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  1. deprave1

    New Marvel Legends 2-packs

    I voted for the Hood, Brother voodoo and Black Widow. Though I will admit that Deadpool and Valkyrie were 4 and 5 on my wish list
  2. deprave1

    Box sets.

    How about... Mighty Avengers (Hank Pym as the Wasp, Stature, U.S.Agent, Jacosta, and Scarlet Witch (interchangable head to female Loki) The Cabal (Iron Patriot, Dr. Doom, Namor, White Queen, The Hood) Dark Avengers (Moonstone, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Daken, Iron Patriot) Marvel Mystics (Dr. Strange, Dr. Voodoo, Son of Satan, Nightmare, Dorramu) Dark X-men (Dark Beast, Mimic, Weapon Omega, Cloak, Dagger) Alpha Flight (Vindicator, Northstar, Aurora, Puck, Shaman) Guardians of the Galaxy (Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Martyr, Drax, Gamora) Warriors of Asgard (Modern Thor, Balder, Fandral, Volstagg, Hogun) New Warriors (Night Thrasher, Speedball, Firestar, Justice, Namorita) Hellfire Club (Sebastian Shaw, Donald Pierce, White Queen, Selene, Mastermind) Christmas Boxset of the Power Pack Great Lakes Avengers (Mr. Immortal, Big Bertha, Flatman, Doorman, Squirrel Girl) The Inhumans (Medusa, karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal)
  3. deprave1

    The Avengers isn't who you think they are...

    going into the book, there was the question, what would the secret warriors actually be going against? Norman? This was perfect. I cannot wait till Ares sets his sights on reclaiming his son. And the reveal that Contessa has been Madama Hydra. this will throw a serius wrench in Fury, and I got a feeling there will be a showdown and Nick isn't the type to let emotions come into effect him. So it will end with a bullet in her head.
  4. deprave1


    Well, Galactus is just one person that would be considered a force of cosmic Nature. the Fantastic Four have been able to stop him several times and if he was the strongest, no one would be able to stop him from feeding. Eternity as the very embodiment of the Universe would be high on the list. But there are always exceptions. Thanos with the full might of the Infinity Gauntlet was able to make short work of both. At the same time all parties have been subject to the rulings of the Living Tribunal. On a earth front, Sentry is the strongest with the power of a Thousand exploding suns. Which just makes it insane Norman hasn't used him to rip the limbs off of any who would stand against him. (My on major issue with him being so powerful, unless you make him go all panic attack, no one stands a chance, hence why I hate him being on any super team, sorry bout the rant). I would love to see a Galactus vs. Sentry 1 shot.
  5. deprave1

    fan poll

    How about... Winter Soldier and Black Widow (new sculpt) which would have the following variant Modern Captain America and Black Widow II The Hood and Madame Masque Dark Hawkeye and Dark Wolverine Iron Patriot and Ms. Marvel(Moonstone Version) with a variant Extremis Iron Man and Ms. Marvel(Carol Danvers)
  6. deprave1

    Create a ML series... renewed

    Ok but as Hasbro has said no more BAf :spidey_deadtopic: , mine will be series of 6 with no BAF. Series 8 Starlord w/ Rocket Raccoon The Hood Winter Soldier Namora Iron Patriot Pennance Series 9 AKa Bring on the Baddies 2 The Wrecker Thunderball Piledriver Bulldozer Titania Dark Wolverine Series 10 Modern Luke Cage Chameleon Polaris (Modern Costume) Drax the Destroyer Grim Reaper Mr. Immortal Series 11 Avalanche (Classic Uniform) Crystal and Lockjaw Ikaris Nighthawk Old Man Logan Terax
  7. deprave1

    Storm... R.I.P.

    1st, these are comic books. You may be jumping the gun a little. Do you assume a character dies every time you see them apparently dead on a cover? 2nd, sacrificing yourself for a loved one is a plot device? No, I don't believe everyone always dies. But for the sake of story her death makes sense. T'Challa lives. Is out of comission for a while. Retains the mantle of the Black Panther just in time for the end of Dark Reign. And then He gets to have a climactic battle with Doom who he blames for the loss of Storm. I personally liked the marriage, but as this is a very real possible outcome, then I would have preferred the marriage to be part of the Skrull invasion.
  8. deprave1

    Storm... R.I.P.

    Is anyone reading the new Black Panther series? If so, it does not look so good for our Wind Rider. If you have not been reading it, Dr. Doom nearly kills T'Challa and to save his life Storm travels to the afterlife and makes a trade. Her for him. So, here we take a strong leading character. A pillar of X history. And she is reduced to a plot device. She would have been better used as a Skrull invader in Secret Invasion.
  9. deprave1

    Least 5 favorite Moments in X-Verse

    Hmm. a lot of bad history to go with the good and great. this would be my list. 5) Young X-men. 12 issues. Well, so much for giving a place to c haracters like Santo and Anole. And the series was pretty pointless to boot. 4) Chris Claremont's second run. "Revolution." I love Claremont's first run. It is classic and brilliant. His second run I kept wanting to give it a chance because of who he is, what he gave us in the past. The bright spot was his handling of Rogue and continued in X-treme X-men for the First 12 issues or so. 3) The whole Kwannon/Psylocke story arch... 2) The end of Whedon's Astonishing. Ok, Kitty Pryde fan is pissed off here. but how sucky is it that you could not come out with your book on time so other books were mentioning her loss before you showed it. And for you to go out by being stuck in a giant metal bullet for the rest of existance. If you can tell me a lamer way to go out (ok, Padme dying of a broken heart is #$@# too) I challenge you. Give the character a little credit and a grander send off. 1) Chuck Austin's run on X-men. Crap crap crap. I mean it is the butt of jokes in She Hulk, Angel's secondary mutation (healing blood) has been completely written out, Annie and her Kid are nowhere to be heard of again. Talk about a run that is pretty much forgettable.
  10. Madrox Skrulls Phalanx Kree AIM Hellfire Club Shi'ar Soldier Shield Soldier Brood Dire Wraith Purifiers
  11. Infinity Gaunlet - but only if they don't rehash a lot of figures. So the focus should be on Cosmic... Thanos and Adam Warlock, Eric Masterson Thor and Drax the Destroyer, Gamora and Pip the Troll, Starfox and Nebula, Death and Mephisto, Love and Hate. Operation Galactic Storm -- 19 issues maybe a little lofty, but think of the possibilities. Avengers, Kree, and Shi'ar. 1. Cap and Warstar. 2. Living Lightning and Electron. 3. Quasar and Titan. 4. Wonder Man and Captain Atlas. 5. Sersi and Shi'ar Soldier. 6. Iron Man Space Armor and Shatterax. 7. Eric Masterson Thor and Gladiator. 8. Crystal and Korrath the Persuer. 9. U.S. Agent and Dr. Minerva. 10. Binary and Neutron. 11. Captain Marvel and Raza. 12. Hercules and Deathbird. 13. Goliath and Ronan the Accuser. 14. Starfox and Hussar. 15. Falcon and Flagsmasher. 16. Marvel and Smasher. 17. Kismet and Super Skrull. 18. White Vision and Lilandra 19. Black Knight and Supremor Executioner's Song -- 12 parts. 1. Professor X and Jim Lee Cyclops. 2. Strong Guy and Wolfesbane. 3. Gauntlet and Barrage. 4. Havok and Mr. Sinister. 5. Colossus and Apocalypse. 6. Wolverine and Bishop. 7. Cannonball and Dragoness. 8. Siryn and Madrox. 9. Beast and Foxbat. 10. Polaris and Tusk. 11. Apocalypse and Archangel. 12. Cable and Stryfe. X-Tinction Agenda --9 chapters. no two pack. includes BAF for Cameron Hodge. 1. X-Factor Cyclops. 2. Mutate Storm. 3. Cable. 4. X-Factor Jean Grey. 5. Wolfesbane. 6. Magistrate Havok. 7. Warlock. 8. Unmasked Brown Costume Wolverine. 9. Rictor
  12. deprave1

    Themed Marvel Universe sets

    Great Lakes Avengers Mr. Immortal Big Bertha Squirrel Girl Doorman Flatman West Coast Avengers Hawkeye Mockingbird Wonderman Tigra Silver Centaurian Iron Man Excalibur Captain Britain Nightcrawler Phoenix II Meggan Shadowcat Alpha Flight Guardian Sasquatch Shaman Northstar Aurora Alien Races Skrull Kree Soldier Shi'ar Soldier Dire Wraith Brood New Mutants Magik Moonstone Cannonball Sunspot Warlock Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Mystique Avalanche Pyro Destiny Spiral Classic Thunderbolts Citizen V Techno Mach V Songbird Atlas Heroes for Hire Luke Cage Colleen Wing Misty Knight Shang Chi Tarantula Runaways Chase and Lace Nico Victor Molly Karolina
  13. deprave1

    Nominations for Evolution sets.

    Most of these are being produced but in single packs throughout the year. Yes, And I think they will get regurgitated, oops repackaged into a box set.
  14. deprave1

    Nominations for Evolution sets.

    Wolverine -- Yellow Tigerstrike, Brown Costume, Ultimate Spiderman -- Original, Black Costume, Iron Spider Hulk -- Grey, Green, Red Iron Man -- Original Armor, Silver Centaurian, War Machine
  15. Alien Race Boxset Shi'ar Kree Skrull Brood Badoon Dire Wraith Phalanx The Infinity Watch Drax the Destroyer Gamorra Moon Dragon Pip the Troll Thanos Avengers Initiative Gauntlet Hardball Cloud 9 Komodo MVP 3-D Man Armory Shadow Initiative Bengal Constictor Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady) Trauma Mutant Zero Baron von Blitzschlag New Warriors Night Thrasher Speedball Namorita Wondra Decibel Justice Firestar The Heralds of Galactus Air-Walker Firelord Terrax Nova (Frankie Ray) Stardust Morg

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