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  1. Star Wars license has been dropping like a rock in terms of profitability since even before Disney bought the franchise. It's actually reached a point that it often doesn't get mentioned in investor calls unless there's a movie out/coming up, which is a far cry from where it was. Marvel is by far Hasbro's bedrock in terms of licensed properties now. Star Wars' fire has gone out of the market. Maybe the new movie boosts it, but...possibly not enough to save it.
  2. DCUC was pretty close to Marvel Legends for a while, but Marvel Legends were also pretty much in a "lull" in that timeframe. If by some chance Hasbro loses the Marvel license whoever picks them up is going to have some extraordinarily big shoes to fill, and in my experience when that happens whoever picks up the license almost always drops the ball in some way (often by not making the new line(s) compatible with the old). So it could end up a case of: Hasbro loses license, somebody else gets it for 1-3 years and bungles it, Hasbro gets it back.
  3. Looks awesome (largely due to the over-the-top accessory loadout). May have to look into getting my first Amazing Yamaguchi.
  4. Woulda gone with either a Skull-painted MCU War Machine/Iron Man head or a repainted Iron Skull head for just a little bit of extra "pop." It's not bad, but it's a little too blatantly MCU-ish. Will probably still get it, though. While I have reasonably good hopes that we get an updated comic War Machine in the next year or two I doubt they'll be quick to repaint it into a Punisher version. That said I'd like to see what the camoflauged facepaint head from the 80th Punisher looks like on this for an "unmasked" version.
  5. It's possible we might not get strictly movie-based figures unless/until Sony and Marvel come back together. Then again, we might. They did do at least a couple or three figures for ASM2. We'll still get comic-based stuff though. Spider-Man was just too lucrative for Marvel to "throttle back" on marketing/merchandise the way they did Fantastic Four and X-Men for several years. He's Marvel's single most popular and recognized character.
  6. Not trying to come down on you, but have the X-Force and Retro waves actually been hitting for "months?" Pretty sure they only started really hitting shelves in August. There might have been a few early outliers (Gamestop) in July but I'm pretty certain it was no earlier than that. I've noticed a trend among collectors to inflate time spans in this manner before. You see folks talking about "finally" getting a figure and it's only been hitting actual retail shelves for a couple of weeks, if that. I think the cycle of reveal/preorder/actually hitting shelves messes with our heads and makes us feel like stuff has been out longer than it really has or something.
  7. Malekith pegwarmed pretty hard in my neck of the woods. Not as bad as Wasp but definitely a pegwarmer, on par with Ant-Man. Black Knight was borderline in the sense of "saw him on shelves several times." Widow and particularly Thor were the tougher ones to find here.
  8. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that the decision will come down to whether they make a MCU Quinjet or a comic-based Master Mold.
  9. Yeah, it'd definitely have to be some kind of exclusive but I think it would have enough appeal that it wouldn't be a bomb (depending on what figures they pick to "accessorize" though). If anything, though, I see Hasbro veering away from the idea in favor of selling you the whole figure again, just with a different headsculpt/accessories (I all-but-guarantee we'll see this with Beast sooner rather than later).
  10. Ant-Man seemed to mostly clear out once Endgame hit. Still see him from time-to-time but it's almost all Wasps around here nowadays. At least they haven't been hanging around as long as the Janice-Beetles, though.
  11. It's a reasonably cool idea but I'm not sure how well a giant box set of one of the most-produced characters in the Marvel line would sell to collectors. I think there'd be a LOT of complaints about "too many iron men." That said, I would be happy to get at least Mk. 1, 3, and 5 in modern sculpting and articulation. But I think that could probably be a non-Haslab exclusive. Honestly I'm not sure what way to go with Haslab for Marvel Legends. The Sail Barge was something Star Wars fans had been clamoring for for years, and more importantly had never been done before. Unicron makes a lot of sense for Transformers (though I think it's suffering from a lot of people who might have the earlier version considering it "good enough" especially when you can still get it on the secondary market for a lot less than Haslab is asking for theirs). I just can't think of a single Marvel-oriented item that has that kind of "majority" appeal, if that makes sense? Upsized Galactus, Sentinel, etc...? Well OK...but like Unicron a fair number of people might consider earlier versions good enough. Vehicles? Kinda neat but aside from effectively being glorified figure cases for a half-dozen figures that display well what do they really do? Team packs for more "niche" teams? I probably like that idea the best but at the same time niche characters/teams don't seem to do so well on-pegs. I dunno. But I do know that I'd love to see them try something.
  12. Had the same thought the first time I saw it. That may be things folding back in on themselves, though: It's probably based on comic art that was out around the time the Lundgren Punisher film was out and so he was probably being drawn to resemble Lundgren a little bit....
  13. So here's the thing: At this point there are a LOT more people that have seen the Marvel movies than are fans of the comics (and yes, there's of course a ton of overlap). So yeah...MCU is definitely here to stay. By this time next year there may be more fans of the MCU Eternals than there are of the comic New Warriors (just as an example). Purely because there's a movie. One nice thing Hasbro has leaned a little bit towards in recent years is that relatively often the "core character" is not one you need for the BAF. Six-Armed Spidey, Quantum Cap, IW Iron Man, a couple different Deadpools and Wolverines, etc... However anecdotally (based on my local area) it's often not the "core characters" that are the ones that pegwarm the most. It's b/c list comic characters (or occasional outliers like MCU Wasp which they must have made an absolute crap-ton of because it's a very good figure that's still on shelves virtually everywhere).
  14. Not really trying to get into an argument over it, but I'll just sum it up as: Morrison's idea of who some of the long-standing X-Men characters were/are and my view did not sync up. In particular (but not only) his treatment of Magneto (and yes, I know Marvel rapidly retconned that but that didn't change at the time what Morrison's intent was). Maybe I'm just a nostalgic fanboy, but after many years of Claremont's development of Magneto, Morrison swooping in and declaring he was nothing more than a "mad old terrorist twat" didn't sit well. To be fair I hadn't been fond of Lobdell "reverting him to type" towards the end of his run, either.
  15. If I'm remembering right the new headsculpts are more accurate to their respective media (Jean had the cheek-covering half-cowl in the comics (sometimes) but not in the animated series).
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