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  1. pooda the background are from kotobukiya. they are called mechanical chain base. there are 3 types (all same but come with different accessories like a bomb cart, crane, etc.) i actually told jin saotome about them a ocuple years ago and he uses them for ALL of his pics now haha what thief... but its cool. love to help and they really do look awesome. oh yeah can usually find them wherever gundam stuff is sold. i bought 4 of them (they snap together) to fit larger figures like ML's on them. a single one is perfect for 3.75 figures though. you're welcome. ; )
  2. nice! what head is that? custom cast? sculpted? hair is very RDJ. nice job! also loving the iron patriot army. the hypervelocity patriot turned out wicked!
  3. GOT MINE!!!! found ONE mkVI a few days ago at walmart temecula. then today i walked in and they had DOZENS of both mkVI and war machine! snagged the best looking WM and he has joined my MkVI on my Iron Man movie shelf. pics soon... FANTASTIC figures! my only gripe is the shoulder piece that covers where his rocket pod goes is way too small and almost looks like they didnt inject enough plastic into the mould to make the full piece. and his lower legs have a very extreme curve (concave shins?) like a gundam. makes it hard to imagine a person inside there. otherwise NICE figure and looks great having rhody and tony together in 6 inch form (again? if you count the first wm exclusive war machine... that i also have muahaha!) think i'll snap some pics for old time's sake... brb! oh and hurleychris07 i love the avatar! when i saw that in the preview i about passed out from the awesome. also, WE ARE GETTING DOUGHNUT TONY!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! i was bummed they changed the nec post on the new 6 inchers so i couldnt pop my prototype head on the mkVI, so this is good news! okay pics in a few...
  4. okay been stopping at WM every other day (at least) since my last post... 3 days ago they FINALLY put up the PEGS. yay. still no figs. soon? has ANYONE in CALIFORNIA seen these? by reading this thread it seems the farthest west they have come is texas. strange since it usually hits west coast from crossing pacific first, then spreads east? anyway, CA hunters post if you are finding 6 inch IM2!!!!
  5. man i went to my walmart today and still nothing. been checking every couple days and i dont even see pegs for them yet. but i will check every day now! and thanks for the size comparison pics. i was hoping they would be just a little taller this time, but oh well...
  6. yeah i need to pre-order that war machine somewhere quick... probably BBTS since the site is in english and prices are usually fair. anyway the 6 inchers... any scores out there yet!? i was tempted to stop by my local wally ont the way to work this morning at about 4:00 but decided i would stop on my way home tomorrow morning (got 24 hour duty today). wish me luck! and i'll post for sure if i find them! (just war machine and mkVI. i dont really dig the mkV)
  7. love the fact the face slides up on the helmets. not diggin the size difference. yeah i dont have ANY marvel select and these are just barely too big to fit with ML. so i'll get the WM 6 inchers and be happy. these are tempting though, especially now that MS has deadpool! but for the lvoe of god i dont need to collect marvel figures in a FOURTH scale!!! wife would have a meltodown and i would flat out run out of room! these are super nice though. and i will be getting a hot toys MMS war machine to go with my battle damaged mk III. yeah, i scored whilst in hong kong. ; )
  8. ahoy pooda! link isnt working for the Mk VI review. KICK ASS on the war machine review though! love it!!!! only one question, same as the others: WHEN?!!??!?!?!? do want.
  9. that ironpool is right off the comic i was writing!!!!! seriously, like 8 months ago i started writing an iron man deadpool team up comic (around the time tony was on the run and wade was getting shafted by osborne) i even scetched up a look for the ironpool suit and it looked veyr very similar. man i need to copy your custom SO BAD!!!! i would post up the comic (novel style) but my HD crashed and i lost it at issue 3 out of 5. bummer. i could always start over... just as a teaser imagine wade stuffing himself silly full of chimichangas on taco tuesday on a HAMMER helicarrier, pissing off norman, jumping out a window and pulling the ripcord on a hidden shute, instantly sending his meal to his ankle bands. : ) classic i tell ya. GREAT customs! i've always been a fan of x-men DP number one. the raid on cable's island was great!
  10. so tempting to get that extremis iron man, but im holding out for the punisher battle pack. kinda bummed though since i thought that was ML scale. would LOVE a 6 inch extremis!!!!!! HASBRO get on it please!!! been waiting forever... that said, anyone know a street date for those MU battle packs? love the jim lee punisher, and the extremis just makes it a no brainer purchase.
  11. what the...? my v2 punisher doesnt have the blue drybrushing... do i own a variant?!!?! i'll post pics when i get a chance. i swapped his hands with black gloved GI Joe hands (i think it was capt. ace form the TRU three pack, same hands as wild weasel, IIRC) much better, and he can hold any weapons now. (MU, GI Joe, marauder) good work on these customs and the runaways are insane!!!! they look store-bought! what kind of parts do you use? any/everything? star wars, narnia, etc... i would love to see parts listings for at least the runaways, maybe young avengers also. thanks in advance! i need to work on the dark avengers...
  12. there is an ebay store that sells recasts of various ML heads. i cant remember if wade is one of them, but that's a good place to start. i forgot where i saw the link... might have been here in the custom section? as for the sais, look no further than the xmen origins: wolverin figures, deadpool comic version. might have to buy 2 of them but he comes with an ENORMOUS sai that looks to be ML scale. or the 2 pack elektra/ronin. use her sais. hope this helps.
  13. or use the bubble from the package she came in. head it up a little and bend it. cut to shape. paint. presto.
  14. went hunting for my b-day today. (first time in WEEKS) 2 targets, TRU, and a walmart. only wave 4 i saw was classic ms. marvel, and i left her there. did manage to get myself a classic iron man (he's classy!), "modern" punisher (much better with gi joe hands), and a hand ninja to join my joe red ninjas ganging up on snake eyes and storm shadow. oh and they had the "variant" or running change classic spidey with the drybrushed blue. looked better but i still passed. they also had the two different "flame off" johnny and they had thing but last time hasbro only released two of the F4 i got burned so eff that. (i got the two pack ML's of thing and reed). happy with my purchase today. woulda been nice to find a modern ms. marvel and a friggin comic deadpool. i swear i've NEVER seen one in the wild!!!! oh yeah this was all in temecula/murrieta CA
  15. also nice to see people are still finding good deals on these. i still need to catch up myself! been looking on amazon a lot recently. no getting outbid at the last second! i need to get on it! i swear i would nearly kill for a ML deadpool right about now (at a reasonable price). not to mention an icon capt. A, and face off capt. A... what up mike! i should shoot you a PM... i bought a house in temecula! moved here a month ago!
  16. haha the BAMF clouds are friggin cool! good idea! now somebody beat me to making a movie wade wilson... (joe parts would work best)
  17. yeah this sucks... i was hoping that new punisher would be the final nail in my ML collection's coffin. that would be well fitting too, since punisher was also my first ML (series 4). *plays taps*
  18. hey dude, go to kyle robinson's site. he has a great forum there called toy soup. i was a member the but it crashed and i havent re-joined since he fixed it. LOTS of talent and resources there. and VERY nice work on phoenix! i had the exact same thing in mind, in reverse, for icons phoenix! i was going to turn her into a 12 inch Ms. Marvel! haha cool stuff, seeing that it can work both ways! good stuff, now keep it coming!
  19. if only i had the time to make a custom icons ms. marvel out of the new jean grey/phoenix. even the belt is perfect! just repaint and BAM! instant carol danvers.
  20. dude... i love you and hate you at the same time hahaha i seriously wondered "how long before jin cranks out a MU war machine?" haha well done sir. and i had a good lol at the sheep cannon. now we need to see him in a mascot suit haha also, biggs darklighter as tony stark = brilliant!!!
  21. haha i did the same thing for my luke cage, but was disapointed by the fact the wrestling figures are a true 3.75" and not the 4 inch scale the MU/joes are in. but it still looks good! nice work on iron patriot, too. arent the white parts supposed to be silver? its hard to tell from the art i've seen of him thus far. oh, and he needs to be GLOSSY! welcome to the MN forums! i recognize you from the tank. there i go by the name driftbot.
  22. chairface nailed it when he said "CHIMICHANGA!" ... i love that word. i might have to get... TWO deadpools! so he can... you know... talk to himself. what? NO! that's not what i was thinking at all! perv...
  23. yeah i saw a turantula at TRU today. pretty neat. not a fan of him so i left him there. so they are out there. if i was a fan of the x men i would grab the juggs for sure.
  24. i read that in toyfare also. i would LOVE a winter soldier ML! because i still havent quite accepted him as cap. in my MU, cap is still alive and kicking. (whenever i get my mits on a FO cap, that is...) although the new cap would look bitchin as a metallic painted ML. i'll give it that. oh and my vote for companies other than hasbro getting marvel (like that would EVER happen) how about jakks pacific? the new UFC figures look friggin amazing! and how many of us customizers already have a jakks pacific modern luke cage? lol sooooo... yeah... can we PLEASE get a hasbro 6 inch deadpool already?!?!?!?!!!?!???!? i'm jazzed about the 3 3/4" DP (lol does wade realize his initials are a bit naughty? lol) but a 6 inch DP that does not cost as much as a lawn mower would be nice.
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