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  1. really?! jeez i have almost tossed that leg into the garbage a few times. i looked at it sitting on a few books on my shelf, and i just knew "i'm never gonna finish the BAF, but something tells me to hang onto that one useless limb..." (however i threw out war machine's blast effects for some stupid reason.) so you have my word, dude who doesnt check back on his own thread: when i get it out of storage, its yours. fate has spoken.
  2. if that is the leg that came with war machine, i have it! slight problem: i wont be able to get to it until feb 09. :o my stuff is in storage until i get back from a 6 month tour in africa. but if you are willing to wait, its yours. *okay yeah i just looked on the database here and i DO have the right leg. let me know and i'll have it for you in six months. i know, it sucks.
  3. yeah hasbro seriously needs to pick up the pace. the reason that line is dying is there is nothing for us to BUY! hasbro execs need to watch Field of Dreams... listen to the whisper...
  4. yeah it has been dead. really sucks because i spent the last 3 years of my life in japan, missing out on all the cool US toys (my heart is with hasbro, not takara). so i get back home and NOTHING. sure, i found a few iron man figures. a few (okay like a dozen) GI Joes i needed to catch up on. otherwise its been slim pickin's. (edit to rollo's post: HECK YEAH to GI Joes, man. i have about 90% of the new stuff. its awesome! cant get enough of that crac- uh, i mean figures!) i am jonesing so bad for new stuff, i nearly bought a 1:18 scale camaro, and a t-shirt mutt williams to make a nicely scaled custom sam witwicky/bumblebee set. (sure i'd have to custom paint the camaro yellow w/black stripes, and somehow paint a "the strokes" logo on mutt's shirt, but that's part of the fun for me) instead i lucked out and found the new roadblock and tigerforce flint. NAB! sucks about legends though. and like BreaKid, i am kinda new to collecting ML's (i've had a few, but never wanted to hunt them all down until recently), so ebay will be my new way to curb my addiction. er, feed it? other forum members are a good source too. it sucks that i come back home to bare shelves. i guess its better than being spit on.
  5. afraid road trips are dead unless you re a millionaire these days. think of all the replacement morbius figures you could buy with all the gas you would need to get to iowa and back! new thinking for new times. its like the matrix. you have to unlearn what you have learned. or... was that the force? i forgot about the heroes and villains. that's the new spidey line, right? seems i need to look at the toy fair pics again...
  6. WOW!!! best Extremis armor figure i've EVER seen! wish i had $200 to bid with. GL and congrats on this amazing figure. hasbro needs to make this!!!!!!!!
  7. i think most of those would be very cool. does hasbro have intentions of doing a "Spider-Man Legends" line, similar to hulk and fantastic four? that would be a great way to bring back the "red card" days, with better articulation (ie: no action features) and do justice to some previously nerfed figures. unmasked black spidey is a great idea and i would nab that quick (anyone know if SDCC "Stan Lee" peter head will swap onto a SMC black suit? worth a shot...) morbius would also be great, and a blade figure would have been wise to cash in on the TV show. aracnia in street clothes might be cool. her suit could be the variant. (or vice versa) i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say another very cool figure to do... FIRESTAR! i know that would make a ton of fans happy, and she does fit in the SM mythos. i was thinking about a Spider-Man Legends line just yesterday. it would be very cool indeed.
  8. ohhh dont diss the power of glow-in-the-dark! that 1989 robocop was the business! but seriously... glowing gamma radiation hulk? not a bad idea. keep checking for the two pack! they are out there!
  9. soooo... what's the bigger figure? the BBTS marvel select red hulk? or the BAF? not that i'm all that interested, but i'm sure some people that were excited about the BAF (and the figures that come with it? lol ) might get ticked about this new BBTS exclusive. depends on size, i think.
  10. i can solve that for you. give them to me i can open them no problem. :D
  11. yeah he still comes with a parrot (pauley). that pic is not shipwreck. its my self custom. (i'm in the navy if my avatar doesnt give that away)
  12. i believe rollo, but his source sounds like he has no clue wtf hes talking about. "superhero 2 packs" yet rollo put words in his mouth saying "squad". what if the source was talking about the latest 6 inch 2 packs? sounds like what we have here is a failure to communicate, leading to a LOT of assumptions. hey rollo, call your source back and ask him specifically WHAT the 2 packs are called. and WHAT the unleashed figures are. last thing i knew, marvel unleashed was 8 inch figures (like the one we saw of iron man at NYCC) although hasbro likes to throw around that word for everything... (i'm still pissed they shrunk down the star wars unleashed "statues".) i'll take this all with a grain of salt until we get a Q&A feedback or something. (but if the 3.75" line is true... WOOHOO!!!! glad i bought that gi joe pack of hand ninjas.)
  13. friggin sweet! i always got a very jim lee feel from the cartoon, and you captured that perfectly. all you are missing is jubilee's hoop earings. oh and wasnt storm's costume silver? otherwise awesome! great job!
  14. thanks! aaaaand its already sold out. wow. all i really want from that wave is black suit spidey. maybe i'll just grab an origins version.
  15. dockside bar?! actually i just got the comic pack with shippy and copperhead yesterday. that makes 3. although one of the v1's was made into a self custom. i need to hit the gym a bit for this to be accurate though hahaha more here http://joebattlelines.com/phpBB3/viewtopic...f+custom#p55982
  16. haha thats ironic: i was just looking there at this same time last night to no avail. i have no grudge against BBTS at all. i got a few of my joe waves from them while stationed in japan. prices were fair and they shipped quick and very nicely packed. better than ebay scalpers, that's for darned sure. *ummm... i cant find the red hulk wave there. can you post a link? thanks.
  17. and back to my original post: he looks like crap. not in a hulk way. not in a supermodel way. he looks like a melted goo of plastic. as if instead of saying "HULK SMASH!" he would say "HUWK MAKE DOO-DOO" compare him to the face of other hulks and you will immediately notice something is just... off. sorta like how people hated how he looked in the last movie.
  18. my wife and i agreed that i have an allowance of $100 per paycheck ($200/month), and that goes away VERY quickly (figures, comics, games). it used to be $300 month but i had to take it down a notch. i have almost every GI Joe that came out since the new 25th 5 packs hit shelves. thank god i dont army build. i might find a divorce document in my comic packs instead of a "rescue doc" form. as for ML's, i dont have much of a collection... yet. i have a handful of maybe 5 or 6 figures? but i'll be making up for it and getting all of the avengers. that's my new collecting goal. sure i jumped on a little late, but hey, better than never. right? oh and i have most of the superhero showdown figures. bought them for cheap as a lot from a joe board member who had to let them go. his loss, my gain! all i'm missing from those is elektra and venom. i hope the new hasbro 3.75" line is going to happen! (that scale is friendlier on shelf space) so um, yes. highly addicted.
  19. um, i just went to his site and it says he will be on vacation until august. http://www.mts.net/~lewman1/
  20. as apposed to, say... mattel? ^_^ but yeah, i feel you on the ML drought. been way too long since some new/good figures have been on the pegs. cap, bucky, hydra agent. why the heck did they push back the next wave to december?! sure, we have a hulk wave and some two packs coming, but i was really looking forward to that punisher!!! i guess skrullektra will have to hold me over until then.
  21. ... all because i pointed out how horrible hulk's face looks. wow. but seriously, he looks like he has down's syndrome. and SW figures are by no means perfect either. ask any SW collector how long they've been waiting for a luke that really looks like mark hammil.
  22. ironically, i was just looking at a $5 longshot at TRU yesterday thinking to myself (in little yellow boxes) "Self, that could be a good deadpool body. now if only that website with the cool head casts was still up..." but i passed. i agree with most of you though. now for my $0.02: a modern cable/deadpool two pack. you know, since hasbro is about to do a gangload of them. that could work really well! haha and bob could be fun. he would have to come with a cell phone haha weasel/penatraItor would also be cool. oh the fun that could be had with bob, weasel, wade, and logan on the same shelf...
  23. i dont like the movie black suit period. if i got one, i'd repaint it entirely gloss black with the only silver on his eyes and the spider logo. hm... that gives me an idea... otherwise i'm all about the spiderman classics/origins black suit spidey. and i'm glad i was smart enough to grab the first movie spidey with super articulation. aside from the funky mid-thigh cuts, he ROCKS.
  24. um i saw the target exclusive hulk last week. should i have nabbed it? face was butt-ugly.
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