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  1. Umm, did you read the news with the pics? Hasbro stated that these figures were for 2010, which is next year. I think he was making a joke in relation to Hasbro repeatedly failing to meet their promised release dates with Marvel Legends.
  2. They've hit Arizona for sure, so they'll trickle out eventually. The funny thing is I'm Canadian and even though we got this wave first I now have to get an American friend to pick it up for me when it hits retail!
  3. This one's a bit too beefy for me, though the headsculpt is great.
  4. Where did I ever say anything to indicate ML should never have obscure characters?? I think obscure characters are great to throw in, and I count Man-Thing as one of my favourite ML's ever. I also think that if we were talking about a well-thriving Legends and this being simply a "next wave", they'd be fine character selections. However, things have been rather grim for Legends this last year and Hasbro has lost a lot of customers in response, and that's a fact. This was their chance to get some of those customers back and also please the existing ML fan base with some much-asked-for character choices. However, instead of getting a couple of the figures we've asked for many times in ML, they put almost all of them in MU instead and gave us insanely obscure figures for ML. So, not only did Hasbro pick some C and D listers to "relaunch" the line as Jesse was talking about so many months ago, they actually went and put all the other figures we've asked for in the sister line instead. That's the slap in the face.
  5. I'm not saying people are wrong for wanting the obscure figures shown, but while you won't pretend you don't want figures I won't pretend that I do. I have zero interest in 6 of those 18 characters, so I won't be buying them if they come out. But I can almost guarantee you they won't come out anyway, because there's no chance in hell that Nuke is going to win over characters like Deadpool or Multiple Man or Black Widow, but in all honesty I think Hasbro knows that fact and that's part of the reason why we're seeing those characters in the selection: they were easy to put together yet obscure enough to seem like they are trying to cater to collectors. Also, I understand that not everyone wants the same figures made, but that's not really the point I'm making. I'm not saying Hasbro has to make everyone happy, but it's absolutely baffling that they wouldn't include a single figure that many, many collectors have been asking for. And I'm not just speaking personally: take a look at top 10 polls all over the place. I guarantee you that you won't see Nuke, Fantomex, Lady Bullseye, or Terror Inc. on any of them. Yet all the ones that do show up on the Top 10 polls showed up in MU. Strange, isn't it?
  6. Really? You're going to complain about new figures? Because they didn't make the ones you want them to make? Really? Seriously this is a time to rejoice not fuss & complain. If people keep complaining about new figures Hasbro will say "See, we were right! No one wants 6 inch figures!" It's all the excuse they need. Please don't give them that! Are you kidding me? "Uh oh, better not let Hasbro know they are doing something wrong or they might refuse us their products!" Give me a break. Sure, be happy that ML isn't dead, that's great news, but that doesn't mean people can't criticize. I think all the figures look great, but their figure selection is a kick to the face in some cases. Even if you don't want them, figures like Ultron, Enchantress, Gladiator, Jim Lee Jean, Bucky/Winter Soldier, etc. have been clamored for since ML was in metaphorical diapers. I haven't heard a single person ever once mention Terror Inc or Nuke or Lady Bullseye. And the fact that Marvel Universe got pretty much every single character that we've been begging for and we basically got not a single one (other than Deadpool) is obviously not going to sit well with many people. Unless they have an ace in the hole, I think some of their character selections for the "return" of ML were just plain poor. When people have to wikipedia who a character is, that's an indicator that it was a bad choice.
  7. I have Shanna and I still don't care. As long as it looks good and I'm not displaying the characters like right next to each other I really don't care. For instance, that new Phoenix has X3 Jean's hair, but it looks friggin amazing so it doesn't bother me at all. And every single one of those new female ML's uses FFML Invisible Woman's body, but I don't care about that either because they all look incredible.
  8. Body and parts re-use is common practice not just with Hasbro but with many toy companies. Frig, Mattel does it all the time. You just have to do it right and not like Warpath.
  9. Your right , i won't. That hulk is hideous btw. Oh ok. So you wouldn't buy or don't own FO Cap? FO Punisher? GM Thor? Ares TS Wolverine? FO Hulk? You actually wouldn't buy any version of a character that was made better simply because that character has already been made? If so, then kudos to you I guess...enjoy your ML1 Hulk. Some of the characters are great, but what bothers me is that some of them were clearly just made because they had the parts lying around. Terror Inc. is clearly just a Nemesis Punisher with FFML Dr. Doom's left arm. Nuke is Hulking with a new head and some accessories. I mean, they couldn't have made an Enchantress/Polaris using the same body as Phoenix/Black Widow/Ms. Marvel?
  10. Who`s clamoring for ultron ???????? We have one that's perfect. Move on. Please tell me you're not serious. I am. What`s wrong with ultron ?? I don't have a problem with rereleases of hard to find figures but rereleasing a fig because a few people don't like it doesn't make sense,it only takes up the spot of a character that has yet to get a figure. There are too many characters we are still waiting for to start rereleasing already made ones for no reason !! Have you ever seen a pic of what Ultron is supposed to look like? ML11 Ultron is widely thought to be an abomination. He begs for a re-do and he's actually a character people care about. There are many Legends that have seen improved versions in future waves. It's quite the common practice. By your logic, I guess you won't be buying Black Widow, Wolverine, Havok, Hulk, or Phoenix?
  11. Who`s clamoring for ultron ???????? We have one that's perfect. Move on. Please tell me you're not serious.
  12. Most of these look fantastic, but some character selections floor me. So let me get this straight: we don't get Enchantress, Polaris, Ultron, Gladiator, Wrecking Crew, or Jim Lee Jean Grey...some of the most asked-for Legends ever... But we get Terror Inc, Nuke, and Fantomex instead? And BAG MAN??? A figure I could make out of a piece of paper and any extra Mr. Fantastic I have lying around? Was anyone really clamoring for figures of these guys? All the others: fantastic job.
  13. I like Beast, but come on...Beast has always been just a supporting character on the X-Men. He's never been an A-list character, I wouldn't even call him B-list. He's just kind of....there.
  14. Yeah, it sucks that BB has the same artic as Adam Warlock and Namor. He's starting to grow on me though. I think he'll look much better when he's not in the stupid poses we've seen him in so far. I pose most of my figures vanilla anyway, so I only care how he looks like standing normal.
  15. I'd be all over an Annihilation wave. Too bad they nixed the BAF, or we could have something like: Starlord Drax Nova (Annihilation duds...we all know they're much cooler.) Quasar Moondragon Super Skrull (Annihilation duds) BAF Thanos Sounds like a winning wave to me!
  16. Well i have seen Gears of War and Halo 3 toys at toys r us, ill have look around for both Kratos. Consider yourself lucky. The most I get at my TRU are those McFarlane Sports figures and sometimes Call of Duty or other crap nobody buys. I'd kill to get NECA stuff at my TRU.
  17. I instantly figured it was a 3 3/4'' figure and not a 6 incher. If it's a 6 incher, that's one sad figure...
  18. We could still get the BB variant eventually like you said. Nova could always get a running change or something too, but I agree it still sucks. Me too. I've always thought the SMC DD looked perfect apart from the weird smirk, but I'm not sure if the new one will replace him or not. He looks a little on the small side and I'm not digging the pink-ish gloves. I will, however, be definitely getting the Yellow DD because he looks incredible.
  19. I've always said FO DD's shoulders look absolutely hideous. Look at those things! It looks like he's got bowling balls for shoulders!
  20. It's inspired by how he appeared in a level of the 2004 Punisher videogame. Most of the wave looks better than they did at SDC; especially Punisher. It's good to see they ditched the stupid blue shirt they had him in and his face looks much better, but they still kept that retarded skull on his chest that he hasn't worn in like 8 years. Good Lord is it too much to ask for a normal skull?!? I also was really crossing my fingers they'd give him better articulation on his arms, but I see we're stuck with those craptastic Hasbro joints again. Bleh. Daredevil looks good, but I'm not a fan of those pink gloves/boots. Yellow DD looks incredible though. AXM Beast turned out great, but his articulation is bloody worthless. Tigra doesn't look horrible, but again her articulation is about as useful as a soccer ball filled with concrete. Nova looks bland to me because he has no real paint and he's just cast in coloured plastic which is lame. Black Bolt takes the cake here. He looks every bit as horrible as he did at SDCC. All in all it looks like a mediocre wave compared to the awesomeness of Ares and Rulk, IMO, but not nearly as bad as they looked at SDCC. Good to see they improved a bit, just wish Hasbro would've really gone all out like they did on Rulk and Ares.
  21. Just to use a comparable product as an example, DCUC showed us wave 5 and 6 at SDCC, and wave 7 and 8 images have shown up since then. because that line is still in production. And I'm not sure why Retailer Seminar is in quotes. Are you implying Hasbro didn't invite all the retailers in the country to Pawtucket in June? It happens twice a year. I will tell you that when my buddy gives me another update from the next one, I won't bother telling you guys. I'm curious....did you know anything about the Rulk or Ares waves before they were revealed? Especially Ares?? Just because they haven't shown product yet doesn't mean the line is dead for Pete's sake. Hasbro has always kept it hush with this line from day one, only revealing at Con's. They unveiled the rest of 08's lineup at Toyfare/SDCC this year, and I suspect they will reveal more at Toyfare '09 for next year's lineup.
  22. July was only 4 months ago!! They've had a ton of product come out since July and a ton more to come! And the only person who reported the "Retailer Seminar" was you. I'm not saying you're lying or anything, but I'm not about to panic because of one person's "insider report".
  23. Good Lord. Everybody is so quick to think ML is just "dead" simply because there's been no news. We didn't get any news on Nemesis for almost a year after they were supposed to be released, and when all hope seemed lost Hasbro came out and kicked our ass with 2-packs, Rulk, and Ares. And just a few weeks ago there was a thread about Ares' wave being "cancelled", only to have it come out in full force the next week. Like, give it a rest!
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