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  1. I'm about to just drop every friggin Marvel title I get. This one event after another is getting on my last nerves. I'll continue to read until this Dark Reign crap takes over my titles...but I'm just going to stay away from the main storyline. Secret Invasion was such a let down in my opinion. I just never really felt like the superheroes had their backs to the wall, not even a hint of "Sh** they might lose!" I love Normy as the top villain of the Marvel U though, he is one of my favorites and totally deserves to be more than a Spiderman footnote. Although I'm really interested in seeing Daken as a part of Dark Avengers, I'm staying away from this crap. If it comes down to me dropping all my Marvel titles...It's going to be like breaking up with a girlfriend that's too clingy..."It's not you baby...it's me...okay...maybe it's you..."
  2. Yea, but it's the classic B-Lister Nova...not the new and improved kick-ass A-Lister Nova. LoL. I'm hoping to pick him up so I can do a modern custom. I'm also working on a Rocket Racoon and Starlord custom right now. I want to do all the Guardians eventually.
  3. What line is this Doom from? Is it the one from Rise of the Silver Surfer line that has the board and energy axe? I can't find the figure on eBay or anywhere. Loving both figures by the way, just wondering if the Doom at my work is the same one you used for this one's head.
  4. Possibly the greatest Wolverine custom I have ever seen. Totally captures the essence of him. Something no toy company has ever done, the positioning of the head is dead on perfect. I'm almost afraid he's going to jump off the screen and kick my Deadpool-lovin' ass.
  5. I added some sculpt and paint to Astonishing Cyclops to make his new costume. Added a "Ninja" looking hood to Deadpool's head, added a knife and sheath to his ankle and stole Urban Legends DD's "holster" and added it to Deadpool's other leg and gave him a second handgun.
  6. Indeed. My problem with FO Daredevil has always been his "My costumes one-size too large" look. I've always been partial to the Urban Legends boxset DD.
  7. Well it WAS for my Old Man Logan custom, but now it's for something entirely different, which will be posted as soon as it's finished. I've decided to make the coat on the Old Man Logan a permanent fixture instead of removable.
  8. Alex Ross designed it. I personally love it, but I'm not the normal, "CHANGE BAD, SAME GOOD!" fanboy, that and I really could care less if he was wearing a moomoo with a hairnet, the writing of the book is awesome. I can't get enough of it, I'm picking up another trade at the shop tomorrow. lol...removable canteen.
  9. This question reminds me of my Series 3 Magneto that I found last year under a store shelf. Someone hid it and never came back for it, obviously. I think it's wrong to hide figs, especially if you're an adult or close to it. You're depriving a child of the enjoyment of a toy because you collect. You have other means to get your figures, you don't NEED it that badly that you have to hide the thing. I've always found this to be in bad taste, just makes me as a collector look bad because others are greedy. I actually go around looking for hidden figures at Wally World/Target/where ever and typically just put them on the shelf. Action figures are toys meant for the hands of children and I remember not too long ago when I was a child and the excitement I had when I found that relatively rare Deadpool II sitting on a shelf in Toys R' Us, that level of glee is the absolute right of every child and I'll be darned if I as a collector am going to be greedy and take it from them because I don't have the cash right now. Just my opinion.
  10. That Fitzroy kicks too much ass. Seeing that Maggot figure makes me wish that Toybiz would have released him years ago along with the canceled Generation X Line 2.
  11. What's that Iron Man, in-between the HR Iron Man and Iron Monger, from? Looks like Series 8 "Modern" Ironman.
  12. Do you have a close-up shot of Iron Nazi's face? Awesome work, I just want a closer look at him.
  13. I'm never talking to you again. 1.) SuperPro - If anyone remembers SuperPro you know that he's #1 on this list. 2.) Superman - I've always hated Supes. If I were a DC Character I'd definitly have to be a villain....a Superman Villain. 3.) Hulk - That's right, I said it. Mainly because they can never decide what color he is, who's side he's on, whether he's good/bad/a victim of himself. He's always on the run from the government and we never can judge just how strong he is. Planet Hulk was great, as was World War Hulk, but I've just always (other than the TV Show) found Hulk to be a disappointing hero. Villains: 1.) Dr. Sunlight - Dude got killed by HERBIE, nuff said. 2.) Any Spiderman Villain Created post-90ish - From Goblin knock-offs to Venom knock offs to "WTF" characters like Boldface...Spidey needs a new ORIGINAL concept. What's Slott reallly given us that's new? Menace (Goblin) and Anti-Venom (Symbiote, although badass...). It's as bad as another chick trying to kill Daredevil. 3.) The Majority of DC"s Villains - From Mirror Master to Weather Man...DC's villains are lame. I mean Darkseid rocks my socks and all, and I'm not saying ALL DC villains are lame, but good god...alot of them are just out-dated concepts that were cool to 10 year olds in the 60's. I say kill em all and let the badasses be the last one's standing or give them some modernization. Give Mirror Master some creepy power ala the Keifer Sutherland movie Mirrors. That'd be cool.
  14. Where did you pick up the chain and magnetic clasp? Just curious, as I'm working on a custom Ghost Rider myself and would rather NOT use the movie figure's plastic chain.
  15. I had gotten out of comics and action figures, but I had a buddy that was into Heroclix, so I drove him to the comic shop to pick up some Heroclix and I was browsing a Toyfare and it was the issue with the Marvel Legends Guide in it and I geeked out when I saw Deadpool and Deathlok had figures! I immediatly rushed out to Toys R Us and picked up Deathlok and a few days later I picked up Nightcrawler and the rest of the Galactus Series from a Wal Mart and ordered Deadpool off Ebay. From then on I bought every single one I came across, right up until the Blob Series.
  16. I'd say the X-Men Classics version and if you're a big Iceman fan, get all 3 of the X-Men Classic's Icemans, there's Ultimate, Normal and Untransformed as aaozz9 posted.
  17. I was wondering if there are any tutorials on how to make coats or other clothing items out there. I need a brown trench coat for a custom I'm doing and have no clue where to even begin on creating something like this. If anyone has an extra Gambit coat laying around...I'll pay cash.
  18. Awesome work man. I read the title of this and I immediately thought of the WWF Wrestler from back in the day, lol.
  19. I always love your work. I can't find Deadpool on the site though, what's he under? I went under Marvel and Misc and didn't see him.
  20. I saw this on your site earlier this week. It's possibly the sexiest Ironman armor yet.
  21. I'd honestly say "No" on the Thing and Cap. Try and get the Face-off Cap and one of the many Thing's Toybiz released in it's Fantastic Four line. I'm a big fan of that stretched out Mr. Fantastic though.
  22. Love that Wonderman. Also, if you need my e-mail again, drop me a PM. The site's coming along nicely and I plan on getting some more done tomorrow as I'm off work.
  23. I love the pain application on Panther. Great work man. You ever gonna e-mail me those pics/recipes? lol.
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