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  1. started putting them up on eBay http://www.ebay.com/sch/shawn-wwf/m.html?item=311701366956&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  2. Yes, I will be putting them up on eBay. But I wanted to give people here a chance to get them first. Also, looking for some extra cash for New York Comic Con so would be selling them for less if straight cash deal.
  3. Sorry, mailbox was full. Just deleted a bunch, try resenting it.Fin Fan Foom is probably around $200
  4. Gigantic Battles - Frost Giant Black Goliath Iron Man Movie 6" - Atmospheric Diving Captain America Armor Mark I Mark II Mark III Iron Monger Torpedo Armor Prototype Satellite Satellite (Varaint) Stealth Strike Silver Centurion War Machine Mark V Mark V (Gold) Mark VI Crimson Dynamo Titanium Man Hulkbuster Sandstorm, Deep Sea & Sunburst (Toys R Us 3-Pack) Brood Queen BAF Nemesis BAF Mandroid BAF Onslaught BAF Galactus BAF (missing one leg) Sentinel BAF Mojo BAF Rhino BAF MODOK BAF Ares BAF Red Hulk BAF Fin Fang Foom BAF Thanos BAF Ultranationalist BAF Annihilus BAF Ronan BAF Hit Monkey BAF Blob BAF Groot BAF Apocalypse BAF Terrax BAF Amazing Spider-Man Movie - Lizard (Movie) Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Spider-Man (Movie) Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, Maria Hill (SHIELD 3-Pack) Agent Venom (Walgreens Exclusive) Juggernaut (Series 6) Phoenix (Series 6) Punisher (Movie) (Series 6) Vision (Series 7) Apocalypse (Series 7) Ghost Rider (Classic) (Series 7) Weapon X (Series 7) Doombot (Series 7) Box Sets (all loose) - Fantastic Four Box Set Young Avengers Box Set X-Men Box Set Monster Box Set Urban Legends House of M Sinister Six Fearsome Foes
  5. Some figures I have - Nuke (Infinite Series) (MIB) Taskmaster (Infinite Series) (MIB) Namor (Walgreens Exclusive) (MIB) Morbius (Infinite Series) (MIB) Iron Man (Series 1) (loose) Hulk (lab coat) (Series 2) (loose) Human Torch (Series 2) (loose) Magneto (Series 3) (loose) Daredevil (Movie) (Series 3) (loose) Thor (Series 3) (loose) Magneto (Series 3) (loose) Wolverine (Series 3) (loose) Sunfire (AOA) (Hasbro Exclusive) (loose) Black Widow (Two-Pack) (Variant) (loose) Winter Soldier (Two-Pack) (Variant) (loose) War Machine (Two-Pack) (loose) Mandarin (Two-Pack) (loose) Punisher (Two-Pack) (loose) Jigsaw (Two-Pack) (loose) Wolverine (Two-Pack) (loose) Sabertooth (Two-Pack) (loose) Hulk (Two-Pack) (loose) Leader (Two-Pack) (loose) Daredevil (Two-Pack) (loose) Kingpin (Black Suit) (Two-Pack) (loose) Captain America (Masked) (Two-Pack) (loose) Captain America (Unmasked) (Two-Pack) (loose) Red Skull (Two-Pack) (loose) Baron Strucker (Two-Pack) (loose) Nova (Ares BAF) (loose) Scarlet Spider (Ares BAF) (loose) Vision (Ares BAF) (loose) Stryfe (X-Men TRU Exclusive) (loose) Cyclops (X-Men TRU Exclusive) (loose) Cyclops (Puck BAF) (loose) Iron Man (Avengers/Walmart Exclusive) (loose) Captain America (Avengers/Walmart Exclusive) (loose) Thor (Avengers/Walmart Exclusive) (loose) Loki (Avengers/Walmart Exclusive) (loose) Uatu (Marvel Select) (loose) Iron Spider (Marvel Select) (loose) Zombie Spider-Man (Marvel Select) (loose) Zombie Hulk (Marvel Select) (loose) Zombie Captain America (Marvel Select) (loose) Cloak (Marvel Select) (loose) Dagger (Marvel Select) (loose) Phoenix (Fiery Varaint) (Marvel Select) (loose) Skrull (Marvel Select) (x2) (loose) Brood (Marvel Select) (x2) (loose) Joe Fix-It (Hulk Classics) (loose) Bi-Beast (Hulk Movie) (loose) Iron Clad (Hulk Movie) (loose) Storm (White Uniform) (X-Men Classic) (loose) Cyclops (Stealth) (X-Men Classic) (loose) Angel (Birds of Prey) (X-Men Classic) (loose) Wolverine (Air Strike) (X-Men Classic) (loose) Beast (Tech-Gear) (X-Men Classic) (loose) Magneto (X-Men Classic) (loose) Tons more that I can't list right now.....
  6. Hey guys, well I have broken down and decided to sell off my Marvel Legends collection. My comic collection is insane (100+ long boxes) and I'm constructing a "comicbook room" at our new house. I just don't have the time or patience to track down figures any more. I have virtually 90% of all the 6" Marvel Figures from the past 10-15 years (Marvel Legends, Spider-Man Classics, Hulk, X-Men, etc...). Most are out of the package, as I had them displayed on shelves. I am looking for cash as New York Comic-Con is coming up. I live in Massachusetts but work in New York City, so I can meet virtually anywhere from Long Island to Boston to exchange the figures. Would be willing to trade for some Marvel comics that I am looking for. Message me wants, etc....
  7. Anybody here going to SDCC this year? I really want to get my hands on that Thunderbolts box set as well as a couple of comics. I can pay via paypal and have 100% rating. Also, I will be going to NYCC in October and am willing to help out get exclusives there as well. Please PM me, thanks !
  8. Who's going?????????????? I bought the 4-day pass way back in the spring for $85. Thankfully I got it when I did, as people have been selling them on eBay for well over $200-$300 the last few weeks. Wish me luck on my comic & toy hunting this weekend!!
  9. picked up War Machine/Mandarin Face-Off Two-Pack MOC for $20 at a comic shop in The Bronx, NY. They were packing it to bring to NYCC but lucky for me I got it on the cheap! Can't wait for NYCC today at 3!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. looking for any of these: Captain America Movie Captain America (Movie) Thor Movie Loki Thor (Movie) Hasbro 2012 Ghost Rider (Orange) Amazing Spider-Man Movie Lizard Spider-Man Avengers Movie Hulk Hawkeye Two-Packs Invisible Woman & Human Torch Brood Queen BAF Marvel Girl (Black Variant) Spider-Man Trilogy Sandman BAF Spider-Man (Red&Blue) Dr. Octopus New Goblin Venom Sandman MODOK BAF Genis-Vel Apocalypse BAF Iron Fist (Green) Wolverine (Unmasked)
  11. I bought a case of 8 Marvel Legends Series 3. So needless to say I have an extra Deadpool & Iron Man up for trade. I'd like to do a figure for figure trade. I'm only interested in 6inch legends, so pm me any trade offers.
  12. 1) Tiger Shark 2) Man-Ape 3) Hellstorm 4) Sin 5) Dormamu 6) Baron Blood 7) Silver Sable 8) Executioner 9) Enchantress 10) Venom (Flash Thompson) BAF) Orka or Attuma
  13. 1) get the Marvel Select "Barbarian Hulk" it looks awesome and is close enough 2) already done 3) already done multiple times 4) YES! the most recent look from "Curse of the Mutants" 9) already done 10) already done
  14. I just pre-ordered a case of 8 for Wave 3. I will have an extra Deadpool & Iron Man for trade. PM me if interested. Granted probably won't get these for at least 6-8 weeks, but we'll see.
  15. still looking for ML Steve Rogers (Variant), Ghost Rider (Orange Flame), Piledriver, Daken (Masked) & Spider-Man (Big Time) if anyone has them I'd be willing to trade or pay via paypal. thanks!
  16. yeah, Surtur would be dream. Could never picture hasbro making a "demon" type figure for mass retail. I just wish Marvel Select would stop making regular sized figures and start giving us some "bigger" characters. Thanos and Mephisto are awesome. And would love to some larger characters.
  17. having a toy line for Ant-Man is pretty close to impossible. but anyways, lets play with it.... BAF: Ant-Man (Giant-Size) 1. Ant-Man (O'Grady) 2. Hank Pym (lab coat) 3. Hank Pym (Wasp Costume) 4. Wasp (Updated) 5. Ultron (Classic) 6. Whirlwind/Egg Head (running change) 7. Jocasta
  18. BAF: Groot 1. Starlord 2. Gamora 3. Quasar (Phyla-Vel)/Quasar (Wendall Vaughn running change) 4. Mantis 5. Adam Warlock 6. Major Victory (Modern)/Major Victory (Original running change) 7. Rocket Raccoon
  19. With the Movie coming out next year, this could be a cash cow for Hasbro.... Wave 1: Armor BAF 1. Wolverine (Old Man Logan) 2. Wolverine (Samurai) 3. Mr. X 4. Silver Samurai 5. Gorgon 6. Northstar 7. Aurora Wave 2: Shiva BAF 1. Wolverine (Feral) 2. Wolverine (WWII) 3. Romulus 4. Contagion 5. Rogue (Modern) 6. Puck 7. Wolverine (Horseman of Apocalypse
  20. Hells Yeah, lets have fun with it, i'll start one for Wolverine, Ant-Man & GotG...
  21. I hear ya, but how about a Warriors Three Box Set??? Or Volstag as a BAF??? Remember they did Blob BAF a couple years back and Volstag is not as big as him....
  22. How about two waves for Captain America Legends???? Wave 1: Master Man BAF 1. Captain America (Marvel Now Costume) 2. Sin/Warrior Woman (running change) 3. Original Human Torch/Toro (running change) 4. Batroc 5. Baron Zemo (Modern)/Citizen V (running change) 6. Nick Fury Jr. 7. AIM Agent Wave 2: Flag Smasher BAF 1. Modern Red Skull w/General Lukin interchangeable head 2. Diamond Back 3. Dr. Faustus 4. Sgt. Fury (WWII) 5. Nomad (1970s version)/Nomad (1990s version running change) 6. Zaran/Machete (running change) 7. Agent Bravo
  23. I'm gonna give two waves for Thor Legends Wave 1: Kurse BAF 1. Odin 2. Sif 3. Heimdoll 4. Ulik 5. Baldar 6. Hela 7. Tyr Wave 2: Surtur BAF 1. Hogun 2. Fandal 3. Volstag 4. Enchantress 5. Executioner 6. Thunderstrike 7. Ragnarok (Thor Clone)
  24. picked up Green Goblin & Logan for $10 each & Captain America for $20 at Long Island Toy Show last weekend Picked up The Super Hero Squad box sets for $12.99 each at TJ Max & Spider-Man for $6.99 at TJ Max.
  25. Have these figures for trade..... looking for loose or carded ML
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