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  1. I guess between the two I'd likely say Foom, but likely wouldn't back either of them. The Blackbird would just be too dang big if it were done any sort of justice (the Quinjet would likely be the same). A Punisher Battle Van might be closer to practical IMO. Or an off-size figure that's maybe not as big as the previous offerings but larger than your normal build-a-figures and deluxes (like say, a Mangog). Or say, a three-pack of comic-style Warriors Three. But given what we've gotten so far I think the ML Haslabs will be a little more mainstream than those.
  2. Given that Quasar just popped up on E-tailer sites, I'd keep an eye on them as it seems quite likely Zemo (and possibly Jigsaw) will pop up again there.
  3. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see a (standard) Masterson Thor pop up as an exclusive (using the 80th Classic Thor mold) somewhere this year. "Armored" version would seem like something that would pop up in a comic Avengers wave or maybe a comic-based Thor wave if they ever did one of those.
  4. I'm with the "Quantum Bands" theory. The powerset seems pretty similar. She's basically a more sparkly Green Lantern. Or maybe they've merged the Nega-Bands and Quantum Bands into the same thing. Who knows? Honestly not sure how I feel about the trailer. Production wise it looks good but it really didn't feel like Kamala to me. The full show may well end up changing my mind but so far this feels to me like the "least accurate" thing Marvel's done so far. Maybe not necessarily a bad thing in the long run but it was not the best first impression for me personally. It looks/feels the most "Disney" of anything Marvel's done so far. I don't mean that in an entirely derogatory way, but it definitely has Nickelodeon/Disney YA show vibes.
  5. Yeah, but I wouldn't be entirely upset if they either worked it into an X-Factor set or even a "Cassidy" set with classic Siryn, Banshee, and maybe a "Plantman" Black Tom (or just a 2-pack with Banshee would be fine).
  6. Well, feeling better about Zemo and Jigsaw and likely the one or two more that come after those.
  7. Basically what Tarot said: You'll be able to get them at online toy stores (BBTS, Hasbro Pulse, and Entertainment Earth, among others), and Gamestop. They'll probably eventually show up on Amazon as well but it's usually "third party" and at a markup there. They're not usually sold directly through Amazon, and as noted, won't show up at Wal-Mart and Target.
  8. The bottom right shelf is also a bit coded: Siryn, Hood, and Cannonball, three figures they've been criticized for certain choices on, one of which they "fixed" later. I don't know if it's just a small dig at fans basically saying "We give Hood a non-neutral face and you hate it, we give Siryn a neutral face and you hate it, what do you want from us?" or a hint that "fixed" versions might be coming in the nearer future than we might think.
  9. I'm betting War Machine is just the deluxe minus a bunch of accessories and maybe with the silver bits painted white. Though I'd be down for a "modern" comic War Machine. Not so much a Marvel v. Capcom version unless it comes with a PROTON....CANNON!!!! A Jazzed up Blue Beast with multiple head and handsculpts, glasses, labcoat and maybe some science-y accessories could definitely be cool. I'd love a new Bucky Cap. Golden Age Steve would be acceptable though (the old one is pretty dang rough). But I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it was Ultimate Cap. Firelord is an awesome choice, though honestly I'm surprised to find him here rather than a fan-channel FF retro card exclusive. Not sure what a new Scorpion is going to offer, though I suppose it's been a few years since the last release so a repaint/re-offering isn't entirely out of line. Not super-interested in a "retro" Apocalypse but I guess I can wait and see what they come up with. Honestly wouldn't be ENTIRELY surprised if they threw a curve and did HoX Apocalypse. I'm kinda baffled on the Sentinel. Unless it's a properly-colored re-release of Omega Sentinel or a carded release of one of the figures packed in with the HasLab Sentinel.
  10. I mean, plenty of adults spend a ton of money going to see the PG-13 rated MCU films, so I don't think they're having any problems getting adults as customers. Even beyond that Disney "grew up" a long time ago...they own tons of media outlets, several of which have produced R-rated fare in the past. The primary Disney brand may still try to present a family-friendly front but as an overall corporation they're not squeamish. So far Disney+ has been pretty strictly PG-13 rated (at least in the United States). It's not all super-kiddified but the violence is generally bloodless superheroic or sci-fi action (which you can have a pretty much unlimited amount of and still be considered PG-13 as long as it isn't bloody/graphic). The Netflix shows pushed those boundaries quite a bit and definitely veered into at least "light R-Rated" territory for violence and were also "sexier" than the MCU films as well. So putting them on D+ might be jarring for some parents who have generally felt that D+ was a "safe-ish" outlet for their kids. Not saying it's impossible, but I'm still putting my money on Hulu (in the States). That seems to be where a lot of apocryphal and/or adult-oriented Marvel stuff is going.
  11. The Wolverine was a cheap repaint to pad out the line on a budget, no more and no less. I'm not sure why people are acting like it's some mystery as to why he got made, as the ML team have more or less explained these sorts of things before. Every wave has a budget. They don't get to go over the budget no matter how much they might want to. So yeah, almost every wave has at least one cheap repaint/repack character that at most gets a new head.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up on Hulu. They might be a little bit too "edgy" for D+ but I can't imagine Disney/Marvel will just let them disappear, especially with them working on re-integrating the actors/characters into current material.
  13. We'll see where McFarlane is next year. Nevermind that "build a figure" characters for his line were already $22.99 and generally have fewer accessories than Marvel Legends and few or no alternate parts (also a few of his recent figs have ended up looking a lot worse in-person than advertised...looking at you Demon Knights Etrigan (Glad I got him on clearance because McFarlane apparently suddenly decided paint apps and washes weren't a thing on that character. Also it'd be nice if it was actually a DC line and not just Batman and Friends with an occasional figure that probably is done in a style that may not mesh with the others. McFarlane toys are also far more fragile, less articulated, and not in the same scale. Same with NECA. Again, who is giving us more than Hasbro for 6" Superhero figures at the same or lower pricepoint? I'm not saying Hasbro can't be criticized, just before anyone starts in on that. It's fine to want things, but do it with an awareness that the folks doing the actual work at Hasbro (not the bean-counters) probably would love nothing more than to give us every single little thing we want...but the real world and the need for a profit margin don't allow for that. I'd note the HoX Wolverine didn't pegwarm around here at all. Don't know if I ever saw him on shelves (Moira and Professor X seemed to be the pegwarmers in this neck of the woods). But I'll grant most of the other ones since the classic tiger-stripe and brown costume versions have lingered, though the last one I saw go to clearance was Old Man Logan. So they sold...just more slowly than other characters. That said...I'm happily skipping the Wolvie for this wave. There's really only two more I'm interested in sans buying for BAF parts if necessary: Team X and Training Suit.
  14. "Bare minimum" is an interesting choice of words. What to you is the bare minimum, and which toy line do you feel is providing the level of accessories and alternate parts in 6" scale for a lower pricepoint than Marvel Legends (or comparable Hasbro lines, even including the recent price increase)? Because to me "bare minimum" would a single figure with no accessories, BAF bits or alt parts whatsoever. You can get figures that have tons of alt-parts, FX, and display options in 6" scale...but they run you $80-$100+ at minimum (and often confine themselves largely to movie-based characters). So that's not a comparable product to Marvel Legends, really. The cold, hard fact is that prices on the logistics side of things has absolutely skyrocketed in the past two years, and every business is going to be passing those costs on to their customers, not just Hasbro.
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