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  1. Jboy757

    Marvel vs DC

    I'm a marvel fan but I think I have my love of DC from my dad he loved Batman and all of them, I do enjoy the Batman novels however, Nolan has said after he does the 3rd batman movie he is done so maybe we can get him to do a marvel movie on who I dunno I would like to see a Domino and Cable movie, or a Deadpool and Cable film to be honest.
  2. Jboy757

    Favorite X-Men

    So I would like to know everyones feelings on a subject that has always made me wonder, We all know the whole Cable,and Nate Grey story and I enjoyed the issues in which they went at it, but back to my point I always Felt Nate Grey Was stronger then cable and that is of course due to the fact he never had to use is powers to keep the techno virus in check, but what I want to know from everyone is do you think cables power will be greater then Nates if not already, I feel his powers will become greater at some point as seen in Civil war(which was eh..) I was happy he used is power more then gun slinging, don't get me wrong I love the issues in which him and deadpool are decked to the nines in guns.
  3. Jboy757

    Venom movie info - NOT Spidey4

    Awsome, on a serious note you are right I did miss judge you and thats my fault.. as for the adventure line.. I have had my own, as for the comics thats my bad, so I apologize, you are right I did consider you the typical 30 sum year old guy living at home. have a good day or evening when ever you read this.
  4. Jboy757

    Venom movie info - NOT Spidey4

    Your right, you found me out I am not the super over the top comic god of spider-man with every single issue"some not reprints." I'm simply a fan.. get that a fan as much as I like spider-man I have not given my life up and my paychecks over to own ever spider-man item. I work,I go to college,and well all in all I have a life , so once again not to step on your god like toes, by the way your right I would not question your know how of spider-man, oh and also I'm not a Venom fanboy, but I'll tell you what I'll let you hold your only key and let you feel well about down talking someone on a message board, I have on the other hand other things I like to do besides sit here and swoop down on someone, your the type of prick that itches his head and ask, why do people not know what I know, its because you have horrible people skills. Also I'm not going to sit here and challenge you to a #$#@# off because you will win, because I have other things to do besides sit here and feed your ego, by the way when you type learn to not run your sentences together and these (....) don't mean pause smart guy, go to college and if you have go back, I will be the first to admit I suck at grammer, at least I try. By the way if your going to bash anyone, bash yourself because no one cares what you think, Stan Lee didn't phone you and ask you if he could use his venom creation in movies,games,and cartoons did he,no he did not,and as for the 90's thing your right I am from the 90's and I love it now if you don't mind me leaving you with your room full of books and your jaw open I have to go help rebuild a windsor for my mustang . By the way correct me when you don't live at home with your mom and you can make near what I do a paycheck, and your actually have a career and flipping burgers do not count kid,and yes your 23 I read the profile . But I have you pinned, thats why your so quick to jump on someone because outside of this comic book world you have nothing, oh and I thought it was cute you used "bub" how original. Have a good day or evening depending on when you read this.
  5. Jboy757


    Good point(you pay for what you get in its value.) btw-love the V.P lol-does the ymca with his hands- Do you think I was wrong in what I said btw? DeDZ?
  6. Jboy757


    Why are you complainning about buying a new system? I mean when you save a doller a day your ok.. you may have that in your room in a change holder or something of that nature, no one is telling you to buy anything.. granted if they make a PS4 yes I will buy it, and I'll trade my PS3 in twords it, I am only 21 but I live on my own and already have my career in motion, and yes I pay my own bills yet you do not see me ranting about buying a item that I don't "Have" to have, so please do not complain. So I'm going to help you here eaither: A)Save for the PS4 instead. B)wait for the PS4 to come out and buy a cheat PS3. C)Get a better Job. D) don't complain this is not what this form is for. As for the city of hero game I would play it but my laptop cannot handle it I use my laptop as my art surface you know drawing and using the CAD system, but I heard the game is about a 7 out of 10 , which is cool. Iron Man is ...well crap. Hulk game will be alright. MUA:2 will be good, but no on the scale a true marvel game should have.
  7. Jboy757

    Ok i am confused.. who is the strongest

    Yeah so I didn't know how to respond to that comment, because I thought he did it once, then again maybe not.. but here on a slight side not I was reading through another forum on the Civil War, and they were posting huge huge remarks to and about civil war and real life polatics,and others about loop holes in the series. Why do that really, why break down a good series because you have beef with it, or something to moan about?
  8. Jboy757

    the fantastic 4

    -raises brow- dazzle me why is Doc such a favorite of yours.. because I really don't see why.
  9. Jboy757

    Ok i am confused.. who is the strongest

    I think MArvel has some of the better heros but d.c has a few who are over the top. Shazam-he is suppose to be stronger then soup's. Batman-yeah I know he is normal but if he found a way to crush superman.. then you have to give him a hands.(I feel he is their Iron Man.) Kyle R. -The green lantern is dangerous now that the yellow ring has no effect. and since kyle is a cartoonist his mind is a dangerous wepon with that ring. And the clone Superboy in the Negative zone or what ever.. he did crush all the normal d.c heros. other then that we own. Marvel.
  10. Jboy757

    the fantastic 4

    Hmm.. Well I like alot Magneto because he ripped loagns metal out, but also because he ripped apocolypse apart in AOA. Doom.. because MUA kinda made me feel he was a serious threat. Skrulls because well we all know why. Sinister because I like his involvment with the summers both in 616 and in AOA. So I guess I dont have a fav but A group I like.
  11. Jboy757

    cyclpos in wolverine origin?

    Agree 100%
  12. Jboy757

    Venom movie info - NOT Spidey4

    Why hate on Venom.. he is spider-mans number one 1 villian.. he is not all violence.. he is smart in a creepy way.. he knows how to get to spidey and has on occations worked with him to better himself so he stays high on the villian scale.. Venom has been known to be a protector of innocent people and also of his spawn Toxin.. in no way is venom just all violence, twords the end of brock being venom the comics where very religous and inner battle between him and the symbiot and I know you did not read them, because if so you would not be knocking on him, they were written very very well. I'm not a Venom fan boy but you have to give it to him , Parker Fears him.. and calling him nothing more then a wrestler thats a joke, thats like calling spider-man nothing more then a acrobat who complains about his life all the time. Brock gave the venom some depth, now will Gargin do it, I dunno but when brock was him the char had depth.. hence why fans like him.
  13. Jboy757


    Its not mainly about Venom, but the symbiot and it taking over New York and it taking over other marvel characters... infact in the game you can decide diffrent outcomes of the game by deciding on who to help or not, and who to join with or not.. so I doubt its going to be all about the hence said'Venom" character but will talk more of the origin. I'm actually keeping a eye on this and hope the do not botch this... but.. well Video Games and Marvel characters are eaither hit or miss.
  14. Jboy757

    Ok i am confused.. who is the strongest

    -claps hands- I LIKE what you said, I'm going to hunt down that one shot though I bet its saweet. yeah I agree with the hulk edge thing, but also it may turn when the thor hype starts for his movie-shruggs- ya know.. sales. but I think im still footing for Sentry. in the end run/
  15. Jboy757

    Jin's Eye and Flesh Tone Painting Guide!

    wow simply put you make the best action figures period. I wish you made these when I played with toys I would beg my mom to death to buy only yours seriously. i may buy one just to put up.

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