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  1. deprave1

    New Marvel Legends 2-packs

    I voted for the Hood, Brother voodoo and Black Widow. Though I will admit that Deadpool and Valkyrie were 4 and 5 on my wish list
  2. deprave1

    Box sets.

    How about... Mighty Avengers (Hank Pym as the Wasp, Stature, U.S.Agent, Jacosta, and Scarlet Witch (interchangable head to female Loki) The Cabal (Iron Patriot, Dr. Doom, Namor, White Queen, The Hood) Dark Avengers (Moonstone, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Daken, Iron Patriot) Marvel Mystics (Dr. Strange, Dr. Voodoo, Son of Satan, Nightmare, Dorramu) Dark X-men (Dark Beast, Mimic, Weapon Omega, Cloak, Dagger) Alpha Flight (Vindicator, Northstar, Aurora, Puck, Shaman) Guardians of the Galaxy (Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Martyr, Drax, Gamora) Warriors of Asgard (Modern Thor, Balder, Fandral, Volstagg, Hogun) New Warriors (Night Thrasher, Speedball, Firestar, Justice, Namorita) Hellfire Club (Sebastian Shaw, Donald Pierce, White Queen, Selene, Mastermind) Christmas Boxset of the Power Pack Great Lakes Avengers (Mr. Immortal, Big Bertha, Flatman, Doorman, Squirrel Girl) The Inhumans (Medusa, karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal)
  3. deprave1

    fan poll

    How about... Winter Soldier and Black Widow (new sculpt) which would have the following variant Modern Captain America and Black Widow II The Hood and Madame Masque Dark Hawkeye and Dark Wolverine Iron Patriot and Ms. Marvel(Moonstone Version) with a variant Extremis Iron Man and Ms. Marvel(Carol Danvers)
  4. deprave1

    Create a ML series... renewed

    Ok but as Hasbro has said no more BAf :spidey_deadtopic: , mine will be series of 6 with no BAF. Series 8 Starlord w/ Rocket Raccoon The Hood Winter Soldier Namora Iron Patriot Pennance Series 9 AKa Bring on the Baddies 2 The Wrecker Thunderball Piledriver Bulldozer Titania Dark Wolverine Series 10 Modern Luke Cage Chameleon Polaris (Modern Costume) Drax the Destroyer Grim Reaper Mr. Immortal Series 11 Avalanche (Classic Uniform) Crystal and Lockjaw Ikaris Nighthawk Old Man Logan Terax
  5. Alien Race Boxset Shi'ar Kree Skrull Brood Badoon Dire Wraith Phalanx The Infinity Watch Drax the Destroyer Gamorra Moon Dragon Pip the Troll Thanos Avengers Initiative Gauntlet Hardball Cloud 9 Komodo MVP 3-D Man Armory Shadow Initiative Bengal Constictor Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady) Trauma Mutant Zero Baron von Blitzschlag New Warriors Night Thrasher Speedball Namorita Wondra Decibel Justice Firestar The Heralds of Galactus Air-Walker Firelord Terrax Nova (Frankie Ray) Stardust Morg
  6. So many good sets available... Great Lakes Avengers Mr Immortal Big Birtha (slightly adjusted Blob) Squirrel Girl w/ Tippy Toe Flat Man Doorman Leather Man Grasshopper Masters of Evil Baron Zemo Enchantress Executioner Radioactive Man Moonstone Classic Beetle Wrecking Crew Wrecker Thunderball Piledriver Bulldozer Powerpack Boxset for Christmas Hellfire Club Sebastian Shaw Classic Emma Frost Selene Hellfire Soldier Donald Pierce Tessa Leland Warriors of Asgard Balder Sif Fandral Hogun Volstaag Valkrye The Runaways Karolina Dean Molly Hayes Gertrude Yorkes Chase Stein Victor Mancha Nico Minoru Old Lace Xavin
  7. Dragon Man Juggernaut Blastaar Classis Drax the Destroyer Mandroid Armor Crimson Dynamo Big Bertha Frost Giant Destroyer Terrax Mole Man Monster Orka Man-Ape Thunderbolts style Venom Gargoyle from Defenders Valkrye and Aaragorn Strong Guy Ulik Ch'od Stiltman Comic Accurate Bi-Beast Groot with Rocket Racoon Freak
  8. Ok, Here we go... Spiderman -- Fantastic Four (alt head has a paperbag on it. sculpt has kick me sign attached), Six armed spidey, Man Spider, Spider Carnage, Peter Parker Civilian outfit, Scalret Spider (hoodie version), The Spider (from Exiles Weapon X team) Wolverine -- True X-force version, Fang costume, Patch, T-shirt and Jeans, Here Comes Tomorrow Wolverine, Albert with Elsie Dee packin, Wolverine as Death, Bone claw Wolverine, Wolverine the End, Young Logan (Nightshirt edition), Current Astonishing X-men Costume Hulk -- Joe Fixit, The Professor, Devil Hulk Iron Man -- Sentient Armor (yellow variant with Ultron Head), Heroes Return Iron Man, Space Armor (From Galactic Storm), Extremis Armor, Iron Patriot, Tony Stark (Business suit), Tony Stark (shield uniform) Captain America -- U.S.Agent, The Captain, Wolf-Cap, Modern, Winter Soldier, Bobmer Jacket civilian Steve
  9. Ok folks, here is the premise. We know that ML for the purpose of single packaged figures and BAF is done with for the forseable future. So what Ideas do you have for the first eight 2-packs of 2009. With the idea being they will be split into 2 waves. For mine, I am going to do themed waves. Wave 1: Masters of Evil Baron Zemo (fuzzy boots and all) and Titania Wrecker and Thunderball Piledriver and Bulldozer Enchantress and Executioner Wave 2: Heroes Modern Captain America and Black Widow (design could be based off Steve Epting work on CA or from Mighty Avengers) Modern Luke Cage and Dr. Strange (new sculpt and better cape) Modern Storm and Black Panter (similar design to the MU figure) Extremis Iron Man and Modern Thor
  10. deprave1

    NEW marvel legends fan poll

    How about the Power Pack? Or how about the Great Lakes Avengers? My only issue with the lists being done on this poll, is that they are only focused on one side of the Marvel U and that is X-Men. I've said it before and I love the X-Men. I buy there books every month. And I agree, we need another Storm. But I would prefer the uniform from her run on Fantastic Four to the original outfit. And I will agree, Hasbro has done an amazing job of throwing in b and c list heroes for the die hard fans and collectors. But here is my pick for the 8 fan choice figures to choose from. I am basing these figures on relevance in the world of comics today and the fact everyone would want these so picking just one would be painfull. First Appearance Storm Winter Soldier Skrull SpiderWoman Magneto (cuz we really do need a new one) Chameleon Extremis Armor Iron Man Perez Style Ultron Modern Thor
  11. deprave1

    Who will we see next year??

    Well to get this thread back on course... And it has been said the fuutre is 2 packs so my bets will all be in the form of them. Wrecker and Pile Driver Thunderball and Bulldozer Modern Captain America and Modern Thor Red Hood and Madam Masque Star Lord and Quasar (Phyla Vell) Songbird and Radioactive Man Peter Parker and Mary Jane (Gwen Variant or Interchangeable head)
  12. Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but Hasbro has on thier website two blank Muggs, one white and one black. Obviously they are starting to see the Customizers a serious source of revenue. I can only hope they turn this same idea towards the legends line. A generic mail body and a female, simply have the figures primed. throw in some alt heads, you would not even have to sculpt hair on they could be bald, some different hands. I would love it.
  13. I am getting the one who is a little too small in scale...
  14. deprave1

    marvel dream wave

    Well, personally I would like an overall theme to the wave, make the figures a little more linked. Avengers Wave 1) Black Widow (Design based off of Mighty Avengers art or Steve Epting design from Cap series) 2) Perez style Ultron 3) House of M Hawkeye 4) Modern Thor 5) Extremis Iron Man 6) Scarlet Witch (new sculpt, new face, that other one is either a butter face or a teenagers...) 7) Modern Captain America 8) Modern Luke Cage BAF Yellow Jacket (same exact mold as series 3, Just way Bigger, and includes miniture hero clix sized one)
  15. deprave1

    Ares wave cancelled?

    I live in Charleston Sc, of the 4 Wal*Marts I frequent, only one has had any Ares Wave, The Ben Reily and Torch, asked a young woman who was stocking the next isle, 10 minutes later she came back with a whole case, completed my BAF. Now I just have to wait for the 2 Packs and Nemesis Wave. I want Nova and Blackbolt so badly, and we have been waiting for so long... the aticipation is killing me.

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