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  1. To see more, visit ---> http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/thor-dark-world-poseable-cape-custom-action-figure To see exclusive WIP pics and more, check out the video ---> The Marvel Select Thor Dark World figure is cool, but I wanted to give him a better looking cloth poseable cape. I made my own pattern for it, carefully measured of course, and cut it out in this really great red material that wasn't too heavy and looked nice for the scale. I used some hemming tape to wrap some bendy armature wire down each side of the cape so it could be poseable. To attach it, I cut off the cape clasps from the Thor figure, and dremelled a hole in each side. The cape was then threaded through, including the wire. I then hot glued it down to the shoulder pads, and carefully reattached the cape clasps. A little paint later to touch everything up, and now Thor is ready to fight with a much more regal looking poseable cape! Thanks for looking!
  2. To see more, visit ---> http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/wedding-avengers-custom-action-figures To see exclusive WIP pics and more, watch the video ---> This was a commission from a groom to be who wanted to give these to his groomsmen as gifts. He and his friends are Marvel fans, so he requested that I recreate their likenesses as members of the Avengers. The new Hulk came from a wrestler figure who looks like a 19th century strong man. I had to shave his mustache, and sculpt an entire head of hair over his bald head. The new Cap head started out as a DST Angel head. I pushed the hairline up some and gave him a new hairdo. The new Thor head came from a TNA Eric Young, with sculpted beard and resculpted hair. The new Iron Man head came from a Stargate Teal'c. I removed the forehead symbol, gave him a mustache, and hollowed out an Iron Man head, cut out the face plate, and stuffed the new head inside, so you could see his face. Some time after this, I was contacted by one of the former groomsmen wanting to get the aforementioned groom his own Avengers custom action figure. Since all the other spots were taken, he felt it was appropriate to turn him into Nick Fury. His head started out as a TNA Sonjay Dutt. I sculpted on his beard, resculpted the hair, and gave him an eyepatch. It's maybe a bit of a weird set of custom action figures, but I enjoyed doing something different and I really liked the sentiment behind it. If nothing else, I certainly honed my hair sculpting skills! Thanks for looking!
  3. This custom is currently on eBay ---> http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575003513&toolid=10001&campid=5337381499&customid=&icep_item=161287990108&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg To see more, visit ---> http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-agent-phil-coulson His name is not "Agent". He is Agent Phil Coulson. It's terrible that he never got the Marvel Legends treatment, so I decided to make one myself. I wanted to be as accurate as possible with this. The body is a Movie Masters Alfred with the arms and legs from a Marvel Legends Professor Xavier spliced on for the double joints (with minimal sculpting to blend the legs), and the head is a shrunken down cast of the Hot Toys Agent Coulson head from fellow toy enthusiast Ross Barrow. Using this cast ensured that the likeness to Clark Gregg would be as perfect as you can get. I printed out a Coulson S.H.I.E.L.D. name badge at hi-res and laminated it for a full "Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." effect. I gave him a removable bluetooth earpiece, removable sunglasses, glock pistol, walkie talkie, set of 8 "vintage" Captain America trading cards (courtesty of John Mallamas AKA Jin Saotome), and the Destroyer Gun he uses against Loki in The Avengers. It's a mix of several fodder gun pieces, made to look just like it jumped off the screen, complete with an illuminated effect in the barrel to make it look like it's ready to blast! And now Agent Coulson is ready show that he doesn't lack conviction to any threat S.H.I.E.L.D. faces! Thanks for looking!
  4. This custom is currently on eBay ---> http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575003513&toolid=10001&campid=5337381499&customid=&icep_item=161278397392&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg To see more, visit ---> http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-falcon-movie-style/ Hasbro has no plans to make a Marvel Legends scaled movie Falcon figure, so I felt I had to make one myself. This one was pretty time consuming, and I had my moments of self doubt, but I’m glad I pushed myself to finish it to showcase here. The torso is from an ML Bucky Cap, the legs are from a movie Winter Soldier, the arms are from a Punisher, the head is from an ML movie Blade, and the wings are from an X-Men Classics Archangel. I added goggles to the head and it was resculpted and reworked to look more like Anthony Mackie. The shirt pockets came from a NECA Hicks, I used styrene for the zipper, sculpted all the fabric wrinkles in Aves Apoxie Sculpt, and used the harness straps from a Survival Suit Bruce Wayne. The hands come from a movie Nick Fury figure. The back leg armor on Falcon is from an Ultimate Iron Man. The wings were the toughest part. I reshaped the Archangel wings some, and used lots of reference images to get the design right. All the detailing over the wings was done with styrene. Very time consuming. Very frustrating. But something I felt was important to do to get Falcon right. Of course everything was painted accurately to the movie, down to the camo pattern on the pants. Last thing to do was to give him some pistols and a flight stand. And now Falcon is ready to fight alongside Cap to take down Hydra! Thanks for looking!
  5. This custom is currently on eBay ---> http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575003513&toolid=10001&campid=5337381499&customid=&icep_item=161278397580&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg To see more, visit ---> http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-winter-soldier-movie/ I dig the movie Winter Soldier figure from Hasbro, but felt it could have been improved upon. So I took the masked head that came with the figure and sliced the mask and goggles off, dremeled out the back a lot, cut the goggles off and separated them from the mask, and now you can slip them on and off the unmasked head very easily. They tuck in under his hair, so it holds great. I also removed the eye paint on the unmasked head, added some stubble to the face, and a black wash to his hair. So now there’s four different looks the figure can have. I repainted his torso area black, and then dry brushed a bit of leather over it, which is much more movie accurate than it was before. I also did a general weathering job over the whole figure to make it look more realistic. I attached a knife from a NECA Dutch figure that can be removed easily on the back of the belt. The finishing touch was equiping him with weapons he used in the movie. I gave him a rifle similar to one he used in the film, and also cobbled together a gun that looked like the one in the movie that launched that “magnetic disc bomb” in his initial scene. Now Winter Soldier is ready to take down Cap! Thanks for looking!
  6. This custom is currently on eBay ---> http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5575003513&toolid=10001&campid=5337381499&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2F161204509192%3FssPageName%3DSTRK%3AMESELX%3AIT%26_trksid%3Dp3984.m1555.l2649 To see more, visit ---> http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-amazing-spider-man-2/ The articulation on the Marvel Legends Amazing Spider-Man 2 figure is great, though the paint job was lacking. I’ve given the figure a full repaint, and made it much more vibrant than before (especially the blue areas) with deep shading and bright highlights. I even outlined all the webbing on his suit to help it stand out more. I also embedded some Rare Earth magnets in his feet so he can stick to most metal surfaces. I took the Andrew Garfield Peter Parker head from the first movie figure and dremeled it to fit the new figure, gave him a web line, and gave a weathered repaint to the Young Justice Red Arrow rooftop display, and now Spidey is ready to take down Electro, Rhino, and anyone else who threatens New York! Thanks for looking!
  7. To see more of this custom, visit ---> http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-...thompson-venom/ Flash Thompson’s Agent Venom has become a fan favorite character and his absence from the Marvel Legends line seems almost unforgivable. He recently got a Marvel Select figure, but it’s far too big for Marvel Legends scale, and features a more spiky sculpt to the armor. I was going for his more normal look for this custom. Venom was made using the body of an X-Men Classics Bird of Prey Angel, the head of a DC Universe Classics Dr. Impossible, the shoulder pads from a Movie Masters Dark Knight Batman, and a ton of fodder and sculpting. I chose Dr. Impossible’s head, because his eyes already had the sort of Venom shaped eyes sculpted into it. I just had to sculpt over his nose and mouth and paint it all, so that part was easy. The rest was most decidely not. I had to completely cover up his torso, front and back, and sculpt the armor panel line detailing into it near the edge. I had to let that cure so I could sculpt on top of that to get the straps and buckles, and sculpt his collar as well. His biceps and outer thighs are sculpted onto as well, with armor padding that has the same multi-paneled armor as in the comics. I sculpted his kneepads as well to match. I glued the shoulder pads on to try and give them a militaristic look and not detract from the articulation. This forearm and shin greaves are made from sheet polystyrene, as is the ankle armor circling his feet. I did a bit more sculpting over that, adding buckles to the shin greaves and whatnot, and then gave him his belt. The buckle is polystyrene, and the pouches are pieced together from various fodder that I just glued around his waist. I gave him the gun holster strapped to his thigh and added some fodder straps, and attached the gun holster on his belt too. It actually just plugs onto a small screw I inserted into the figure, to act as a ball joint of sorts. So the holster moves around and doesn’t hinder articulation at all. After giving him some heat to pack, I painted the entire thing head to toe and gave him his iconic Venom emblem and Flash Thompson was ready to serve his country as Agent Venom! Thanks for looking!
  8. To see more of this custom, visit ---> http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-shroud/ Shroud is a lesser known Marvel character, but has a very cool look to him that I thought would translate well into an action figure. He’s made using the body of a Marvel Legends Black Panther, the cape from a Spawn figure, the hood from a Marvel Legends Moonknight, and the head from a Legendary Comic Book Heroes Judge Dredd. I removed Black Panther’s belt and sculpted around his waist to fill in the holes. I also sculpted over his forearms, shins, and boot toes to cover up the Black Panther detailing in the suit, and clipped all his claws off. I used one of my Dremel grinding bits to get the same texture that the figure already had to blend it in. The cape was dry brushed a light purple, almost lavender color and then attached to the figure. I used Aves Apoxie Sculpt to make a collar for him to help sell the illusion that the hood and cape were one piece. For the head, I sculpted the visor over Judge Dredd’s head, painted it, and then glued on the Moonknight hood and painted it the same purple as the cape, and added the spider insignia Shroud wears on the hood. After painting the entire body black and covering up the purple dry brushing the Black Panther had before, Shroud was ready for action! Thanks for looking!
  9. To see more of these customs, visit the following links: Ironclad: http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-ironclad-u-foes/ X-Ray: http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-x-ray-u-foes/ Vapor: http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-vapor-u-foes/ Vector: http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-vector-u-foes/ Hey guys! Got some new customs. I made a full set of the Marvel U-Foes on a 3 3/4" scale using Marvel Universe action figures as the bases. If you're unfamiliar with the U-Foes, they consist of Ironclad, Vapor, Vector, and X-Ray. They were a fun project, and after you check out the pictures and description for Vector, you'll see just how much work went into them. Just click on each photo below to go to the corresponding page for that custom. Thanks for looking, and until next time! Thanks for looking everybody!
  10. To see more of this custom, visit ---> http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-...men-movie-style Seeing as how The wolverine movie is set to come out next year, I felt it would be cool to put out a custom movie style Logan figure, in his civilian clothes. I didn’t intend for him to be based on any one movie. This is more of a general custom based on the look he had through all of the X-Men movies, so he could blend in to any X-Men movie display. I used what I considered the best parts to assemble the best possible movie style Logan figure I could. The head is from an X2 Claw Strike Wolverine (which is the best likeness to Hugh Jackman I’ve ever seen on an action figure), the torso is from a Diamond Select Toys Deluxe 50′s Angel, the legs, jacket, and jacket arms come from an X2 Battle Attack Logan, the bare arms, and interchangeable hands come from an X2 Street Fight Logan figure, and the dog tags come from a Sota Street Fighter Guile. First, I had to remove the Battle Attack Logan torso fromt he legs, then I had to do some dremeling to the 50′s Angel torso to make it fit over the waist swivel disc in the legs. Luckily, the DST Deluxe Buffy and Angel figures’ torsos are all soft resin, so with a little heat you can get this to work. And it makes removing the arms a breeze too. I just had to dremel out some space in the shoulder sockets, sand down the joint discs in each pair of the Logan arms, and now you can switch between both looks. I also modified the neck so his head could move up and down, in addition to turning left and right. I had to paint the exposed skin on the torso to match the bare Logan arms, and do the same to Logan’s face, since they were all three different shades of flesh tone, then I had to repaint Logan’s facial hair and stubble. I added some realistic shading to his tank top, glued the dog tags in place on the back of his neck, and that was that. Now he’s super poseable, and can be switched between two different distinct looks from the movies. He's also currently up on eBay for anyone who is interested. I won't post a direct link so as not to break any rules, but you can find him through a quick and easy search. Thanks for looking!
  11. To see more of this custom, visit ----> http://www.mintconditioncustom.com/custom-...an-movie-style/ I recently picked up the new 6″ Amazing Spider-Man movie figures, and while I think the figure has really great articulation, the paint job was severely lacking. The web lines on the suit weren't painted, and in fact almost no detail was really painted on the suit. The entire paint scheme was too "toyish" and didn't really match the movie, so I aimed to fix it. I repainted the entire figure, head to toe, giving him dark color washes, with dry brushed highlights to really bring out the sculpt. I outlined all the webbing on his suit, and lightly dry brushed some mithril silver on him, and then clear red and blue (where needed) to give him that slightly metallic look that he had in the movie. I also added powerful magnets in his feet so he can cling to any metal surface. He's now got a gritty, more realistic look to him that's all the more accurate to the movie portrayal. All of his web lines on his suit are filled in, so now he looks like he just stepped out of the movie, and now he's actually a "wall crawler"! Thanks for looking!
  12. Whoa what? Are you serious? They're not going to order anymore??? Why wouldn't they order more when they're selling so well? What's the point of making them exclusive to a store if the store is barely going to order any??? Every store I've talked to said they only had one case on order, but I assumed they were test cases so if I wasn't able to get them all at once I would have another chance later when they order more. But now I'm thinking they won't order any more at all.
  13. Here's my site: http://www.mintconditioncustom.com Look through it and let me know if you think my work is good enough for you, and if so contact me at: john.mintcondition@gmail.com I'd be happy to help you.
  14. You can see plenty of pics in my review that Jay Cochran posted on the main page. ;)
  15. Yeah, not gonna pay $200. I'm confident I'll find them. Literally every Walmart within a 50 mile radius of where I live was overflowing with Cap and Thor 6" movie figures. Some still have a bunch left that I bought up for fodder. I'll find these when they're out, buy the ones that I want right away, and not have to worry about it anymore. They won't be more than $15-$16 at Walmart guaranteed, so if you pay $200 for them on BBTS (not including shipping) you're more than paying double what you should.
  16. He's also currently up on eBay for anyone who might be interested. I won't post any links so as not to break any rules, but you can find him through a quick and easy search!
  17. Fore more photos, check here ----> http://mintcondition.comicgenesis.com/mccu.../hannibal2.html This custom was made using the head from a Marvel Toys TNA Sonjay Dutt figure, the body and forearms from a Marvel Legends Movie Punisher, the upper arms from a Legendary Riders Wolverine, the guns from Legendary Comic Book Heroes Judge Dredd, and the vest from a Plan B Toys military figure with stakes from a Marvel Legends Movie Blade. As you'll see in the photos below, I took a before and after of the Sonjay Dutt head. After seeing how much is resembled Ryan Reynolds, I knew it would be perfect for Hannibal King, albeit with some work. I resculpted his hair and gave him a movie accurate beard and painted him up. As I said the upper arms are Wolverine, while the forearms and hands belong to Punisher to give him the 3/4 shirt sleeve look from the movie. I just painted his hands black to represent gloves. The guns are retooled from Judge Dredd, because I thought they looked like Hannibal King's cool pistols from Blade Trinity. The vest came from a Plan B Toys Special Forces accessory pack. I wanted him to have a removable vest, and this one was perfect. I glued the stakes from a Movie Blade figure on the front and painted the bullseye on the back. I know the bullseye wasn't on the black vest in the movie, but the blue vest you first see him in, but I loved the concept of the bullseye and wanted to incorporate it into this custom. In the end, I like the result and you can see from the photos he goes great with the Marvel Legends movie Blade figure. He's also currently up on eBay right now for those who might be interested. I won't post a direct link so as not to break any rules, but you can find him through a quick and easy search. He's one of my older customs, but I've decided I don't need to keep my work anymore, so please take him off my hands for me. Thanks for looking!
  18. For more photos, check here ----> http://mintcondition.comicgenesis.com/mccustoms/russian.html Finally someone for the Marvel Legends Tom Jane Punisher to fight...The Russian. This figure is "Frankensteining" at its best. To create this figure, I used the torso from a Tito Santana WWE figure (from the Strike Force 2-pack), the legs and forearms (because Stone Cold's forearms were bigger...and I messed up Tito's) and hands (because Tito's hands had stupid wristbands on them) from a Deluxe Aggression Stone Cold Steven Austin and the head from a Toybiz TNA Kevin Nash figure. I sanded off the Strike Force logo on Tito Santana's shirt, as well as the goatee on Kevin Nash's face. Then I painted Kevin's hair a light yellow with a white wash to get a blonde look, and did the same to his eyebrows. I used a mix of a flesh tone, some red, and a little black to paint the scar on his eye. The black was used because I noticed it left kind of a burnt edge to the paint which would look great for a scar. I used sharpie pens for the tattoos and the stripes on The Russian's shirt, I let it dry then sealed it to keep it from smudging. The tattoos are complete movie accurate as well. He had a spider web tattoo on his neck that was partially covered by his shirt, and an anchor tattoo on his left forearm with the letters CCCP over it. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears (and a slew of cursing) went into this custom. I'm pleased with the results though, and I hope you are as well. He's also currently up on eBay right now for those who might be interested. I won't post a direct link so as not to break any rules, but you can find him through a quick and easy search. He's one of my older customs, but I've decided I don't need to keep my work anymore, so please take him off my hands for me. Thanks for looking!
  19. For more photos, check here ---> http://mintcondition.comicgenesis.com/mccustoms/venom.html I really liked the body of the recent Mac Gargan Venom figure, but was not a fan of the head, and especially the scorpion tail. For my money, I prefer Classic Venom every time. So for this figure, I bought a head cast from CKCastings of the Sinister Six Venom head to use. But I also included two more heads, and each of them are fully interchangeable. The first head was of course the Sinister Six Venom head that I fully painted myself. I even painted in his gums as if he's fully bearing his wicked teeth. The second head is the Mac Gargan head with the eyes sculpted over and smoothed out to look like Classic Venom. I removed the tounge and made it to where you can have Venom with an open mouth, or with his long tongue sticking out. It fits firmly inside the mouth, but can easily be removed! It's like two heads in one! The third alternate head is from the old Spider-Man Classics Venom figure. The one where Venom's face is stretched out and you can see Eddie Brock's face underneath. I took that one and made it fit the new body, and sculpted over the seam on his face where you could tell the Venom face covering Eddie Brock's was a separate piece. It was an extremely unsightly seam, and I wanted to fix it. I also filled in all of Venom's joint holes so he looks smoother and all around better, and filled in the hole in his back where the scorpion tail was. I sculpted it to match the sculpt of his spine. The spider symbol on his front and back was practically entirely repainted so it didn't look as sloppy as the factory paint job (which was extremely sloppy). You can also tell I shortened the spider symbol on the front. Before, it stretched all the way to his crotch, but I shortened it to match his classic look. I also painted the black dots on the white patches on the back of Venom's hands which was also very iconic of Classic Venom. One of the shining moments of this custom though are his arms. I added a swivel hinge to both of his elbows for extra range of movement. Before, there was just a standard single elbow hinge with no bicep rotator or any kind of rotator in the arms. It was too static for my liking, and I like dynamic poses. So I cut the hinge disc off and used a screw for a peg and inserted it into the upper arm. I did this for both arms, and not only are they sturdy, but they can move! You can really get much more posing out of him now. You can even have him scratch his head while performing Shakespeare (see photos below to get lame joke)! Before I could call this one done though, I needed one very important accessory. His web line! What's Venom without some web to trap his enemies in and swing from the rooftops? The web line is over one foot long, and made using various lengths of bendy twist ties found in almost every action figure package. I twisted them together, resembling the wild webbing Venom is known for making, and used some Krazy Glue to hold them in place, and painted it white. He's also currently up on eBay for anyone who might be interested. I won't post a direct link so I don't break any rules, but you can find him through a quick and easy search. Thanks for looking!
  20. For more photos, check here ---> http://mintcondition.comicgenesis.com/mccu...nickfuryv2.html A couple of years ago I made a movie Nick Fury custom around the time the first Iron Man movie came out. I never was fully happy with it though, and that was long before I had time to really grow as a customizer. I've since gone back and made another movie Nick Fury, because why not? He's awesome. I used the head from a McFarlane Shaft figure, and the body is the Ultimate Nick Fury from the 2 pack a couple of years ago. The cigar came from the NECA Duke Nukem figure. All paints used were Testors Model Masters and all sculpting was done with Aves Apoxie Sculpt. I painted the gi the light gray-blue that the initial release had, his belt, wrist wraps, and sandals brown, and his hair red. I also painted the symbol on his back that apparently NECA didn't even add on the first release of the Akuma figure. I felt it was an injustice so I added it and now he's complete! Next I reworked his web gear. I wanted it to match the kind he wore in the movie. He just had a holster that strapped under his arm, so I cut up the webgear and glued the straps back in a different way to make it fit back to match the movie. It's still removable so long as you can get the coat off. Then I sculpted the turtleneck, one of my favorite parts of Nick Fury's outfit in the movies. Sam Jackson definitely knows how to make anything look cool. Next, I painted the legs with flat black, and dry-brushed a bluish gray over the shirt to help it stand out from the rest of his outfit. That can be a hard thing to accomplish with a character who wears all black, but you just have to add different shades of gray to help not make the character look boring. The last thing I did was paint the tops of his two pistols silver and gave him a cigar and Nick Fury is ready to fight alongside Iron Man and Captain America and rest of the Avengers! He's also up on eBay right now for anyone who might be interested. I won't post any direct links, but you can find him with a quick and easy search. Thanks for looking!
  21. Full description here ----> http://mintcondition.comicgenesis.com/mccustoms/x3angel.html This one was a fun, but very challenging custom to make. Angel here was made from the body of an X2 Movie Cyclops, the head from a movie Blackheart, the neck from a movie Punisher, and the wings from a DC Universe Hawkman figure. The wings were hard to remove but well worth it, and I had to resculpt the hair and face to match the actor's in the movie. Then I attached everything, and repainted all the piping on the uniform white to better suit Angel's character. He's also up on eBay right now with a few hours left in the bidding if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking.
  22. More photos at ---> http://mintcondition.comicgenesis.com/mccustoms/kraven.html More customs at ---> http://mintcondition.comicgenesis.com/mintconditioncustoms.html Visit my Webcomic, Mint Condition Movie Hannibal King version 2 - Created May 21, 2009 This figure is exactly the same as my first attempt at hannibal king except that I gave him a new head. The head is from a Marvel Toys TNA Sonjay Dutt figure. I got the idea to use his head for a second attempt at Hannibal King when someone at Figurerealm used that same head more a Movie Wade Wilson. After seeing how much is resembled Ryan Reynolds, I knew I had to give my Hannibal King a new head. I took the Sonjay Dutt head and sculpted a lot of hair onto him. Not only did I sculpt on Hannibal King's beard he sports in the movie, but I meticulously tried to match his hairstyle from the movie as well, sculpting it all onto the preexisting head. When all the sculpting was finished I painted his hair a dark brown with some lighter brown dry-brushing to bring out the detail. Then I painted his face a more caucasian flesh tone to look more like Ryan Reynolds (I had to do this since Sonjay Dutt had darker skin). After that I painted the skin on Hannibal King's neck, forearms, and fingers to match the flesh tone of his new head and there ya go! Personally I think that's about as close as anyone is going to get to making a Hannibal King that actually resembles Ryan Reynolds. But who knows...maybe in the future I'll give it a third go.
  23. For more photos, check here ---> http://mintcondition.comicgenesis.com/mccustoms/kraven.html Kraven the Hunter was made using the head from a Neca S-Mart Ash, torso and arms from a TNA Eric Young, and the legs from a Marvel Urban Legends Punisher. I've been thinking for years now how it sucks that Bruce Campbell has appeared in every Spider-Man film in bit parts, but has yet to appear in the role he was born to play. Kraven the Hunter. Just look at any photo of him as Autolocus from Xena and Hercules and you'll see him with a classic Kraven goatee. He looks just like him! So naturally that's where I got the idea to use the Neca S-Mart Ash head for this custom. I even liked the scars on his face. Made him look like he'd tangled with some pretty dangerous animals. So I scultped on the goatee and painted it black for a very accurate Kraven look. Next, I painted the wraps around his Eric Young's hands to give a more leather color. Then I attached the torso to the legs of the Urban Legends Punisher figure. His vest came from an X2 Logan figure. It fit the figure perfectly. All I had to do was paint it up to give it a tanned leather look. I did the same thing to his legs and boots. Kraven always dress in browns and Earth tones, so I wanted my movie concept to reflect that. For Kraven's belt and buckle, I used a strip of foamies foam and sculpted in some wrinkles to give it a worn look. After that I just painted it up. Now for the weapons. First, I equipped Kraven with 3 weapons. A machete, a knife, and a crossbow. The Kraven I picture doesn't use guns unless he absolutely has to. He enjoys the kill and consideres it more of a challenge if he kills either with his hands or with these three weapons. The machete was found in my fodder bin and was perfect for what I needed. Pure happenstance there. The sheath for the machete was the S-Mart Ash's holster for his shotgun that I cut to length. The strap holding his sheath to him was cut from a Mr. Sinister strap. It doesn't interfere with articulation at all. The knife and sheath came from a McFarlane Corporal Hicks figure. I just glued it onto Kraven's vest and there ya go. he crossbow is my favorite. It came from a Deluxe Kennedy Buffy figure. But the thing I'm really proud of is the holster I made for it. On Kraven's back there is a strap that folds and buttons up holding the crossbow in place, but can easily be unbuttoned for crossbow removal. The strap is cut from foamies foam with a small craft clasp button actually sewed into the strap. I really wanted this strap so all of his weapons could be held, and sheathed/holstered to him. Perfect functionality. All in all, I went with a more realistic and simplified look, but something that I felt was definitely reflective of the Kraven character. Thanks for looking!
  24. I still say the best Hulk figure ever made was the Marvel Legends Face-Off Hulk. If these are as big as that though they could be awesome. I have some ideas for that "The End" Hulk.
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