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  1. BLAST YOU, TomTom! Those pills are the only thing that stand between me and my cannibalistic tendencies. Do you realize what you've done??
  2. What? Haven't you ever heard of punctuation? That said....OOOOOOOO, look at the cute little Zemo! Isn't he just so cute you could scream??? Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone seen my medication?
  3. Yeah, retailers would certainly be quite uncomfortable with having shelves filled with swastika-wearing Nazis. Then again, I have a figure of Kroenen from Hellboy that has a couple of swastikas in him, so they do show up from time to time. Pretty gutsy move on Mezco's part, actually. I suppose there's not as much of a stigma attached to the rising sun because Japanese war crimes aren't as well-known as the Nazi's war crimes. Interestingly, the swastika ls like the word holocaust, in that it doesn't necessarily have to do with Nazis. It's an old symbol with a long history and is still used in some Eastern religions, but Hitler pretty much ruined it for any other purpose here in the West.
  4. I like Marvel Legends best, but I admit that it's because I really don't like DC characters and thus don't own very many. The only DC characters I like are batman and some of his rogue's gallery, and I really only like them because of the 90s cartoon. Which was in a totally different style. So I like Marvel Legends best, but it's due to character selection more than anything else.
  5. No, we've all been hiding in a fallout shelter for the past few weeks. What's been happening on the surface world?
  6. I like them a lot. I think they're just adorable. Marvel legends are my first love, of course, but these guys are a fun little side collection. I don't know if Hasbro's focusing on them too much though. There are certainly more of them coming out than Legends figures, but that's probably because they are so small and have simple sculpts. They're easier to to design and produce, I'd bet.
  7. Don't forget the NFL Superpro! Er...yes..of course! *Hurridly hides collection of 300 My Little Ponies in the closet*
  8. So the response when they unveiled the new line was lackluster? I was under the impression that everyone was crapping their pants with joy.
  9. No, you're not the only one, but it seems like far fewer people are upset about this as I thought there would be. I was hoping there would be a bigger uproar from collectors, but most of them seemed quite stoked about this line. There's alreay like, three topics about them on Fwoosh with everyone trumpeting their joy about them. And what's worse, is that I can't fault them or Hasbro. I know this line makes better business sense for Hasbro (cheaper figures, more appeal to kids and casual buyers, more characters they can make, a scale that they're good at, etc.). And the smaller figures look terrific, and I understand many people want Marvel characters in a smaller scale, despite my griping yesterday. I have a feeling these are going to do well. The amount of business they'll get from kids/parents and casual buyers will likely far outnumber the business they lose from collectors, especially since they'll only be losing some collectors (it sounds like there are still a great many collectors who are planning on buying this line along with ML, or ditching their entire ML collection to focus on them). And even those who are saying "6 inch figs or nothing"...I'm sure many of them will be won over once MLs stop coming out and they've got nothing else to buy. It's not that I want the smaller line to tank, it's just that I don't want it to succeed at the expense of MLs, and from the sound of things at the Hasbro panel, they really don't give a damn about MLs or their collectors...so MLs are likely finished, and no one will suffer from this but a small handful of collectors who truly want 6 inch and only 6 inch. Heck, even many of those who do only want 6 inch still have DC figures to fall back on...but I am completely bored by the DC Universe and have never wanted any of their toys. As far as the smaller scale...there are like, 3 GI Joe characters probably 2 Star Wars characters I care about, and that's it. Meanwhile, I've got figures from lots of other 6 inch lines that are compatable with my MLs (heck, even my video game figures are compatable with them. The proportions may be off, but at least they don't tower over them like they would with a smaller scale). I'm actually quite jealous of the DC collectors, as it sounds like Mattel is on their side and is going to give them good product. I wish Hasbro could do the same for us. I've already watched them ruin the My Little Pony Line for collectors, and now this. Okay yeah, that's a lot of doom and gloom, but I've been thinking about this a lot and that's the only way I really see things going. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I don't think I will be. I feel like my favorite toyline is ending, there's nothing I can do about it, I don't even have any real right to complain about it, and no one cares. That said, if they make a 3 3/4'' Carnage figure, I'll buy it. But the rest I'm not touching with a 10 foot pole. *hops in the back of the Waaaaaaambulance and drives off*
  10. I wish they could do that too, but there's probably some business reason why they can't. It would be cool if they could though. That way, Hasbro could concentrate on their puny line, Marvel Legends would still get made, and collectors of both scales would have something to buy. But I know it's most likely not that simple.
  11. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! CROSSBONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem. I mean, that's wonderful news. I've been wanting him for ages. And he looks perfect! All right, this takes a bit of the bad taste from the new 3 3/4 inch line out of my mouth.
  12. That's true. Who needs BAFs or articulation or detail or characters we don't have yet who are compatable with our already existing collections and our various other toys we've got in the 6 inch scale? They can fight our G.I. Joes! That in itself is worth trading all those other things! Hell, even if we don't collect G.I. Joes it's worth it! Oh, and vehicles too. Seriously, Spiderman spends so much time flying jets and captaining submarines in every medium he's ever been portrayed in that it's about time we finally got to recreate that in our figure displays. Oh happy day! I assume you were being sarcastic as well, but even if you weren't, you did get me to chuckle
  13. Oh. Hooray. Smaller figures with less detail and crappier articulation. Just what I always wanted. I can barely contain my overwhelming joy. *Opens a bottle of the cheapest champagne in the universe and then hurls the entire thing at Hasbro* Take your Marvel Midgets and stick 'em, Hasbroken.
  14. I play with mine quite a bit. I love putting them in funny poses or acting out silly little micro stories with the figures. I have them displayed on shelves, but the display never stays nice for very long. They are just too much fun...I have trouble just leaving them there to collect dust. Especially since I also collect other toys, including a huge My Little Pony collection, some Anime characters, Movie Maniacs, video game figures, etc. The potential for funny character interaction is just too high, lol. Red Skull recently rode off into battle on the back of a blue Sparkly My Little pony, and Carnage is a letch who hits on anything that moves (his long, posable arms and toothy grin make him a natural to come up to another character, put an arm around them, and say "Hey Baby, what's your sign?"). Unfortunately, since most of my figures are male, they tend not to appreciate this much. Meanwhile, Sonic the Hedgehog wants to know if I'm ever going to buy a Quicksilver or Flash figure so he'll have someone to race. Baron Zemo is my current favorite, but the other characters tend to regard him as a joke (with that outfit, who wouldn't?) forcing him to hang out with the My Little Ponies or Pokemon figures. Maybe it's just a girl thing
  15. Assuming ML continues, anyway (or they could be released in a Spiderman line or something). Anyway, we've got Venom, we've got Carnage, and we've got Toxin. Does anyone else want Venom's other symbiote offspring? Yes, I know, symbiotes were quite overused in the 90s, and these are pretty minor characters, but still...I want them. Scream, Lasher, Phage, Riot, Agony (yes, I know those are fan names, but they don't have real names, so...), Hybrid and She-Venom II. I'd love to see these some day so I can complete Venom's "family." I'm not sure how much work they'd be...I think parts from the other symbiotes could be reused. Riot is big and bulky like venom, so perhaps a Venom repaint. Lasher, Phage and Hybrid are skinnier, so they could reuse Carnage's body, if it could be retooled so Lasher and Phage could have their symbiote tendrils/blades on their arms. And, of course, all three would need new heads. Scream and Agony would need a new mold, but both of them could share the same mold. Just make one a repaint of the other. Don't know too much about She-Venom II. I know she's a female symbiote, but I think she was shown as being bulky like Venom in the comic. Can't remember though, as it's been a while. I think out of all of these, Scream and Hybrid have the most chance of being released, since they have had larger roles in the comics than the others, but if Scream was released, Agony could be an easy variant. If a new Venom is released, Riot could be an easy variant for him as well. Making them variants mightmake them more appealing to collectors as well. I don't think we have much chance of seeing the others as singlepacks, but perhaps all of them could be released as a symbiote box set. Again, I know these are obscure characters, and symbiotes are not popular like they were in the 90s, but Venom is more popular/visible right now because of the movie, so perhaps they could ride on his coattails, so to speak. People who are fans of Venom might like to own his children as well. Anyone besides me want to see these guys?
  16. Oh, I have hundreds of MLPs...hundreds! :P My Marvel figures look a bit odd next to them, but that's part of the fun, lol.
  17. I never thought I'd say this, but it's Baron Zemo. He gets played with more than all my other figures combined. He's just so darn cute. Sometimes he even finds his way into my My Little Pony collection. :P
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