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  1. i would like to see a BAF Iron Monger (movie or comic version, either would be cool), and BAF Thanos with infinity gauntlet. oh and maybe the watcher? hmmm... yes.
  2. unless you really take your time sanding joints and stuff, it wont be as good as just getting the black spidey from the same series. its going to have paint rub and show red spots through the black. if you really want it to look like the comics, i suggest buying the spider-man origins black suit spidey with the glider. you can find him on ebay. i'm still considering that figure myself, since hasbro totally dropped the ball on the new black suit spidey coming out by putting a spring loaded missle launcher in his arm. i mean, seriously... spidey with a missle launcher?! i hate those spring loaded gimmicks. anyway, good luck and let us know what you end up doing.
  3. yeah it would be great to get at least ONE punisher figure form the new movie, but i dont think its gonna happen. the new ML punisher is based more off the MAX series and a shrunken icon figure. the movie he isnt just wearing a T-shirt like the figure. its full-blown body armor with a neck protector. too bad though. i would buy one for sure! i didnt buy the thomas jane version though. he just doesnt look like the punisher in my eyes. but ray does! i cant wait for this movie!
  4. jin saotome has made an awesome damaged iron man. i was going to make one also but i got deployed. i will do it when i get back though! i'm sure with some sculpey and a dremel i could custom make you some damaged figures. i'm no jin or kyle, but i think i do decent work. or just email either of those guys, i'm sure they would do comissions for you too. and weapon packs would ROCK! punisher needs his armory. lots of swords for elektra, ronin, hand ninja, etc. and some various blast pieces for iron man boot jets, punisher gun blasts, and so on, in different sized pairs. that would be great!
  5. my first ML was series 4 punisher also. punisher is my favorite character so i collect just about any figure of his that comes out. (yes i had cap firing frank but i lost him) as for my first marvel figure, period? yeah. secret wars FTW. i still have spidey somewhere. but i think back when they first came out i also had capt. A, doc ock, doom? annnd i think thats it. oh and i had a gnarly spiderman on a motorcycle with like, bump and go action haha gotta love the spidey vehicles!
  6. you dirty scalper. yeah i saw them today also at TRU in escondido and walmart in murrieta (southern cali). they look... funky. pass for me. i dont like star wars transformers either. why dont they do a GI Joe transformers crossover? that seems like it would be much better suited. like have the robots as actual TF characters, but have them change into joe/cobra vehicles. i guess that makes too much sense for hasbro haha
  7. W-W-WHAAT?!? dude have you even SEEN her lately? she is a dead ringer for jessica drew! assets and all! she looks EXACTLY like the version as drawn by Yu. (not me, Yu! nooo, not YOU! Yu! okay sorry...) i mean... LOOK!
  8. holy...! yeah me too! especially the AIM agent, and is that an X-Force psylock variant? sweet christmas!
  9. that's the jist of what i was getting at. most likely, yes. eventually. or maybe only while IM toys are hot. who knows.
  10. for the love of pete, i've been waiting for the punisher figure for over a YEAR now! i couldnt believe it when they pushed it back to december. lame. but wow i cant wait for the 2 packs! bring on skrullektra!
  11. yeah i will get the "Mcfarlane" spidey and iron spidey, since i missed those also. not sure about the black suit, because it looks to be the same as the origins black suit, so this next one will be the THIRD use of that figure. jeez... i was even looking at the unleashed 360 black suited the other day and it doesnt even have increased articulation over the 6 inch version. not even toes! so obivous they just blew up the origins version. bleh... isnt the black suit technically from the ML target wave anyway? so not techincally from the spider-man line.
  12. if you've never seen the red version, you missed it. it was a VERY early running change. pretty much only the very first shipments had a red chest light and eyes. i saw about 6 of them when they first came out, and i skipped them because i thought they messed up and wouldnt change it, plus i hated the punching action. but now i wish i had one so i could use him to punch myself in the crotch.
  13. bonus points to you sir, for the excellent beetlejuice reference. hey, maybe if winona ryder would show up it would spice things up around here. so, if she was cast in a marvel movie, what character would she play? discuss... groawr!!!! i vote ummm... Spider Woman! (jessica drew)
  14. arent they the same ones we saw here at TNI from NYCC? anyway, yeah they look awesome and i cant wait to get McFarlane V2. *quietly chuckles at poor bastids that paid out the nose for McFarlane V1* sorry fellas.
  15. yep that's exactly what i'm doing now. i did get into ML's a bit late, only having about 3 until last month. been playing catch-up and now is a great time to do it while waiting for new product. (hasbro pushing back the punisher wave killed me!)
  16. word. if not for war machine, i wouldnt have any interest in iron man. thats a bad mofo right there! and no problemmo, feast. i feel even better helping somebody who helps people.
  17. ooh i've been lurking ebay for a FO masked cap. and your post just made me want one even more! come onnnnn b-day! :D
  18. egads! another iron man?! i'm all for it, only if its the friggin EXTREMIS! and yeah you are probably right about sue and johnny. that makes so much sense it hurts.
  19. i'm not sure what's worse... baron zemo... or the fact you have an MLP collection? or the fact that i just abbreviated My Little Pony...? :D
  20. since when could you buy figures from hasbro at the con? (other than the con exclusive) geez i havent been to a con since... 2004? and i'm a san diego native! stupid navy assignments...
  21. you know who would be a cool looking figure? CARDIAC. or just give us a modern deadpool for cryin' out loud. (very cool idea with the armor spider-man though. i actually read that issue when it came out and thought it was neat.)
  22. man i could have guessed yours without you even posting hahaha so the rule is that it has to be in my collection? man that stinks. i only have like, five. (but i'm working on that... my b-day is in a week!) i choose ML4 punisher. i just wish he came with more weapons.
  23. its never gonna happen but i wish for a cable and deadpool. hey, i can dream, right?
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