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  1. There are so many different Iron Man armors they could do it's not funny. Just look at the old toy biz line from the cartoon. And, personally I would buy all of them, so long as they've been in a comic. As for others... I could totally go for some civilian characters. Tony Stark, Peter Parker, a decent Logan. Or a regular Wolverine with bone claws. I still can't believe this hasn't been a variant yet.
  2. ml questionaire. -what got you started out with marvel legends? series 4 punisher and series 6 wolverine were just amazing toys. then the sentinel series came and it grew from there. it was a sickness. i never planned on having a massive collection when i started out. -do you collect anything else? yeah, nothing extravagant like my mls. but a few dc direct and stuff. i plan on getting some of the dc magazine lead figures. -the box, in or out? out of the box, all the way. do you play with your figures? totally. where do you get your figures from? in stores if possible, older figures came from ebay. favorite accessory/base to come with a figure? sentinel bases. so cool. what figure (already made) is missing from your collection that you're dying to get? blob, toad, and the rest of my iron man armory. how about not made? jean grey and some new villains. what marvel vehicles would you be into? ehh... a punisher van, and thats about it. playsets? toss up between danger room and iron man armory. bafs or accessories/bases? accessories/bases... i think the best bafs have been done. hoping for some new bases. favorite ml group (x-men, iron man armory, marvel knights, etc.)? x-men. what recent event do you think deserves a line of figures (civil war, secret invasion, etc.)? annihilation was pretty sweet. and those would be a bunch of new characters for ml. what character was made that you didn't think needed to be? the end hulk, maestro, and series 8 storm... whats up with that outfit? did she ever wear that in the comics? biggest marvel legends frustration? honestly? i've spent so much money on my collection that i just want it to be done, but they keep coming out with toys i want. ... and thats all folks.
  3. Does anyone on here have the Elektra Skrull variant or know anyone that does? I haven't seen them in stores, on eBay, or anything. It even out yet? If not, when's it due out? I'm asking only because I'm wondering when the Iron Man stealth variant will be out...
  4. I'm not really a fan of the 3 3/4 in. line, but I can see myself not being able to resist if they come out with cool extras. I think there have been hints of vehicles and/or playsets being released to pair with the figures. I'm already planning on getting a few X-Men for a Sentinel display. Those 16 in. Sentinel BAFs will look amazing next some smaller figures. As far as my main collection though? 6 in. all the way.
  5. Series 3 Thor looks like the Gummybear of Candy-Cornia... Ahnold Swarzchenegger. I believe he and Angel were sculpted to resemble Ahnold and Brad. I believe theres one other ML sculpted after a celeb, but can't remember who.
  6. no need for ebay... hes right here. looks awesome. http://www.hasbro.com/default.cfm?page=bro...roduct_id=22982
  7. 1st App. Storm Jean Grey (Jim Lee) Luke Cage (modern) Blade Typhoid Mary Crimson Dynamo Titanium Man w/ Gremlin Enchantress ... I'm not really big on BAFS. I think I'd much rather have some cool new accessories and bases.
  8. My number one complaint with Hasbro thus far? Two words... Emma Frost. ... and I don't need to say anything else about that one, except... they owe us a new one. There are other figures that are just plain bad too. Namor? Banshee? Gray Hulk? They're improving, but... it's taking longer than it should. I'm not crazy about there choice of characters to make either. Some I get... some I just don't. The Sandman series? WTF? And did we really need another FF set so soon? Down the road? Sure! A few months after a whole line devoted to them? I don't think so... And if you are gonna do another FF set? Do a whole new series with a new BAF. That would give us 4-5 new FF villains or some FF back-up members. Human Torch's hair looks completely ridiculous too. He was b.a. in all the photos prior to his release, but then? Bleh. And it looks like they are gonna stick the same crappy hair on his next three figures. Yeah... three new Human Torch toys. Again, wtf? That's four Hasbro Human Torch figs. Ridiculous. ... and where's my damn Iron Man wave? There was a movie and everything! Those movie repaints don't even count. You've got half a dozen armors to do. Including an updated Hulkbuster armor from WWH that would make a great BAF. You chould have stretched Fin Fang Foom between the two lines... make him twice as big and accurate to the comics. Plus, Shellhead's got some classic villains and supporting characters. Come on!
  9. I'm sorry to get off topic here, but I have a big problem with people who complain to the staff about store policy. I worked in customer service for two years, and it sucks when corporate is barking to enforce store policy... until a customer complains, then we get barked at by the customer and by corporate for doing what they told us. Who cares if theres a sign? There aren't signs that say "Don't steal" or "Don't break anything", etc. either. They don't need one if there's someone there to let you know verbally (or its just plain common sense). We had the same deal going in the two stores I worked in. People complained constantly. It's not like its a hassle to walk around without an extra bag. It shouldn't make you feel like a criminal if you aren't doing anything wrong. Usually that stuff only makes criminals feel like criminals... which is part of the loss prevention. People are less likely to steal if they feel like steps are being made to prevent it. And, if staff decided to pick and choose who they made leave their bags... ? Are you kidding? You just can't do that. I'm not even going through all the reasons why. Fourteen year olds kids and full grown men can both steal... and they both do. Considering staff usually isn't allowed to check bags and no one can keep an I on you or whoever all the time, its a logical way to prevent theft.
  10. I've owned series 1, series 8, zombie, face-off caps... and my favorite is definately the face-off version.
  11. I have 72 Marvel Legends... a couple Marvel Select (black suit Spidey, zombie Cap)... and numerous other comic book related toys, such as V, Hellboy, Marv, Jesse Custer and the gang... and several old McFarlane toys that I don't really care for anymore.
  12. When can we expect to hear announcements from Hasbro about MLs in 2009? I'm excited about that X-Men wave and anxious to hear the line-up, along with the future of ML. Can we expect to hear anything soon-ish?
  13. The recent announcement of Kang in the Ares wave got me thinking... Has anyone ever dished out major cash on a figure, only to have it be rereleased within the next few months? Did you ever buy a figure, only to have a better version come out later on? Any other situations that just bummed you out regarding MLs? I actually have quite a few... -Kick myself everyday for this... I saw the first few ML waves in stores all the time (at $7 a pop) and never picked any up (seeing as I wasn't into comics much then). I got hooked after the Sentinel series, and going back having to dish out major bucks on figures I passed on a couple years ago always bites. I'm sure many of you have suffered this. -Again, before I got into MLs majorly, we got a whole case of ML Apocalypse series in where I worked, including all the variants. I debated my whole shift on whether or not to snag them. Eventually I decided to pass. Someone bought them all the next day. Should've seen that coming. Same thing happened with series 11, with Scarlet Witch and Hulkbuster Iron Man. They have both gone for big bucks on ebay at one point or another, and we had both on clearance. -Now, I'm steaming about buying the Fantastic Four from the Hasbro wave, and then they announce they're releasing the team over again with the blue and black costumes, which I prefer. Can any of you relate?
  14. in my opinion, the hasbro mr. fantastic figure is ridiculously hard to pose and balance so that he will stay standing up.
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