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  1. This status quo seems far too removed from "normal" for the X-Men to be anything that's intended to stick longer than a year or two at most. And the stuff that's been announced for post-House of X/Powers of X seems like it all may just be another alternate universe.
  2. Honestly, I think three waves is probably more than they're likely to give us unless they really are leaning on AoA as next year's "theme" ala MCU 10th or Marvel 80th (and maybe they skip a Vintage wave for an extra AoA wave). On the other hand even just two waves feels like it leaves a lot of the coolest/major players out, so.... My "If I were making these waves and Hasbro's going all-in" speculation: Wave 1: Morph X-Man Magneto Iceman Jubilee Colossus Weapon X BAF: Apocalypse Wave 2: Dark Beast Rogue Sunfire Jean Grey Havok Sinister Dead Man Wade (Gotta have a "core character" right?) BAF: Sugar Man Wave 3: Quicksilver Cyclops Shadowcat Gambit Storm Nightcrawler Mystique BAF: Abyss Exclusives: Nemesis/Holocaust vs Sabretooth (With AoA Blink head and Wild Child "small" figure, Mass Retail). Mikhail Rasputin vs. Tony Stark (I know it's an odd choice but trying to get all the "Horsemen" in and pairing the super-obscure Mikhail with "core character" Tony Stark seems the best way to pull that off, Fan Channel) Legion and AoA Bishop (Fan Channel) That...pretty much covers the major players and then some. Can't really get through the entire catalog in one year, but I'd be pretty happy with that assortment. Only big weakness I see is no "core character" in Wave 3 (though maybe the Cyclops/Gambit/Storm combo kinda counts?)
  3. I mean, I'd note for the record that Chadwick Boseman is 40+ but doesn't look it. I'm sure Ali will be fine. Heck, has Sam Jackson even aged in the last 30 years? As for any potential toy waves, I'd suspect we'd get a mixed wave of comic and movie figures, but it'd be a full wave (possibly with a human-sized BAF though). Hasbro isn't going to half-ass Blade after the response Black Panther got. If it were me picking? Movie Blade Movie Villain Movie Supporting Character (Hannibal King?) Daimon Hellstrom Comic Blade (Modern Long coat) Comic Dracula (Modern Red Armor) 90's John Blaze BAF: Zarathos (Or appropriate movie character) Fan Channel Exclusive: Classic Blade and Classic Dracula 2-pack
  4. Master Mold! That would probably be about my #1 "Big figure" want. I'm not unhappy with my Toy Biz Galactus or Hasbro Fin Fang Foom, but if they made larger versions I'd certainly consider them. Also instant "buys" for me: Surtur (comics), and/or Ymir.
  5. I dunno. I think it might be a while before they get around to that version.
  6. I would be pretty shocked if we didn't get a black-suit version of that Fisk relatively soon. Both as a nod to "Into the Spider-Verse" and because he's worn dark suits in the comics often enough.
  7. That's an awful lot of Hercules. He just got a great modern version...I think we can chill a bit before we get another, if we get some more "new" characters first. Hyde and Nightmare are excellent ideas. I know Dracula is public domain but I'm curious as to how they'd package him. "Marvel's Dracula" maybe? "Marvel's Lord of the Vampires?" Either way I think he's more likely to show up a few years from now when the new Blade movie hits. Rom is...interesting. Hasbro owns him as a character now. Marvel once had the license for Rom from Remco (I think? Tyco? One of those old toy companies that got bought out) who was the original creator of Rom, but eventually lost it. So to make an actual "Marvel Legends" Rom they would have to license Rom back to Marvel and then make a Rom figure. Or get special permission from Marvel to be able to use their trade dressing on the packaging despite Rom not being a Marvel character (I think?). Either way it'd kind of be up to Marvel to play ball. Basically what I'm saying is there's almost no chance of a mass-retail release for Rom in the Marvel Legends line. Conversely they could totally make a 6" Rom figure (and Dire Wraith) in Marvel Legends style but not in Marvel Legends packaging. Probably more likely, and almost certainly something that would be some type of exclusive (like the 3.75" Rom and Dire Wraith from a couple or three years back). Unless they get around to making those Hasbro movies/The Hasbroverse a reality.
  8. Pretty sure X-Men was already green-lit by the time Blade hit. Also you have to remember that most people that watched Blade had no idea it was a "comic book movie" because Blade was such an obscure character. Not denying that Blade was the first real big-screen success for Marvel, but because it wasn't really advertised as a comic-book movie it's kind of difficult to determine how much credit it should get as the leading edge of the modern comic-book movie craze. Some? Absolutely. And totally worthy of a remake/reboot/inclusion into the MCU. I hope he has a cameo, and gets to crack about ice skates and inclines.
  9. I don't really get the Wolverine headsculpt complaints. He's supposed to be a pretty ugly dude. But regardless, gonna like having that Wolverine. Even more when I can stick the eyepatch head on him. But I'll freely admit it's mostly nostalgia at work there since I fondly recall the early days of the Wolverine solo ongoing.
  10. Yes It's modern-ish (been around for a while but within the last decade).
  11. That's not the impression I got watching the panel. They made it sound like not only was this going to be a full AoA wave, but that there might be more than one full AoA wave and then some (exclusives, etc...) next year. Maybe "AoA 25th Anniversary" will be their "MCU 10th" or "Marvel 80th" subline next year for all we know at this point.
  12. 1. Early 90's was when the X-Men were king of the heap where comics were concerned. It was the mid-late 90's that got bad, but not really for the X-Men, who had a successful cartoon and a heap of toys getting made. 2. Outback X-Men are...barely done at all, really. An 80's Rogue (Green/Black), a new Longshot and Classic Havok, an armored Psylocke, a shirtless Colossus, and an accurate Storm (She had a different outfit from the Jim Lee look) are all missing. Basically Wolverine is the only one that's "fully accurate" and Dazzler is "close enough" (though an unheadbanded-head and no jacket would be more representative of the period). Second-wave X-Factor is actually quite close with the announcements from SDCC: Only need an accurate Wolfsbane. Madrox, Alex, Lorna, Pietro, and Guido are all either made or announced. Blue-and-Gold X-Men only technically have one recent release but should actually be pretty easy to complete. Classic X-Force needs OG Warpath, Feral, Rictor, Sunspot, and at least a new Domino head. Really only the Blue and Gold teams are "complete" (including announced figures). 3. Well, they finished the Fantastic Four at Walgreen's.... But otherwise no, aside from completing accumulations of MCU Avengers.
  13. Yep, I've seen 'em on Hasbro Pulse and elsewhere, thanks!
  14. Yeah, that's a good point. I think Legion may be a lock for a figure next year not just because of the AoA connection but also the critically-acclaimed TV series wrapping up. Might be a Walgreen's exclusive though.
  15. Shang-Chi I like in the things I've seen him in but I was never a reader of his regular series. Still, it's Kung-Fu adventure so it should be an easy sell, and the continuation of the "True Mandarin/Ten Rings" saga is just icing. Eternals I've never really given a hoot about, but if there's one thing the MCU has been good at it's been making me at least a moderate fan of characters I was lukewarm on in the comics. In short, I suspect Eternals will be just fine, and probably make a lot of people a lot more interested in those characters ala Guardians of the Galaxy.
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