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  1. I actually am really looking forward to this second wave of 2-packs. Total army builder packs. Nick, Dum Dum, Maria Hill & Sharron Carter! I can't wait. I honestly never thought these characters would see plastic. Add in the and ninja and Iron Mans and I am totally stoked. I'm also looking forward to the Kree/Skrull packs, though I wish there were some extra variants available for the skrull to give some extra power sets.
  2. Just an FYI. You have to ask if your store is carrying this line. Many stores do not get "in" on many exclusives. Ask them to look up a UPC from the series, if it doesn't show up in the computer and I mean not in the system, then that store will probably not be getting them. Stay on the stores that do have the line in thier system. They will probably get it in, and no matter what a lazy employee tells you thier teltran(?) system CAN tell you if it is in the warehouse, in transit, in stock or on the floor. You need to know your info, cause they won't.
  3. Two packs are showing up at all the TRU's in Chicago. Some Wal mart stores are getting the Ares wave as I type, got mine last night at the only 24 hr walmart in my area. And the Target wave seems to arrive on Sunday's in the morning. So far I've found everything that's out. Somehow I've been lucky as I work everyday, and rarely have time to shop. I do alot of calling around at work and find out where's where. So, no, I'm not out of luck, just money.
  4. Found mine last night at a 24 hr Wally World! I had to get away from the Cubs proving you can't play baseball with both hands planted firmly around thier throats, and decided to hit a Walmart that said they wouldn't be in til Saturday. Lucky me, they had a case waiting to be put out. I snatched up the whole thing cause I wanted the ML display that comes with the packaging and my buddy collects any type of Iron Man figure. So that made up for the Cubs suckage,..... almost.
  5. I smell fish. If they were out in the states they would be on ebay already. I looked nada.
  6. For all of you with Target dweebs being lazy, talk to a manager. Tell them about the attitude you recieved. I face it all the time in my area. Usually just a lazy employee who has no intention on having to work by checking a stockroom. Call me a snobby collector, but I worked as a manager at TRU, and as a merchandiser in the "big box" stores and it is a truth. These same snobby employees tell you no to stock being in back and then make fun of us for wanting it. I fired a couple of employees for when I was a manager. All these stores are here to sell product, and these snot nosed teenagers forget that, and pout thier personal interests ahead of your needs. Forget the fact that your the customer who indirectly pays thier salaries. This is not true of all employees as there are many good ones out there, but the bad ones out-shine the good ones. Cause it only takes one bad employee to ruin alot of hard work performed by hard-workers. I usually find a manager, and ask them would they like more sales or not. If I buy these today, your stock system will replenish it faster and your store sells more product. That simple. If not then your losing sales and that then THEY are not doing thier jobs either. Of coarse I'm polite as possible while doing this, and the second you cop an attitude these days, you will get nothing. I also find asking anybody in toys is usually a waste. Best bet, call the service desk with the DCPI, once they confirm it's instock - somebody in the store will get it. I've also used this logic and it worked when confronted with the dreaded "collectors response". "So these toys are collectors item you won't pull to the floor. What if I asked for a case of Coke or TV guide, would you get that from the back room?" if they say yes, then reply "well alot of people collect Coke cans, and TV Guides, so that's discrimination." It might sound stupid but if your willing to logic that out with a manager, they will usually cave in. But like I said every store has someone willing to actually help you, you would be surprised but you have to find them.
  7. Incidentally, when Super-Hero Showdown was first announced, there was a lot of eye rolling back then for the same reason. "Oh they want us to buy all the figures over again in a different scale." But I bet if you go back far enough, some people probably said the same thing about Legends. I only ever got a Silver Surfer to go with my BAF Galactus, but that one figure was enough to make me disinterested in the series. It was poorly crafted. I can't say the same for the Puniverse line, but seeing those DC Infinite Heroes and how tiny they are and realizing the Marvel figures will be as tiny makes me not very interested in them. When the spider-man classics line first started (prior to Marvel Legends), there had been a drought of figures since the relative death of the 5 " line. Movie figures helped fill the void, but nobody complained because the 6" line was REVOLUTIONARY! It really has improved toy making overall. So many companies caught on to what could be done, and modified thier stratagies to match. It really was the first break in the mold since the introduction of "swivle arm battle grip" in the small joes. Now it would seem it has gone full circle. But I still don't think that the 25th ann. Joes are all that. Sure they implement the knees, ankles, and torsos ML's have made, but they are still limited in comparison, and don't even get me started on the less than 45 degree hasbro elbow joint. These joint drive me crazy, especially on the legend scale figures. Hydra anyone. Such a limit in poseability. If the 3 3/4 MU line had double elbows maybe I could see themas an improvement, but with out I consider them a step backwards. Sad thing is they could so easily be a step forward. Over all I love the poseability of ML's. They give you a chance to really personalize your collection with variety of poses. Hell just look at the ML pic thread on this site. As for ghost lines, I'm all for them if they keep the detail, articulation and don't build in "kid features". Keep those separate.
  8. Magick is back next month in X-infrernus story arc. She would actually be a very timely character. New design and spin on the Illyana character. I'll bet you anything that if the 2 pack line-up continues you'll see your 90's Cyke & Jean. Maybe a Havok & Polaris X-Factor also. If we see more of them. These are awesome packs, but these seem to not be any other retailers radar other than Walmart.
  9. You bring up some strong points, many, if not all are true. But thier really isn't that much negativity being thrown around here, as displeasure. You should have seen these boards a couple of months ago. You couldn't say anything without some.....person attacking your feelings. And that's just what most of these rants are, feelings. And it hurts even more to KNOW, that no matter how much we try to vocalize these feeling the big corporations don't give a damn. Personally, I've tried to make the point that there can be a balance in lines, and for Hasbro to not give up too easily, which, reading thier comments in the Q&a's FEELS like thier doing. There is a fact here, if you have nothing to push at retailer summits, it's really hard to sell the nothing. So far, these Q&A's haven't offered much hope other than we're trying. Well. It's hard to sell we're trying to Walmart & Target. Anyway, I think we can all agree on something here. We all want our 6" legends to continue. I just hate to wait for word from Limbo. Speaking of Limbo, A Illyana Rasputin Magick figure would be awesome.
  10. Wow, and you're giving collector a good name with your attacks. Excuse me for being passionate about something I care about. This WAS a discussion until you started insulting people. Simply put retailers bought the farm on HML 1 & 2 and Hasbro has been trying to catch-up ever since. However, they are more excited about thier 3 3/4 line. Just read the round-up Q&A I posted. Every ML question is a ho-hum, very non-discript answer that left readers questioning what the future holds, but at least there is some kind of future. Yet all the 3 3/4 questions had discriptive (at least for a Hasbro Q&A) answers that ended in exclaimation points and smiley faces. To someone who's poured in alot of time, money, and caring into the 6" line is like a slap in the face.
  11. I don't suspect there will be many "historic" figures going forward. "Iconic" versions and "current comic" are more likely. But I agree that ML has inspired other lines while losing it's own uniqueness. I really don't understand the departure from BAF's. I've never complained about BAF size, though the Larger TB ones were awesome, I can understand how they were expensive as all get-out. It really was a way to get those larger (hulk-sized) figures out with-out having to raise the roof on prices. Oh that's right they just did that anyway. What really baffles me is that BAF's made people purchase characters they otherwise wouldn't have. This was a good buisiness move, it works for other genre's and lines, why abandon it in line that originated it? Marvel Legends made the BAf it's signature.
  12. The bottom line is all that matters, and HML wave 1 & 2 showed that more clearly than ever. Hasbro knew their buisiness model right out of the gate. Make them as cheap as possible to maximize profits. Good and bad buisiness. Cheap figures means more monitary gain for the company, yes, but alienating customers and retailers is over all very bad in the long run. And would Hasbro tank a line to develope thier own interests, yes. I think they would. They were more than happy to begin shrinking the scale immeadiatly with the FF2 & SM3 figures right out of the gate. And each time they've brought in a new scale that didn't work, they had to go back to the scale that did work. Marvel Legends were forced to improve and they did. How many Fantastic Four Legends are clogging shelves. None in my area. HML 3 was a major improvement and only Danger can be found in my area now, but there were always cloggers even at the hieght of toy biz's popularity. Spidey 3 legends were gone really quickly , and the Red Hulk wave is impossible to find. So I ask, What doesn't sell about this line? They learned real quickly, that there has to be a combination of popularity and quality. As I've said before, it comes down to Hasbro wanting the line to be 3 3/4 all along. It's thier thing. They're geared up for to produce this line, and not so much the 6". I'll guarantee that the day they signed the papers with Marvel to take over the line they knew this was where they were going. There WERE hints immeadiatley that this was thier intended direction. And for the record, Hasbro's test marketers are the people who thought the 5 inch line was a good idea, that scaling down the Hulk line would sell, and that the quality of HML 1 was good. And that's just marvel related. Too many times I look at shelf clogged tie ins to lines wondering "what the hell were they thinking?" Overall Hasbro has some of the worst test marketing available. True, ML won't be popular unless kids want them. There is a balance that can be achieved between retail, collector and children's popularity. It's all in the line-up and quality vs the production cost. Example of a balanced 6" Marvel Legend line-up Spider-armor Spiderman: the McFarlane Silver and Black padded costume. It has the historic vibe, kids think it's cool looking and there hasn't been a legend caliber copy made yet. New Captain America: Retail strengh, ML desired, Avenger for collectors, and kid friendly. Write they history of a kid who was cap's sidekick growing up to become Cap on the back and Kids can relate to the new character, while a current character in comics is made in ML scale for the first time. DeadPool: Fans want him, he's vigalante cool, quasi villian and looks like an evil spiderman for the kiddies. Add in a Wade head, a Spidey Head, weapons and joke web-shooters and you have the trifecta. Modern Cable: Right now there is a mean looking custom on ebay with the baby across his chest. Big figures appeal to kids, Cable's a stable that collectors want to see remade, and well enough known to get the retail support, especially with Deadpool in the line-up. Add some guns and knives and you have a winner. Polaris: Collector's have wanted her for years now, she fills an "X-need", Magneto's daughter might even appeal to kids, but this is the collectors gem of the line. Plus green women sell. It's actually a proven fact. No kidding, I read that women in green appeal more to men! So you might get non-ML guys buying these. Varient: x-factor costume Thanos: Every line needs a bad guy and a monster, he's both. He hasn't been produced in legend scale and is a needed figure whose appeared in multiple marvel cross-overs. Kids like the monsters, collectors need him, and he has some retail appeal. Add in a skreet, for added play & display goodness.(the pixie from Annhilation that followed him around) Optional BAF Super-adaptoid: This baddie is big but doesn't have to be huge to cut on plastic costs, but would have a few extras like stylized versions of Cap's shield, Mjolnir, visions cloak, and Iron Man's repulsors. 9-10 inches would be enough and he's taller than he is bulky. This guy has appeal due to his looking like many avengers and actually being one of thier villians he has good playability. Alternate BAF: Stature, but that's more my want list, I don't think she has much kids appeal. Remember this is one line-up and it doesn't answer all our collectors needs but it could have kid and retail support, and that's what's needed, right? Another extra that could bring kids back is comics. I know that this is added cost, but what if instead of a printed comic the figures each came with a trial subscription to Marvel Online? However limited it meets the need to get kids to read, and inspires circular sales. The more kids read about characters the more they want toys of those characters. This was one of the main reasons original ML's appealed to kids, it went beyond a toy it got the into the genre of comics, and that alone feeds upon itself. Inserting a coded insert for an online site keeps costs down while achieving the goal of drawing in kids. Each figure could have a highlight issue list on the insert so in the day or three that the subscripion lasts they could read alot of issues, or issues about another character completely. What hasbro doesn't realize is that sometimes kids bought the toys for the comic inside, and that was completely lost with ditching of the books in HML 1. uhg. Another winded post brought to you by Clonekiller.
  13. OK 1) What is being done to please retailers. There are much better assortments that could be made to appease retailer doubt. A better assortment of a-list, fan-pic, and undone figures to make everyone happy. If more effort were put into this line instead of drowning it in the puniverse line, then maybe they could make retailers AND fans happy. But they are pitching thier MU line instead. 2) You're right. Target's gouging us, plain and simple. (like we're not seeing enough gouging going on state-side these days) The jury is still out on whether Walmart is going to do the same. It's really sad, but a reasonable increase was expected, but with the DCU figures @ 11-12.00 I would thing the prices would have been comparable. Especially since the ML line has alot of retools and repaints, were the DCU is mostly new sculpts. Overall, you are quite right. But I feel Hasbro could be doing more to push and plan the ML line, but simply aren't. They're more focused on thier own nitch.
  14. Raving Toy Maniac 1. A lot of people are voicing concerns over the availability of the upcoming Marvel Legends exclusives. While the reliability of the Target with Hasbro exclusives has been pretty consistent, Wal*Mart has not. I myself only saw last year's 2-packs locally only once, and while a different subject most of the Star Wars exclusives I've rarely if ever seen first hand at the big box retailer. With the frustration that was associated with trying to collect Toy Biz's Wal*Mart exclusive Marvel Legends wave, what is Hasbro going to do to ensure that the fans of this line will be able to easily obtain the Nemesis and Ares waves? Will it be like a regular production run only distributed to Wal*Marts? Or is it seeing a smaller run because of its exclusivity? Answer: The Red Hulk wave is starting to hit Target's around the country in large quantities. It looks as though the Ares wave won't be far behind. We don't control the distribution for each retailer but we're confident that there will be plenty of these waves for collectors and fans. 2. Any chance for some Thunderbolts figures? (Any chance for a Thunderbolt Ross figure ever?) Answer: Sure, how about Bullseye and Green Goblin in the first 2 waves of Marvel Universe? 3. How about generic packaging (cheaper) for online army builders? Answer: It's not something that we have planned right now... but as you know, the first online exclusive figure is available at Hasbro Toy Shop right now. If there's a strong demand for it, you can bet you'll see similar offerings down the road. 4. Does getting Guardian mean more Alpha Flight? We've only gotten two members of Canada's premier super-team in the Legends line. When can we expect more? Answer: With at least one hard core Alpha fan on the team, you can be assured that the remaining roster comes up in character debates. There are definitely some core members of the Alpha team who are due! 5. You pointed out that you are doing two re-releases of harder to find figures, Kang and Super Skrull. And kudos for those. But are there at least plans in motion to possibly do more, like Deadpool, Hawkeye, and Dark Pheonix? Not those specifically, I'm just throwing out examples. Answer: It's definitely within the realm of possibility, but there are no immediate plans for additional re-releases at the moment. From Figures.com Hasbro relaunches their Marvel Q & A program, focusing on their extensive Marvel toy license, including Marvel Legends, Superhero Squad and upcoming Marvel Univese. Will we see mega-scale Superhero Squad figures? Marvel Universe vehicles and playsets? Read on... FIGURES.COM: The Superhero Squad line has proven popular over the years with kids and collectors alike. Will fans be seeing more larger scaled figures in this line similar to the Apocalypse or Galactus? HASBRO: There are no current plans for mega-scale Squad figures in 2009. FIGURES.COM: Can fans expect to see playsets or vehicles in the new Marvel Universe 3 3/4" line? HASBRO: It's a perfect scale for vehicles as well as play and display. It depends on the demand. FIGURES.COM: Are army builder packs currently planned for the new Marvel Universe 3 3/4" line? Hand ninjas and HYDRA troopers would be a great addition... HASBRO: You'll see AT LEAST one army builder in the line during 2009... possibly even more. FIGURES.COM: Costume and color variants seem to be a part of the new Marvel Universe line. Will we be seeing further variants used as retail or online exclusives? HASBRO: There will definitely be more variants featured in the line. They will find their way into various retail channels throughout the upcoming year. FIGURES.COM: What can fans expect to pay for the new 3 3/4" Marvel Universe figures? HASBRO: These figures will be priced about the same as the Star Wars and G.I.JOE 3.75" line of figures. From SuperheroTimes.com SUPERHEROTIMES.COM: With the launch of the new Marvel Universe 3 ¾" line, will fans see lesser known characters like the Power Pack or perhaps Howard The Duck as well as mainstream characters like Spider-man, Wolverine, and The Hulk? HASBRO: You'll see plenty of lesser known characters! However, Howard the Duck is not yet on the radar for 2009. Agatha Harkness is probably out for year one as well. SHT: Will fans see larger figures in scale with the Marvel Universe figures released, such as a massive 18" tall Galactus? HASBRO: It's definitely possible. There has been an extremely positive reaction to the new 3.75" Universe line thus far and there are a ton of great characters to do... some of whom are pretty big! SHT: With the new season of Spectacular Spider-Man coming soon, what new characters and figures can fans look forward to seeing? HASBRO: The first step is rounding out the Sinister 6 this fall... Lizard, Rhino and Electro are hitting shelves right about now. SHT: The Iron Man film figures have been very popular. Will this line continue into 2009 and what type of exciting surprises can fans look forward to in future waves if it does continue? The Captain America Armor Iron Man was impressive... HASBRO: Yes, the line will continue and there will be lots of great Iron Man product in 2009. As you know, Mr. Stark's arsenal (and rogue's gallery) is extensive and gives us lots of possibilites to work with. SHT: When can fans expect to see a Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury figure in the Iron Man line? HASBRO: There is a 6" version of Ultimate Nick Fury in the Marvel Legends line this Fall... although it is not a Sam Jackson likeness. Have you seen it? From CoolToyReview.com Cool Toy Review: Battle Packs are popular in both the G.I. Joe and Star Wars lines. It's also a good way to get less kid-oriented characters into the line and to army build. For example Shi'ar grunts with Lilandra, Skrulls with Super Skrull, Kree with Ronan, Mole Man with Mole Monsters, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with Maria Hill, this could go on forever. Any chance we'll see battlepacks in the Marvel Universe line? Hasbro: Strong chance of it...Battlepacks are perfect for 3.75" scale. Cool Toy Review: Thank you Hasbro! I've been waiting, hoping, and anticipating the announcement of the 3¾" line from the first teases of it. And you more than delivered...the line looks great! However, out of the 30+ figures you showed at SDCC, only 2 of them were female characters, and one of them was simply a 1st appearance variant. Marvel has a ton of great female characters... so it's somewhat disappointing to see a lack of representation for them. Will we be seeing more females coming that weren't shown at SDCC? Hasbro: Awesome, we're glad you're fired up about the launch of Marvel Universe because we are too! Not to worry, there will be plenty of female characters in the line.we haven't even scratched the surface with this line yet! Cool Toy Review: I would love to see a original Black Queen and White Queen (and I mean the original outfits from the Hellfire Club). Would that be something you would consider, or is that "too sexy" for younger fans? Hasbro: Probably a little too mature for mass retail...but within the realm of possibility for Comic Con! Cool Toy Review: Please, please, please, ask Hasbro to stop using the Star Wars 3¾" scale joints on 6" Marvel Legends figures. They just don't work for that larger scale and restrict movement even more...it's a step back! I'm talking about those pivot/elbow joints that were a breakthrough and work great for smaller scale figures, and that Hasbro decided to transfer to Marvel Legends. The Hydra Soldier figure could have been great if it had been like the prototype. Please ask them to bring back double-jointed elbows and swivel bicep joints for Marvel Legends. I would gladly pay more for a great Marvel Legends articulated figure, then pay less for a less-articulated figure. Hasbro: We hear you. Hopefully you've noted lots more of these breaks and cuts in the most current waves. Cool Toy Review: Will there be villains in the 3¾" line? I'm pretty sure Green Goblin & Bullseye are there because they're currently Thunderbolts members. Hasbro: The goal with Universe is to delve as deeply as possible into the character portfolio, so you'll see tons of villains.we promise! That's all I can find for ya'all.
  15. How many Vehicles and displays are they really going to come out with? Really? There aren't that many to begin with, cause overall superheros doen't use that many vehicles. Besides hasbros stance on playsets has always been weak. I'm out of the MU line.
  16. Really, that Q & A bugged the hell out of me. Hasbro has almost no interest in keeping the 6" line alive, and it really shows here. Short, 2 bit answers that don't give any hope for the line except we'll be making some more. But as soon as the 3 3/4 topic is breached the gush. It makes me wonder, if they would have been as supportive of the 6" line where would it be now? It's seemed that they've never been supportive of thier inheritance of the 6" line, but what if they had been. The reports from thier retailer summits about poor sales of the 6" line probably parallel thier lack of interest to thier purchasers. I can see thier sales pitch now.... "so, here's our new line-up of obscure, lackluster marvel legends for you all to purchase. ho-hum.... What, you don't want them? OK, Well then. HERE's our NEW 3 3/4 idea that we're REALLY excited about, let me tell you how awsome these are... It's all in the pitch, and if Hasbro isn't excited about a line, how can a retailer be. Place the blame whereever you like, but to me Hasbro is killing 6", to make thier mark in the field. The only people who suffer are those of us fans that have loyaly followed 6"ers all the way to the grave.
  17. When are they gonna figure out collectors don't want non-accurate versions of them? Here's a safe bet. If it's appeared in the comics or in print then it would be fair game. I mean even down to spider man in a fan four uniform with a paper bag for a head. (one on my more favorite covers) Man, with all the films coming up you would think they would be a little more forward thinking. Cap? What? Thor? Wolverine movie & tie ins? C'mon Hasbro get your collective heads out of your arse's.
  18. I found mine in the Illinois area last weekend, but it required alot of calling with the DCPI # (087-06-1986), some annoying empolees, alot of BS, and finally playing a hunch for a payoff, but this is the best line from the Bro so far. Really let your fingers do the walking. Ask for the service desk to do an area search which will give a listing of the 8 closest stores and thier approximate stock levels. Keep in mind these are usually 24 hours behind, and the stores may be sold out by the time you get there. Look for an equal number to a case (at least 8 pieces) and pounce on that store. Calling at this point is a gamble and some stores won't put stuff on hold, but if your persistant you can find your stuff easily enough. The phone is much cheaper than gas these days, AND your still hunting.
  19. Thank you. I collect alot of lines, mostly Hasbro (grumble grumble), but Legends are my favorite BY FAR, and I take the line very personally. I would hope that they continue on so we can see all the characters we've been wanting, but sometimes it feels like Hasbro and even the fans just want the whole debacle to stop. And I guess I don't blame them. Being a ML fan these days is frustrating as all get-out. And we've been so vocal as to our displeasure with the Hasbro line early on I guess I wouldn't blame them for wanting to drop it, but there is literally so much more that can be done. Can the spark be re-kindled? Even these boards are a shadow of what they used to be. Are there collectors & fans still out there who care? I hope so, cause if ML's die, and 3 3/4 begins it's reign, it will be another 7-8 years before the depth of characters developes enough for us to get the "full" teams and "obscure" favorites that the 6" line finally made it to. Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe 35 figures a year will come around pretty quick, but I don't know if I'm down for a re-start. I love Marvel, I love the toys, but this will be the third time I'm restarting a line, and I don't see a big improvement or feature that would make me warrant a new start. 3 3/4 just feels like a step backwards from the revolutionary figures I knew and loved.
  20. How long has it been since the last Q&A session with Hasbro? Aren't we due for another? I ask because it would be nice to have some form of communication with these product lines. The last mention we had about any ML's was just after San Diego, where they said that the 6" line would continue into 09 and that BAF waves were done. Both of these comments are very vague and can only lead to the speculation that this board so loves to spew. Wouldn't you feel better if Hasbro gave us a reason (albeit a useless one) for the price increase on the Target Legends? How about a hint at the formats to come? (beside pimping the 3 3/4 line) What have they done to make dis-satisfied retailers happy? Is TRU ever going to carry normal Legends again, or are they still pissed that they bought the cow from Toy biz's last lines that flooded the market. Is there another plan in the works to replace BAF's? If we're done with BAF's than give us something we can look forward to? If not, justify the price increase. Why so dismissive of the 6" line AND it's fans. The comments made at comic-con were snotty and rude, "if you can't find them then you should move". When asked about retailer support Hasbro always comments on the dwindling retailer interest beacuse many A-list characters have been covered and they can't continue to do obscure characters solely, and expect that to sell. I say thee, Billycock! There's plenty of A-listers in NEED of remakes and resculpts or costumes that are popular to many avid fans. Needless to say their are many character line-ups that could both be popular to retailers and fans alike, but Hasbros lack of faith is disturbing. As I've always felt, they picked up the license to axe 6" and move towards 3 3/4". Though they would never say it out-right, those have been thier overall intentions. examples: A-listers: Bucky Cap, New Thor, Extemis Iron man or even a Tony Stark, Astonishing Storm, Astonishing Wolverine, Armored Black Panther, Cable w/ Baby, Evil Bishop Poplular re-sculpts: Scarlett Witch, Magneto, 90's Jean Grey, Modern Cage, New Iron Fist, 70's Storm, Destroyer Thor, Deadpool, Dark Beast or Avengers Beast, Binary or Old-school Ms Marvel Those not yet hit:(but frequently asked for) Polaris, Jubilee, Drax, ML Thanos, Mephisto, Bastion, Blink, Cloak & Dagger,Daken, Cyber, Exodus, Firestar, Super-Adaptoid,Blastaar, Klaw, Justice, Magik, Mimic, Nocturne, Morph, Multiple Man, Strong Guy, Shadow King, Vulcan, Warpath, Wolfsbane, Sabastion Shaw Avengers not yet made:(but can complete our Avengers line-ups) Beast, Firestar, Justice, Swordsman, Dr Druid, Hellcat, MoonDragon, Quasar, Photon, StarFox, MockingBird, US Agent, Machine Man, Darkhawk, Thunderstrike, Jack of Hearts, StingRay, Echo, Stature, Hawkeye(Kate Bishop), Speed, Valkryie Team Box Sets:(or even better start them off in normal carded line-ups and get fans and completists to clammor for the teams to be completed. Cause once a character is made then people WANT to complete the lineup. Ex: Vindicator, one I have him I'll want all of Alpha Flight. Many of these are simple retools or remakes) Alpha Flight Thunderbolts (old & New) New/Young X-men New Mutants X-Factor Inhumans X-Force New Warriors Sorry for yet another wanted list, but there are some GREAT characters there that Really deserve Plastic immortalization. Do you posters feel that there is no way to bring back Legend popularity? Can't the line sustain itself? The quality has been getting much better, but the motivation to make more seems to have been lost. Sure 3 3/4 offers alot of possiblities for vehicles and Playsets, but really how many are there beyond QuinJets, Blackbirds, Fantasticars, and playsets that if made kid-friendly would lose the collector base. NOT MANY! Face Super-heroes don't need vehicles, Part of the whole being super thing. Aside from that, where is the benifit of switching scales. Cost: Sure 3 3/4 will be cheaper, but even those are 7.99 pretty-much across the board now. And I think Hasbro has been driving up the prices of 6" legends to justify thier switch to 3 3/4. Deliberatly putting them beyond the Kid market, so the can reset the line, and make us "buy the White Album again." Cause that's what it comes down to. They haven't wanted to continue what another company made famous, they want thier own nitche. They want the sales of us re re re-buying thier Caps, Daredevils, Iron Mans, and Wolverines so they can make the buck off of us the same way ToyBiz did. But in doing so they are pushing away loyal fans buy saying, "well if you're a loyal, you'll buy them all again", and "younger kids need the chance to start from the ground up with the series." That's fine and dandy, but they should also learn that PARENTS are the ones who have control over a childs spending habits. And angry parents can switch thier kids to Bandai and Mattel. Personally, I do think a balance can be found for both lines, and honestly the only way I would even consider purchasing 3 3/4 inchers is IF the 6" line is kept. It may sound stupid, but I'd be willing to spend the money on two lines with the scale I want, than one that I don't. You support MY interests, and I will support your company. Screw with me and I'm done.
  21. he has a new book now? link? i didnt know that and i'm a HUGE war machine fan! otherwise, yeah i agree with everything you said. Yeah, it came out yesterday, taking over for Iron Man Agent of Shield is now War Machine Agent of Shield. http://blackgeekdom.com/blog/2008/07/25/wa...n-going-series/ I must warn you, if you haven't read about War Machine in a while be preparred for some changes that Rhodey has been through.
  22. Seriously. No more wolverines, caps, iron mans in the ML line for, oh, a year minimum? Actually, I think that there some versions of these figures that should be made. There have to be lynch-pin characters in the ML lines to make them sell. That one of the rtailer complaints about the ML lineups, too obscure for thier interests. Which leads to less retails picking up the lines and more Walmart & Target exclusives. Think about it, in comics currently these Headliners have recently had costume shifts: Captain America - Bucky Iron Man - true Extremis Thor - current comics Storm - astonishing Wolverine - current astonishing (admittedly minor retool) Iron Fist - they already did the new costume for the 3 3/4 line, maybe a stretch here. War Machine - catch the Iron man histeria, but he's got a new book Anyway there are easily 2-3 lines that could be made using the more popular standard characters in versions we haven't seen as Legends yet. And no Marvel select doesn't count, too big of a scale. I'd rather see a comic accurate version of a character as a re-issue, at least that makes sense. Not a Torpedo Iron Man and Scuba Spidey.
  23. Well they finally hit Illinois this Saturday. Had to brave the floods to find them though. I called some stores that had the DCPI in stock and found a store that had enough numbers to represent a full case so i figured that I was in luck. Then I called and the people didn't even look, just put me on hold and lied to me when they came back on the phone. I could literally here an guy in the background scoffing my interest, and then the person I was talking to said that there were none on the floor and none in the computer. I just had the feeling I was getting Jerked around so I went to the store in question, and lo-and-behold, there were the ML's. I talked to the person working in toys and asked if they had had anybody looking for them earlier in the morning and he said that they had no calls. I said that I had called 1/2 an hour ago and he said he was working and was never paged or requested to do a search. Even he thought i was being BS'ed. I'm just glad that his co-workers were such bad liers, and that I played my hunch well. Sometimes I wonder if anybody in America even tries to do thier jobs anymore. It just seems that people have gotten so lazy that they can't even be bothered to pick up a phone and have somebody else do the legwork for them, like say a Target operator. Anyway, I went to a Target Sunday morning and they had them as well, so I'd assume they are starting to show up all over. Sadly they are 14.99 here as well. I wrote Hasbro about the price change, but that's another story all together.
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