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  1. Yeah, Ultimate Beetle is basically a different set of wings, a repaint and new head away from being MACH-1. Always felt to me like the design was meant to evoke MACH-1 and the Beetle combined.
  2. I would also add that the old Pre-ML Black Widow that Toy Biz did came in the "Gray suit with jacket" variety. As I think on it, I wouldn't be surprised if sometime this year someone/something comes with a comic-Yelena head that we could swap onto any given Widow body.
  3. Great suggestions already here, I'd add a classic Dr. Strange with a vast array of mystical FX. (Or a MCU version would be fine, too). But assuming Hasbro is keeping the license and these are a sign of things to come it may be all but a lock we'll get that when Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness hits.
  4. Because Wal-Mart has $$$. And is probably Hasbro's biggest customer.
  5. EDIT: Nevermind, they'll probably just repaint that white one in a couple years, give it the Grey suit accessories, and all will be well.
  6. Oh yeah, Jeffrey Combs is one of those great "cult/genre" actors. Would love to see him in any sort of MCU role.
  7. Looks like a good blend of the classic USAgent/Captain uniform and the "movie look."
  8. Yeah. It looks like it's limited to exclusives right now but personally I hope it's a sign of things to come. Hell, I'd even be OK with dropping BAFs entirely if more standard figures could get these levels of accessories. Make a "deluxe" pricepoint for larger or hyper-accessorized figures (Infinity War Iron Man with all the bits, for example) figures. Still, it's pretty damn clear that Hasbro is either taking inspiration from the Japanese stuff, or starting to consider it a serious competitor for collector $$$ and trying to adjust accordingly (or a bit of both).
  9. How is it not? Both groups are being discriminated against for what is ultimately a biological difference they have no control over. And the "make your own superhero!" is an empty solution. You can count on one hand the number of characters that have been introduced in the last 20 years that have actually stuck around with any real prominence and still have fingers left over. "Make a new superhero" is RIDICULOUSLY hard to be successful with. Once again, pretending like LGBT people don't exist and are abnormal and should be hidden away from public sight is not a healthy message to send.
  10. Pretty sure I was aware of the existence of LGBT folks before I was taking algebra. May not have outright seen any of it but I was aware that there were men that liked other men and women that liked other women and people that sometimes dressed and acted like they were the opposite gender. I think there's an argument to be made that a little confusion, if handled well can be a learning experience that makes things a lot LESS confusing if it so happens that child grows up and realizes they are LGBT or starts meeting other teens/young adults who are. Hiding it away only emphasizes the stigma. It's a "dirty little secret." I mean, just as a hypothetical what if a kid has a LGBT family member? Assuming they haven't been ostracized (which still often occurs, even in the US), is that family member not allowed to be around kids? Or not be around kids while with their consenting adult partner/spouse? Not meaning to come down on you or anything, just posing some reasons why "protect the kids sensitive eyes at all costs" may not be the best approach.
  11. "But who will think of the children?!?" -- People in the 21st Century for no good reason (when it comes to this particular subject). Get real folks. Setting aside the clarification we've already gotten from Disney/Marvel (It's not going to be a "T" it's probably going to be an "LG" and it's already been heavily rumored for The Eternals), even if Marvel WAS going to introduce a transsexual character it's not like they're going to show the person naked to confirm their biological gender or go into graphic detail on the medical procedures they had to make them into the gender they felt suited them. It'll be as matter-of-fact and casual as the Russo brother appearance in Endgame: A throwaway line or two that most children that are "too young to be exposed to such things" won't even pick up on, anyway. The existence of LGBT individuals in real-life or entertainment is no threat to the sanity of children, or even to their own sexual orientations, and acting like it is plays into some extremely negative stereotypes that have been used to justify abuse, oppression, and even the outright murder of LGBT individuals around the world.
  12. Finger articulation never looks quite right and aside from the other issues mentioned also tends to get loose pretty quickly/easily. Toe articulation depends on the figure, really.
  13. Only related in the sense of having fought him more than any other super hero, really. But she's very much a D-list character even for Marvel.
  14. Not sure how "easy" that would have been without wrecking how "good looking" the figure is. Don't think I need my Kingpin to be able to do Yoga poses.
  15. X-Factor Wolfsbane (Completes the David-era X-Factor lineup along with Strong Guy and they already have a head and hands for her). Black Tom seems long overdue and fitting enough (Bonus if they give him interchangeable head and hands so he can be "normal" or "tree-person" versions. One of either Siryn, Feral, or Rictor, but no more than one (they'll parcel out the others to keep people buying/excited about a future wave). And for the other "core character" slot I'd forgo another Deadpool and do Team X/"Spy" Wolverine instead. If I were Hasbro, I might drop a two-pack of 90's Domino and Stryfe somewhere (the latter updated with either a removeable helmet or (more likely) swappable head.
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