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  1. i actually nabbed myself a skrullektra variant in store at walmart of murrieta (riverside, CA). i was so stoked just to see marvel legends product in a walmart i had to do a double take. now for wave 2 i will get the other half of the F4 (i dont yet have them in 6 inch scale!) iron man/maria hill NICK FURY! and the hand ninja will be sold/traded to somebody lucky enough to call dibbs after i post that i got it... just a wack repaint of ronin to me. i was excited to have at least one standing next to skrullektra as my custom echo ran a katana through her, but it would look funny with ronin standing there also. i wish the ninja was a new sculpt that was just a regular pajama looking ninja dude. oh well. i would go for dugan but... meh. same with stealth iron man variant with the girl who "killed captain america". (i know, blasphemy...) anyway... i agree these cant start hitting shelves soon enough!
  2. same friggin body as black spidey from red hulk ML wave. ughh... and marvel fan, i LOVE the deadpool avatar! where is that from?!
  3. more marvel universe (waves 4, 5, 6?) another wave of 2 packs online only wave of single ML's? a (6 inch) hasbro deadpool would be nice. hero buddys or whatever the cutesy things are, and mighty mugs. maybe another wave of iron man? hopefully with a 6 inch extremis!!!! waaaaay overdue!
  4. hopefully we get extremis figure in 6 inch scale between now and then! i've been DYING for that! but yeah i think 3 3/4" IM2 figures are a shoe-in. WAR MACHINE!!!!!!!!!
  5. the two walmarts i go to dont even have pegs for ML's. pretty sure i'll have to bite the bullet and get these from secondary market. i REALLY want the punisher. and i'd get tigra if they made a "skrull baby mamma" variant lol
  6. i still havent even seen ares wave at the two walmarts i frequent. but i cant wait to get MU figures! and im also a little interested in the unleashed figures... already got spidey and green goblin for my son. his very first figures!!! and yeah i spotted the skrullektra 2 pack on HTS last night... still hovering over that purchase... hmmm... *UPDATE! contradictory to my statement of not seeing ML's at walmart, i was visiting inlaws in murrieta, CA over the weekend and popped into thier nearest WM... SCORED SKRULLEKTRA/RONIN 2 PACK! they are out there... (and now i can start working on my pic of the "OMFG moment" when the new avengers discovered she was a skrull! just need a custom luke cage and wolvie/logan figure. oh and a custom echo. and doc strange... sheesh i need more than i thought hahaha crud...)
  7. this is why i hardly ever come here anymore. i was trying to figure out wtf is going on with my new punisher figure(s) coming out, and its just a bunch of people getting into a pissing match. lame.
  8. as a huge punisher fan, he is all that really intrests me in this wave. but why no bicep cuts? at least he has wrist swivels this time, unlike icons. and yet again, i'll be repainting the skull. i HATE that skull! i'll be giving him a proper bradstreet 4 tooth, just like i did for my icons punisher.
  9. honestly i like both. i will continue to support the 6 inch line with 2 packs and a few singles here and there (i want to build Ares but dont want to spend a fortune on figures i dont want). but my heart really lies with 3 3/4 inch because i grew up with GI Joes and star wars. i cant wait to have Cap and Punisher beating up my dreadnoks! (although i already can do this with superhero showdon... but i wont go there... they will be my skrulls hahaha) so i vote both? i guess? (and for the record i also like icons. have punisher and spidey, looking for captain america... maybe even the hot toys iron man. yikes. $$$$...)
  10. *high five to jmacq1* more for us, buddy!!! i cant friggin wait. and a mail-away fury figure?! AWESOME! but i do wish we got modern cap (civil war) instead of ultimate cap though. and for the love of god, GIVE US DEADPOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. absolutely friggin DITTO. i have been thinking about making a custom Echo from psylocke, and a modern luke cage from that TNA brother devon (yes i know, "groan"). and a modern war machine would be excellent, especially since he is getting his own title back! i also love your idea of revealing his half cyborg face! SPOILERS AHEAD! for the OP, you know mockingbird wasnt really her right? i mean, this IS secret invasion. i'll go ahead and ruin it for ya: CONFIRMED SKRULL (SI# 5, iirc) this is why its such poetic justice that clint got to shoot an arrow through the skrull queen, considering the emotional torment they put him though with a skrull of his dead wife. and hence why i'm SO glad they made a figure of ronin/hawkeye/clint barton.
  12. yeah i would trade my new one for an old one. if not i am going to totally repaint the entire figure silver, then do the red parts with transparent red, and the gold parts with transparent yellow (same method jin saotome and kyle robinson use on thier iron man customs). but if i had the older one i would only have to do that to the yellow parts. now is the older one really fragile? i dont like the fact the new one has ratchet joints. like, the *click* when you pose him. does the origins version have those joints? and his spike doohickeys are terrible. i tried like hell today posing him the way he was on this comic but no friggin way is it possible.
  13. i found them last night! target in murrieta. kinda picked over, but they still had the two i wanted (iron and mcfarlane) they had the blue arms down venom, and one more i cant remember. mcfarlane spidey is awesome! but i'm thinking about giving him a light blue drybrush. the black is just too dark for me. iron spidey needs a complete repaint too. he's friggin PINK! i'll use jin saotome's iron man paint techniques to give him more accurate colors. might be a while before i get to it since i'm moving monday, but i'll post when i get it done.
  14. wow an internet exclusive box set would be the bees knees! (always wanted to say that) i was seriously going to re-cast several of my ML's heads so i could make swapable skrull heads with some sculpy chins and pointy ears. but a box set... wow! that could really work!
  15. lol x2 and i actually think the brother devon isnt a bad stand in? sure its not great but its an easy mod and works alright. been thinking of getting one myself. but i guess you are right though. hasbro could use some new molds so they quit recycling the friggin yellowjacket body.
  16. he has a new book now? link? i didnt know that and i'm a HUGE war machine fan! otherwise, yeah i agree with everything you said.
  17. wow he isnt anywhere near as big as i thought he would be. i might try to complete my first BAF!
  18. i am mostly trying to get any character that was in the avengers, past or present. with some exceptions like deadpool and punisher. not sure i'll ever be "done". i have cut back big time on transformers and star wars. focusing now just on joes and marvel. i have over 100 25th joe figures, all of the 25th vehicles, and i'm not slowing down one bit. my wife gets frustrated sometimes but overall she tolerates it and respects the fact that its better than wasting money at the bar or something.
  19. ditto that list. we really need extremis iron man modern war machine winter soldier capt. A (barnes... maybe a two-pack or evolutions 3 pack with bucky?) captain punisher? i know a lot of people hated it, but it would be a cool figure. modern luke cage is desperately needed. somebody mentioned jackpot, that would be neat. and re-issue deadpool, for the love of god! an updated, re-tooled version would absolutely rock, but i would settle for a good old fasioned re-issue, like the new hasbro mcfarlane spidey. and x-who?
  20. there you have it... SUCKS! lol well its okay if you are collecting in that scale, but i hate MS because they are bigger and have LESS articulation... isnt that kinda backwards? i know they are more meant to be like poseable statues but come on! and yes the spider leg doohickeys are missing. lame. i know he could retract them but what's the fun in that?
  21. ditto for riverside, CA. its a mongerfest! lol but if they put these on clearance i will grab a couple more Mk II suits. great bases for customs.
  22. seriously... IE/riverslime is SO DRY right now! arrgh! although i did finally score the destro/ig comic pack at walmart of murrieta just now. grunt they have the other two if you need them. they had some wave 9 also but of course snow serp and BAT were gone. nothing else though. zip. zilch. nada.
  23. you completed TWO red hulks?! does that mean you have a spare loose spidey? does it? can i um, buy it from you??? please?!
  24. i'm still only interested in spider-man, but the rest of the figures do look nice. i'm just not interested in any of those characters. i'm still not sold on the blue airbrushing. jin, any chance we'll see an improved version of him with one of your expert washes? and maybe fill those joints that make the "spinning meat"? i kinda like the origins black suit with the silver eyes/spider instead of white. gave it a very "back in black" recent comics look. i'd try to repaint it myself if that spider emblem wasnt so detailed. i do appreciate the blue though since its a nod to the original colors in the comics. i just like having a figure that looks as current as possible (hence why im so miffed we STILL dont have an extremis iron man!?!) thanks for the review jin!
  25. right, because the only alternative to tiara cage is to customize a TNA brother devon figure. and those go for a bit more than retail for some stupid reason... we need a modern luke cage!!! still no luck finding red hulk BAF wave here in riverside. dag nabbit.
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