time.
  8. The ones in those pictures probably can't be lined up next to a Legend, as they are probably 2-ups and the same size. Even if they aren't, the other press photos for these look aweful, and the pictures seen at this link are posed very well to eliminate the flaws of the toys. Hell even the punishers head almost looks normal. Take a GI Joe 25 ann. fig, and try to pose it like a legend and you'll know what your gonna get.
  9. Some of these lines are long since dead, but I still search on eBay. Marvel Legends Marvel Select Marvel Minimates Superhero squad Icons Lord of the Rings Star Trek (Diamond/art asylum) Star Trek Minimates Star Trek (playmates) Transformers classic Transformers universe Transformers alternators Transformers robot heroes Go Bots Starcom M.A.S.K. Pirates of the Carribean Lost DCUC DC Direct DC Minimates Star Wars Star Wars: The Clone Wars Star Wars Galactic Heroes Star Wars unleashed Indiana Jones Battlestar Galactica BSG minimates Big Lebowski Austin Powers Black Hole Spawn (very few) Popeye WCW (old Toy Biz stuff) NFL McFarlane GI Joe classic GI Joe 25th ann Sideshow 1:6 scale Star Wars, GI Joe, and Indy Sideshow Comiquettes Bowen Statues Bowen Busts Every in continuity title Marvel puts out. That's it. I'm frakkin sick!!
  10. Man, they can make the Indiana Jones ones on time, and all they say there is the same cookie-cutter "we're ending the line & no we won't try to get the last raiders line out in any way". If they expect this new MU line to take off they better get thier acts together. WHAT AM I SAYING?!?! I hope they never learn, and the puniverse dies a horrible death. :mad:
  11. Blackbolt's justa tease unless we get the rest of the inhumans. Although, an Illuminati set would be cool. I definately have enough Reed's and Tony's. That would make a great Box set. Wouldn't it? Through in the Illuminati Super Skrull and call it a day.
  12. I've loved aspects of every line this year. HULK- Probably my least favorite. I would have rather seen the figures cut from this line. The Valkrye was AWESOME, and needs to be released at some point. I loved the Planet Hulk Story and would have loved to get the Red King instead of another grey Hulk. But I love the fact that Skaar was made. It was timed perfectly which was something I had wanted to see the ML line do forever - time a figure well with an upcomming comic. Not to mention King Hulk. I was also happy to finally get Samson and Fing Fang Foom, which is an awesome BAF. However I didn't think we needed yet another She-Hulk, especially one so undersized. RULK - I loved this whole wave! Yeah sure, there were some quality issues and Target jacked us, but I was really happy to see Warlock, Spiral, and Union Jack. And as I was a fan Of planet Hulk, I knew who the Silver Savage was and thought the idea was cool enough. The Wolvie is awesome, and the Black Costume spidey was a great figure. Ares - OK, I wish there were less repeats here, but Ares made it all worth it for me. I didn't need another Torch, I think the Vision is too tiny to put with my other Avengers, War machine looks good but there are just too many IronMan molds out there right now and Ben "the Clone" Reilly could have stayed unmade IMHO, he brings back to many bad memories of Maximum Clonage. But I never had a Kang, Vindicator shows hope for completing Alpha Flight (the twins are out there just waiting to be made). The one thing this line had going for it was the surprise factor. They snuck upon us at San Diego, and got it out quick. Kudo's to them. Nemesis - I'm afraid that it will come off as a cheap line. It was mostly produced prior to the quality improvements at Hasbro and may have alot of thier crappy joints and bad paint apps. Yes, I need Beast, Nova, Tigra and Blackbolt but another Punisher? I just don't think he's that cool that we need yet another, plus a variant. But at least the DD looks cool. But the wait has been sooo long, it's hard to get excited about them. But I'm sure once they are here i'll be psyched enough. Personally I'm gonna soak up ALL of the 2-packs. These new ones are awesome, and are everything I've wanted for a long time. BRING ON ALL OF SHIELD!!!!
  13. I've loved aspects of every line this year. HULK- Probably my least favorite. I would have rather seen the figures cut from this line. The Valkrye was AWESOME, and needs to be released at some point. I loved the Planet Hulk Story and would have loved to get the Red King instead of another grey Hulk. But I love the fact that Skaar was made. It was timed perfectly which was something I had wanted to see the ML line do forever - time a figure well with an upcomming comic.
  14. Wow. You all seem really defeated. No one has said this line was done. If anything we've been told it will continue into 2009. At this point we've lost the BAF. I understand if people aren't completists, but for those of you who collect everything, have you given up? Compared to earlier this year, I feel that the buzz is possitive. (For the record I will not purchase one MU figure, unless there is some form of 6" news in the pipeline. If Hasbro pushes me away from Marvel figures it will be completely. I have no desire re-collect the same figures, I've already done it for Toy Biz 5" figures, and consider the overall quality of the 3 3/4 to be a huge step backward.)
  15. It's been about a month since the last round, right? Here's to hearing some news for the future of the 6" line! I just hope that they don't use the whole Q&A to promote puniverse, and that they have actually put some thought into the 6 inchers. At this point I'll take anything possitive. I feel that the 6" line has the best momentum Hasbro has seen right now, and I hope that they realize that. The 2 packs seem to be selling well, and it's impossible in my area to find the exclusives. So I hope that counts for something, though I can't speak to availability of the rest of the country. Anyway, I hope we get some good news. What would you all be hoping for news wise? realistically?
  16. Thanks, now if I could only replace that regular Elektra with the Skrull variant.
  17. Thank you to all who helped me with your suggestions. Now please check them out. I didn't go through all this for nothing!! If you like, let me know what you think. Starts on pg 97. Here's a tease.
  18. There has to be some kind of kid appeal for it to work, but they already consider this a collectors line, and that's why it's dying. AND there are plenty of mainstream characters that deserve remakes as I've said manytimes before. Bucky-Cap, New Thor, Astonishing or old Storm, even a new Beaten Spidey could still be reproduced. Ya see, the line NEEDS Mainstream characters for retailers to pick up the lines. If it's all B-listers, then retailers aren't interested. Overall, they have made leaps and bounds of improvement, and they currently have some good momentum going, it would just be plain STUPID to drown that out. The exclusive lines are selling well, and there really is NO reason to stop them, as long as there is retailer support for such lines. I'm hoping the recent exclusives inspire TRU to get on the boat. The 2-pack concepts are awesome with the troop building aspect, and wave 2 could sell quite a bit if it makes mass retail. But if they screw the pooch and don't get distribution out there it will drown the line also. BAF's NEED to continue in some fashion, and I do think they will bounce back in some way or another. There's just too many characters that are in need of plastic production.
  19. Thanks to everyone who helped getting my pictures up on the site. Photobucket is great and really easy to use. They are in the collections page if people are interested in seeing them.
  20. Is that really how people get so many pictures up here? I have alot of pictures that I want to upload for a collectors collection page, so photo buckets the way to go to get a whole collection shown? Does this site automatically link to photobucket or something? Pardon my density, but I don't get it.
  21. I've been trying to upload my collection to the site but all my pictures are too large, yet I see such great, large detailed pics here all the time. All of my pictures are around 3mb to start, and I've been trying to compress them to fit the 75k file size alotted on the site. How do you all do this. If anyone could offer a little help that would be great. I have a giant toy room and would really love to share it with people, but I guess I'm too much of an idiot. This is my first test, it's really more for me and these pictures may look aweful, but it's just a test.
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