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  1. I'm not sure retailers bought much of BP wave 2, but it's mostly very inexpensive on Amazon (Only the Dora Milaje is above MSRP, and even then only by a couple bucks, likely because she's a troop builder). Captain Marvel wave has dropped like a rock, too. As for Wolverine fatigue, I think it's mitigated by the fact that we didn't get any 6" scale Wolverines outside of the occasional hard-to-find exclusive for a few years. And they've been pretty good about getting the "most important" versions of him out there (barring Old Man Logan and "Cowboy Logan", but ehn....) I will agree that with the X-Force variant, they'll be running thin on Wolverines that have "semi-universal appeal" though. Blue-and-Gold costume Logan might be the last that I'd think has enough nostalgia value to be pretty well-liked, but after that? Ehn...some of his modern costumes are fine, but most folks are going to be happy with the OG brown costume and tiger-stripe costume and not need the half-dozen or so variations on those two themes that he's had in more recent years.
  2. I might pick it up if it ends up on a really low clearance price, but I'm quite happy with just the IW Gauntlet. Would've bought a Stormbreaker without a second thought, though (though properly sized it would be huge even for this line, I think).
  3. It's not entirely impossible he could come with an "enraged" head. But my sneaking suspicion is that whatever "bonus line" they give us next year (ala MCU 10th or Marvel 80th) will have a pack with an Avengers Hulk using this buck (possibly packaged with an updated Cap or Loki). Wouldn't be surprised if we eventually get "suited Hulk" through some avenue like that, either. Or as a future BAF.
  4. That's great and all, but that doesn't change that I have a couple dozen big bins of toys that AREN'T on display at any given stretch (basically a room that SHOULD be a guest room or office is nothing but bins of toys, and it's pretty much jam-packed full). It takes me the better part of a day to redo my displays, if not a weekend (between properly packing up and putting away the old and digging out and setting up the new). Now imagine trying to do that if you had to drive to the storage unit and get the bins you needed out in order to display the stuff you were looking for, and then go put the bins back after you were done (or replace them with different bins). That's about where I'm at now.
  5. Wildstorm (WildCATS, Authority, Stormwatch, etc...) - This would be one of the few 6" lines that I would buy without hesitation, space be damned. I love G.I. Joe, but I have already sworn off buying a 6" line for it. I've reached the point where I'm having to pare down my collection just to have room for it (or stuffing a big portion of it into a storage unit which makes having the collection pointless since you're not enjoying it). So I can't get another 6" line (I'm already very selective with my Star Wars Black Series). But I'll include it because I know there would likely be interest.
  6. The folks that have been collecting for years might be near "full" but that's not really something Hasbro or Disney/Marvel are going to take into their calculations because there are new potential buyers joining the market every year, and THEY don't yet have a million Iron Men, Spider-Men, Wolverines, et al.... On the comic front you constantly get new costume variations for flagship characters and improvements upon characters that were released in the more distant past (as well as continuing to fill out the B/C listers from the comics, and especially the villains roster). The movies are going to keep chugging along, too. That's a steady stream of new product that both collectors and "newbies" will buy up. Basically what I'm saying is: Individual collectors feeling like they're "done" is not something Disney or Hasbro are going to care about, because their job is to market and sell this stuff forever. They're not going to throw their hands up and say "Oh, some folks on the internet said we've made everyone they want in good-enough versions, I guess we should stop selling Marvel figures forever now." That said, slowing down a bit on the sheer volume might not be a terrible idea.
  7. Heh, most of them around here just return the figures without the BAF pieces. On the plus side I got an extra Multiple Man for $15 by pointing out he was missing a piece.
  8. Judging from how low the figures have gone on Amazon, BP Wave 2 seems to have been a dismal seller. While personally I would prefer movie-accurate figures, I realize it's an impossibility to change the entire marketing scheme for that purpose. The whole point is having the figures on-shelves while the movie is out, so that kids (or whoever) can go see the movie, and then go to the store and demand Mommy or Daddy to get them. Cutting out the free marketing that the movies provide would likely result in entire waves rotting on pegs even more than they already do. Sure, collectors would still buy what they're gonna buy, but you almost completely kill the "casual" market because by the time they hit shelves their attention has already moved on to something else.
  9. The Good: War Machine looks amazing, Rescue looks pretty great, Shuri is overdue, and I'm psyched about all the comic characters getting updates except.... The Bad: Rock Python...I'm glad to fill out the Serpent Society more but man, there are about a dozen other members I'd have made before this guy. But I guess Hasbro's gotta get their "cheap to make" figure in there somewhere. The So-So: The Hulk is underwhelming. On one hand, he spent more of the movie "fully dressed" so I feel like this isn't a very accurate representation (especially of "Professor Hulk"). A Clothed version with an extra "battle damaged" arm would have been great. But conversely this is a great base buck to make future Hulks with so I feel like it will probably pay dividends later.
  10. This might be the first vintage wave I buy the whole assortment for. MIGHT skip Cyclops but I like the rest. X-Force wave is kind of a weird assortment, but I'm not complaining. Cannonball I could skip (have the old version) but since I'll be buying the rest, may as well complete the BAF (even if I may just end up flipping him since I prefer the old Hulk Classics Wendigo).
  11. I'm still of the mind that the Avengers are going to become an "evergreen" line (Like Spider-Man and X-Men are) starting late this year/early next year. It might not be specifically "Endgame" related stuff, but it'd be cool if they continued to give us "mixed" waves of movie and comic stuff and used it to get us some more of the "undone/needs redone" figures from past films. On the plus side, if they do Lebowski-Thor I can totally see them repurposing a bit of that mold to finally make (MCU) Volstagg....
  12. Definitely basic figure based on the hips. Doesn't mean we might not get her in Legends form, as has already been rumored. Bet it comes with a repaint of the Pepper head from the 10th Anniversary 3-pack.
  13. Yeah a new/better Silver Centurion is long overdue.
  14. Other folks have pretty much covered everyone I'd have mentioned. I'd put my top 5 at: 1. OG Vulture 2. The Rose 3. Tarantula 4. Iron Spider (Comic) 5. Cardiac I do think they've got a good "base" for a potential JJJ figure with Klaue.
  15. Oh, I know. But honestly Rock Python is pretty much the nobodiest of the Serpent Society, and the Serpent Society as a whole hasn't been super-prominent for...quite a while. I know there was a recent storyline that utilized them but even so....the Serpent Society as a whole are pretty much "nobodies" for all but pretty old-school comic readers at this point. But it's right in my sweet nostalgia spot because I first really started to get into Captain America during Gruenwald's run.
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