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  1. i'm gonna be the annoying guy that is excited about THIRTY FIVE CARDED FIGURES for the new MARVEL UNIVERSE 3.75" LINE! *does a happy dance* i hope they give us skrulls to army build!
  2. i just saw one on ebay that is "custom" with an alternate head. but its a tony stark head! i want to tell him "noooo you dummy its steve rogers in the armor not stark!" this armor was based on the cover of What If? Civil War, and in that, tony gave steve his own set of armor as a gift. then steve puts it on to kick iron man's ass in the war. jeez if i had a dime every time i had to explain this... even the description on the back of the package is wrong! i plan on getting a head from unmasked versus or even the two pack capt. A so i can put the true owner's head on the armor.
  3. sorry but that venom looks nothing like the current thunderbolts version. leave it to hasbro to use a re-issue and call it "new". still no luck finding these figures in riverside CA. both walmarts in my area still have the movie spidey figs.
  4. you texas guys seem to be scoring left and right! i always check walmart when i'm out, and they dont have ANY new spidey stuff. they still have the movie wave up. zip on legends either. not even FFF hulk. my walmart SUCKS! im going out tomorrow so wish me luck! (target exclusive rattler and conquest are supposed to hit shelves on sunday so its a good hunting day!)
  5. so they only problem with the new one is paint? i'll go for that one and just repaint it then. no problem for me. i repainted a Mk II iron man all silver and he looks much better. when i finish iron spidey i'll post pics!
  6. welp, looks like i'll be repainting iron spidey then. man i cant wait to find these...
  7. yeah if i had a dime for every time that was asked... but the figures look pretty good and THANKS for the posed spidey pic! nearly soiled myself its so awesome. i will have to find that immediately! gonna grab a solid iron spidey too, just to flesh out my civil war collection. and i agree he looked kinda pink in the pic. hopefully that was just the flash or i'm going to repaint him more crimson myself. thanks again for the heads up! will keep an eye out at wally for sure!
  8. hahaha yeah i can see myself already, spending my social security checks on comics hahaha
  9. wow that's almost cool enough to buy and repaint to war machine hahaha jeez i want to repaint every iron man to war machine recently lol oh how does he fit in scale with marvel select figures? compared to say ultimate iron man? i have unleashed spidey and gobby but not sure i want to buy more unless i can add selects int he same scale. i wish we got that iron man in ML size instead of the promethium heroes reborn armor. and we really need a modern war machine figure!
  10. ditto. he's my first and favorite. see my post in "Why Marvel" to see why. he's also one of the few with the crazy DCU style hip joints instead of ball joints. cant wait for this new version! i also like ML War Machine. (series 8? galactus series) when i took off his mask and saw rhodes underneath i was like "now that is too friggin cool..." currently trying to find any 6 and/or 12 inch terrance howard figure so i can make a movie style war machine with removable mask. how hot would that be?!
  11. wow... that is the COOLEST damn thing i have heard in a while. great idea!!! i wonder what comics i can find for june 1979? (yeah im a geezer) so anyway why do i make mine marvel? well, i've always been into super heroes as long as i can remember. i think i started off with DC... well if you can call the super friends cartoon DC lol i had all the figures, the batmobile from that line, and i had some superman comics (giant sized superman vs. muhamed ali... man i wish i kept that) but i was also a GI Joe fan and that was printed by marvel at the time (BEST damn run of them all, hands down. larry hama is the KING of joe. period.), and transformers was also done by marvel. but i'm pretty sure i can remember the exact moment i switched to marvel heroes in thier own right. (not hasbro marketing tools that happened to be marvel comics) June 1990, i was walking through a stater brothers grocery store in redlands, CA with my dad. i saw a spinning comic rack and decided to check it out. the first comic that was staring me dead in the face was THE PUNISHER. specifically, war journal #19. i saw this big dude on a jet ski with ad HUGE machine gun, looking like he is about to kick all kinds of ass. i thought "wow. i gotta buy this." my dad being a gun guy, he siad sure looks pretty cool. so i was hooked. i bought every punisher issue i could get my hands on for several years following. (until that wierd crap with the angel powers. but punisher MAX brought him back in full effect!) my dad and i even found that horrible dolph lundgren punisher movie at the rental place and we loved it! and the school year of 1991, we did one of those magazine sales, and i was looking through my catalogue and saw there was ONE comic you could subscribe to. what was it? The Amazing SPIDER-MAN! it was the only subscription i sold, and it was to myself. then the x-men cartoon came out. cable made his debut in the comics, and the marvel trading cards came out where you put like 9 from a series together and it made a full sized 8.5x11 mini poster. and it all pretty much spun out of control from there. naturally my first marvel legend was the punisher. (i even had the cap firing version from way back, and before that i had secret wars spidey) so that is how i made mine... MARVEL. (i also just had twins so my dad and i have started to call myself, my wife, and two kids the fantastic four. marvel's first family.)
  12. actually i'm thinking about hitting mine with some dull coat. the armor on the cover of what if: civil war is actually kind of a satin finish, not metallic. i'll have to dig my issue out later and see how it looks on the interior art. mine still needs touching up on the biceps anyway. "Apology accepted, captain Pooda..." [/vader]
  13. well nthe prototype had no torso articulation because of the armor piece. if you wanted articulation you should have bought the Mk III armor. if you wanted articulation + removable mask, get both and swap the proto head on the Mk III like i did. = ) best of both worlds. however i do agree they are a litle too thin as far as scale. next to my ML War Machine, tony looks like a toothpick. i mean, sure the movie armor is sleek, but it needs more bulk. maybe like 5% bigger would have been great. and we all know iron monger was WAY too small. should have been a BAF. i can see the validity of the question. hulk got more figures, why not iron man? all we get is that heroes reborn iron man and ultimate war machine. bleh. give us an accurate MkII with chrome and rivets. give us accurate scale. and mostly, give us an iron monger BAF! but honestly i doubt it will ever happen. unfortunately. oh well. i'll be greatful for the iron man figures we got. i'm enjoying the 6 i have. (not counting doubles of a couple)
  14. i have the same gripes about all of the unleashed 360 spidey figures, but i bought the classic version anyway. i need this black spidey!!!! *runs off to target in temecula and murrieta, even though gruntcast has probably already wiped them out hahaha*
  15. doop guy, you are from perth? i've been there a couple times! i was on the aircraft carrier that shut down all the brothels in hobart. = ) is empire toys still there? i tried to visit there both times. pretty neat store. it sucks you guys have to pay so much because almost everything is imported from the USA. now go have a fast eddie's burger for me with the works!!! sooooooo good! i still need to try that walmart shipping to local store for pickup dealie. seems easy enough. however i did score the unleashed 360 green goblin on clearance at walmart for $15 yesterday for my son. now i can put the bases together and spidey can fight his arch nemesis! they had doc oc, but he is just lame and the base that connects to black suit spidey is nowhere near as cool as the series 1 base. anywho... yeah. also went to TRU yesterday and its a great time to be a SW fan, but everything else is all picked over and bare. although they did have diamond emma frost for $.90! yes NINETY CENTS! i should have got like 3 of them to practice customizing but already got green gobby. you can still hunt. you just gotta change up your game a bit.
  16. I feel the same way, stupid posts filling the thread up but no damn pics, UGH! was a waste of me checking this thread. seriously. somebody was whining about no pics so i stayed up despite being super tired from taking care of my newborn twins to take pics of the ONE that i bought, and then the threasd went to #$@#. it makes me wonder why i even did it. you're welcome. where is there a better forum for legends that actually talk about figures? fwoosh? i think its strange how there are so many forums for GI Joes and transformers but hardly any dedicated to ML's.
  17. gruntcast i swear to crom we are stalking each other. i am going to santa ana today to pick up my pop! hahaha hitting up some stores along the way. (i'm bummed they closed the old TRU near the sheraton on harbor. i grew up in that place!) but yeah i'll keep an eye out for iron cap for you. and no i havent run into any scalpers at hot springs TRU. infact, just before i left for africa, i scored the entire wave of joe vehicles from there on july 4th! and i found comic pack wave 4 at kmart near the mall. = ) maybe its just the two of us taking everything hahaha good stuff man. hit me up for joe and joes. and good luck on your interviews!
  18. at the risk of sounding like tha dex guy from attack of the clones, "it all depends on how big your pocketbook is..." some people dont have, or would just rather not spend so much on thier collecting habits. i have to keep mine in check so i keep hunting to a minimum. i hate shopping online because most sites charge more than just product + shipping. i mean i realize they have to because they would otherwise not profit, but it sucks it has come to this. either get stuck by secondary market, or risk driving around with no payoff at all. however there is still some stuff to be found. i saw fin fang foom end hulk at target today. sure, its no two-pack, but it was something. also just scored that captain iron man, and both gi joe DVD packs in one shot at walmart on thursday. it still happens. you just gotta believe in yourself! = ) (i really should start calling though. good idea...)
  19. ha i didnt realize you live in riverslime, gruntcast! where was your interview if you dont mind? i'll be at the TRU off hot springs tomorrow morning looking for ML's and joes. maybe we can meet up and grab some joe while we look for joes hahaha as for pics... yeah been kinda busy feeding/changing twins the last couple days. i should have some spare time tomorrow since the inlaws will be off work and they can watch the kids long enough for me to goof off a little. = ) (even though i'm tired, passing out watching my new gi joe DVD's... i just might go ahead and snap a couple pics of cap for you all.) as promised: flag is from GI Joe jetpack duke
  20. MARRY HER. QUICKLY. i have to be carefull what issues i'm reading around my wife. the most recent one (#29) with her in camo and a helmet... yeah. wife would be like WTF are you reading?! "comics" yeaaah, right! as for swashbuckling carol... uhhhh... you want a scuba spidey to go with that? (but to be totally hypocrite, i would take a #29 cover variant figure immediately hahahaha) well i said so much about it i might as well post a pic of the darned thing huh?
  21. yep its based off the What if: civil war cover. and i got him! also at walmart in riverside area (murrieta). he was the only cap there, are they one per case? they had like 3 white satellite armors (white is a variant?) and 3 of the torpedo armor. i just got cap since the others are a little too... i dunno... un-necessary? had to have cap though. he looks great except the silver paint on his biceps is a little thin and you cna see the red underneath. i can fix that no problem though. thinking about adding the battle damage to his shield so its accurate to the cover. and if i was good enough at customs, i'd take a prototype iron man and replace tony's face with unmasked steve rodgers, paint to match and pop it on the captain armor!
  22. if you can read the little cards at the figures feet, that tends to clear things up. IIRC, the two figures you asked about are in the wave after next.
  23. does anyone know what hasbro has planned for unleashed? is there anywhere that says what is coming next? all i know of is the iron man that is supposedly hitting shelves already. did they say anything at SDCC? i'm about to get the classic version of spidey. want to know if anyone else will be made in the same scale, besides spidey villians. (omg so many scales... oh nooooooes!!!!!)
  24. OMG he is HUGE! nice! now where you gonna put him? hahaha did you see any skrullektra variants? and lol @ the office on your TV. love that show!
  25. and that right there is why they wont do it. hasbro is a company. companies exsist to make money. ergo: they would rather have you buy the entire series of legends to complete the BAF, wether you want them all or not. even if you buy them all and re-sell them, hasbro is happy because you still bought them all. now, would hasbro rather make $20 per BAF? or about $80 for the series incl. the BAF? ehhh... gonna stop now. lack of sleep + tangent = no.
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