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  1. Even with these being rather large, they look like they may fit some-what to scale with My Marvel Legends, if not oh well, I'm still picking them up, lol. I just got Marvel Select Daredevil today, I've got Ultimate Wolverine (pwns Hasbro's so easily), Stealth and Regular Extremis Armor Ironman, Wolverine Origins (fits nicely with Legends and rocks especially with SF Guile's Dog-tags around his neck), Thor (who awesomely fits with Legends) and Bucky Cap, as well as all 3 Marvel Zombie Selects and now I add Daredevil to the fold. I plan on picking up Hulk and Abomination and the Ironman and Warmachine. I really want to pick up Cloak and Dagger, Mephisto and Ghost Rider, probably end up with the Spiderman that's coming out from the line too. Marvel Selects rock.
  2. What Wolverine head did you use? Reminds me of the original 5-inch Tigerstripe Wolvie from the 90's. Definitely captured the essence of the 90's cartoon with those. How did you do the optic blast or is that a Shop?
  3. I see this more as a positive than a detractor. :D
  4. So you bought a Shawn Michaels that couldn't dance. That sucks. Cool custom. If I ever get around to collecting the 3.75 inchers, I'll stock up on those WWE figures they seem to fit so well with the MU figs.
  5. Pretty sure the recurve bow is just a plain bow. Compound has a little peg sticking off the end, I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. Here's a pic: Recurve bow on the left, Compound on the right. I might be wrong...but meh pretty sure I'm right.
  6. I voted for Deadpool, The Hood (screw the haters, he's a badass villain created by one of my favorite writers), and Fantomex. Honestly I don't understand what all the whining is about, we could have gotten NOTHING in the way of Marvel Legends, but instead we're getting 6 new figures AND we got to choose 3 of them. I don't care what anyone believes, the poll wasn't rigged, the more popular characters of the bunch won. You have to think it wasn't JUST collectors voting in this poll. Billy Smith, 9 years old hasn't one clue who the hell the Hood is or Doctor Voodoo or Fantomex or The Terror. He probably knows Deadpool because of Wolverine Origins, Black Widow because of Ironman 2, and one can assume Valkrie probably won out because ALOT of collectors really wanted her so I'm sure a vast majority of the collectors chose her as one of their votes. I'm happy with the 3 that won. I want a new Deadpool and a Black Widow. I'm not excited about Valkrie, but it's always nice to have female figures to use as fodder. I'm anxious to see what the other 3 are. I'd be happy with just about any of the figures listed. I'm hoping for Warpath, Lady Bullseye, Havok, The Hood, or The Terror (Don't know much about him, but the figure looks badass).
  7. Small world, I just placed a (currently) winning bid on those!
  8. The only character/movie of Matthew McConaughey's I can stand. Always wanted a figure of that character, just absolutely badass. Re-watched it the other day, wish they'd do a sequel/prequel to it. Actually makes me believe McConaughey could play Cap as a few people have suggested. Beautifully done figure. Kind of inspiring actually, I may do a custom in the 6-inch scale of him, if I could find a good Christian Bale head, I'd do Quin Abercromby too.
  9. So horrid, I want Nemesis soooooo badly, all I could find was camo Punisher. I paid full price for those 3 figures when they were first released. I managed to pop into a Wal Mart right after they had put out the Ares wave so I got all of them at the same time. Thus paying full price for said figures, but I have no friggin' clue where my receipt is. I wish you would have been willing to sell Nemesis, I'd pay a pretty penny for him. I suppose it's eBay shopping for me. From now on I'm keeping all my damn receipts.
  10. While recently browsing Wal Mart's toy section I went though their 2-packs and found Longshot and Psylocke packed in a Ronin/Elektra package, but the weirdness doesn't end there... Longshot's body had Clint's head on it and Longshots head (minus some hair) in the spot of Ronin's. The set also included Elektra's extra, non-bandana'd head. I snapped a shot with my camera phone, lord knows how to upload the photo onto the PC to show everyone. Wish I had the cash to buy it when I was there, just to add a nice little oddity to my collection. Anyone else see one of these or something similar? Post pics if you got em!
  11. I notice a high 40-50 dollar price on Buy it Now listings on eBay, I just posted my MOC one on eBay starting at 5 bucks... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120405228464
  12. I don't have a suggestion, but rather need one. A small girl at the 6" scale for say a Hope custom or perhaps Elsie Dee to go with an Albert custom? I'm at an absolute loss.
  13. Awesome customs man. One thing I would suggest, is possibly repainting that Lady Deathstrike's outfit black, as it was during Messiah Complex. Not to say it's not a beautifully don't figure. Also...I'm in love with your Ash...absolutely awesome. Been wanting to do one myself, but haven't been able to find a good chainsaw accessory, seeing yours makes me begin my search for one again. Perhaps a Movie Maniacs Leatherface will have what I need.
  14. Phenomenal work man. Drop me a PM with the Photobucket link again, I'm gonna start working on the site some more this Tuesday and I'll post whatever you like and probably actually have the site operational in a week or 2, lol after months of not doing anything.
  15. That second one is seeping awesomeness and begging for a custom.
  16. Awesome work as per usual man. That X-Man looks like it was just taken out of the package. Your skill improves with each figure! That X-Man would have to be my favorite from you thus far.
  17. Yes, yes, motion seconded, I say we march on Hasbro headquarters with signs saying "Free Our Figures", perhaps we'll have Iron Sheik threaten to "Break-a" their backs with the Camel Clutch and...well I'm sure undoubtedly you know the rest.
  18. According to the eBay listings for the "figures" (why are we putting this in quotations?) they're 18cm, which is about 7 inches.
  19. Does this mean anti-loose figure purchasing PSAs on late night TV? "Hey kid, you want to buy some toys?" *Opens coat to reveal nicely pocketed loose figures* "NO!" "JUST SAY 'NO' to Plastic Pushers!" I have my doubts that this will affect anything. Including eBay. Especially since all the details have yet to actually come out on it and the organization that's putting this law into effect won't even comment on it.
  20. I can't wait for the Nemesis wave. WalMarts here in Central Ohio (Fellow Ohioans should head to the one on Gender road, as of last night all they're missing is Guardian and Crossbones) JUST got the Ares Wave, I picked up the entire wave the other night. So this time around Central Ohio actually got a decent amount of the exclusives, unlike the Giant man series that only came in once.
  21. I know there's a Hauls/Toy Sighting Thread, but I figured this would get noticed by more people if I just posted my own topic. If I'm wrong for posting this here, feel free to delete this topic. I'm an Assistant Manager at Dollar General and was reading over some paper work the other day. I noticed some of the Holiday toys we SHOULD have got included "Marvel Legends 2 Packs" priced at 10 dollars. My store discontinued it's Bargain Zone area that the 2 Packs were to be placed in (which may explain why we didn't get them). I've checked 2 other stores in my district, but they didn't get any. Just figured I'd let people know to check Dollar Generals for Marvel Legend 2 Packs. However it could be a reference to the Legendary Comic Book Heroes 2 Packs we got earlier this year, but I doubt it, because it's listed as "Holiday Toys", which we're still getting in and will be until after Christmas.
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